Olivia Baden-Clay – sister

Olivia Isobel Walton (nee Baden-Clay) – younger sister of the accused Gerard Baden-Clay whom is currently, in June 2014, facing a trial by jury for the murder of his wife.

This natal chart has been rectified (unknown time of birth) as a result of family relocation from Africa to Australia.

A Libra Sun with a Virgo Moon produces a personality that is very self-sufficient, analytical and critical. Olivia would reason things out and is not likely to be swept off her feet by anything emotional that doesn’t fit her needs. There is little that escapes her perceptive and meticulous attention. Highly reactive by nature, there is absolutely no reluctance to get things off her chest –  at times this combination of the luminaries reveals one whom is overly vocal in expressing their views (and that’s without considering her Sun-Pluto dynamic).

This combination seem to be reasonable in arguments, but they usually do exactly what they want, no matter what is decided in the discussion.  Things are always very cut and dried with this Sun-Moon combo and it’s hard for them to understand how anyone could rationally see things differently than they do. Again we see that family trait of ‘us versus them’; closing ranks attitude.

We learn our socialisation skills with our siblings, within the third house in a horoscope.  As the middle child and only girl, we note that this child escaped the Saturn retrograde, favoured by her male mentor; father.

“When Saturn is connected to the Nodes, there can be very strong barriers and boundaries between the worlds, and a fear of trusting or opening up these thresholds. Saturn is a hard taskmaster, throwing obstacles in our way, teaching us lessons, and insisting that we learn to stand on our own feet and develop self-discipline, responsibility and mastery. We may well turn back from this threshold because it is so hard, and decide, because it is safer, to confine our activities solely to this world. Alternatively, we may continue to meet teachers who force us to undertake long and difficult periods of apprenticeship, hard work and discipline, which eventually lead us to becoming ‘gatekeepers’ ourselves, guarding the thresholds between the worlds on behalf of others.”

Olivia, with Saturn conjunct the south Node in Cancer, her task has been to learn to stand up for and defend herself within the family (particularly with her mother) plus to become her own authority, although it will be extremely difficult with the kind of life-and-death struggle which is indicated by the fact that the Sun and Pluto are also square to her nodal axis. We have a blanket over a hand-grenade: a loose cannon.

Olivia-duoWhile her husband is by her side, this woman will be able to restrain any outbursts during the trial, however should Ian Walton return to ‘his flock’ in Townsville, we will likely see an out-of-control Livvy tossing hand-grenades.

10th June 2014:

  • Tr Moon (blue) in the inner wheel opposite natal Mars – emotional conviction
  • Tr Venus opposite natal Venus (both pink) 3rd-9th axis – ‘family first’ offered up to a higher power
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) conjunct/intersecting Lunar nodal axis – evidence shared from the witness box.
  • ditto natal Saturn – see notes above and add the communication in the witness box of the Mercury aspect.
  • Tr Mercury is also square natal Sun (orange) – highlighting her performance in the witness box.
  • Tr Jupiter (green) square natal Uranus – again boundless optimism, as shared with her younger brother.

10th July 2014:

Similarly to her younger brother, Olivia now reveals compulsion to the point of being obsessive – by quindecile aspects revealed in the tension of the second chart; a month later.  Her natal Moon is also in the first house; highly emotional.  We note a very busy first house – focused on own needs.

  • Tr Sun (date on the calendar) is exact by conjunction with Olivia’s ascendant plus quindecile natal Jupiter – taking a ‘philanthropic’ view.  Does this mean that she can now be the martyr to the cause of her brother?
  • Tr Sun square natal Mercury (yellow) in 1st house – likely communication of new ideas for herself. Are we to see a reinvention of Olivia?
  • Tr Venus quindecile natal Neptune (turquoise) is a shared opinion with her younger brother; equally deluded.  Where her young brother was vocal in his opinions, Olivia closes into the bosom of the family; unrequited love.
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Moon – emotional perception; mental stimulation about personal needs.
  • Tr Sun conjunct ascendant is also quindecile natal Jupiter – that obsessive personality reveals that recognition has brought its own rewards.  Is this an aspect of the martyr?
  • Tr Mars conjunct natal Uranus – intense self-awareness.



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