Baden-Clay appeal

flowers-for-allisonUntil all avenues of appeal are exhausted Allison Baden-Clay’s life insurance cannot be released to provide financial support for her children’s education.  That’s what gets my goat, more than anything else.

It is of some compensation to know that Gerard Baden-Clay does not have any access to influence his daughters; not even by visitation.

The appeal against his conviction is due to be heard by the Court of Appeal on 7th August, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia.

  • Appellant: Gerard Baden-Clay
  • Prosecution: Tony Moynihan
  • Defense: Michael Copley

Astrology charts and interpretation, are not accepted in any court of law; considered to be pseudo-scientific in origin.  However following classic astrology guidelines, we can share that this murder was not a crime of passion, but a conscious act of murder by a man whom was born to murder his wife.  Gerard Baden Clay had this pattern in his natal chart from the day he was born.

His lack of male mentoring with a Saturn Rx certainly contributed to his inability to discern the differing needs of the sexes, however at the end of the day, he knowingly and purposefully murdered his wife; Allison Baden-Clay.  If he re-marries once he has been released from jail, then the same pattern will continue; awaiting the trigger of transiting tension in the heavens.

As it stands, following his mandatory sentence, Gerard Baden-Clay will be able to apply for parole in 2027.  However from what I’ve seen in his chart, I doubt he’ll see the light of day…

This was the first case where I developed the particular method of criminal profiling we use; C21.  Over time I have learned to include other cosmic bodies into the astrology interpretation, so it is with the gift of hindsight that we can now identify the indicators that suggest a character whom was born to murder their spouse.  In this case, the children missed out by a whisker according to the astrology.

GBC-astroclick on chart for full size.

This is the natal chart for Gerard Baden Clay with a rectified time of birth, so the houses and angles will not be included in the interpretation. It is the combination of aspects that maketh this killer.

  • At the top of the chart, Saturn-Juno EXACT at 22°Taurus – Saturn is symbolic of self-control and Juno one’s spouse. Saturn also identifies the grim reaper.
  • On the right-hand side we have two asteroids EXACT; Pholus-Clay 28°Aquarius – the name “Clay” was changed to Baden-Clay for status reasons by the current progenitor, Nigel Clay.  Pholus represents where one shoots oneself in the foot; ‘shoulda-coulda’ done things differently. The case became high profile as a result bringing notoriety to the family name.
  • The two circles at the bottom of the chart reveal Neptune-Atropos  EXACT at 28°Scorpio – subterfuge brings the end of the line; cutting of the thread of life. This is also indicative of his own death while incarcerated as a very real possibility. He’ll not likely see the light of day…
  • Jupiter-Ixion at 3°Scorpio this identifies the over-kill identifying a potential murderer and a second chance at forgiveness.  The perpetrator had the choice to kill, or not to kill.
  • On the lef-hand-side of the chart we note that natal Mars 3°Virgo is EXACT square this Jupiter-Ixion conjunction – urging himself forward.
  • Mean apogee/Black Moon Lilith at 0:38°Virgo identifies the weakest point in a character – the need for the appeal; insisting in his self belief.  Square to the midpoint of asteroid Appellant 28°Libra-Venus 2°Scorpio. I would suggest that he still believes that he will be cleared of the crime that he committed.

Whether the Court of Appeal begins at 9:30am, 10am, or 10:15am matters little with the following chart.  Transiting asteroid Appellant is at the ascendant by 10am.

appealWe don’t lose sight of the former asteroid Juno playing a major flaw in the character of Gerard Baden-Clay – a spouse bound up with self-control and the opposite side of the coin; inability to control himself in relation to his spouse.

Juno is here with us again on 7th August at 10am locked into a Grand Trine in the element of Earth – transiting Moon-Pluto-Juno.

The Moon will relieve this suggestion of self-sufficiency in a short period of time during the morning. (the moon travels up to 12 degrees during any 24 hour period.)  However as the appeal opens, so it continues. If it is the first case of the day, then so be it.

  • Moon (blue) in Taurus quindecile Saturn – compulsively resistant to change
  • Sun (orange) Square Moon – an unwelcome state of affairs
  • Mercury-Venus-Jupiter – idealism in relation to legal proceedings is addressed in relation to Saturn (authority) This is likely the detail of the appeal by the defense legal team; legal argument.

This legal argument continues with the same aspect; Mercury-Venus-Jupiter (inflated idealism) quindecile a Capricorn asteroid Ceres; reap what they sow. The argument is put forward as if in an ideal world, which we know doesn’t exist, however others will understand the legal retort to such an argument, better than I.

Ceres in Capricorn: Since Saturn, which has the effect of reducing things, rules Capricorn, the early nurturing received was probably, well, wanting. Is this relating to  the the Judge’s address to the jury, or opening argument by the prosecutor? The solution is to be well organized to counter the argument.

  • Mars opposite Ceres presses this as the main argument of the appeal.
  • Mars is also quindecile Pluto obsessively challenging the power base.
  • Note that a Grand Trine risks inertia; going over and over the same thing.  The longer the hearing goes, the clearer a result we will get –  i.e. once the Moon breaks the inertia…

As for the appellant, whether he is in court or not, we include his emotive input to the event by generating a bi-wheel (method). Being incarcerated, the repetitive element is part of the ‘punishment’ and depending on the character of the inmate, it can become a fantasy world in itself.

It would appear that GBC has bought into Plato’s fantasy world The Republic, while in the big house.


For sale today 23rd July, 2015 – the residence of Mrs and Mrs Nigel Baden-Clay parents of convicted murderer Gerard Baden-Clay –

For the astrology in relation to the appeal on 7th August 2015  – heaven forbid.


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