OCD cases

OCDThey’re the ones that somehow keep getting back into my in-tray…

The first case that got me on this journey was the murder of Allison Baden-Clay.  The ‘obsessive thought’ was that this arrogant SOB husband Gerard Baden-Clay had the audacity to think that he could get away with murdering his wife.  He actually believed that he would get off, right up until the verdict of guilty was announced by the foreman of the jury.

The ‘anxiety’ led me to create a version of C21 criminal profiling, which has become my ‘compulsive behaviour’. I’m pointing fingers; having what some would call outrageous opinion and yet I interpret according to the classic texts of astrology.

I gained ‘temporary relief’ when the verdict was announced and now I’m back to ‘obsessive thoughts’ of… what if he wins his appeal. 🙂

Link to the Baden-Clay compulsive behaviour…

  • Gerard Baden-Clay awaiting the hearing of his appeal…. due to be heard 7th August, 2015 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

 Link to Missing McStay compulsive behaviour 

  • Charles Ray Merritt awaiting trial 10th August 2015

Link to find Christina Morris compulsive behaviour… 

  • Enrique Arochi awaiting trial 30th November 2015 


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