it’s all about timing

The methodology to determine when an event happened

If you already have a map created by Google Maps or some other program; a map of point A to point B (eg home address to location of a body), then you can create a locator angle to work with.  As well as this, if you already have the birth data of a victim and/or persons of interest and have the ability to generate astrology horoscope charts and bi-wheels, then this method can be used.

  • Firstly get a handle on the methodology of how astrology talks to cartography.  We use the same method except this time in reverse order.   So flip the locator angle, which you have already determined.  Note: we flip the angle not the wheel in this method.   See this case as an example.
  • Next we create an event by generating a chart from the perspective of a starting point at eg 12:00:00am (suggest midnight or midday) on the date of a crime/abduction/last sighting and generate this chart from the relevant location (eg Sydney, Australia or London, England etc).  Note:  we need the Moon’s input, so location needs to be at least the same time zone.
  • The third step is to generate bi-wheels.  In order to do this we need the natal chart for the victim and any POI’s – time of birth is not absolutely necessary. The bi-wheel is usually generated from the perspective of event and so the inner wheel is the event and the outer wheel is the victim or POI.  Note: the inner wheel is the event and the outer wheel is the natal chart for the victim or a person of interest.  Work with one bi-wheel to start with then corroborate with others as need be.
  • Progressing the earthly clock forwards with the rotation of the earth, (the astrology wheel moves anti-clockwise), we look for an intersection of planets in either or both of the wheels with the locator angle. Note: if need be, do this on paper (print out the wheels) and physically turn the paper anti-clockwise, but hold the ruler at the fixed angle.  Move the wheels, nopt the angle.  This is the way to find possible ascendant points and we can then generate a new chart or charts. 
  • When there are planets, which align to the angle, the first question to ask yourself is whether the intersected planets are forensic indicators or not.  If they are possibly of interest, note the ascendant point or the clock time if you are working with a software program.  Continue through the time period in question (24 hour period + or – according to your enquiry).  Note: with practice, you will recognize when a major intersection is reached; that there is no need to continue further.
  •  Generate new bi-wheels with the new event time and test against the map.
  • It all sounds rather bizarre, however if we can keep an open mind, the heavens seem to know when an event is to take place ahead of time and we mere mortals just need to do the math.

When we are dealing with precise times, we know that the planetary orbits are such, that their alignments hold for at least a 24hour period or more.  What we have to rely on is that horizon line ticking over every couple of minutes and also our earthly satellite, the Moon.

That is why the angles are so important in astrology – the ascendant and its opposite the descendant; as well as the MC midheaven and its opposite, the nadir IC.

We must have interaction with all of these for a time to be a ‘star event’.

Reach for the stars….

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