Saturn retrograde phenomenon

A Saturn retrograde child invariably endeavours to please ‘daddy’ (or the authoritative person in the child’s life) and as an adult, unconsciously sets up the ‘failure to please’ in order to reinforce the behaviour learned in early childhood.

Saturn Rx in not an uncommon thing see in a natal horoscope, however its affect on human behaviour is life-long.  The native is hampered by a lack of awareness of the delineation between male and female socially-acceptable behaviour; how to act when in the company of members of the opposite sex.

Many of those with this aspect in their natal chart will project a personable character, that can be mistakenly received as being personal; i.e. mixed messages.  For a woman with a Saturn Rx it is important that she recognise that the general male deserves the respect of being ‘different’, as does the reverse.

Whichever way we look at it, the failure to achieve ‘love’ is a cycle of unworthiness.  Learned behaviour repeated in adulthood, reveals cycles; cycles which can go off in bizarre and even dangerous directions.  Self esteem meanwhile, is a 2nd house phenomenon, but that’s another story.

Saturn retrograde:

Most of the planets go into retrograde motion as some time, however Saturn seems to have a specific effect on the psyche of those who were born during this retrograde motion.  So what is it?

Retrograde (going backwards) refers to an optical illusion when a planet appears to be going backwards when we look heavenwards. Planets don’t have reverse gear.  When the spin of the Earth gets our vantage point out of line with a planet as it is making a turn in its own elliptical orbit, we see the planet projected against the sky as if the planet were moving backwards.

Well you might say that we as adults mostly can’t even identify which planet is Saturn with the naked eye, let alone a child, so how can anyone be influenced by such a far away occurrence? Out of sight, out of mind might work on a conscious level, however the reverse can be true in the unconscious mind.

In my opinion, as tiny instinctive children, our senses are more heightened; before they are dulled once we become bombarded by life’s challenges.  Children can feel atmospheric pressure, not only in our environment, but they can also ‘pick up’ on the reactions of the emotional beings around them.  We as adults often can as well, when we listen to our bodies.

Call it ‘animal instinct’ if you will. We inherit this knowing; our senses are open when we are little, before the ego kicks in.

Psychologically, the use of the term ‘going backwards’  tells us that something is going against the norm; that ‘this can’t be good’.  Anxiety is never far from the surface, whether we are little children or under the stress of our day-to-day lives as adults.

When we are fearful, we instinctively turn to our authoritative model to provide us with security and in the case of a Saturn Rx we turn to the father principle in our lives (father time); male parent, male mentor, church leader, scout master etc.

This is the rule of thumb in astrology. Not necessarily your thumb or mine, so if you have a problem here re authoritative figures being male or female, I suggest that you suspend your belief system for the sake of the exercise.

The authoritative person in our lives is required to give us reassurance that we are safe. For a child this role is accepted, in most societies, as being the father. If the father is absent for some reason (divorced with no regular access, or works for long periods away from home); is withdrawn emotionally (has a dominant female partner); projects onto the child their own painful shortcomings from their childhood regimen – then things can go awfully pear-shaped in that individual’s life.

33596-bigthumbnailThat is how the Saturn retrograde phenomenon can manifest in our lives.  In forensic astrology Saturn’s role is even more scary.  As the grim reaper, he wields the scythe and takes lives.

8 thoughts on “Saturn retrograde phenomenon”

  1. Hi there.
    I’m curious if you might be interested in sharing your thoughts/ findings on a cold case very close to my heart – The Tynong Murders, particularly Catherine Headland the youngest victim.
    Many thanks for your time x

  2. This is fascinating. I did my ex husband’s birth chart after the divorce and it was spot on. In hindsight will definitely due it if I find someone else. I just piddle in it and find it so awesome. What you said about the Constantine ‘ s was crazy but fits. Most of it was way over my head. I never thought about using it for criminal cases. You should do Jonbenet Ramsey since it is the anniversary and see if you can conclude that it was her brother.

  3. You can help so many people get answers using this method. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Were you familiar with the Ramsey case? Do you run your method on cases like these so you know the truth? Write a book if you already did what’s it called?

  4. Please can you recommend any good teaching books to learn more. I use a basic book which I feel is a really good book but it doesn’t speak of these other stars and BML. It does go into the splay and bundle and the houses etc but does not get nearly detailed as you do. My book is “the only astrology book you’ll ever need”. Please and thanks.

  5. Denise, I freelance with this method and so don’t follow modern astrology. I cobble the story together, along with my academic knowledge of human behaviour.
    Under the toolkit in the menu, you will find links to online resources.
    The pinned post on the facebook group page walks everyone through the astrology process and the rest relies on your life experience and knowledge.
    Get the basics on-board and then fly honeychild.


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