…the methodology of how astrology communicates with a map of the land; an atlas

If you are familiar with the topsy-turvy world of Alice in Wonderland, that will stand you in good stead if you choose to be an astrologer.  The writer Lewis Carroll, in real life was a mathematician and theosophist.  Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was quite au fait with astrology.

I wish to point out that the following methodology is no different whether we are in the Northern hemisphere or the Southern hemisphere.  North is North is North…

Aligning North to North
NSEW_wheelAn astrology wheel/chart is generated  with the direction North being at the bottom of a wheel and South is at the top, East on the left and West on the right.

This is totally ‘off the planet’ to a scientific, rational map-reader or a cartographer and very confusing when learning astrology, I can tell you.  Please just accept it as a ‘known’ that this is how things are in the world of astrology and the following will reveal itself, as it must.

An astrology wheel is a mirror image of the world as we know it according to cartography.  Our maps of the terrain on the ground have North at the top and South at the bottom.  The compass also follows the cartographer’s rules.

When we need to mix the two, the pseudo science with science, we defer and flip our tops.  No, we don’t ‘lose it’…  We just grin like a Cheshire Cat and turn our wheels upside down, however I digress.

When we want to transpose an astrology wheel onto a map of the land; overlay an astrology chart onto a screen-shot taken from Nearmaps or Google Maps, we must align North to North or this forensic methodology won’t work.

Rather than stand on our heads or turn the map upside down, we defer to the norm and flip our astrology wheel vertically.


The next stage is to use the wheel on the right-hand-side and superimpose it over a predetermined point on a screen-shot of a map, such as a location of someone’s home or a point of abduction or a relevant position on the globe.



Once North is aligned to North then any locator angles can be continued onto the cartographer’s map as not just a direction finder, but also a detailed line of interest.

East is East and West is West

To date, I haven’t had the occasion to need to flip a wheel horizontally, however there is no rule to say that it will not be needed at some point in the future.

2 thoughts on “Cartography”

  1. The original chart has been generated for a set time/an incident. When endeavouring to use a bi-wheel to find a potential location, the CHART is flipped vertically no matter what sign is at the top, or the bottom… it could be any one of the twelve signs of the zodiac at the top or the bottom.

    I have never needed the occasion to flip east to west – just the top to the bottom. What I have found is that if the body has been moved after death, a locator angle is not always reliable.


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