A peregrine planet

The word ‘peregrination’ comes from the Latin pelegrinus which means something like alien, foreigner and stranger, all placed together.  Stranger in a strange land comes to mind; a feeling of not belonging.

Peregrine-falcon-talonsWe know of the peregrine falcon, that roams far and wide knowing no bounds to its territory.  The word pilgrim comes from the same origin as well.

Actually, in social psychology peregrination has a connotation of an outcast, of separateness and holding oneself apart too, both at the same time. It is driven from within, though rarely does the person know why.  A peregrine planet in their natal chart is highly likely.

A peregrine planet is one that is not connected to any other planet by major aspect (that is technically by Ptolemaic aspect: conjunct, opposite, square, trine or sextile).  There is no planet influencing it by soft or hard aspects.  There is no tension, no rein; no-one to bounce ideas off.

Apparently in astrology ‘peregrine’ is also known as a ‘feral’ planet. I presume that is ‘feral’ as in ‘wild’. Either way peregrine or feral can be deemed weak or strong according to it’s context in the story.  Overall it will determine a weakness in the character IMO, however the influence can be strong on the impact on other planets in the chart.

I have a healthy respect for the concept of peregrination just as I do for feral animals, because I observe that planets that are peregrine by either dignity or aspect operate in a very similar manner, they are difficult to express and therefore they become an obsessive focal point in the personality. This makes the energy fitful, erratic and very binary. It’s on or it’s off.

For example, a peregrine Mars, in the sign of Scorpio, will reveal a person renowned for their astonishing forceful energy and motivation – often a hidden motivation with the Scorpio influence.

What this peregrination suggests, is that it is an un-integrated but very powerful, or natural energy. Thus they will either over-express their Martian qualities – like assertion, drive and determination – or they will not express them at all. There is no boundary/wall to bounce off and find a middle ground.

This is very much in keeping with the essence of such a character; they would veer from a rather hopeless form of malaise and listlessness to astonishing periods of upward progress and no-nonsense up and at ‘em bouts of activity.

So what of peregrine Mars in Cancer? We know that Cancer is symbolic of ‘going with the flow’ therefore we can suggest that they would seem to have very little urgency at all, which is not to say that they cannot get things done, but they only have one gear; are happy enough to go at their own pace in all things.

Each planet and each zodiac have their own unique peregrination effect.   in questions of theft, a peregrine planet at an angle, or in the 2nd house is a classic indication of the significator of a thief.

2 thoughts on “A peregrine planet”

  1. In one 19th century astrology book, it’s said that Mars is actually in peregrine in Leo because it encouraged Mars’ destructive effects most there. I wonder what your thoughts on this is.

  2. The reason would likely refer to the ‘feral degrees’ of Leo. IMO, the author has taken ‘peregrine’ in the wild-feral sense, rather than that of a pilgrim out in the wilds.

    Whichever way we look at it, one aspect alone in the wilderness would not give us a clear picture of a character.


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