Myra Lewis

Note: Astrology is a pseudo science and as such is not accepted in a court of law. The interpretation of planetary positions against the backdrop of the zodiac is according to classic astrology. We can only suggest and question as to why certain aspects result in particular interpretation.

myra_lewis1st March 2014, Saturday.  It is the day of a New Moon with the Sun and the Moon in the same zodiac; Pisces.  There is a child missing from her home; 560 Mount Pilgrim Road, Camden, Mississippi.

  • 10:30am-11am Ericka Lewis states that she sent her children inside, before departing to go shopping in Camden; a 10minute drive away.
  • Gregory Lewis was inside the house with the other children and their small baby.  He didn’t notice Myra was missing until noon. Siblings apparently told him that Myra had left with her mother.
  • Myra’s mother Ericka Lewis returned home at 3pm.
  • Following a search, two year-old Myra was reported missing 4pm
  • An Amber alert was issued.

That’s the basic facts of the case.  With the help of sleuths (thanks Mary) we have the beginnings to commence a forensic astrology enquiry.

  • Missing child – Myra Lewis (2) born 30 November 2011
  • Mother – Ericka Renea Lewis (35) born 28 September 1978.
  • Father – Gregory Eugene Lewis (42) born 8 September 1971

A week after Myra’s disappearance on 8th March, Ericka Lewis was taken into custody on another matter:

On 24th January 2014, while on probation following a welfare fraud/food stamps matter, a warrant was issued in relation to a concealed weapon being in her possession, thus violating her probation.  LE arrested her on 8th March and her children were taken into care.

30th March – This child is still missing.  When we learn that Ericka Lewis had given birth to a new baby on 7th January, followed by the concealed weapon matter just two weeks later and now her two year-old daughter has disappeared, we must consider that there is the possibly of a post-natal depression/mental condition in this case.  I do hope that she has been assessed by health-care professionals.

Lewis eventThe first chart we generate gives us a snapshot of the heavens at 11:15am on 1st March 2014 in Camden, Mississippi. With an ascendant at 15° Gemini, if we are to follow the Serbian’s interpretation we are in a vehicle.

There is one midpoint of particular interest to us:  Mercury (yellow)/Neptune (turquoise) = MC (midheaven). Our suspicions are immediately aroused because Mercury is symbolic of children and Neptune; disappearance.  Is this a possible abduction or exploitation matter?  The classic interpretation of this midpoint is a situation where someone is not considering practical considerations; is ‘away with the pixies’.  Is this and and/or event?

  • Mars is conjunct the Lunar nodal axis in the 5th house (children) – from our FA perspective, this is an ominous aspect – alarm bell time…
  • 5th house Mars square 8th house Venus (pink) – possibly mother at odds with nurturing, particularly with the nodal axis conjunction in the mix.
  • 2nd house Jupiter (green) square 11th house Uranus (note the hidden zodiac in this house – Aries) – heading for greener pastures.  This involves the houses of self-esteem and the need for love.

Would the arrival of the new baby, Gregory Eugene Lewis Jnr heralded this desire for ‘greener pastures’?

event-GregoryLewisThis is the first of our bi-wheels (methodClick on image for full size chart.

As is the norm with a case involving a small child, the victim is represented by the Moon (blue) in the inner chart. The child is still emotionally bound up with ‘the emotional nurturer’ and with the Moon as the symbolic mother that is our reasoning.  This bi-wheel reveals that this man’s belief is that Myra is with her mother.

The inner wheel is the same perspective at 11:15am and the outer wheel is Gregory Lewis’ natal chart.  Natal Mercury (yellow)is communication by the man as well as the symbolic planet for children.  With Mercury at the cusp of the 4th house/the home, we can therefore suggest that he is at home, minding the children.

We back-up that suggestion with the aspects – transiting Moon (small child) opposite natal Sun-Venus (his wife).

event-ErickaLewisThe second bi-wheel is Myra’s mother, Ericka and her perspective at 11:15am. Immediately we note the planetary positions in the outer wheel.  All the natal planets are in the lower hemisphere indicating unfinished business in the home likely relating to her own upbringing; history repeating itself.  The natal planets are all swinging off the Lunar nodal South Node (karma) handle.

There are two planets at the angles.  Even though the outer wheel/natal chart is a mid-range natal Moon (blue), it is at the cusp of the 4th house (and notably also conjunct her husband’s Mercury) –  she needs his support in the home environment.  That is likely the basis for this event.  Natal Neptune is also exact at the cusp of the 7th house – she’s likely depressed about her marriage/ situation in life.  This could of course also be as a result of post-natal depression or mental disorder.

Natal Mars is at the cusp of the 6th house (health) aggravating the following aspect:

  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis in the form of the South Node; a karmic event that is traumatic and in a public venue is generated by the erratic behaviour of this woman. This aspect is also a primary indicator of a forensic event.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) in the inner wheel and our ‘small child’ symbol is square/ at odds with natal Neptune (and the descendant) indicates a bewilderment in Ericka.  Things are likely to get ‘a bit fuzzy round the edges’ from here on, in her psyche.
  • Transiting Saturn (grim reaper) is also square natal Moon (blue in the outer wheel) – is there a perceived need to off-load this child?

Note: Forensic indications are present in this bi-wheel of this woman being responsible for the demise of the missing child.  So what can the child herself tell us?

event-MyraLewisAgain, the same perspective of 11:15am with the natal chart of two year-old Myra as the outer wheel.  Mid-range Moon again is used as birth time of the child is unknown by us.

  • Angles take precedence in interpretation as always, with natal Neptune at the MC – this little girl may possibly never be found.  

We further note that Neptune has appeared at the angle three times; at 11:15am, as well as the two bi-wheels of Myra and her mother. 

  • Natal Mercury (yellow) is at the descendant.  We could interpret this as whether Myra is to grow to become a child, is ‘on the line’; is determined at this point in time.

The descendant is also the midpoint of natal Lunar nodal axis/Mercury, which is usually interpreted as the meeting of minds, however we have a very small child in this situation so that would not be significant.  Mercury represents the voice/breath and the nodal axis the traumatic situation of death.  Has Myra experienced breathing problems and died, or is her death as a result of her breath being denied by an adult/her mother?

  • Transiting Moon square Lunar nodal axis – primary forensic indicator of her death in a public place/traumatic.
  • Transiting Moon square natal Mercury – inability to communicate; strangled/suffocated.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal mid-range Moon – ditto
  • Transiting Sun (orange) is the date on the calendar opposite natal Mars – energy applied directly
  • Transiting Uranus in the 11th house quindecile natal Saturn – major forensic indicator that death was not by natural causes.

When we generate a map of the land and superimpose this same bi-wheel (method), we have our answer as to where Myra is likely located.  When we are endeavouring to locate a body, Saturn is the planet that assists us in our search with this method of forensic astrology.

MAP#3LewisIn the last bi-wheel, note that Myra’s natal Saturn is at 25° Libra in the 5th house (children) so when we flip the wheel vertically in order to align north to north, Saturn lies exactly on the red line that connects her home with the town of Camden, the destination when her mother left home.

This suggests to us that Myra’s body is not close to Mount Pigrim Road, but rather in the region of Camden.

The locator angle is intended as a direction to follow.  Myra could be beyond Camden, however I find the coincidence that Myra’s natal Saturn lies directly on that line between the two addresses that she is in the region of the town itself.

Where did Myra’s mother visit, while she was in Camden on 1st March 2014?




2 thoughts on “Myra Lewis”

  1. Misst, thank you so much. So many people have been wondering and praying about this poor little child. I think the investigators have a pretty good idea, too but just don’t know where to look exactly. May I share this with the admin of Myra’s facebook page? She is very reliable and responsible and actually in touch with the investigators. I don’t think it would be a good idea to post it straight to the page as there are many relatives. But I will let you make that decision as to where you think best this information should go. I also agree that Ericka, as many women, may be suffering from some sort of postpartum anxiety, even psychosis.


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