About MM method

History is the best predictor of future behaviour, however we have turned this approach on its head.

I use the backdrop of the zodiac for my endeavours – i.e. patterns of stars in the heavens from a time long ago when astrology and astronomy were in accord.  In western society, the constellations were given names according to characters of Greco/Roman mythology. Together they tell us the story of the likely behaviour at a crime scene.

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For those not familiar with my work, I am an academic behaviourist, who uses the ‘belief system’ of astrology in order to identify perpetrators, solve crime, and recover those lost to us as a result of crime whenever possible. The bonus is that we all learn more about astrology for ourselves.

Why astrology:
Basically, I considered astrology to be the least patriarchal of the ancient belief systems that I could utilise as a method to express my interest in victim-criminal behavioural interaction.

Often-times when we are working in our group with those on the ground, we need to work quickly and a lack of birth-times of victims and/or POI means that we cannot profile behaviour with a high degree of relevance from just a horoscope. So…

Basically I generate an astrological incident chart from an authoritative time – 911 call, or cctv video capture clock-time. This gives us the angles and house placements; the field of action in which victims and perpetrators interact.
Using this incident time, I can then create a bi-wheel/synastry chart with victim, or POI aligned by the zodiac backdrop. This provides an unbiased and more relevant approach to interpretation. The inner chart is the incident and the outer wheel that of the person of interest to us.

Aspects used:
Conjunction, square, opposition, quindecile and quincunx. If needed, I will generate a chart on astrodienst giving us access to case-specific asteroid placements for both charts.  Hard aspects

My method of interpretation is C17 classic, although I do lean on the known malefics, and as my strength is in Occidental mythology I bring the planetary symbolism/mythical stories to the interpretation.

For the curious, am currently residing in Australia.