Trial of Sidney Moorer

Conway, South Carolina

Trial of Sidney St Clair Moorer on kidnapping and obstruction of justice charges in relation to the disappearance of Heather Rachelle Elvis in Myrtle Beach SC. Heather remains missing.

  • Missing person report: Lodged 11:10:40pm, 19th December 2013
  • Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Accused: Sidney St Clair Moorer
  • Co-accused: Tammy Lorinda Moorer (nee Caison) – yet to face kidnapping charge in court.

2016 timeline for the trial due to be underway 20th June:

  • April 4 – Deadline for filing all pretrial motions
  • April 15 – Opposing counsel responds in writing to all briefs filed in support of pretrial motions
  • April 18 – All pretrial motions that counsel, or court want heard prior to juror questionnaires, or juror summons being sent out by the Clerk of Court, Horry County, SC.
  • May 2 – Eight hundred juror summons and questionnaires will be mailed out
  • June 2 – Questionnaires are due to be returned by this date
  • June 3 – List given to the sheriff’s office on no responses
  • June 13 to June 17 – Final hearing dates for any and all pretrial matters that need to be resolved prior to trial.
  • June 17 – Attorneys to provide witness list to the court
  • June 20 – Jury panel to present at court and the qualification process begins.
    • A jury will be chosen and the trial will begin upon qualification of the panel
  • June 24 – Mistrial announced

Note: The following is an astrology enquiry using models of reality for persons of interest to this case, as well as snapshots of the heavens; as needed. Classic astrology texts are used for interpretation, none of which is accepted in a court of law.

snapshot-filing-timeApril 4thDeadline for filing all pretrial motions.

211-SMMotion to Suppress expert opinion evidence filed with the court 2:11pm 28th March 2016.  Note: other logged times can be checked by others if they wish – documents are here

  • Natal Saturn Rx is on the horizon line (at the ascendant). I do consider that the accused’s neck is on the line in relation to whether these motions are accepted or rejected.
  • An outcome in horary astrology is found at the IC (whether the accused goes home, or not). In this chart the IC is at 22°Libra. Venus (pink) rules Libra.  Venus is exact the cusp of the 9th house (realm of the law). The “motion to suppress expert opinion evidence” would be left for a jury to decide would be my interpretation of this chart.

April 18th –  Conway 10:30am.  Hearing where motions filed by the defense will be challenged in court, prior to the trial in June. 

elements 18AprilKey for this image created for the date of April 18:

  • Across the top…  “C” = cardinal (agenda flexibility); “F” = fixed (immoveable);  and M = mutable (not addressed at the hearing – underlying for trial)
  • Down the side… “F” = fire (active); “A” = air (mental activity/communication); “E” = earth (practicalities) “W” = water (emotive)

Cardinal –

  • Fire: Sun (date on the calendar) Venus (legal teams etc) Uranus (court etiquette), asteroid Heather (victim), Ceres (food for the harvest/outcome), Eris (trouble and strife)
  • Air: BML (weakest link of the day)
  • Earth: Pluto (power)
  • Water:  none (as we would expect – court does not consider emotive agendas)

Fixed –

  • Fire: none (as we would expect – facts only please)
  • Air: Pallas (warriors – likely stubborn legal contest)
  • Earth: Mercury (communication), Vesta in Taurus (non-routine projects requiring direct action), Phaeton (vehicle)
  • Water:  (spouse; i.e.Tammy Moorer)

Mutable –

  • Fire: Mars (action), Saturn (death), Pholus (errors/regrettable actions), Ixion (murder) = all under consideration
  • Air: asteroids Tammy and Sidney
  • Earth: Moon (future jurors), Jupiter (justice system), Lunar North Node (the public) = practicalities in relation to what information will be released to the public so as not to ‘influence’ potential jurors.
  • Water: Neptune, Lunar South Node, Chiron, Photograph (video footage under question), Nessus – emotions bound up in unanswered questions, gag orders etc

April 18th Conway 10:30am:    Hearing of suppression motions prior to trial

With the starting gun for the hearing changed to 10:30am, matters are a lot less complex that that of 10am.   The underlying energy is, as we would expect, the practical matters of the court.  This is represented by the blue triangle from Mercury-Vesta 18°Taurus – Pluto 17°Capricorn – Moon 19°Virgo.

  • Taurus-Capricorn-Virgo are the trio of Earth elements and therefore relate to ‘down to earth’; practical considerations.
    • With 18 degrees; the kill, or be killed degree according to Serbian astrologers, I would expect the prosecution and defense legals will go hammer and tongs in front of the bench.
  • AP Fortuna is at the other demonized degree of 22°Scorpio – a life or death struggle.
  • Mercury-Vesta has the outlet (yellow line) to the Vertex of this chart.  Vertex equates as a significant event and also a way out and with Mercury in the mix this will relate to communication.
  • Jupiter-Moon-Lunar North Node have the exit for this practical energy at the midheaven/MC – open to the public.
  • Murderous asteroid Ixion 24°Sagittarius (see Greco-Roman mythology) is opposing the accused’s very being.; the asteroid Sidney 23°Gemini.  This is a life and death struggle for Sidney Moorer.  I have to wonder if he realises the importance of this hearing.
  • Sidney is also quindecile Mars – as we would expect a good dose of obsession coming from his corner.

April 18th – Conway 10:30am and Sidney Moorer

Bringing Sidney Moorer’s map of reality into the courtroom for the 18th April, the family jewels are on the line with the accused’s abused trust; Nessus 1°Cancer at the ascendant mirroring his asteroid Heather 1°Capricorn at the descendant.  This is what this trial is all about; his abuse of the trust in him by Heather Elvis.

Equally, when we look to transiting asteroid 4:52°Pisces, Nessus in this bi-wheel,  there is a quindecile aspect (blue dashes) to 19:30°Virgo; transiting Moon (needs of the court) as well as Sidney Moorer’s asteroid Juno 19:15°Virgo (his spouse). There is also the need to include the abused trust of his wife Tammy Moorer as well;  his extra-marital affair with Heather Elvis must be included.

  • The box pattern that Sidney has put himself and the court into, incorporates the MC/IC axis; the hearing will be under the public scrutiny.  The other two corners of this box are Sidney’s natal 14:59°Gemini Mars and his opinionated 15:56°Sagittarius (pink), Venus.
  • This is the box that he is in, However we can also see that transiting Saturn 15:50°Sagittarius is between his Mars and Venus.  Transiting Saturn is not Sidney’s self control, it is symbolic of higher authority. Father Time with his scythe over his shoulder – the ominous shadow of the death penalty, as well as the court of justice.  This is 6-12th house tension – ethics and morals reflecting hidden matters, not yet exposed.
  • Transiting Mercury 18:43°Taurus (remember the outlet for the practical energy in the previous chart) and Vertex on the other side of the chart must be taken into consideration at this hearing, as they are exact on Sidney’s Lunar Nodal axis; his public exposure.

There’s more to interpret, however that will suffice for now as we await trial.  Trust in the system rests with us the public, as we wait for the penny to drop for Sidney Moorer.

TRIAL to commence June 20th, 2016  – 8:30am Conway, South Carolina

Am not aware of a start time as yet for the Jury selection process, so have used 8:30am.  I doubt that we are too far off the mark; timewise, as 0:25°Aquarius, ⊗ Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) is at the Descendant.  The modes and elements (red arrow below the chart) reveal that this will be a fair trial as there is an even spread, apart from BML together with Mars, in the element of Water.  This reveals the weakest link of the trial being fixed, to the point of stubborn, focus  based on emotive decisions in order to ‘stir the pot’.  I would suggest that there will be a need for much wooing of those in the witness box.

20JuneMoorer trialTransiting over Conway on the morning of 20th June 2016 and highlighted orange; asteroid  Tammy#3403 is EXACT the Sun 29:33°Gemini creating a bombast in the 12th house. Sidney’s co-accused is much the focus of this trial, although it is her husband who is in the dock.  Is this a dry run for the DPP?

Black lines used for hard aspects:

  • This trial may not have murder in the title, however murder is revealed in the heavens with the midpoint (black arrows) of the grim reaper Saturn-Vertex (significant event) at 11°Sagittarius and the power symbol of Pluto (God of the Underworld) at 16°Capricorn nudging equidistant from the transiting Moon (blue) 0:16°Capricorn.
  • Transiting Moon at 0:16°Capricorn is opposite Sun-Tammy 29°Gemini; albeit across the line.  Only minutes earlier in clock-time they would have been EXACT mirroring each other; accused and co-accused.  If the court process for the trial commences earlier than 8:30am, I would not be surprised.
  • Jupiter – Lunar nodal axis square is asteroid Vesta – this indicates a kidnapping on the public agenda (stating the obvious).  Jupiter = justice system and Vesta is symbolic of confinement plus the nodal axis, identifies the public sphere. This will be the charge read in court.

Red lines of interest to us at this stage:

  • transiting Mars 23:41°Scorpio opposite asteroid Heather #3922 at the murderous degree; 22°Taurus plus in the 10th house (public realm)
  • transiting Mercury (yellow) 11:41°Gemini is square (turquoise) Neptune 12:02°Pisces – underhanded communication in relation to 8th house matter (death) Plus…
  • transiting Mercury opposite the grim reaper, Saturn also at 11° and Vertex (significant event).  This is the degree of an opportunity to master personal reponsibility for one’s actions.  This will relate to the charge being read in court and the accused’s response.  With Mercury in Gemini we can expect an less than truthful response.

The classic text in relation to these last two aspects are a family ‘looking for a ray of hope’.  Should the man reply ‘not-guilty’ this will reveal Sidney St Clair Moorer’s lack of respect for the oath; to tell the truth.

June 20th – Conway 8:30am and Sidney Moorer 

20June-Sidney copyThis chart can be replaced IF we get a different start time, however I find it rather synchronistic that he has natal 29:59° Cancer; Saturn Rx EXACT the ascendant and natal asteroid Lust at the descendant.  So that is going to be his excuse; that he couldn’t control his lust.  Oh pleeese gimme a break, Sidney!

  • transiting Arabian Part Fortuna/Destiny is also conjunct the descendant.  This Lust will determine his destiny.
  • transiting asteroid Lust is conjunct natal (green) Jupiter 16:49°Aries; at the mid-heaven.

Is Sidney claiming that he is a sex addict?  We’d need natal Neptune to be in the mix, if this were the case.  Sidney does have natal Mars opposite Neptune indicating the delusion that he has about himself and his actions, however there is no quindecile, unless he was born in the late evening (we don’t know the time of his birth), in which case, yes his personal needs would be OTT in this regard.

Mistrial: Jury verdict tied 3:54pm 24th June 2016

354-24June2016Note that Black Moon Lilith (weakest link in the heavens) is nudging the ascendant, plus the stellium of Eris-Uranus-Ceres (jury didn’t get enough info to isolate Sidney as the kidnapper) in the 6th house – that’s where the weakness in the chart lies in relation to the process that brought the jury to this decision.

  • Venus (pink) is the jury, quindecile asteroid Ixion – jury are compelled to agree that Heather was kidnapped/murdered.
  • Pluto is quindecile asteroid Tammy – jury compelled to agree that Tammy is more likely the perpetrator.
  • Moon quindecile midheaven

Look to the elements below the chart and we can see the input of the elements.

  • Mental: Juno= indication of a spouse – jury discussion likely pointing the finger at Tammy.
  • Practical: He (Heather) and Pluto = agree that Heather is dead.
  • Emotive: reveals that the jury result was an emotive decision in relation to the couple Ta (Tammy) – Si (Sidney) – Sun – Venus.