The Moorer trial under the stars

boatmoonwomanOn the 18th December 2013, the grim reaper had a date with the Moon….

Moonchild, we dubbed her in our astrology pages as we endeavoured to reveal what happened to Heather Rachelle Elvis of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when she disappeared in the early morning of 18th December; more than a year ago now.

We published two posts Horry County Pt.1 and Pt.2 back in March 2014, then continued with an astrology discussion page until the trial date was announced at the end of December…

A trial date has been set for the week of May 11 for Tammy and Sidney Moorer, who are charged in the death of Heather Elvis, according to court documents filed Dec. 31, 2014.
The state has also asked for an 800 panel of possible jurors for the weeks of May 11 and May 18. Jury with selection beginning May 11.
Sidney Moorer, 38, and Tammy Moorer, 42, are charged with Murder, Kidnapping, Obstruction of Justice and Indecent Exposure.
Heather Elvis has been missing since Dec. 18, 2013. Her car was found at Peachtree Landing the following day.

  • Victim:  Heather Rachelle Elvis – born 30th June 1993
  • The missing person report: Lodged 11:10:40pm, 19th December 2013
  • Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Accused: Sidney St Clair Moorer – born 14th January 1976
  • Co-accused: Tammy Lorinda Moorer (nee Caison) – born 8th March 1972

Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in any court, or recognised by legal authorities.  Please view this forensic astrology with a reasoned mind and a skeptic’s hat firmly planted on your head.

Sidney Moorer in the dock:

Sidney-trial-duoclick on charts for full size

Our first astrology bi-wheels (method) are of Sidney Moorer; viewed from the perspective of midday on 11th May 2015 and 18th May 2015.

The inner wheel is a snapshot of the transiting planets overhead at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The outer wheel in both charts is the natal horoscope of Sidney Moorer; his birth chart – the planets orbiting on the date that he was born. We are not privy to his birth-time and so a mid-range Moon is used for our purposes.

By viewing through the clock on the court-room wall, we can reveal any tension between the cosmic bodies and this man’s natal horoscope; his emotive reaction.  The jury selection would already be in progress and so this is a general observation on the first day of his trial. We interpret the astrology tension as if this is the first day of the trial; as expected.

11th May, noon: Transiting Jupiter/Saturn = Lunar nodal axis indicates the public interest and that this is a murder trial.  Jupiter (green) inflates whatever it is contact with (the public on this occasion) and Saturn identifies The Grim Reaper.

  • transiting Sun (orange in the inner wheel) identified the date on the calendar – conjunct the Lunar nodal axis in Sidney Moorer’s natal chart indicates that he is in a public place and the emotive reaction is likely traumatic for him.
  • tr Mercury (yellow) is at the angle and opposite the ascendant – Mercury is symbolic of communication – his legal team speak for him.
  • tr Pluto quindecile natal Saturn – the threat of loss of his life; potential self-destruction is uppermost in his mind.

18th May, noon:

  • tr Jupiter at the ascendant – inflated egos on the agenda.
  • tr Pluto quindecile natal Saturn – the threat of loss of his life continues to create tension; obsessively concerned with potential self-destruction.
  • tr Neptune is at the cusp of the 8th house of death – where is Heather, Sidney?
  • tr Moon (blue) conjunct Mars in the heavens is quindecile natal Lunar North Node – energetic activity with others.  Is he on the stand, or cutting a deal in the back room?
  • tr Mercury (yellow) opposite natal Neptune (turquoise) – suggests a pack of lies being communicated with Gemini in the mix, together with Neptune’s subterfuge.
  • tr Venus (pink) identifies a peer group; the jury most likely on this occasion square natal Pluto. Is he attempting to sway power over the jury?

Tammy Moorer in the dock:

Tammy-trial-duoThe second set of bi-wheels is of Sidney Moorer’s wife and co-accused, Tammy Lorinda Moorer.  We follow the same procedure and use the similar perspective.

This then is the interpretation of the tension in her charts.

11th May, noon:

  •  tr Sun (orange) quindecile natal Neptune – offering a sense of remoteness to the procedure of jury selection.  That might be the image she is attempting to portray, but you can bet your last button that she’s obsessing about whom is selected to sit as a selection of her peers.  Oh I do hope someone turns up in a Mickey Mouse bow tie.  PLUS
  • tr Saturn is quindecile by return to her natal Mars as it basks in the illumination of the transiting Sun – obstacles against advancement. Well we would expect this in her effort to control the court proceedings.   PLUS
  • tr Venus (pink); the jury square natal Mercury (yellow) – oh yes she has to have her input (communication)  PLUS
  • tr Venus is also opposite natal Jupiter (green) – I would expect this combination of Jury (pink) and the bench (Jupiter) would oppose any interjection (Mercury) by the accused.

18th May 2015, noon:

This chart is pretty intense with the midpoint of natal Venus/Mars = midheaven – revealing the intensity of her relationship with her husband; a public emotive outburst perhaps.

  • Transiting  Sun/Moon is always the most important focus of any chart. On the 18th May, the focus is on Tammy Moorer’s natal Saturn (her self-control) How she handles the current situation will determine the outcome of this trial in relation to her sentencing. It is a difficult aspect to identify, however the planets are all in the 10th house; her future within the public realm.  The classic interpretation states addressing problems of separation.
  • tr Saturn opposite natal Saturn – the ice queen
  • Transiting Mars opposite natal Neptune (turquoise) – making up the story as applicable.  We are in Disneyland after all.

Astrology evidence; the subtle levels:

In the interim between crime and trial we have been incorporating the asteroids into our forensic astrology enquiries more and more, so now that we return to the scene of the crime at Peachtree Landing to refine our evidence, we can view a more subtle level of the astrology. Transiting in the heaven’s at the time were two particular asteroids, keeping company; Phaeton#3200 and Borasis#66652. 

  • Phaeton was a name for a carriage in earlier times, so to us the modern interpretation of Phaeton is a vehicle; an automobile.
  • The word Borasisi after which the asteroid was named, refers to the Sun of a mythical religion created by Kurt Vonnegut. The religion professed to be made up of lies that one would believe in order to be happy. Borasisi is about the illusions of this realm of Time and Space that we believe; hoping to be happy.

MPR-transitsclick on chart for full size. 

On 18th December 2013, these two asteroids – Phaeton#3200 and Borasisi#66652 were hand in hand at 14°Pisces nudging the 7th house of promise of a relationship; promising all young sweet things the illusion – that being happy meant being rescued from their suburban lives by a knight in shining armour.  That he’d come charging to the rescue; sweeping them off their feet, to live happily ever-after.

Unfortunately asteroid Atropos##273 is in direct opposition at the time of the Missing Person’s Report the following day; 11:10pm 19th December 2013 – at the Ascendant.

For those whom don’t know the Myth of Er, in mythological terms, Lachesis determines the length of one’s human life, as allotted; Atropos is the cutting of that cord – death.

When we check the asteroids that would likely be of interest to a forensic astrologer  over the time-period that Heather disappeared, it is Tammy Moorer in particular whom puts her hand up; wants to tell the story.  But first we listen to the heavens.

Note: All of the following asteroids exist, they are not figments of my imagination. I’ve included their astronomy number so any or all can be checked by typing “asteroid” followed by “the name and number” of the asteroid into any search engine and the astronomy information is available.  

The asteroids orbit around the Sun, as do the planets and so their position is different over time.  Astronomers and astrologers use an ephemeris to determine their position at any given point in time. In our enquiry we have used computer software to determine this for us.  

The interpretation of these asteroids mostly come from the Greco/Roman myths told over thousands of years.  We use the classic texts over more modern interpretations where possible.  The abbreviations are mine.

Asteroids of interest:

  • Heather#3922 – Moonchild
  • Tammy#3403 – Minnie the Moocher
  • Sidney[wolf]#68448 – a wolf disguised in sheep’s clothing
  • Atropos#273 – cutting of the ties with this earthly life
  • Borasisi#66652 – lies we tell ourselves in order to be happy;self-delusion
  • Dejaniera#157 – abduction, jilted lovers
  • Ixion#28978 – treachery, murder
  • Nemesis#128 – one’s downfall
  • Phaeton#3200 – a vehicle
  • Winchester#747 – a gun

Using the above chart of the Missing Person Report for Heather Elvis as an event chart, the focus is on Heather rather than her murder.  At this point in time, it is not known that she is deceased.  These are the asteroids orbiting overhead at the time of Moonchild’s disappearance and the astrological story they tell.

The condensed version:

At 21°Sagittarius in the zodiac orbiting at the time of the kidnapping and murder. of Heather Elvis…  we have Minnie the Moocher (Tammy) whom has her personal needs (natal Moon) in conjunction with… [1] transiting asteroid Winchester (a gun) [2] transiting planet Mercury (a means of communication) plus [3] transiting asteroid Ixion (murder). Verdict: Tammy Moorer shot and killed Heather Elvis.

The asteroid story – The Missing Person Report:

Using the above chart of the Missing Person Report for Heather Elvis as our event chart, the focus is on the disappearance of Heather, rather than her murder.  At this point in time, it is not known that she is not coming home. These are the asteroids orbiting overhead at the time of her disappearance.

  • At the ascendant (cusp of the 1st house) is the asteroid Atropos 13:30°Virgo – we know that Heather’s life has been cut short; she won’t be coming home.
  • Opposite Atropos on the other side of the chart is the asteroid Borasisi 14:47°Piscesthe self-delusion is over for Heather. In Eastern mythologies this self-delusion is often referred to as The Veil of Maya.  So the lifting of the Veil came at the point of death; when the cord was cut to the earthly life.
  • Mars (action) at 6:09°Libra is in the first house and directly opposite the planet Uranus (sudden changes) at 8:36°Virgo in the 7th house –  the flurry of activity learning of Heather’s disappearance. 

Working our way around the horary wheel in an anti-clockwise direction, we note that the asteroids Tammy 16:57°Libra and Sidney 21:21°Libra are in the 2nd house – sitting quietly together on their assets; avoiding attention most likely. 

The story begins to come out in the 3rd house; communication and short journeys. This reveals Heather’s journey to her abduction and appointment with the grim reaper.

  • Asteroid Heather#3922 at 12:45°Scorpio – declares her entry into the conversation; …well it is her MPR.
  • Planet Saturn (self-control) at 19:13°Scorpio is conjunct the asteroid Dejanera 20:11°Scorpio – a jilted lover.  Plus in the zodiac of Scorpio we know that this relates to a power-struggle relationship.

The fourth house describes the home, a private life, as opposed to a career in the outside world of the 10th house.  This describes the location of the crime most likely when we consider the asteroids present.  I would suggest that the crime has taken place indoors; not at Peachtree Landing where Heather’s car was left to be discovered later.

  • Asteroid Ixion (treachery, murder) at 20:38°Sagittarius is at the opening degrees of the location PLUS
  • Asteroid Winchester (a gun) at 21:12°Sagittarius is in conjunction with Ixionidentifying the method of death.
  • Planet Mercury 23:19°Sagittarius symbolically represents communication – firing a gun and killing someone is an ultimate conversation killer, to put it bluntly.
  • Sun at 28:25°Sagittarius identifies the date on a calendar.  This is the position of the Sun against the zodiac at the time of the MPR.
  • The dwarf planet Pluto 10:51°Capricorn is within range but not yet aligned to exact opposition to Jupiter at 17:39°Cancer – this identifies the powerlessness; lack of immediate suspicions most likely, as Jupiter can represent justice; the law.

The fifth house is the realm of sexual affairs, creative activities, children and the giving of love.  The opposite side of the wheel; the 11th house reveals the need for love, need for friends and is also where one’s enemies can be found often-times.  This is an event chart not a horoscope and so it less personal than if we were interpreting a natal horoscope.

  • Venus at 28:55°Capricorn; peer groups, family etc. is opposite the transiting Moon 28:42°Cancer at the time of the MPR. Without jumping ahead (incorporating the position of the Moon), we can interpret Venus in this position as that her friends and family are not aware of any enemies whom would want to do her harm.

The sixth house gives us the facts; the working parts to the event; everyday matters. Present are Neptune (fantasy; hidden matters; disappearance) Chiron (open wounds) Phaeton (a vehicle) Borasisi (self-delusion and lies).  We have already discussed Borasisi in connection with Atropos above. However Borasisi‘s symbology also relates to 6th house matters.

kowal-chironAt the time Heather disappeared Chiron at 9:34°Pisces meant that we all experienced a sprinkling of fairy dust.; the fantasy that attracted so many to follow this case.  

Chiron represents a tricky dilemma in which a complete solution to a problem is often not possible and yet the difficulty in the situation makes it necessary to endeavour to do something about it. Caught between the proverbial rock and the hard place, what can we do?

Through acceptance of the problem, we usually find that we can progress further than if we simply fight the problem and keep asking, “Why?”

  • Phaeton (vehicle) at 13:49°Pisces is the vital part of the MPR – Heather’s abandoned vehicle. However with Borasisi at 14:47°Pisces in conjunction this suggests that there are lies being told about vehicles. (This is not completely clear to interpretation at this time.)

The eleventh house house of friends and enemies; reaching out for love has the remaining two planets of interest – Jupiter 17:39°Cancer and the transiting Moon 28:42° Cancer.

  • We basically discussed the Moon in relation to Venus above in the 5th house interpretation, however with the Moon, as a single entity in the 11th house, identifies personal needs and insecurities (Cancer); reaching out for love and not being met.  This is where the “Why” question stays with us.
  • Jupiter remains inactive apart from being opposite Pluto – inflating the sense of powerlessness with no immediate clues.

The asteroid story and the accused:

When I look at Sidney and Tammy’s asteroid charts side by side, it appears that Sidney is considering taking the fall and the resulting death penalty. (Blue is transiting and red reveals the natal asteroids as per the charts)

In the first bi-wheel below, (Sidney Moorer) we have transiting asteroids Atropos (end of life) conjunct Pallas (warrior) – both in Virgo in the closing minutes of the 12th house plus in opposition to transiting Phaeton (vehicle) and Borasisi (lies we tell ourselves) PLUS Sidney’s natal Pholus (turning point in one’s life).

Then we look at Tammy Moorer’s bi-wheel and we see that her natal asteroid Sidney is exact transiting Atropos and Pallas as well in opposition to transiting Phaeton (vehicle) and Borasisi (lies we tell ourselves).

Makes you think, doesn’t it…

The Accused – Sidney St Clair Moorer – DOB 14th January 1976

MPR-Sidneyclick on charts for full size to read the asteroids

This chart is a bi-wheel generated from the time of the MPR with the natal chart of Sidney on the outside.  The difference between this chart and those previously generated (apart from the event time) is that it reveals a selection of asteroids.

The blue text is of the MPR planets and asteroids transiting at 11:10pm 19th December, 2013 over Myrtle Beach, while the red text is Sidney’s birth horoscope with the same planets and asteroids in the orbiting positions of the date of his birth.

Note: We read from the houses in the inner wheel when we interpret.

  • House#1 (self, personality,ego)  transiting Mars is close to Pluto across the cusp, however there’s no direct tension creating the man to take control and utilise his power.  We have natal asteroids Juno and Dejaniera in the 1st house although not under any tension. The deed is long done, I would imagine.
  • House#2 (personal assets, value of self) Opens with natal Pluto at the cusp  under tension from the other side of the chart, however we’ll get to that when we interpret the opposition; the 7th house. Transiting asteroids present are Vesta (keeping the home fires burning), Tammy, Sidney and Ceres (nourishment) with the Lunar node leading the way (family association) – keep it in the family.
    • Sidney’s natal planets in the 2nd house meanwhile are Winchester, Sidney and his natal planet Uranus exact conjunct by transiting Lunar north node.  This would suggest to me that the gun belongs to Sidney; among his personal assets.
  • House#3 (communication). Asteroid Heather is immediately with us overhead, at the cusp.  with the grim reaper (transiting Saturn) ahead, accompanied by Dejaniera (abduction) exact conjunct Sidney’s natal Lunar nodal axis, in Scorpio.  
  • House#4 (home and the IC angle in a chart) Natal Venus opens the 4th house followed by transiting Winchester exact conjunct Pholus (opportunity for a life changing event). Transiting Mercury (an opportunity for communication), transiting Sun and Pluto are also in this house with the MPR the focus at this time.
    • Significantly natal asteroid Heather and Nemesis (one’s downfall) are also in this house with the transiting Sun. Heather brings his downfall under the spotlight.
  • House#5 (creativity, children, affairs) Natal Borasisi (lies we tell ourselves) and natal Sun (his wants) are hand in hand.  Transiting Venus (blue) and natal Mercury (red) are also tied up in the lies that Sidney tells himself in order to support his ‘affair’ with Heather Elvis.
  • House#6 (everyday matters, ethics and morals) Transiting Neptune  is rather dangerous in this house in that we’re not going to hear any truths for two particular reasons.  Borasisi (lies we tell ourselves) is exact conjunct Phaeton (vehicles) in the heavens and right on the descendant.  We’ve not likely to get the truth in relation to the vehicles particularly when we note that Sidney’s natal Pholus (life changing event) is in conjunction as well.
    • Transiting Chiron makes room for the opening of wounds (shooting oneself in the foot) conjunct Neptune with Juno (the other woman) bringing up the rear.
  • House#7 (the spouse) The only transiting planet is Uranus (unpredictable changes in behaviour) conjunct Nemesis (opportunity for one’s undoing).  The point is also identifying Sidney’s natal Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee (the weakest point in the character).  Tammy is Sidney’s weakest point, so if you want to get at him then this is how…  We confirm this by transiting Nemesis being opposite natal Pluto on the 2nd house cusp.

    • Apart from natal BML Sidney has his asteroid Pallas (female warrior) and Vesta in the 7th – Tammy keeps the home fires burning and comes out to fight his battles when needed.
  • House#8 (death and transformation) This is where the opportunity to rise above the brute within can be seen; i.e. what this man has failed to do. The asteroid Eris always represents dischord; bringing trouble and strife into ones’ life. Sidney has both natal Eris and transiting Eris in this house. He is unable to rise above the brute.
    • Having natal Jupiter and Chiron together, his open wounds are seeping particularly in relation to the need to overcome inflated feelings of worthlessness (Chiron in Aries).  Natal Phaeton is in this house as well. Getting a new car isn’t going to  fill the need.
  • House#9 (higher learning/meaning)  We have two significant asteroids in this house – Atropos (the end of the line, death) and Ceres (the harvest) – he will reap what he sowed, come harvest time (see quote at the beginning of asteroids above).
  • House#10 (career, public persona) natal Moon and planet Mars – he is actually quite self-sufficient in this position.  He’ll come to terms with personal needs, drive for action; his future.
  • House#11 (opposite house to the 5th [affairs] so it’s his need for affairs) Transiting Black Moon Lilith brings the trouble and strife (Eris/Eris) from the 8th house (endings and transformation) i.e. temptation. Transiting Jupiter and Moon are there inflating personal needs plus Moon conjunct natal Saturn; overriding his self-control.
  • House#12 (the mind/in jail-incarcerated) Transiting asteroids, Atropos, Pallas are in conjunction.  Plus natal Tammy. 

When I revert to the post in quotations above, does this mean that Tammy will die at the hands of a warrior (an executioner) while she is incarcerated? So which one is it to be, or both of them?  We note that the asteroid Tammy is not in conjunction with Atropos and Pallas, so perhaps his wife will still be incarcerated at the time of Sidney’s demise.

The Co-Accused – Tammy Lorinda Moorer – DOB 8th March 1972

MPR-TammyWe view from the same perspective although with very different interaction with the transiting planets and asteroids.

  • House#1 (self, personality,ego)  transiting Mars is in the same house as natal Pluto, however there’s no direct tension. Tammy doesn’t need to take control and utilise her power.
  • House#2 (personal assets, value of self) Opens with natal Pluto at the cusp  under tension from the other side of the chart, however we’ll get to that when we interpret the opposition; the 7th house. Transiting asteroids present are Vesta (keeping the home fires burning), Tammy, Sidney and Ceres (nourishment) with the Lunar node leading the way (family association) – keep it in the family.
    • We have natal asteroids Juno (the other woman) conjunct by transiting Vesta and Tammy – she’s on top of it.
    • Dejaniera (abduction) is in the mix with Sidney in conjunction together with Ceres; reaping what he sowed.
    • Tammy’s reveals her weak point being her assets (includes Sidney as a personal asset along with house and Caison family/North node)
  • House#3 (communication). Asteroid Heather is at the cusp following with the grim reaper (transiting Saturn) whom is accompanied by Dejaniera (abduction)Tammy has natal Neptune in this house indicating subversive communication in relation to the asteroids; lies.
  • House#4 (one’s home and the IC angle in a chart) Natal mid-range Moon (red) conjunct natal Winchester (gun) shares the house with transiting Winchester; an opportunity to use a gun is taken. Mercury symbolism can indicate that a weapon is used as a means of communication.  This suggests that Tammy is the person whom shot Heather Elvis, likely at the Caison compound.  
    • Transiting Sun and Pluto are also in this 4th house; egos and power at stake. 
    • Significantly natal Jupiter also inflates matters at home, followed by the asteroid Borasisi (lies one tells oneself) uppermost in Tammy’s chart.
  • House#5 (creativity, children, affairs)Heather isn’t the one having the affair and so we wouldn’t expect natal planets in the mix with transiting Venus (Heather), however Tammy does implicate her husband by the presence of her Lunar nodal axis in the 5th house.
  • House#6 (everyday matters, ethics and morals) Transiting Neptune  is rather dangerous in this house in that we’re not going to hear any truths for two particular reasons.  Borasisi (lies we tell ourselves) is exact conjunct Phaeton (vehicles) in the heavens and right on the descendant.  We’ve not likely to get the truth in relation to the vehicles particularly when we note that Tammy’s natal Pholus (life changing event) is conjunct transiting Neptune.
    • Natal Nemesis (one’s undoing) resides in this house.  Her lies will be her undoing.
  • House#7 (the spouse; Sidney’s influence) The only transiting planet is Uranus (unpredictable changes in behaviour) conjunct Nemesis (opportunity for one’s undoing). However she has a lot to talk about in relation to her natal chart.  As the dominant partner, we would expect this. Her ego is directing things with her Sun lit up in red

    • Natal Phaeton – Tammy’s car was used is the likely explanation for this asteroid being present. Again we have natal Vesta and the home fires burning along with her children (natal Mercury)
  • House#8 (death and transformation) This is where the opportunity to rise above the brute within, can be seen. The asteroid Eris always represents dischord; bringing trouble and strife into ones’ life. Tammy has this in common with her husband with both transiting Eris and natal Eris along with a conjunction to natal Chiron.
    • Tammy has the same open wounds as her husband with Chiron in Aries; bonded together by their damaged characters.  All her blustering is to cover her feelings of worthlessness.
    • natal Venus (lady in red) and asteroid Heather are in the 8th house of death.  Tammy didn’t transform any opportunity.  She just sunk further into the abyss.
  • House#9 (higher learning/meaning)  We have two significant asteroids in this house – Atropos (the end of the line, death) together with the grim reaper (Saturn) and Pallas (the warrior)  (see quote at the beginning of asteroids above).  This would seem to indicate that Tammy will meet the grim reaper in the not too distant future either.
  • House#10 (career, public persona) Tammy will not likely see the light of day. There is no future for her either.
  • House#11 (need for love) Transiting Black Moon Lilith conjunct Jupiter and the Moon  A very inflated, needy situation particularly when we note that asteroid Tammy is exact conjunct the Moon, highlighting Tammy’s personal needs as being primary to everything else.
    • Natal Ceres is in the house of needing love as well – you reap what you sow, Tammy Moorer.
  • House#12 (the mind/in jail-incarcerated) Transiting asteroids, Atropos, Pallas are in conjunction.  Plus natal asteroid Sidney.   Need I interpret? I don’t think so.

Tell the judge to pack his black hat…

Both bonded out 30 January 2014.   Trial date set for 11th May 2015 is postponed I believe.

18th April 2015

We’ve had a request to look into a male Joshua Aaron Michaels DOB 27th July 1988.  Apparently Ashley Caison has recently posted his bond. Now why would she do that?  It would appear that he could possibly be on the witness list for the trial.  If not, why not? We can at least check if he is connected to our case.

Initially I checked his synastry charts with Ashley and then Tammy.  Of the sisters, he appears to have quite a lot of tension with Tammy in relation to their ‘natural instincts’.  I’ll not share the chart as we don’t have birth times, however we can list the tension, before viewing through the MPR perspective; 11pm 19th December 2013.

  • Tammy’s Saturn (self-control) conjunct his Jupiter (inflates) – he is inflating her controlling instincts
  • Tammy’s Jupiter square his Mars – she is appearing to wind him up; inflates his desire for action.
  • Tammy’s Mercury (communication) conjunct his Mars (action) – ditto
  • Tammy’s Lunar nodal axis conjunct his natal Sun.  This aspect is usually in the charts of someone closely related.  We may need to question this aspect later.
  • Tammy’s Sun conjunct his Lunar nodal axis – ditto
  • Tammy’s mid-range Moon opposite his Venus – co-operation

mpr-michaels-duoIn relation to the disappearance of Heather Elvis, we will continue to use the MPR and create bi-wheels.

It appears that his addictive substance of choice is drug related rather than alcohol – natal asteroid Mollypettit#20472 at 14:29° exact natal LNR 14:41°Pisces as well as the descendant.

With that information on-board, we interpret the first chart as if he is in the Caison compound on the morning that Heather was abducted.  Note that this interpretation is subjective, until we know for sure that he was under the same roof.

  • tr Mars is opposite his Mars and therefore interacts squaring with Tammy’s Jupiter – her inflated desires are off-sided to his desire for action.
  • tr LNR square his Sun in 8th house – wanting attention
  • tr Sun conjunct natal Saturn-Uranus in 4th house – a tendency to rebel likely; OTT ego. PLUS
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Moon – power struggle in the home.  This also transfers to Tammy’s needs press; her mid-range natal Moon.  PLUS
  • tr Mercury opposite natal Venus in 4-10th house axis – more of the same. 
  • tr Uranus (rebellion) square natal Neptune (subterfuge) again in the 4th house – we know the male is under the influence of drugs; this aspect is likely related.
  • tr Venus (pink) opposite tr Moon and conjunct natal Mercury – ditto

When LE were at the compound on 21st February 2014, Joshua Michael’s cellphone was appropriated; the time 7:45am (thanks Ozmo). This is the date of the arrests of Tammy and Sidney. We get to charting once more and see if we can make sense of this male’s input, apart from his supposed relationship with Ashley and tension with Tammy.

cellphone-michaels-duoTop of the chart is the place and the horizon is the time.  So we have transiting asteroid Pholus#5145 (shooting oneself in the foot; regrets) at the place – drawing attention to himself with natal Saturn-Uranus nearby.

Joshua Michaels was in the wrong place at the wrong time as asteroid Atropos is at the horizon and cusp of the 7th house.  One can only image what LE would have extracted from his phone.  Likely more related to drugs contacts and hidden information with Molly nudging the ascendant in the 12th house; rather than our case.

The activity in this bi-wheel is out in the open (upper hemisphere of the bi-wheel and the 10th house) with transiting Pluto dis-empowering this rebelious male. He certainly did not want his phone taken from him.

  • tr Pluto conjunct natal mid-range Moon – need to retain power PLUS
  • tr Pluto quindecile natal Mercury – his compulsive behaviour drew the attention to him rather than deflect from him.
  • tr Mars is also square this aspect – grasping the situation quickly endeavouring to keep his phone (method of communication; Mercury) to no avail.
  • tr Sun square natal Jupiter (green) – ego inflated at this time of arrest of Tammy Moorer.  An attempt to grandstand likely.

From these charts I can’t really see any spectacular results as to any activity by Joshua Michaels (from the astrology) in relation to Heather’s abduction, however the trial is not yet begun.

6th August 9:30am Charleston, SC. Bond hearing for initially Sidney and also Tammy Moorer.  Tammy (2nd chart of the pair) has her natal Sun (her wants) at the cusp of the 7th house (her spouse).  Plus she can be relied on to give us an obsession every time – Lunar South node in the 7th house quindecile natal Pluto in the house of money.  Keep pushing and you’ll go to an early grave, girl.

6Aug-moorer-duoTransiting Moon (blue in the inner wheel) in the 8th house; Moonchild is off-side to Tammy’s natal Jupiter (green); her sense of justice is about family not the legal system.

Transiting Uranus in the 8th is also square the mid-range Moon – she’s seeking a change in her situation at home.  Well that’s nothing more than stating the obvious. Tell Tammy to hang some charms on her anklet. Can Sidney give us more information?

The first chart is where we view Sidney’s reaction to the bond hearing. Natal Venus (pink) is at the IC; money probably; money and family.  Is his argument that he is unable to provide for his family in his current situation or that the family needs a vacation?

  • His natal Sun (personal wants) are in the 5th house; his children. Transiting Mars is conjunct his natal Saturn (ambition) and mirroring his ego.  Likely a dummy spit.
  • His natal Jupiter (green) is in quindecile aspect by transiting North Node – family. family, family.  He’s exaggerating his family circumstances.

There’s more, but not strong enough reactions to ripple the pond of public opinion.

10th March 2016 12:48pm Georgetown, SC.

nollprosse-duoNolle Prosse (dismissal) of Murder charge for both Sidney and Tammy Moorer. Kidnapping charge remains in relation to the disappearance of Heather Elvis.

Note: I would expect that this leaves room for the indictment for murder to be made at a later date; should the kidnapping charge fall-over in court.  Particularly so, after we interpret the heavens for the time-stamp for these court documents.

The trial of Sidney Moorer has been set for Conway courthouse, SC on 20th June 2016.  His charge is Kidnapping and Obstruction of Justice in relation to the disappearance of Heather Elvis.

We start a new page for his trial here. 

17 thoughts on “The Moorer trial under the stars”

  1. There is a bail hearing set for Jan 30th no time set. Hope you have time to check the stars for Best reguards

  2. Only 2 days until another request for bond…I can’t imagine what Heather’s family are going through. There should be a law limiting additional bond hearings to only 1. Hopefully it would be a FEDERAL law , under “Heather’s Law” after Heather and her family. Just heartbreaking.

  3. Well Tammy is now out on bond and I guess it didn’t take very long for her mother to post it for her as there were two pictures of her leaving jail. Sidney, on the other hand, is still sitting in jail as far as I know because no one posted bond for him as yet. I guess he is in the dog house with his mother-in-law because she didn’t put up any cash for him to get out. Something must have been worked out for bail on the medicaid fraud charge since there was no bail set originally.

  4. Rereading you post this morning I can not believe how true the heavens are!! Right on point and your interpretation is superb! I can not wait till your next post. Be well!

  5. Is there anything new? The trial is no longer May 11th and there are rumors that Tammy fired her lawyer.

  6. Mountain Misst, can you see what’s up with Josh Michaels? As per the search warrants,his phone was taken from the roadway at the Moorer’s. He’s got quite a long rap sheet,including criminal sex with an 11-14 yr old. Ashley Caison posted his bond recently.

    He also lives very close to where Amber Berbiglia was killed.

  7. JAM is certainly trying to get our attention according to the astrology. Strongest Caison connection is to Tammy. I’ll get some charts up. Thanks WiccaChick.

  8. Someone mentioned, with how demented the Moorers are(tammy)… could they possibly have sold heather?? Could that be why they had all that cash in their safe/??? And they also have said comments and act like no one will ever find her body- so could this be a possibility? ? In Tammys mind- if heather wanted to screw around with her husband, then she could have punished her and sold her off – and didnt tammy mention heather wanted to leave the country in one of her comments/? hmm

  9. Anything is possible, love but I think Tammy is just trying to deflect. She has picked up on things Heather said and twisted them to her advantage. Mind you, I think she had a little help there. As to leaving the country, most people dream of things like that. Heather’s social media ramblings have been twisted to fit agendas. That money in the safe is more than likely money from cash jobs that they didn’t want the government to know about when they applied for Medicare. Pity she left a huge written trail for authorities to check on with her boasting about all the Disney trips etc. I see her as not only foolish but quite immature. I see her as thinking she has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. One thing that stands out in my mind though is her obsessive need to be “someone”. With all that bragging she did in the Dis Boards about her home and her trips, then her over the top reaction to the affair (handcuffing Sidney to the bed and taking his phone etc). Not to mention the rock star stuff. What went wrong in her early life that made her need to be so “special” in other people’s eyes.


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