Terri Leann Bevers

Better-known as Missy Bevers, the popular fitness leader was murdered before her Camp Gladiator class was due to commence at 5am in Midlothian, Texas.  Was it personal; a business rival; a revenge killing?  Whatever the motive, we can rest assured that it will be based on a desire not being met by the perpetrator.  A desire that has bubbled over into rage.

The best we can do is offer an astrology based enquiry based on models of reality for the characters whom may be of interest to us as sleuths. As such the following must be considered as opinion only.

campgladiatorMotion-activated security cameras had caught an intruder on video at the church venue just on 4am; an hour earlier.  Law enforcement released the video footage and the case went viral in social media.

Helmeted, in SWAT-style gear with the word ‘POLICE’ emblazoned front and back, it was not known as to whether the POI was a male or female. Thanks to the CCTV footage, we have the POI activating the first camera at 3:58:29am on 18th April, 2016; Missy’s arrival at 4:18am, and a 911 call at 5am.

Missy’s funeral was held five days later with still no arrest.   We joined the interest early, following with our method of profiling and now generate our first chart; arrival of POI at the venue.  We would expect that the class would be held outside, however as it was raining they were expected to workout under the portico.  The need for entry into the building would likely have been for restroom access only.

3:58am – tracking the heavens – intruder caught on CCTV:

358The POI has forced their entry and walked into camera range inside the church venue. In the case of a murder, we generally get an indication of what is unfolding, by the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto; where the Grim Reaper meets the Lord of the Underground (Greco/Roman mythology). This midpoint is at the opening degrees of Capricorn.

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  • Turquoise arrows – Saturn/Pluto= 11th house of ‘friends and associates’ – this is not a random crime.
  • Green circle – 5°Libra Arabian Part Fortuna (destiny) at the cusp of the 8th house – death and transformation of a desire.  This identifies that the person caught on cctv is there for the purpose of the crime; as committed.
  • Green arrow – Jupiter quindecile Pallas – this identifies the disguise of the perpetrator and also their psychological position as a ‘warrior’ for their own cause.
  • Red arrow – Moon (personal needs) quindecile natal Ceres (nourishment/hunger) – the adrenaline rush nourishes resolve.  With the nourishment (Ceres) in the first house plus in the intercepted sign of Pisces, we have potentially a hidden hunger.

We are dealing with a 3:58am intruder who is likely in psychosis.  They are there to transform their off-the-wall notion that to kill someone.

4:18am – Missy Bevers arrives:

Again we track from LE information.  Arrived 4:18am and entered the premises 4:20am

  • At 4:18am and the arrival of Missy Bevers, we can now see that (turquoise circled) 28°Aquarius; Pallas (the warrior) is at the ascendant, so the above interpretation (in relation to Pallas in particular) is on the agenda right now.
  • Arabian Part for destiny (green circled) is now at 11°Libra – destiny is fast approaching
  • Saturn/Pluto (murder) is now exact the 11th house cusp
  • 8°Sagittarius; Mars (red arrow) is nudging the midheaven  – the call to action is already set in motion; Mars is in the 9th house now.  The switch over to detach any emotion will have engaged in the perpetrator’s psyche.
  • Vesta-Mercury (yellow circle) indicate the act in communication (the killing) as they are at the cusp of the 3rd house.  With both in the zodiac of Taurus; this indicates that the act of killing would take time to focus, but once a perpetrator has the steps that they will take, they may find it difficult to stop.  There would likely be more than one strike with a weapon.

A bi-wheel from the perspective of 4:18am together with the natal chart for Missy Bevers:

418-TBBringing the map of reality for the victim into the interpretation, what we can share here is that Missy is not in victim-mode.  The action is direct and interactive. Any wonder the POI is padded for conflict.  A fitness trainer would intimidate a more sane individual; i.e. contemplate a confrontation.

This bi-wheel (method) certainly shares Missy Bevers’ reaction; shock.  She doesn’t have any planets in the 1st house to defend herself apart from the Lunar Nodal axis at the ascendant. This is indicative of the trauma of the crime was quick and achieved the result the perpetrator intended.

  • Natal Mercury (communication) is in the 7th house exact by transiting Jupiter; both at 13°Virgo. This is the point in the zodiac where one reveals their ability take charge of a situation.  The astrology indicates that justice will prevail in this case.

From here we began to check natal charts of Missy’s immediate circle and then work outwards profiling as we go.   As there has been no arrest, we elect to not name the persons of interest at this point.


POI Male – not named by us at this stage

358-DavidWelch3:58:29am – CCTV image recorded at the crime scenario.  Inner wheel is this clocktime/perspective and the outer wheel is the natal horoscope for our POI (method)

  • Ascendant: 23:13ºAquarius   – POI’s natal midpoint natal Mars/Saturn
  • Midheaven: 06:24ºSagittarius – POI’s mid-range Moon 5:53ºSagittarius is at the midheaven – getting my needs met above everything else.
  • Transiting Moon  17:03º Virgo exact Vertex (significant event)16:40ºVirgo are both EXACT natal Black Moon Lilith 16:28ºVirgo; his weakest point.
  • Transiting Monroe 7:19ºVirgo conjunct natal Pluto  8:11ºVirgo – preplanned
  • Transiting Juno 9:15ºScorpio conjunct natal Photographica 8:34º 8:34ºScorpio
  • Transiting Mars 8:54ºSagittarius conjunct mid-range of natal Moon 6:25ºSagittarius
  • Transiting Pholus (shoot in the foot) 27:45ºSagittarius conjunct natal Alekto (rage) 28:52ºSagittarius – hopping mad perhaps!
  • Transiting Neptune-Lancelot 11:12ºPisces exact natal Mars 11:18ºPisces
  • Transiting Uranus 20:56ºAries conjunct natal Venus 19:51ºAries – buzz around his peer group
  • Transiting Mercury-Vesta 17:35ºTaurus (remember the Earth Grand Trine (caught up in the practicalities of the detail); Pluto-Moon-Vesta/Mercury) conjunct natal Venus 19:24ºTaurus
  • Transiting Monroe (POI) 7:19ºVirgo conjunct natal Pluto 8:11ºVirgo

And that’s just the conjunctions…  (work in progress here)

  • Midpoint transiting Saturn/Pluto on 18th April 2016 = natal Alekto 28:52ºSagittarius – murderous rage

Additional information in relation to the crime….

Missy Bevers enters the building at 4:18am according to CCTV.

  • Ascendant: 29:53ºAquarius –  EXACT POI’s natal Jupiter 00:10ºPisces – inflated sense of self
  • Midheaven: 11:00ºSagittarius – still within range of natal Moon (time and place of POI birth is not known to us) – personal needs uppermost on the agenda

(work in progress here)

911 call made at 5:06am – according to media release by Midlothian PD.

  • Ascendant: 17:12ºPisces –  EXACT POI’s natal Mercury 17:13ºPisces
  • Midheaven: 22:09ºSagittarius –

Natal Black Moon Lilith 16:28ºVirgo is at the descendant – black day for his marriage.