peelingonionsA midpoint is not a physical entity like a planet.  It is a mathematical point of considerable significance in an astrological chart. The use of midpoints historically goes back to around the year 1200 AD when Guido Bonati, a famous Italian Astrologer, used ‘half-sums’ (midpoints) in his interpretations of horoscope wheels.

The use of referring to midpoints in an analysis is to reveal another layer, the subtlety of the combined energies of planets.  These midpoints are in natal horoscopes as well as horary charts.  When a midpoint makes contact with a planet in a horoscope; the combined energies of the midpoint interact with the planetary energies.

When an astrologer refers to the Sun/Moon midpoint for example, they are referring to the point halfway between the Sun and the Moon. For example, if the Sun is at 10° Aries and the Moon is at 20° Aries, then the Sun/Moon midpoint is 15° Aries. Of the midpoints the luminaries – Sun and Moon gives us a focus point, when all else appears to be in confusion.  As much as anything the method of using midpoints, in my opinion, grounds the energy of an investigation.

Midpoints-922pm-RobertsonI would only use a Sun-Moon midpoint in a natal chart if I knew the birth time (mid-range moon placement is not good enough), however the Sun/Moon midpoint can be particularly revealing in horary charts where a specific time is known – eg a 911 call.

This is the type of chart I prefer to use of those produced by my software program.  It is a 911 call.

  • Sun/Moon midpoint = 16°Virgo 18′
  • Mars/Saturn = 00°Leo 12′

…and because drugs is my focus in this particular crime –

  • Mars/Neptune = 02°Sagittarius 56′

We then refer to our POIs and check if there is tension within their natal charts in relation to these midpoints and we have our story.


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