…This page is work in progress.  It will be updated as information comes to hand with charts replaced at our discretion.  Our aim is to share the astrology and interpretation of the hard aspects, nothing more.  If we get an indication of a direction to search, then that’s a bonus.

Note: Astrology is a pseudo science and as such is not accepted in the realm of science. Please remain skeptical of the results – they are interpretations of planetary positions according to classic astrology.

We start at 14th March 2014

The clock on the wall at Kuala Lumpur International Airport read 12:41am 8 March, 2014.  Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, aka China Southern Airlines flight 748, departed Selangor, bound for Beijing, China. After signing off from connection with the local Control Tower at 1:07am, direct contact was lost.

1241-MH370click on charts for full size

Transiting in the heavens at departure time, we have the following hard aspects with the Moon/driving needs of primary import at this time.  Is this the demand to keep to a schedule? 

  • Moon (blue) conjunct descendant/opposite ascendant –  focus is on fulfilling needs
  • Moon square MC – watching that clock
  • Moon square Neptune (turquoise) – clarity lacking/confusion, focus on awareness needed.
  • Mercury (yellow) quindecile the midheaven – timing ‘compulsively’ is top of the agenda.
  • Mars (red) conjunct the Lunar nodal axis – combined efforts needed/teamwork.
  • Jupiter (green) square Uranus – boundless optimism, heading for greener pastures.
  • Zeta (ζ) Ophiuchus, Han, is a small star situated near the left knee of the Serpent Holder in the heavens at 07°Sagittarius.  With Han at the ascendant according to the ancients, as recorded by Robson – we can expect this to bring trouble and disgrace to those involved. That together with the opposition to the transiting Moon, brings a further falling from grace to that ruled by Sagittarius; the military.
  • The asteroids, Moira (destiny) at 6° Gemini together with Thetis (Goddess of the Sea) at 7° Gemini, support the transiting Moon.

1241-MalaysiaWhen we generate a bi-wheel (method) at the time of departure with the outer wheel the national chart for Malaysia (founded 31 August 1957 with the capital as Kuala Lumpur), we have an immediate story.

We know that we will have a nation in mourning when we interpret the angles, the primary indicators.  All four angles are in the action.

  • Natal Sun (orange) at the mid-heaven of 5° Virgo – the detail of the event will struggle with pride (5 degrees) and will be of national significance (Sun represents the nation).
  • Transiting Moon exact the descendant of 7° Gemini – a highly emotive event driven by mischief/lies in the social realm (7 degrees) relating to communication (Mercury is the planet ruling Gemini)
  • Natal Saturn exact the ascendant; 7° Sagittarius – authority of the military (Sagittarius) in control of the social realm.
  • Transiting Neptune at the IC of 5° Pisces – a disappearance involving the element of Pisces (the ocean).  National fleets of ships will have pride at stake with this search.

Note: With Neptune at the angle, we have the ominous indication that the plane may remain lost/unrecoverable.  This anomaly is found to be the case in forensic astrology when we have victims whom remain missing.

  • Secondary to the angle interpretation, the midpoint Moon/Saturn=Sun is the major aspect in this bi-wheel – sobering times for Malaysia and her people; taking responsibility.
  • Transiting Moon opposite natal Saturn (primary forensic indicator) – a highly emotive event, as we are well aware.
  • Transiting Moon square natal Sun (orange) – emotional outpouring for a nation.
  • Transiting Sun opposite natal Mars – calendar date determines action will need to be taken.
  • Transiting Saturn square natal MC – a conservative approach is top of the nation’s agenda.
  • Transiting Pluto square natal Venus (pink) – Venus represents the populace in a nation’s chart so Pluto in detriment would interpret as the populace feel powerless; of losing face.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal Sun – hypersensitivity to illusion/delusion

We must wait until we get accurate and precise clock times in order to generate locator angles of worth.  Plus…

  • Given the date that the missing plane rolled off the assembly line at Boeing or its registration date, we could use that chart as we did with the plane crash of  TWA800 – maiden flight info is to hand, thanks Jane.
  • Given birth data of passengers, we could endeavour to locate the plane with bi-wheels and locator angles.  Philip T. Wood from Keller, TX – thanks Mary.

Inmarsat satellite report indicates that MH370 continued to signal/fly until 8:11am

We wind the inner chart of a bi-wheel until it reaches 8:11am.  Amazingly this brings the angles of perspective/snapshot in time to what astrology refers to as the Aries Point.  The four angles are at the cardinal points of the astrology ‘compass’.

  • Ascendant – 0° Aries
  • Descendant – 0° Libra
  • M.C. – 0° Capricorn
  • I.C. – 0° Cancer

9M-MRO took to the skies on the day that the Sun was at 23° in the zodiac of Taurus, 2002. Her last flight was when the grim reaper held up the mirror, less than twelve years later; Saturn transited on the opposite side of the heavens.

811-planeThis bi-wheel is generated at 8:11am.  We are advised that her last signal was transmitted.  The outer wheel is a mundane chart generated on the date of the plane’s maiden flight.

Some astrologers prefer to use the registration date of a plane, however I’m happy to go with the date of the maiden flight, as that was the first information to come to hand (acknowledged previously on this page). This bi-wheel included here, is generated from that date.

From Wikipedia: Flight 370 operated with a Boeing 777-2H6ER, serial number 28420, registration 9M-MRO. The 404th Boeing 777 produced, it first flew on 14th May 2002 and was delivered new to Malaysia Airlines on 31st May 2002.  

Note: With respect, as a result of the choice of charts to use, we will only use the mundane chart for the maiden flight as a secondary source for this enquiry.

Missing flight MH370 reveals her destiny with a series of midpoints; the natal planets in the outer wheel.

  • Natal Jupiter (green)/Pluto = Descendant at 0° Libra – a spectacular departure;  e.g. worldwide event of Jupiter (plane) opposite Pluto losing power (crashing).
  • Natal Mercury (yellow)/Saturn = transiting Moon (blue) at 11° Gemini – loss of communication is fearful; that the end not be known.
  • Natal Neptune (turquoise)/Pluto = transiting Pluto at 13° Capricorn (10th house) – subterfuge/death matters overly dwelt on.
  • Natal Uranus/Neptune = transiting Mercury (yellow) at 20° Aquarius; Mercury is the indicator of communication (signal) – mind playing tricks; common sense required.

As for the hard aspects within the bi-wheel:

  • Transit Sun (orange) in the inner wheel square natal Lunar nodal axis – on this date a traumatic event will take place in the public arena.
  • Transit Moon (blue) conjunct natal Mercury-Saturn-Node-Mars – a whirl of emotions:; disruption, isolation, communal comfort needed (likely passengers supporting each other).
  • Transit Saturn opposite natal Sun (orange) – as referred above – death awaits.

We now have the birth data for the Captain and his co-pilot.

1241-pilotsTwo men trained to act calmly in a crisis are not likely to give us the ‘hysteria factor’ that we look for in bi-wheel, however we will see, what we shall see.

We generate bi-wheels at the time of departure from KL as this will reveal any prior intent, if indeed there is any, between their natal charts and the planets transiting at the time.

12:41am: Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah (31st July 1961, Penang)

Hemisphere analysis doesn’t provide anything untoward in relation to this man. A Pisces Moon and Leo Sun containing a Capricorn Saturn is a conservative and responsible person as we would expect this 52 year-old male to be.

There is only one midpoint of great significance initially in the bi-wheel at the time of take-off. Natal Venus (pink) in the 7th house (fellow crew)/natal Saturn = transiting 5th house Uranus – suggestive of a tension in relationships within the crew at the time of take-off; especially as natal Saturn is under considerable tension from the hard aspects.

The second midpoint relates to the time of the last ping-back from the satellite at 8:11am, seven and a half hours later. Natal Uranus/natal Neptune = descendant at 0° Libra – use of underhanded means to do the job (this requires consideration for interpretation).

  • Natal Pluto is conjunct the Midheaven/MC; cusp of the career house – responsibility as Captain of the aircraft instills a sense of power. Is this lacking in other areas of his life?
  • Natal Mars in the public 10th house opposite the transiting Sun (date on the calendar) – note natal Moon is in the 4th house as well suggestive all is not settled at home.
  • Transiting Moon (at the descendant) square natal Pluto – intensity of self-application; avoid distractions.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green quindecile natal Saturn in the 2nd house – excessive responsibilities weighing on his shoulders; possibly financial matters as well.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) conjunct natal Jupiter – likely confirming and inflating the last interpretation in relation to financial matters.
  • Transiting Mars square Saturn (and also Mercury) – natural slow reaction to making decisions is pushed into taking action. Could this lead to errors in decision making?

12:41am Co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid (1st April 1987, Segamat)

Hemisphere analysis is in the lower half of the chart indicating unfinished business at home. Has he brought this to work? An Aries Sun and Taurus Moon is a very different personality from his Captain. Is this 26 year-old fulfilling his mother’s dream (note the Sun conjunct Lunar node) to be a high achiever? With natal Venus and Mercury in Pisces he may have had another career in mind, although the status of pilot, fulfills the Taurus driven Moon.

There is one midpoint of note; Natal Mars in the 6th/natal Neptune (turquoise) = 17° Pisces Sun (date on the calendar). So what’s special about this particular date? Personal magnetism is illuminated, however so is a loss of focus in everyday routines.

  • Natal Venus is at the IC; cusp of matters of the heart/home. Plus the conjunction by transiting Neptune (turquoise) – feelings of unrequited love amplified.

Transiting Uranus bat 11° Aries and in the 5th house plays a major role in this bi-wheel. Uranus can be a dangerous indicator in forensic astrology as it represents sudden changes and mental instability and in this case it is operating in the realm of affections and entertainment activities.

  • Transit Uranus conjunct natal Sun (orange) – is there a breakdown in a relationship; a rejection creating a blow to the ego. It is very much caught up in the relationship with his maternal nurturer/mother.
  • Transiting Uranus square Neptune (turquoise) in the 2nd house – clouding self-esteem.
  • Transiting Uranus intersects the natal Lunar nodal axis – bringing his personal problems into the public arena; creating trauma.
  • Transit Jupiter (green) square natal Sun – inflating his ego; personal projection.
  • Transit Pluto square natal Sun – exhibitionism
  • Transit Saturn opposite natal Mars – indecisive action as a result of sobering thoughts; potential errors in everyday routines.

Whether either of these charts reveal a motivation for the demise of MH370, requires further consideration. What is significant, is that neither bi-wheel gives us a locator angle that is remotely connected to the ‘arc’ appearing in the current media reports.

To date all that we do know is that whomever was flying the plane, had a cool head.

Locating the plane:

A birth date for passenger Paul Weeks has a story to tell.  We have an angle of significance in the search for the missing aircraft, crew and passengers.

When it comes to astrology communicating with cartography, we have a clash of systems.  North on ‘a map of the land’; an atlas, is at the top whereas north in astrology is at the bottom.  We need to flip our astrology charts vertically to have them ‘on the same page’. (method)

MAP-MP370weekslocatorclick on map for full size

Putting our priorities in order, we reproduce a map with a locator angle superimposed over the point of departure of MH370; Kuala Lumpur.  When we combine this with the satellite ‘ping’ radius, we have a likely location in the southern Indian Ocean off the SW coast of Western Australia (rather than the northern route).

This is a general direction and not to be taken as X marks the spot.

That out in the open, we can share the story of how we come to this conclusion.

We use what charts we have to hand in an effort to find a locator angle in common.  We could use the 12:41am time and the cockpit crew, in which case we would have the transiting Sun (date on the calendar) at take-off opposite the pilot’s natal Mars, or even the Co-pilots bi-wheel where the transiting Sun is conjunct natal Mercury.

However at the time of take-off, the “Sun” was the guiding light and we have a more sinister approach to make.  We elect to use the bi-wheels of the plane and our passenger, Paul Weeks.  You may choose to do something different again, however this is our take on things.

811-plane+weeksChart #1 is from the perspective of the ‘ping’ at 8:11am and the outer wheel is the maiden flight of the plane again – 9M-MRO.

Pluto, in symbolic terms, is the guardian of the underworld, Tartarus and is a primary forensic indicator in astrology as well as Greco/Roman mythology.

Jupiter, when we are discussing anything to do with air travel represents the flight itself (flight of the arrow from Sagittarius’ bow).  So we have transiting Pluto opposite natal Jupiter giving us a locator angle.

There is a secondary angle as well that also points south, which likely refers to the demise of the plane, however at 8:11am 9M-MRO appears to still be airborne, or so the satellite tells us.

Chart #2 is a map of the heavens at 8:11am again together with the natal chart of our passenger Paul Weeks as the outer wheel.  The angle again intersects transiting Pluto plus transiting Jupiter (green) with natal Mercury (yellow); communication.  Jupiter emphasizes Pluto’s symbolism.  Note that there is the same secondary angle, which we can address at another time.

Bending the space-time continuum:  A physical body can appear to be at more than one location at the same time.

Taking my astrologer’s hat off for a moment and speaking from my academic knowledge within belief systems, I’ve had several requests in relation to the Youtube video tracking the plane on a radar screen until it disappeared off Vietnam (with another plane in close proximity to it at the time suggesting that it may have been downed)…  plus as well, the very loud sound of a low flying plane and sightings at low altitude in the Maldives Islands at 6:15am. 

Indications are that the passengers and crew were aware when the initial trauma eventuated – that’s the tension in the astrology charts.  As to whether all or some were alive through the entire 7-8hrs, I am of the opinion that they were.  And why?  

Because of the sightings.  Have you ever heard of bi-location, or the story of Padre Pio turning back the American bombers in Italy in WWII saving the hidden art treasures?

I’m not referring to religion, what I am referring to is that the power of prayer can do amazing things.  When we consider the number of people on the missing plane all conversing with their maker at the same time and their prayers are answered, not as they expect or as we expect. 

The people in the Maldives did see and/or hear the plane at dawn, plus the man in front of his radar screen did not falsify his video. There were blips on military radar screens, plus the confusion as to whether the plane veered right or left.  It probably did both, depending on which screen they were watching. The phenomenon is what is known as bi-location.

It’s not usually talked about openly outside of theological, or academic circles, however there are orders within most mainstream religions that follow the belief of bi-location. I am aware of Catholic, Anglican and Buddhist orders, plus I am sure there is also, in Islam.

I go back to the basic astrology for my answer – Neptune is conjunct the IC at the time of departure.  With this aspect, we must consider the possibility that the plane may never be recovered, or even located.

The further I follow this case, the more I realise that whomever was in charge of MH370, they sure knew how to navigate.

waypointsOnce they turned off ACARS, flying low back across the peninsular avoided any risk of contact with any air traffic or radar; flying from one waypoint to the next as entered into the plane’s navigation system.

In the RNAV context, a waypoint is a predetermined geographical position that is defined in terms of latitude/longitude coordinates (altitude is ignored). A waypoint is most often used to indicate a change in direction, speed, or altitude along the desired path.

Aviation RNAV procedures make use of both fly-over and fly-by waypoints. A fly-over waypoint is a waypoint that must be crossed vertically by an aircraft. A fly-by waypoint is a waypoint that marks the intersection of two straight paths, with the transition from one path to another being made by the aircraft using a precisely calculated turn that “flies by” but does not vertically cross the waypoint.

Waypoints used in aviation are given five-letter names. These names are meant to be pronounceable or have a mnemonic value, so that they may easily be conveyed by voice.  (wiki)

My Note: We used celestial longitude to successfully track a body in another case in 2012, so I don’t see why we can’t use it again, albeit a hypothetical situation in this case.

These are the MH370 waypoints that we already know of in this case as per media reports:

  • IGARI – 6° 56′ 12N, 103° 35′ 6E
  • VAMPI – 6° 10′ 56N, 97° 35′ 8E
  • GIVAL – 7° 0′ 0N, 98° 0′ 0E

From there it is hypothetical as to what happened and there are as many theories as there are degrees in a circle, although the plane was apparently logged to intersect with Igrex if it continued on the same bearing.

  • IGREX – 9° 43′ 28N, 94° 25′ 0E (this has been suggested as being the last bearing, before the plane dropped off the radar)

Navigators are mathematical animals and would continue to plot a course even if it were ‘to the Moon’. No matter what his psychological state, his training would not allow whomever is navigating this plane to waver from this routine. From IGREX plotting south would bypass Indonesia’s territory; onward and entering Australian airspace at the waypoint of PIBED 5° 20′ 12S, 90° 43′ 60E.

From PIBED, I suggest that the navigator likely locked into the destination of YPPH, 31° 56′ 25S 115° 58′ 1E – knowing full-well that the plane didn’t have the fuel to reach that far. It was inevitable that MH370 would crash into the ocean off Western Australia in the depths of the Indian Ocean.

22nd March 2014

Please don’t lose sight of the fact that the following is a test of a thesis.  We must allow room for failure and never, ever use this method in a consultation with a living client; be it on your own head, if you do…

Note: There has since been a partial ‘ping/handshake’ reported at 0:19 UT.  The following charts have been generated at a suggested 0:15 UT impact and we can retain them for this exercise, as the ascendant is in the same degree 4 minutes later and the MC/IC axis only changes by one degree.

Astrology and cartography; a conversation

815-duoAs for the synchronicities of why I elected to use UT 0:15am as a possible time of impact.  Here’s the first of many.  I leave it to others, to tick them off.

The midpoint that affects all those on board is the transiting Sun/Moon = Lunar South Node exact at this time – a serious karmic event for all concerned; making contact.

The next chart is of two bi-wheels generated at UT 0:15am.  One with the plane itself and the second with our ‘passenger’.  They share a similar story, so they are interchangeable.  The second bi-wheel has been used in the map above.

Bi-wheel#1:  impact and the plane (basic interpretation)

  • The ascendant at 22°Pisces is our first ‘red flag’ – this, to the Serbian astrologers is the degree ‘be killed’ in big capital letters and we all know what planet rules Pisces; Neptune, God of the Ocean.
  • 9M-MRO’s natal Mars (red) is exact the IC – the lowest point in the chart; going home/ending.
  • The Moon in the heavens (blue) has moved against the backdrop of the zodiac to 11:11 Gemini in the 3rd house of communication; conjunct natal Mercury (yellow)- Saturn and the Lunar Nodal axis – tells its own story.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) is the date on the calendar is now square transiting Moon plus square natal Pluto-Node –

Considering these combination of aspects in the chart of 9M-MRO – a ‘spectacular’ death was predetermined and likely related to communication issues.  Uranus is not in the mix and so I would suggest her demise is related to navigation/communication  issues rather than sabotage, but that’s just my opinion.

Bi-wheel #2: impact and the passenger

Without a deep analysis of all the hard aspects, there are two midpoints, which we need to address.

  • Orange highlighted Sun in the sky/natal Venus (pink) = ascendant (time of impact) – Venus represents our passenger’s peer group; on this occasion, his fellow passengers.  This man is present for all those aboard.  Whether he is alive or not I do not know; however he is ‘on deck’.
  • Natal Uranus/Pluto = exact transiting Moon; precise timing of the interpretation – this is an indication of ‘the supernatural’ in union with creativity.  I would suggest that the passengers are likely deceased prior to the time of impact.

As to whether this is indeed an impact time, remains to be seen.  The astrology picture changes moment to moment; a subjective exercise.  We remain open to the realm of possibilities, however indications are that the plane will be found north east of current possible debris.

Note: We have removed the map from here as the debris it was based on was not from our missing plane.

24-27th March 2014

9M-MRO-registrationBy request we reproduce the mundane chart generated at midday for the date when 9M-MRO was registered with Malaysia Airlines. We must not interpret the angles nor the houses as we are not aware of the exact time on that date that she was registered.

It is an equally ominous charts to that of her maiden flight with the difference bringing her destiny even more to the fore. The Moon has continued on her journey to meet with Neptune and the forensic indicators even more sinister.  Quindeciles and oppositions, abound.

17th April 2014

The passengers…

Paul Weeks, a passenger on Flight MH370 had left his watch and wedding ring behind with his wife, with instructions for them to be given to his boys should he not return. Did he have a premonition that he wasn’t coming home, or was it just as reported, that his job required that he wear no jewellery?  The romantic goes for the former, the skeptic, the latter.

1241-WeeksSo inside wheel is 12:41am and on the outside of the bi-wheel is the natal horoscope of Paul Weeks (22nd December 1975, Christchurch, NZ)  – mid-range natal Moon used.

Paul Weeks had left The Shaky Isles after the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ only to meet his fate a few years later, almost within coo-ee of where he’d relocated with his family; in Perth, Western Australia.

Following on from Part 1 of our enquiry into the disappearance of Flight MH370, we find aspects on the locator angle in-common.  Transiting Jupiter (the flight) is opposite Pluto (forensic indication of the ultimate loss of power); the 10-13° Cancer-Capricorn axis.

Note that this  10-13° Cancer-Capricorn axis in the 2nd-8th house placement comes up time and time again in hard aspect to the natal charts of this enquiry and will be sure to have significance during our enquiry.

  • Natal Mercury (yellow) at 12°Capricorn is opposite transiting Jupiter (green in the inner wheel) with the God of the Underworld between them – it’s as if Pluto had whispered in Paul Week’s ear in relation to this flight.
  • Midpoint of natal Jupiter/Saturn = transiting Moon – hypersensitive to the order of things.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if a message was discovered amongst the wreckage from this passenger due to Mercury being heavily in the action.

  • Transiting Jupiter (green) opposite natal Mercury – time for travel is the classic interpretation, however Jupiter also is symbolic of the flight – a communication in-flight.
  • Transiting Mercury square natal Lunar nodal axis – the exchange of ideas; suggestive in company because:
  • Transiting Venus (peer group/passengers) is opposite natal Saturn in 8th house. This suggests to me that the passengers were not immediately disabled.
  • Transiting Uranus opposite natal Pluto – forensic indicator of death; the last opportunity to ‘rally the troops’.
  • The midpoint natal Mars/South Node=descendant gives us the final karma – camaraderie. This military-trained man stood tall when he was needed most.

1241-PWood#2American IBM exec, Philip Wood (4th July, 1963, Roanoke, Texas) was in the process of relocating from Beijing to KL. This was apparently to be his last trip back to finalise matters in China.

He had everything to live for; only his life to lose. The data for this natal chart is revised, following research by those more skilled than I – thanks picknics.  Confirmed below in passenger list from China Airlines.

  • Again we have a mid-range natal Moon. I comment on this particularly, as it is in the mix and in the 1st house plus being at odds (square) with the date on the calendar (transiting Sun).  The natal Moon represents one’s driving needs and uses the luminosity of the Sun in order to activate those needs.  This is not a smooth flight by any means.
  • Transiting Pluto opposite Jupiter (green) both in the inner wheel are conjunct this man’s natal Sun. That’s ‘death’ and ‘plane-flight’ symbolism – suggesting that he had a date with the God of the Underworld on this flight perhaps.
  • Transiting Sun – orange in the inner wheel and date on the calendar is opposite natal Mars in the 10th house, as well as quindecile natal Uranus.

This man is far from home on this day and with natal Pluto (his life’s travelling companion between Mars and Uranus), he is also likely aware that matters in the public realm (10th house) are beyond his control; under attack. His faith in a higher power is strongly aspected in this bi-wheel with transiting Sun quindecile natal Uranus in the 9th house – rallying a revolutionary spirit.

  • Transiting Saturn square natal Saturn (both in Rx) – overcoming that childhood lack of mentoring issue, we have a man called to a sobering communicative role (3rd house) and making the grade.
  • Transiting Uranus (sudden changes) square natal Sun at 12°Cancer plus:
  • Transiting Pluto-Jupiter opposition conjunct natal Sun – with his natal Sun in the action, this man is certainly not quietly sitting in his seat awaiting his fate. He may be destined to go down with the plane, but I doubt he went to meet his maker without making an effort to right wrongs.

1241-RezaWe have the first of the two ‘Iranian refugees’ who were travelling on stolen passports. Travelling independently although aware of each other, these two men managed to slip through the lax Malaysian passport check.

How they were going to get past the Chinese authorities in Beijing, I can only suspect that, as they were continuing on to Europe, they’d possibly be waived through.

Delavar Seyed Mohammad Reza (21st September 1984, Iran); aged 29, had travelled from Iran to Malaysia – enroute freedom in the West. We are not aware of his motivation for refugee status, unless we include the interpretation of his mid-range natal Moon.

  • At 5°Leo, natal Moon is opposite transiting Venus – indicating possibly a sociological/political motive (Venus represents peer groups) behind his relocation.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) is in quindecile aspect to natal mid-range Moon as well – indicating that perhaps his voice/political beliefs were stifled under the Iranian regime.
  • Transiting Sun opposite natal Mercury – freedom of speech highlighted likely supporting earlier aspects. This man is utilizing common sense under the traumatic circumstances of the flight.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Pluto – a traumatic death in a public place. He is among friends (5-11th house axis). This is also supported by transiting Venus in hard-aspect with natal Pluto.
  • Transiting Moon (inner wheel); the driving need at the time of take-off is opposite natal Uranus – this man’s expectations are to be turned upside down.

Note the stellium of natal planets in the 1st house. In fact his natal hemisphere analysis is weighted to one side; not a simple life for this man.  We also note that there is no link to the transiting Jupiter-Pluto opposition.  I would suspect that one of his angles at the time of his birth were likely on this axis.

1241-MehrdadOur second Iranian ‘refugee’ travelling on a stolen passport, Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad (30th April 1995, Iran) was 18 years of age when he slipped through the passport check, sending a short message; ‘I’m safe’ via social media before boarding MH370.

I often find with Uranus and Neptune in close proximity when ‘in the action’, that we have a faith/religious aspect to interpret. I am not privy to this young man’s personal life, beyond that his mother was waiting for him in Frankfurt. I suspect his refugee status is connected with his beliefs at odds with the Iranian regime.

  • Natal Jupiter/Pluto= ascendant is usually related to being a special achiever – I suspect this relates to his ‘I’m safe’ message sent through social media.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green in the inner wheel); the flight at 10°Cancer is in quindecile aspect with natal Neptune (turquoise) – connects this young man with scandal i.e. a suspected terrorist – obsessively so from some quarters.
  • Transiting Venus (peer group again) conjunct natal Uranus – the emotional upheaval of the event likely creates mental confusion.
  • Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Venus in 5th house – likely bonding with fellow passengers under duress.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) opposite natal Mars – should his phone be recovered there’s likely communication from him recorded. He would have been planning a way to get a message through, I’m sure.

A breakdown on the axis phenomenon –

  • MH370 flight 8 March – transiting Jupiter 10°Cancer and Pluto 13°Capricorn
  • Maiden flight of 9M-MRO (the plane) has natal Jupiter 13°Cancer – opposite transiting Pluto and ~conjunct Jupiter (plus Vertex at 12°Capricorn)
  • Passenger Paul Weeks has natal Mercury 12°Capricorn- opposite transiting Jupiter and conjunct Pluto
  • Passenger Philip Wood has natal Sun at 12°Cancer – conjunct  transiting Jupiter and ~opposite Pluto
  • Passenger Pouria Mehrdad has natal Neptune quindecile transiting Jupiter
  • Captain Zaharie Shah has natal Saturn quindecile transiting Jupiter
  • Co-pilot Fariq Hamid has natal Neptune ~opposite transiting Jupiter

18th April 2014

All Birth data is to hand from China Airlines source – all are as per the Julian calendar.  LINK to a page with the entire list

  • Malaysian Flight Crew:
  • #1 FARIQ BIN AB HAMID – 1 April 1987
  • #2 ZAHARIE BIN AHMAD SHAH – 31 July 1961
  • #3 FOONG WAI YUENG – 27 June 1975
  • #4 GOH SOK LAY – 29 July 1969
  • #5 GOMES Patrick Francis – 23 July 1959
  • #7 JUNAIDI BIN MOHD KASSIM – 12 June 1973
  • #8 ANDREW NARI – 21 February 1965
  • #9 NG YAR CHIEN – 22 June 1972
  • #10 TAN SER KUIN – 12 December 1972
  • #11 TAN SIZE HIANG – 8 June 1968
  • #12 WAN SWAID BIN WAN ISMAIL – 8 August 1972
  • Australia:
  • #6 Burrows Mary – 21 June 1960
  • #7 Burrows Rodney – 17 January 1955
  • #16 Gu Naijun – 17 February 1983
  • #27 Lawton Catherine – 15 March 1960
  • #28 Lawton Robert – 20 July 1956
  • #32 Li Yuan 2 November 1981
  • Canada:
  • #2 Bai Xiaomo – 18 May 1977
  • #42 Mukherjee Muktesh – 15 October 1972
  • France:
  • #3 Beheray Usage Wattrelos Laurence Arlett – 30 March 1962
  • #74 Wattrelos Ambre Caroline Laurence – 28 November 2000
  • #75 Wattrelos Hadrian Marc Pascal – 12 February 1997
  • #83 Zhao Yan Anne – 29 August 1996
  • India:
  • #23 Kolekar Chetana Vinod – 17 January 1959
  • #24 Kolekar Swanand Vinod – 19 June 1991
  • #25 Kolekar Vinod Suresh – 14 July 1955
  • #50 Sharma Chandrika – 30 March 1963
  • #51 Shirsath Kranti Pralhad – 21 March 1970
  • Indonesia:
  • #53 Siregar Firman Chandra – 8 October 1989
  • #55 Suadaya Herry Indra – 20 May 1979
  • #56 Sugianto Lomr – 23 September 1967
  • #59 Swadaya Ferry Indra – 6 October 1972
  • #66 Tanurisam Indrasuria – 20 April 1957
  • #70 Vinny Chynthyatio Mrs – 18 June 1967
  • #72 Wang Willysuri Janto – 12 November 1961
  • Malaysia:
  •  multiple (see images 1 and 2 ‘MYS’)
  • Netherlands:
  • #58 Surti Dahlia – 15 February 1964
  • New Zealand:
  • #73 Wang Ximin – 16 January 1964
  • #76 Weeks Paul – 22 December 1975
  • Russia:
  • #5 Brodskii Nikolaih – 14 January 1971
  • Taiwan:
  • #12 Chuang Hsiu Ling – 29 September 1969
  • Ukraine:
  • #13 Chustrak Oleg – 11 May 1969
  • #14 Deineka Sergii – 26 March 1969
  • USA:
  • #37 Meng Leoinf – 9 August 2012
  • #38 Meng Nicole – 31 December 2010
  • #78 Wood Philip Talmadge – 4 July 1963

STOLEN PASSPORTS:  used by Iranians – Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad and Delavar Seyed Mohammad Reza

  • #26 Kozel Christian (Austria) – 2 June 1984
  • #35 Maraldi Luigi (Italy) – 31 January 1977

NOTES OF INTEREST:  Birthdays around the date of the flight:

  • #77 – 7 March 1961 (Malaysian)
  • #92 – 7 March 1956 (Chinese)
  • #100 – 9 March 1993 (Chinese)
  • #218 – 8 March 1972 (Chinese)

20th April bi-wheels as at the time of departure together with natal charts of MH370 crew

We do not suggest that any of these charts are necessarily of POI’s in a criminal act.  We reveal the emotive reaction in the bi-wheels, nothing more. There are a crew of twelve.

The first two on the list as per the China Airlines are the cockpit crew – Captain and Co-pilot whom we have discussed previously from this perspective of the departure time.  We can reproduce the charts of the other ten and interpret where appropriate.

1241-3+4+5click on image for full size

  • #3 Foong Wai Yueng (female)
  • #4 Goh Sock Lay (female)
  • #5 Gomes Patrick Francis

Perhaps the crew list is in order of seniority and so I would therefore expect this trio of senior cabin staff to reveal a story. That aside, with a quick preview I cannot see any forensic indication that might suggest subversive behaviour.   Interpretation will follow…

1241-6+7+8The next group continue the theme –

  • #6 Mohd Hazrin Bin Mohamed Hasnan
  • #7 Junaidi Bin Mohd Kassim
  • #8 Andrew Nari

The first of this trio of bi-wheels requires interpretation, however the latter two reveal nothing that I would consider to be sinister. 

#6 Mohd Hazrin Bin Mohamed Hasnan  This man is a flight steward, not a pilot or a navigator.  He would not be expected to be able to take over the control of a flight, let alone navigate it to the southern Indian Ocean. So why is his chart in particular (of all the cabin crew) revealing such an emotional reaction/ the H factor?  We need to know more about this 33 year-old man’s private life/political leaning etc.

Natal chart reveals Uranus square the Lunar nodal axis.  Now why is that aspect giving me a faint sound of bells?

In hindsight we now know that this crew member was relieving another MAS employee and so he is unlikely to be involved in any conspiracy (thanks Sarah), however we include his biwheel as it is a highly emotive reaction.

  • Transiting Sun (orange) opposite Mars-Saturn (10th house/career) – date on the calendar highlighting this natal aspect of running hot and cold.  I would expect this person to struggle somewhat with ADD behaviour at the best of times.  The trigger on this date is coming from home (4th house).
  • Transiting Sun (date on the calendar) square 7th house natal Venus – indicative of a relationship problem with a female (is this his reaction to ‘having’ to relieve a female staff-member or the alternative Venusian symbol – money?)
  • Transiting Mercury quindecile natal Jupiter (green) also in the career house – obsession with communicating about details (another ADD indicator) coming from the 3rd house (communication).
  • Transiting Mercury opposite-intersecting Lunar nodal axis (3-9th houses) – potentially dangerous aspect – highly vocal.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) at the IC is also quindecile only this time with the Lunar nodal axis – ‘religious’ fervour expressed publicly.
  • Transiting Moon/Descendant quindecile again this time with 12th house Uranus – emotional instability in the mind; certainly not mentally calm.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) conjunct 8th house natal Sun – this could potentially be a very dangerous aspect; overinflated ego.
  • Transiting Pluto (death) is opposite natal Sun – forensic indicator, potentially dangerous aspect.
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Uranus in 12th house – internal ‘father-son struggle’; running hot and cold.  In Greco-Roman mythology this aspect  = mental castration. Argument/struggle is within his own mind rather than expressed – i.e. frustration.

1241-9+10As we have four left of the cabin crew, I’ve grouped them in pairs; again in the order as provided to us.

  • #9   Ng Yar Chien (female)
  • #10 Tan Ser Kuin (female)

Neither of these charts reveal any forensic indicators to indicate that their behaviour is subversive.

If necessary we can return to interpret further.

1241-11+12And for the last of the cabin crew; last but not least:

  • #11 Tan Size Hiang
  • #12 Wan Swaid Bin Wan Ismail

Neither of these charts reveal any forensic indicators to indicate that their behaviour is subversive.

If necessary we can return to interpret further.

24-26th April

We have now checked the 227 passengers from the list to hand with our method.  Of these there are only a few we cannot interpret, #48,#113,#114,#185 (illegible). We have not included the children in our search for the H-factor.  For those interested in quantitative results, so far we are achieving considerably less than a 10% emotive reaction.  From this we can suggest that there is NO mass hysteria among the passengers…

Apart from a likely cultural difference in relation to the H-factor, we have a small number of charts of interest/revealing an emotive reaction. #76 Paul Weeks and #78 Philip Wood have already been interpreted.  Other charts with a highly emotive reaction are included, however most will have behaviour that is explainable due to their natal spread of planets, rather than anything subversive.

We also have to take into consideration cultural differences between East and West…

1241-9+10+11pFrom the first passenger list:

All three are Malaysian nationals. We note that they are in numerical order on the list provided.

Whether they are sitting together and triggering each other; emotive reaction is yet to be determined.

#9 Chen Weihoing – numerous hard aspects throughout this bi-wheel indicate a strong karmic aspect.  Born on a New Moon, I suspect that this person had a premonition in relation to this flight.

  • Transit Mercury conjunct/opposition natal Lunar nodal axis – exchanging ideas with others
  • Transit Neptune quindecile South Node would indicate an obsession with karma and mystery – bound together with his peers through a spiritual gathering
  • Transit Neptune square natal Jupiter – emphasis on things spiritual
  • Transit Uranus opposite natal Uranus – electrifying energy
  • Transit Moon opposite natal Jupiter and Neptune – subconscious awareness emerges
  • Transit Jupiter (the flight) opposite natal Mars – making waves
  • Transit Jupiter square natal Uranus – boundless optimism

#10 Chew Kar Mooi – natal Venus is aspected strongly in this bi-wheel and exact the midheaven at the time of takeoff.  Which symbolism of Venus will it be? Money?

Note: I would like to know more about this young woman in relation to her reason for being on this flight and also if she has a connection to the USA due to the 13° Cancer position of natal Mars.

  • Transit Mercury quindecile natal Venus – idealised behaviour
  • Transit Moon square natal Venus – cooperative
  • Transit Neptune opposite natal Venus – losing oneself in the illusion
  • Transit Neptune square natal Uranus and mid-range Moon – emotional conviction
  • Transit Moon opposite natal Uranus and mid-range Moon – emotional tension
  • Transit Lunar South Node square natal Sun – likely a karmic flag that this person is meant to depart the earthly life.
  • Transit Jupiter (the flight) conjunct natal Mars 13° Cancermaking waves
  • Transit Pluto opposite natal Mars – excessive effort
  • Transit Mars conjunct natal Pluto – disciplined
  • Transit Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Saturn – a lonely position

#11 Chng Mei Ling  – There is a square in this bi-wheel of the transiting Lunar nodal axis square natal Lunar nodal axis.  That is the main aspect, however that aside we include other influences.

  • Transit Venus (passengers) conjunct Lunar nodal axis – a karmic connection made
  • Transit Neptune opposite natal mid-range Moon – emotional bewilderment
  • Transit Uranus opposite natal Saturn – old and new struggle
  • Transit Moon opposite natal Neptune – creating confusion
  • Transit Lunar nodal axis-Mars conjunct natal Mercury – thoughts to home and mother


Another two people in numerical order. The first #18 is a Chinese national and the second #19, Malaysian.  I note the nationality differences only in order to query whether there might be a possible connection/relationship between any individuals – nothing more.

#18 Huang Tianhui  – This bi-wheel is not overly active in relation to the number of aspects, however it is revealing a physical effort that may have been made by this passenger.

  • Transiting Neptune at the IC is exact square this person’s natal Jupiter-Saturn opposition, plus
  • Transiting Moon is conjunct this natal Jupiter-Saturn opposition – sense of duty prevails
  • Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Mars – making plans
  • Transiting Mercury opposite natal mind-range Moon – mental stimulation
  • Transiting Saturn square natal mid-range Moon – strategist
  • Transiting Lunar south node quindecile natal Uranus – shared experiences are rewarding
#19 Hue Pui Heng – obsessive behaviour is indicated in this chart and therefore cannot be overlooked.  We are getting doubling up aspects, possibly due to other passengers reactions.
  • Transit Lunar nodal axis quindecile natal nodal axis  and vice versa involving four houses – karmic connection
  • Transit Jupiter (the flight) conjunct natal Venus – possibly taken advantage of
  • Transit Jupiter square natal Neptune – erratic behaviour due to confusion
  • Transit Uranus opposite natal Neptune – turn of events
  • Transit Uranus square natal Venus – emotional excitement
  • Transit Moon conjunct natal Sun and conjunct descendant – a heroic act perhaps (natal Mars is nudging the midheaven)

1241-40+66pThe first of these two is a Malaysian national and the second is Indonesian. Again these two are likely not connected to each other.

#40 Mohd Khairul Amri Bin Selamat – This is the Malaysian aviation engineer that I was particularly curious about prior to getting this birth information, as I considered that he may have the navigation skills to be involved in the disappearance. His chart is not indicating anything subversive however.

  • Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Sun – common sense approach
  • Transiting Mercury sqaure natal mid-range Moon – mental stimulation about personal needs and how to fill them
  • Transiting Mercury square Lunar nodal axis/South node – exchange of ideas
  • Transiting Venus conjunct natal Jupiter – inflated connection to  other passengers indicated
  • Transiting Sun (date on the calendar) square natal Uranus – sudden changes to schedule perhaps. Had this man intended being on this flight?
  • Transiting Saturn intersects the Lunar nodal axis – serious attitude with others; a lonely position
#66 Tanurisam Indrasura – an Indonesian passenger also has the Lunar nodal axis in the mix, both transiting and natal. Note the natal South node is conjunct Mercury This passenger will likely get a message through to family; across time.
  • Transiting Mercury square natal lunar nodal axis – exchange of ideas with others
  • Transiting Venus square natal Neptune – looking for creative outlets
  • Transiting Venus square natal Venus-Sun – ditto
  • Transit Mars opposite natal Sun – feeling under personal attack
  • Transit Jupiter (the flight) opposite natal mid-range Moon – nervous about flight

1241-112+115We now include the Chinese nationals whose names are provided in Chinese script rather than English and so they are numbered only on our charts.  Again we have numbers in close proximity to each other whom are revealing an emotive reaction of interest.

  • #112 CHN – 18 June 1984
  • #115 CHN – 13 April 1987

We note that the intervening numbers #113 and #114 are illegible on the list and so we are unable to check them – is this a coincidence?

1241-163+179There are only six in all among the Chinese whom have charts that require interpretation.  This does not mean that the rest of the charts are not of interest, just that they do not appear to be highly emotive in reaction to the event.

  • #163 CHN – 21 March 1960
  • #179 CHN – 7 November 1963
Last but not least, we have the last two of the passengers wheels viewed from the perspective of the time of take-off.
  • #181 CHN – 15 April 1987
  • #196 CHN – 31 August 1988

.When we review the charts it certainly appears that there is NO mass hysteria among the passengers, just a small number of charts that reveal a strong emotive reaction.  Most of these will likely be related to their individual personalities and current circumstances.  Interpretation will reveal the personal stories and given the time we’ll follow through with this.

Again we notice that there does not appear to be any collusion that might indicate a conspiracy.  The lack of response also indicates to me that a hi-jacking is unlikely, or if there was it was unobserved by the passengers.  If there had been I would have also expected the entire crew to have a strong reaction and it’s not present.  So is it back to the Captain, his Co-pilot, the plane itself, or the cargo.

1st May 2014

  • MH370 birth data all on board – LINK
  • MH370 seating plan for the passengers – LINK
  • MH370 MAS preliminary report 03/2014 – LINK
  • MH370 cargo manifest/waybills – LINK

17th May 2014

121am-planeclick on chart for full-size

By request, we add a further bi-wheel: 1:21am – time when communication was lost from the plane itself.  We use this as the basis for our perspective with the outer wheel – the natal chart for the plane itself (the maiden flight). What this freeze-frame in time does reveal for us is that this was the darkest time of the night with the transiting Sun (orange) conjunct the IC plus even more synchronistic, exact square the horizon-line.

Apart from aspects and tension that we have interpreted previously, we have only the angles and houses that have changed. The ‘plane’ is registering a traumatic event at the horizon with the Lunar nodal axis on-the-line plus a loss/surge of power suggested by Pluto at the ascendant. I wouldn’t consider flipping a switch to turn off the ACARS, a traumatic event.  Also I would suggest that much will be made of this Pluto ascendant symbolism.

Apart from this, I leave interpretation to others.




51 thoughts on “MH370”

  1. Are you able to provide “the suggested” birth details for Mr. Woods, or is this not possible for some reason? I’d love to be able to draw up these 2 particular charts myself to see what you have done, as I’ve not drawn up locator maps before.

    I agree they need to be looking in the southern corridor for this plane. Neptune on the IC in the flight departure chart may be another indicator that this was the final destination of the plane.

    The 1st flight taken by 9M-MRO was on 14th may 2002, but I have no time. Presumably? if you had a clock time you would be able to plot this on a map to see where the plane could possibly be. However, it’s an interesting chart nonetheless, as the sun was in Taurus at 23 deg., with Saturn transiting opposite this on the day the plane disappeared.

  2. What about the Australian / NZ passenger who left behind his wedding ring and watch in case something happened to him? Name of Paul Weeks.

  3. For seasoned Australian travellers Robert Lawton, 58, and his wife, Catherine, 54, the seemingly routine takeoff of flight MH370 was the beginning of another adventure.

    Sharing their adventure was another 50-something Australian couple, Rodney and Mary Burrows. Neighbor Don Stokes said the trip was intended as the beginning of the ‘next step in their life’.
    Among the family groups on board were teenage sweethearts Hadrien Wattrelos, 17, and Zhao Yan, 18, students at a French school in Beijing who were returning from the Malaysian leg of a two-week holiday along with Hadrien’s mother and younger sister.
    In December, Zhao changed her Facebook profile photo to one of her and Hadrien. He had commented: ‘Je t’aime,’ followed by a heart, and she had ‘liked’ his comment.

  4. The 19 yr old Iranian who left Iran (false passport) his FB acct here:
    “I’m Safe”: Last Status Update of Teenager on Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight | TIME

    Friends and well-wishers mourn an Iranian teenager who boarded the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 with a stolen passport in the hope of reaching his mother in Germany

    Thus far, no dobs 😦

  5. Yes, other than severe allergy headaches for me, I’m fine 🙂 I joined to get info IF there was any to get, but there isn’t that I can see. I do recall now that the 4 Pensioners traveling together, married couples from Oz, were traveling because one had a wife whose eyesight was leaving her, she was losing it and he wanted her to see China while she could. Their friends, the other couple I think the wife was having a birthday soon or just had one in March. hope this helps.

  6. Misst,I mistakenly put in James T. Wood. I don’t know if they are twins. If anyone in the US can get to a public library, most have what’s called the Library edition. It contains public records of birth, marriage, divorce, and death. A great deal, but not all. My library is far away and I just happened to be there yesterday. I’m on public transport and on foot so if I get a chance to go by another library this week, I will. Meanwhile anybody else see if you can access this program at your library.

  7. Your effort brought the results we needed and I thank you, Mary. ‘Tis good to know that libraries have access to My searches elsewhere had come up empty.

  8. You are quite welcome, Misst. Your page is just the best. Learning so much here. Always fascinating what the eye in the sky has to say.

  9. P.S Sorry I did not read the latest chart. Oh my, that is not good news. How horrifying for all the people to fly for that many hours having absolutely no power over their fate.

  10. Birth date is confirmed Deb – passenger manifest has age at 51, whereas family and life-partner reports in American MSM state aged 50. Plus genealogy site confirm his birth date – 8 Feb 1964. incorrect – should read 4 July 1963

  11. P.S. And all of the things you said about the Maylaysian government, nation pride, losing face, etc have absolutely followed through. Once again, Mountain Misst, you are the best. Hope the world can breathe a sigh of relief today if at least something is recoverable. Peace and Tranquility for Vernal Equinox. ( I hope sometime you can discuss more the “compass” chart when all four angles are in action.)

  12. An interesting synchronicity this morning. I generated a chart for sunrise in Perth, Western Australia for this morning (6:24 am AWST) and lo and behold we get the Aries point (as we had with the 8:11am chart) – all four angles at zero degrees; exact the equinox. At noon AWST, Moon will conjunct Saturn in the heavens.

    We can but trust, that this is a good omen for today’s search with clearer visibility.

  13. Mountain Misst,

    Thanks for clarifying Mr. Wood’s birth details, and also running through precisely how you have drawn up those locator maps. That was helpful. Much appreciated.

    A few things I am curious about. Why did you not use the plane’s first flight chart to try and locate it, instead of individual passengers or crew?

    Secondly, 8.11 am was the last time the satellite picked up a signal (ping) from MH370. But, as pings are received every hour, as I understand it, this means the plane could have flown beyond 8.11 am for an additional 59 minutes, but for how much longer would have been dependent on other parameters such as fuel load, wind speed, weather etc.

    Thirdly, what location are you using for your 8.11 am chart? Wouldn’t you need to chart it for the Indian Ocean co-ordinates (or close to it), assuming of course that is where MH370 flew? By my reckoning that would have placed Pisces on the ascendant at around 22 deg. with the sun on the ascendant. (As I don’t have astrology software on my P.C., I cannot chart specific co-ordinates, so I’ve just used Banda Aceh, Indonesia for my location, and a time of 7.11 am, which is 8.11 am K.L. time). Assuming the plane flew beyond 8.11 am, a 7.45 am chart (Banda Aceh time, which is 8.45 am K.L. time) would have Aries just moved on to the ascendant. An 8.10 am chart would have Uranus on Aries ascendant.

    Using the 7.45 am chart and plotting that on a map, you can run the pluto/Jupiter line down to the current search area. (The plane’s first flight chart 14. 5. 2002 shows Jupiter at 13 deg. Cancer, so there’s the connection). One more thing – if you plot the 1.30 am time*** as an astromap, Chiron runs vertically through Banda Aceh in Indonesia, and down to the Indian Ocean off the SW coast of Western Australia, in the area where the authorities are currently searching for this A/C. ***(1.30 am was the last civilian radar contact … when the Malaysian Civil Aviation Control lost contact with MH370 and when the drama really began to unfold … the A/C was about 85 miles north of the Malaysian city of Kuala Terengganu) .

    The Jupiter/pluto axis of the 7.45 am chart intersects this 1.30 am Chiron line at a point just outside of the current search area on the far eastern side, so the intersected line is therefore in a slightly more north easterly direction. I have charted this – roughly – but don’t know how to attach docs here. In any case, thanks for sharing your views.

  14. Hi Jane… Am happy to converse openly here as it helps everyone, however if you need to send me attachments –

    I didn’t use the actual plane as the basis for locating as it is in inanimate object i.e. lacks an emotive reaction. If we hadn’t been able to get the passenger’s data, I would have considered using the plane, however my results IMO would have been overly subjective for me to rely on.
    Putting my personal preference aside, the bi-wheel above with 9M-MRO backs-up the results – note transiting Pluto opposite natal Jupiter provides a similar locator angle.

    Considering where our enquiry is at this stage I’m quite happy to explore further. Once I generated charts at the hypothetical coordinates I’ve come up with, I concur with your 22 degree Pisces ascendant. 9M-MRO natal Mars 20°Gemini is then conjunct the IC. From this, I would suggest the time 9M-MRO went down was likely close to 8:11am.

    As for much of my method of operation generally (outside of the interpretation) – it is related to the belief system that time can be bent (physics) i.e. that past-present-future are interchangeable. Astrology backs up this hypothesis. Which then leads to why I use the point of departure for a locator angle.

    That the plane took off from KL is a reliable and known fact. Technology (satellite) is not infallible, plus the pings could have been a bi-location phenomenon (we did not know detail of multiple pings at the time I drew up the charts). I’ll always defer to known facts whenever I can.

    ps – Once we get the coordinates we can go from there okay…..

  15. Nanoo Nanoo!

    Hi Misst & everyone,

    Long time reader, first time blogger. I’m hoping that I might be able to get some birth details of passengers to help out, this case has moved me somewhat so I feel obliged to help rather than sit back & just read. If I come up with any info I’ll give you the source details Misst to verify same. Ancestry isn’t too bad for a gander (I’ve got unlimited access on my computer so I can turn to it if I can’t nosey my way via another source) but I find that Ancestry can be a pain in the bum sometimes to get all information required.

    Feel free to handball some names my way with approximate ages & guestimate of where born. (I’ll start with Paul Weeks, as we are both residents of generally stinking hot Perth, plus the ‘Alert’ that you added Misst. – I’ll do my best to check out NZ info).

    I took an interest in forensic astrology for a number of reasons: I’ve always had an interest in astrology (I’m a newbie when it comes to learning about the bits & bobs involved but getting there, albeit slowly) and the forensic side of things being that I worked for years with ‘crims’. I had to eventually get away from working in the criminal field (it can take its toll emotionally) but here I find myself..!

    Anyway, I’ll keep you posted if I come up with any info.

  16. Hi Bec… Thanks for speaking up. If you’d like to slip down to Pearce and flutter your eyelashes at one of those RAAF pilots and find out a couple of things, that would be rather super-dooper.

    Need the gps coordinates of two things – the exact coordinates of the Inmarsat satellite ‘last ping’ from MH370 (I’ve trawled the pilot chat pages – it’s not there yet) and secondly the coordinates of where the ‘floating debris’ was from earlier in the week.

    I realise that’s a big ask, but you did offer… 😉

  17. I couldn’t imagine myself fluttering my eyelashes and asking a pilot to go back to his house for ‘co-ordinates’ so instead I’ve had abandoned that rather lovely thought, and had a look myself. 🙂
    I’ve found 3 different co-ordinates.. one being the last ping, one being the first debris found and one being the Chinese satellite find of debris (which was only a few hours ago).
    I’ve emailed you the details (I got your email address from a post you wrote earlier), am hoping it’s what you need.

  18. Got your email – thanks Bec. I’m math-challenged so absolutely chuffed, after reading your links, to find that I’m still in line with the cartographers and pilots thinking. So it’s not possible to get the intersection point of the circles in precise co-ordinates – due to a squillion of reasons. Okay I can live with that.

    This new sighting by the Chinese will give us a chart. (44°57’29S, 90°13’43E for those whom want to do their own charts)

    “China said the object was spotted around 120 kilometres south-west of two possible objects seen on satellite images taken on March 16”

    That’s helpful as it gives a SW drift from my hypothesis. We might get something yet…

  19. I know this could be strange Mountain Mist, I have submitted an enormous amount of work to the government with research where I reference your site to the Prime Minister of Australia. I have a theory where the Plane disappeared to a country Oman, I felt if we put the plane biwheel from that country doesn’t it seem to line up on the line of Pluto to Malaysia? Your the expert on the Bi-wheels, however your biwheels and my research have linked on Juanita Nielsen, Jack the Ripper, John F. Kennedy, and probably further if we had worked on all the unsolved murders at the same time. I know as I hear the spirits sometimes and only spirits of those that passed with horrific murders. I don’t hear anything, and neither does another person I talk to which deal with the spirit world. I know the information is a long shot however if I am right the authorities are looking at your website for details as astrology crimes with what I have been doing is showing to the authorities that it should be counted as real evidence and looked upon when their is an unsolved murder. I linked into my research with Paul Wood’s and Paul Weekes also but for other reasons than on your website. I thought it could be a way of looking for the plane whereabouts. I have been able to prove to the authorities that their were two planes with the same registration as MH370 flying in the world. Other researchers have shown this also. Paul Wood’s said a military base, Oman has several military bases some are new and not being utilised which is a concern as a plane is a large object to hide. To change the transponder number is just a cryptex of 4 numbers with 10 variations on each wheel as their were already MH370 flying with two planes then it is by the reports and the manual on Boeing 777 an option that the transponder code allegedly could be changed if the person knew how. I thank you for reading this. I know we can only lead people, however I was told last Friday through the Court’s that my research is an ongoing police matter. I have four matter numbers with the Prime Minister so please feel free to send your information. Astrology crimes have by our research linked into an alleged organised crime ring from my research dates by to 1860 Kings Cross and 1833 in America. This organisation I will allege has changed its appearance to the authorities yet we have traces of how this pattern of astrology has linked to the alleged unsolved crimes for a reason. It may not just be a co-incidence, when one after another the co-incidences to astrology come about. We have the Pink Moon coming, Libra Moon, the Grand Cardinal Cross in the sky which has not happened some say in this configurement within the sky for 25000 years since Jesus Christ was born…..Some say this gang looks upon themselves as the ability to do magicK yet it’s murder and is based upon the astrology, which links to an alleged organisation called the Black Sun and before. I thank you.

  20. It seems to me that there is a lot of truth in this video. Throughout my life, I have noticed that the right leaning people love chaos to happen, because that is when they make their moves. They lack a certain emotional depth and empathy, so it is no skin off their teeth to rush in where “angels fear to tread”.

    People do go into shock when terrible things happen, catastrophes etc. On the ground the looter actually appear out of the shadows during destructive storms etc. A good example of this is after the invasion of Iraq, there was that awful punder of the museums, and artifacts quickly pilfered. At least Saddam had done well wtih preserving and protecting Iraqi artifact heritage.

    There are probably many times this has happened in human history. 911 certainly looks to be one such time.
    I am pretty sure the right has plans to move at these points in time. They even may be creating them. I tend to remain dubious about the Immarsat satellite records, due to base companies running this, have largest investments by the Bush family.

    For one, the estimaton of the end of the flight off WA, has been a great opportunity to allow PM Abbott to gain a stronger control in Australia. He has used this savior mode to move quickly in to Asia, and score points in order to benefit an even greater right wing hold over Australian minds.

    The trouble is with the right is that they bully their way through. They will play the caring and compassion card, but it is only for their own kind, their tribe. This all seems very indicative of the cardinal cross, if you ask me. The more intelligent humans, tend to be less practical in a pretty heavy and materialistic world. They tend to want to work things out for the greater humanity, and are not greed driven. It is very hard getting past all the low level emotional, greed, avarice, hatred, covetness, envy and jealousy. Most right leaning people ramp the low level up, and dont look like dealing with it at all. More fear and discomfort for the masses, seems to be their drivers.

    Thus I find, within so called conspiracy theory stuff, there is actually a lot of truth.

  21. The astrological reasoning given by different people seem so mixed up that I am afraid to share all the info. I happen to have the exact birthdates of all the passengers. I cannot understand why would astrologers say a planet was in the 12th or mars and rahu were in 12th (vedic ones) and it was disaster to begin with. But this happens every night so what happens to the rest of the flights? We should all stick to the principles of astrology which are unique. If you look at the first flight of MH370, you have Moon, Marcury. Mars and Saturn in Gemini. You have Pluto opp Moon. Pluto opp Sat, Plu opp Mars (wide) Moon conj Sat, Mer conj Sat etc etc so many really important clues.

    I just want to know how will you use the exact birthdates (no time though) and what would you expect to find? What if many of them had Mars-Sat, Mars-Ura and Mars-Nep (big clues fro all of you). I analyzed 90 of them already and still working on the rest.

    What I also find amazing is that nobody seems to talk about the grand trine in the sky in water signs (not exact but still Jupiter in Can, Sat in Sco and Nep in Pisc) but only the cardinal cross! There is so much good also happening in the world i.e. the crowd funding or humaitarian work including the Nep in Pisc ocean searches etc.

    Please send me some comments about the three adverse configurations I gave and I will see if I can send more details.

    One really interesting thing is that there were three sets of astrotwins and I havent even gone through half the charts yet.

  22. The crash the MH370 had at China airport, could be a good event to see if it was doomed to another catastrophe
    as well as it’s maiden flight. It lost the tip of it’s wing in a collision at Shanghai airport, China on 9th August 2012. The present lunar eclipse is right over Saturn for this collision 7′ orb. Have not found the exact time this happened as yet.
    Saturn retrograde can be “if there is anything wrong with your car or vehicle, it is a good time to fix it”,

    Astrology seems to not be an exact science. More of a scrying tool or something you can intuit from, whether past. present or future. I find these writings very interesting even though it is a bit of a creative process to get all the correct times etc.
    Am trying to be practical about all this. The point to be made out of all this, would be good advice for an individual consulting an astrologer for the best time to fly. If enough people are choosing to fly at a bad time for them astrologically ie. setting moon square Neptune, then does this doom the aircraft? I flew to the UK during a full Moon with the plane kind of following the Moon, and suffered some pretty chronic jet lag. But I have a focal Moon in Pisces in the 4th, which is gibbous and quindecile 165 degs my sun, I prefer a less extreme moon in the sky.

    I posted someing on the last faint or dying ping, but used the last proper ping position for it. Did the plane die, and just dive head first in to the sea? The final faint ping happening on the way down. How long does it take for a diving headfirst 777 take to reach the water from approx. 35,000 ft? 8 minutes, I wonder. Some people reckon that a dive like that would keep the plane intact to a certain extent., I haven’t a clue, I got actual positions for all the other pings but not the last one. But then I am rather doubtful, about believing the satellite positions.

    I tell you what, prior to the MH370 going missing with heaps of people gone, there were all those building accidents. Now we are having mass deaths whilst people are moving. The MH370 disappearing, the tragic ferry accident off South Korea, and now the treking accident from avalanche in Mt. Everest. Venus in Pisces dispositing the Lunar Eclipse could point to body assault from water or iced water.

    And Venus cj Icarus was sitting at the midpoint of Neptune/Chiron. Over reach huh! Overloaded plane, ferry, and mountain.

  23. MM, thanks so much for your persistence on these bi-wheels. Here is an article about Mohamed Hasnan. Note the comment at the bottom of the article : “Mr. Hazrin’s uncle, Mustapha Kamaruddin, said that his nephew enjoyed his job. The news that he was on Flight 370 came as a shock, he added. Mr. Hazrin typically flew on European and Australian routes. “He wouldn’t usually be on that plane,” said his uncle.”

  24. I may be wrong here, but I think his daughter’s name when translated into English means “Faith”. I found this out when I google translated one of the pages in Malay.

  25. I am not aware of this type of astrology and glad to run into your forum by accident. I was looking for Philip Wood’s birthdate for a different type of astrology reading that I do. I have tried doing a card reading for all the crew members, Paul Weeks, Philip Woods, the 2 Australians, the two Iranians with stolen passports and all have shown the traditional “death” cards, except for the captain of the MH370. I have known this from the time the plane had disappeared. The captain’s reading showed he was in financial problem and needed to diversify and marital/love problem. And it also shows total fearlessness and maybe that is the reason he was able to maneuver that plane. It does not show anything sinister in my chart on the co-pilot’s reading. I seem to see a difference in the co-pilot’s reading from the type of astrology reading that you all use. Could someone elaborate on the co-pilot and captain’s astrology reading? Thank you.

  26. Carol – I consider that we are in accord. The Captain and Co-pilot’s interpretations are above – ‘early on’ in the conversation. I keep going back to the plane itself experiencing a traumatic event – perhaps external to itself; natural or unnatural.

    I’d like to know if the coordinates /changes in direction navigation of the plane could have been entered into the plane’s computer early on by the Captain in order to avoid any disaster/crash in Indonesia or over a populated area. Have been reading the pilots forums but that’s not come up in their conversation as yet. I’m considering that the plane perhaps was not be able to be controlled beyond direction/navigation due to whatever…

    Have you charted the plane?

  27. I reckoned they’d be wide open to fraud Mary. Thanks. That’ll just be the tip of the iceberg I reckon. The lists I have, provide nationalities, passport numbers, birth data etc of all passengers. It’d be a field day for the fraudsters. We’ll start seeing them all checking in to flight desks next. But we won’t tell anyone, will we…

  28. “…one of the Chinese passengers did not match the name – Zhao Qiwei – on the manifest.”…
    Apparently this identity was being used by another person. The Chinese authorities tracked him down, and he had never applied for a passport. The actual travelers identity is unknown. Does this change your interpretation of this passenger? Thanks very much for your thoughts . C

  29. Also(sorry!) the most recent factual report states that Copilot Fariq was born 86, not 87, as was first reported, and because of this you used the birth date of 87 to analyze him. Does this new info change any of your conclusions? Thanks again.

  30. I would need to see the authoritative link for the change of birth data for the co-pilot, Cinda in order to take another look at his chart. The original charts were calculated from his Malaysian ID card.

    As for the possible Chinese passenger Zhao Qiwe (suggested passport-fraud), yes it makes an absolute difference if the passenger has a different date of birth

  31. @ Cinda ~

    I believe Fariq’s chart is correct was correctly prepared based upon his confirmed birth date of April 1, 1986 (per Factual Report).

    @ Mountain Misst ~

    Would you be willing to publish Fariq’s chart the same way as you have done for Zaharie’s chart?


  32. Thanks very much for your reply!
    LG, do you have the official word on his exact birthplace?
    Sounds like the Chinese passenger Zhao is impossible to look into then.

  33. Hi Cinda ~

    According to the Factual Report (page 14, Section 1.5.3), Fariq was born in the State of Kelantan, not Segamat (State of Johor) and his birth date is April 1, 1986. He was 27 years old on March 8, 2014.


  34. Cinda and LG… This change of year for the birth date of Fariq makes a huge difference and a totally different outcome. For some reason I have his birth time as well (have had too many sleeps since then to remember how).

  35. FYI:

    Factual Report page 14, Section 1.5.3 does not provide a date of birth for Fariq Hamid, just that he is 27 years old (as at January 2015). If you check the ‘factual report’ the pilot is also listed as being 53 years old (born July 1961). They have not been declared dead, they are still ‘missing’ and so they continue to age.

    Fariq Hamid’s passport #A26174297 has his birth date as 1 April 1987.

    I won’t be generating new charts, sorry Cinda.

  36. I looked at the 1986 chart Cinda and I think this is the corect chart! Quite of them you do find people making themselves one year younger rather than older. He still has Mercury in Pisces and also close to Jupitwer (which is another indicator of flying and meeting new people. The most important and crucial aspect here is the Mars conj Neptune which is a nightmare aspect and also being kdinapped or mysterious circumstances etc. Also Moon would have opposed his Saturn which is a sad aspect and also disappointment. I will put the full analysis at
    Thanks for letting us know. See if you can get the birthday of the captain of Germanwings also. I found an astrlological twin of the copilot for that one already! He definitely shares some of the same traits as the copilot! Hassan


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