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With forensic astrology without knowing the time of birth or being able to construct a rectified chart, I prefer to view a natal chart through the eyes of a particular event.  Once I know what the event is, I have the playing-field and then I can view how the natal chart (the character) behaves in such a situation.  This enquiry is undertaken following these guidelines.

The basic events used in our enquiry (commenced in April 2013) have been:

  • 7:47pm 4 February 2010 – Isuzu Trooper vehicle recorded on neighbours security camera leaving the driveway (occupants unknown)
  • 8:28pm 4 February 2010 – Joey McStay’s cellphone was used to dial Chase Merritt; the call was not answered and no message was left

The crime:

The crime scene:

The victims:

The search:

The characters:

Persons of interest:

Outside the box/thinking laterally:

The case has been written up as per above links, however for those interested in the astrology research, read on…

A timeline of enquiry in this case, together with media coverage and good sleuthing by others has exposed that there are very few characters in this case whom are squeaky-clean. Lies have been told to cover private agendas; items have been stolen and assets sold without authority.  Truth is far more bizarre than any fiction and it continues to keep the public on the hunt.  Many, including LE were convinced that the family had fled to Mexico; the why, never revealed.

  • 11th November 2012, advertisements were placed in Craigslist which turned out to be apt as the bodies of the family were found in shallow graves twelve months later in the area referred to in the ads.
  • 9th April 2013 to case was passed to the FBI.
  • 11th November 2013 – 9:58am the long awaited 911 call was logged.
  • 13th November 2013 – San Bernadino County Sheriff took over the case

Questions we asked:

13 November 2013

AR-131119829.jpg&maxh=400&maxw=667Bodies have been recovered from the desert.   What grabbed me straight up from the media coverage is the trouble the killer has gone to in order to throw anyone off the scent.  An old school, eye for detail personality I would think. I need to check some natal charts.

The positioning of the graves grabs my attention.  Is this a car-width between them?  Were there two people digging these graves and they needed to keep their distance from each other in order to maintain a ‘sense of distance from involvement with each other’?  What depths are these graves?  Are they of a similar depth or shape; indicating just one digger, or are there two persons involved in the disposal of the bodies?

Body-SummerMcStayWhat Summer’s horoscope has to say about the discovery of the bodies:

When I checked the natal charts with the time that the graves were found, Summer McStay again has the strongest chart.

click on maps and charts for full size

  • Ascendant conjunct Sun – can you feel her presence?  I know I can.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) intersects Summer’s Sun-Moon opposition.
  • Natal Saturn at the 3rd house cusp – diabolical 22nd degree of Pisces communicating.
  • Transiting Saturn intersects natal Lunar nodal axis.

This gives us a locator angle to follow… Saturn conjunct South Node – this is karmic.MAP#1-Bodies-SummerMcStay

Flipping the bi-wheel and centering it over the location of where the bodies were found (cartography method) we have an angle of interest – note the red line onto the map SW direction.  That is the transiting Saturn-nodal axis line.

Note: This is an indication of a karmic connection – yet to be determined what this might be.

Meanwhile to the south, Flag A is the McStay home address.  Summer’s natal Saturn at the cusp of the 3rd house connects the two locations – look again at the house, she’s saying.

8th January, 2014 – 911 call:  9:58am.

911-Summerclick on images for full size

Bi-wheel is generated with the inner wheel at the 911 call and the outer chart is the natal chart of Summer McStay.  As we don’t have her time of birth, the Moon is midrange and cannot be used for a locator angle.  Either way, Summer was born on a full Moon with Sun opposite Moon.

  • Natal Sun (orange) is exact at the Ascendant; on the horizon line.  You can’t tell me ’tis mere coincidence.
  • Transit Venus (pink) conjunct natal Sun and opposite natal Moon all on the horizon line.  Is Venus identifying Summer in her female role, or is there a money clue here?
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) square natal Jupiter (green) – a communication from the other side. Summer is pressing the point/inflating the information.  She is insistent that her babies rest in hallowed ground.
  • Transiting Saturn (grim reaper) conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – identifying the public arena as being where the remains lie.

MAP-911-McStayWe already know this and so we have to ask, ‘Why is this angle of importance?’  Apart from the horizon line this is the only locator angle in the chart.

There are several quindecile aspects, which tell a story themselves, however we are listening for Summer’s direction

The angle still travels the same direction as above, plus as it is hand drawn we can only suggest that it is within a close proximity of the address that Summer wants us to know about.

Only time will tell as to what the significance of this angle is for…

31st May 2014 onwards – A fresh look at this case

Following a year’s more experience in this realm of forensic astrology, we generate fresh charts. I’ll not review previous interpretations before I write this section. As is our traditional approach, we stick to classic textbook interpretation together with ‘considered astrological interpretation comment’ as a result of this knowledge.

Now that the bodies have been recovered, we need not tread so gently ‘in reverence’, however the children will be left out of the picture, unless I feel it’s relevant to the story.  General interpretations may need to be tweaked once we review the story.  The basics of what follows will stay the same though, I should imagine. No offense is intended to anyone, however I’ll call the interpretations straight without due consideration of anyone’s feelings, so if you’re a tad sensitive about this case, I suggest that you read no further.

747-McStayclick on images for full size

Using Summer and Joey’s bi-wheels either side of an event chart, the first triptych is from the perspective of when the Trooper left the driveway of the Avocado Lane house at 7:47pm 4th February, 2010.  The vehicle was caught on a neighbour’s CCTV; occupants of the vehicle are unknown. The central chart is the atmosphere at the time.  Interpretation is relative to this case only.

  • Saturn is square Pluto – this tension has been in the background and not case-specific per se, however the houses that the planets are in, are when we look at the overall picture.  Authority figure (also Grim Reaper) in the 1st house. Pluto in the 4th represents the gate to the Underworld – he’s in the realm of home.  Putting aside the obvious forensic indicators, there will likely be a power shift, if anyone leaves home..
  • Tr Mars in 11th is driving the hard aspects – quindecile Venus (pink) – obsession with money/peer group.
  • Tr Mars quindecile 5th house Mercury (yellow) – obsessive communication; frothing at the mouth between ‘friends’
  • Tr Mars square Moon (blue) in 2nd house – disruption; emotive reaction in relation to financial matters/assets.

Note – the 11th house is the realm of friends and enemies.  In hindsight, we can suggest that contact has come from a friend or enemy to get the hell outa there, or else get your a** here, NOW.  Either way it is an dominant summons.

As it appears that there are no phone records to support any contact from either Summer or Joey’s phones or their landline with anyone else, we suggest that there are likely alternative means of communication being used (wild-card cellphones held by participants).  I would therefore suggest that whomever drove out the driveway, it was as a result of this communication.

Bi-wheel on the left; the first, is Joseph McStay interacting with 7:47pm.  The interpretation is his personal experience with the general atmosphere behind his emotive reactions.  We do not know if he was in the Trooper, or even at the Avocado Lane house.  I am curious as to whether he wasn’t already somewhere else, due to the spread of planets in this bi-wheel.   The driving force in this chart is transiting Saturn (Grim Reaper) in the 1st house.

  • Tr Saturn quindecile natal mid-range Moon (blue) in outer wheel’s 8th house (death and transformation/other peoples assets) – I’d suggest this aspect relates to the obsessive, driving need/ attempt to stay alive.
  • Tr Saturn quindecile  Descendant/Lunar nodal axis – already experiencing a traumatic event/struggle with the Grim Reaper and this is not at home (4th house is empty) Note: Nodal axis also represents a public place.  There is an obsessive/compulsive element to this reaction.
  • Tr Jupiter (green) is also quindecile the Ascendant/ Lunar South node (karmic element).  Initially this would indicate to me that the murders are related to a connection with Joey rather than Summer, however we will have to wait and see.  Hold that thought.
  • Tr Moon (blue) 2nd house in the inner wheel is indicative of shining things in this position (all that glitters is not necessarily gold, folks) opposite natal 8th house Saturn – Joey’s ‘going down’ over this (suggested) need for money.
  • Tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Sun (orange) – deception of ego; Joey was deceived.
  • Natal lunar nodal axis is at the horizon line – Joey is likely already experiencing trauma at 7:47pm.  I suggest that he is not with Summer, or she would be reacting to his ‘H-factor’ more strongly than her chart reveals.

Bi-wheel on the right is that of Summer McStay’s emotive reaction to the clock time 7:47pm.   Natal Sun (Summer) is driving this bi-wheel from the 4th house (the home). She is still in control at this stage. It is Summer whom is at the Avocado Lane house. Why did she leave?

  • Natal Sun (orange) quindecile Lunar South Node in the 11th house – I would suggest the karmic connection of their murders is connected to the actions of both Joey and Summer together as a couple plus as individuals; a joint enterprise and either enemies they have made, or a deceitful friend is behind the current threat. There is an obsession element to the connection.  A friend kept as a friend, whom should have been let go perhaps (suggestion only).
  • Natal mid-range Moon is in the 10th house (opposite her natal Sun) – career-wise needs  PLUS is also opposite transiting Pluto while the Sun is conjunct Pluto – powerless to stop what she is about to befall. There is also a tug between working from home and in the public arena in the background.
  • Tr Saturn square natal Sun – Grim Reaper awaits.
  • Tr Uranus in 7th house square natal Mercury in 4th – communication came from a person in a public relationship with Summer; highly likely from Joey. Could this have been an indirect come get me; lure.
  • Tr Uranus is conjunct natal Saturn and opposite natal Uranus – this is also the locator angle as to where Summer went when she drove out the driveway to meet with the Grim Reaper.  I suggest that it is highly possible that Summer left believing to meet with/collect her husband, Joey.
  • Tr Sun (date on the calendar) square natal Lunar nodal axis – another forensic indicator of trauma on this date; Summer would die before the calendar turned the page.

828-McStayWhen we follow the same method of approach to 8:28pm when Joey’s phone was used to call Chase Merritt, we have to ask ourselves whether this is cellphone call was possibly a redial error and Joey was already dead, or something else.  We do not know.  What we do know is that Chase Merritt did not pick up the phone. I can remember making this call (that Chase was busy with his female companion) from looking at his chart a year ago.  Funny what sticks in your memory isn’t it.  Nothing will have changed in this regard, although we can revisit if necessary.

What will have changed between 7:47pm and 8:28pm will be the house placements of the event.  Some planets will have moved into different houses during this forty minutes giving us an update on what’s going-down.  We will only address changes.

First chart is the middle event – the clock face in the heavens at 8:28pm. The main changes are that the event brings the main focus to the cusp of the 4th house – the home and/or real estate. We suggest this because the primary midpoint in any chart is the Sun/Moon. This midpoint is exact the IC/4th house cusp.

At this Sun/Moon focus point – 25°Sagittarius, we have the point in the heavens where the fixed star, Aculeus in the constellation of Scorpius resides.  This star has a notorious reputation in astrology as a ‘blind star’ associated with eyesight problems and the constellation of the Scorpion presides over arms (mercenaries).

An interpretation from this fixed star at the IC, would indicate the possibility that blindfolds were used by mercenaries. This is indicated in Summer’s chart, as a precursor her and her babies’ demise (conjunct natal Mercury; highlighted in yellow in Summer’s bi-wheel)

  • Sun/Moon= IC – the end of a family relationship; marriage and children.
  • Mercury (yellow) was by now in the 4th house – besides communication, Mercury can also be symbolic of children. 
  • Venus (pink) has moved to the 5th house and onto the agenda – likely now clarifies that the symbolism is likely money rather than any suggestion of peer groups.
  • Is Neptune (turquoise) now in the 5th house of recreation, suggestive of drugs or general subterfuge by the players?
  • Uranus is now moved from the 7th house where it drew Summer out of the house and into the 6th house – she is likely now at the scene.
  • Uranus is also now square the MC, top of the agenda plus opposite that main focus/midpoint. We can suggest that is likely the time when Summer’s life became a bargaining tool.

We now turn to the first bi-wheel, Joey and 8:28pm. Natal Mercury is not in the action any more than it was at 7:47pm, which doesn’t mean to say that he wasn’t in communication at all, as the planet is in the 3rd house of communication.

If Joey were making an attempt to call CM, I’d expect to see Neptune and Mercury connection in some way. Even when I call up trines and sextiles, there is no interaction by any planets with Joey’s natal Mercury, nor his natal Uranus (modern technology). At the moment, I am at a loss to explain the call.

  • Joey’s natal Moon has now entered the 7th house – focus changes to his partner, Summer.
  • Natal Lunar nodal axis enters the 12th house – mental turmoil/trauma.
  • Tr Pluto is at the Ascendant – use of personal power of persuasion being used.

As for Summer, 8:28pm is likely close to when she faced her demise. With natal Mercury now at the IC, we could suggest that she may have had Joey’s phone, however it is more likely that her focus is on the other Mercury symbol, her children.

  • Natal Uranus is now conjunct the Ascendant opposite transiting Uranus – sudden changes
  • Natal Saturn is at the Descendant – likely exit
  • Tr Pluto is in the 12th house – power withdraws into the unconscious
  • Lunar Nodal axis is now in 2nd/ 8th house axis – paying with her life

I do not mean to suggest that Joey sacrificed Summer and the children. I doubt that he had any choice in the matter and all their deaths were inevitable. As to whether the murders went down in this order, or not, is irrelevant in the overall scheme of things. I’ve called it as I see it, without prejudice; in an effort to comprehend the motivation for this family’s murder. Those whom need to know what this all means, will understand. I’m just the astrologer.

Note:  There is a further POI I have yet to track down.  We don’t have a name yet for this person, however they would be born mid October 1968. That makes them about 45 years old as I write now in Nov, 2013.  This is not necessarily the perpetrator – more a case of explaining the tension between the brothers that led to the severing of trust.  

Question:  Was this person Jesus Duran – the person nominated in the court case when Mikey fraudulently claimed to own Joey’s business in a loan application or is Jesus Duran not personally related to Mike McStay’s fraud.  This has never been determined and we have never been able to find the birth date for this particular Jesus Duran.

4th July 2014

By request from the curious cat:  the underwear drawer

22nd July 2014

As a result of all our charting to date, many of which are not reproduced here, there are several avenues that have been followed.  We know that the Fallbrook house purchase had been a foreclosed mortgage; that both Joey and Summer had held realtors licenses. Their mortgage payments were not kept up following the disappearance and the house was again lost in a foreclosure.  Assets and money went walkabout, very quickly.

  • The burst of the GFC house bubble/realtors and mortgage kerfuffles and contacts have led to much research in this area by sleuths.
  • Joey’s phone records and his company’s financial records were released – many have followed these leads.
  • Suspicion seems to swing from the inner circle, to business associates and back again.

Of the charts that we have generated; Michael McStay, Dan Kavanaugh and one other person whom we are not aware has any connection to the case, reveal the most FA activity. There may be others, we have to check.

What we do know is that Michael McStay’s activity since the disappearance has been unsatisfactory and that he is now facing bankruptcy.  We know that Dan Kavanaugh appears to have taken opportunity to fill his coffers illegally with what was left on the plate in the absence of Joey, Summer and the boys.  I’ve reviewed MM’s chart on his own page. DK has his own future to face, his chart does not reveal a killer.

When we turn to the transiting asteroids on the evening of 4 February 2010, there are asteroids of particular of interest, when we consider Joey’s business; water fountains.

  • Tr Fountain #11670 (22°Capricorn) is conjunct Mercury in the heavens that night – conjunct Mike McStay’s natal Jupiter
  • Tr Water-field #1645 (14°Gemini) is exact conjunct MM’s natal Saturn
  • Tr Ixion #28978 (16°Sagittarius) identifies murder

5th November 2014 – Charles Ray (Chase) Merritt was arrested on 4 counts of murder of the McStay family He has been arraigned to appear in court on 12th November.

Phone calls between Chase and Joey:

We can explore the phone conversations between Joey and Chase that fateful afternoon.  I’ve selected the last two conversations each of 3min duration when Joey phoned Chase from his cellphone.

418-CM-JM-duoThe first chart is from the perspective of the time of 4:18pm with the first chart – with Chase Merritt and the second chart with Joey – showing their emotive reactions as a result of planetary transits.

Chase:  The bi-wheel for Chase does not reveal a personal defensive posture apart from natal Uranus at the ascendant.  As we know angles reveal points which we need to sit up and take note of.

  • Natal Uranus conjunct ascendant – a high probability of geographic relocation.  We have to ask, “Is this about relocating to Saudi, or is he preparing to relocate to Fallbrook right now?”  It would be mighty useful to know what tower this call is pinging off.
  • tr Moon is also square natal Uranus – ditto plus emotional and driving needs enter the mix.
  • tr Sun is in 7th house of relationships square natal Mercury-Venus – highlighting his idealism in relation to his career.

Joey:  This is a highly emotive conversation.  The conversation is at 4:18pm and so Joey is still enroute to fill up the Trooper with gas at 4:30pm. We can suggest that he is in a highly agitated state just by observing the quindeciles (obsessiveness) present in the bi-wheel.

  • Natal Saturn is in the 10th house opposed by transiting Moon (blue) – ambition and career are under tension. PLUS
  • tr Moon is also quindecile natal Moon – obsessively over-emotional about personal needs. PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal mid-range Moon – highly emotive. traumatised and likely in a public place. PLUS
  • tr Saturn quindecile natal Moon – blood pressure is likely rising…
  • tr Saturn quindecile natal Lunar north node – certainly a serious attitude in relation to others; a sense of being left in the lurch likely – alone.
  • tr Jupiter (green) quindecile natal Lunar South node – obsessed with making profitable liaisons. 

This conversation is based on that ambitious natal Aries Moon that Joey has; his need to be the best at what he does – his entrepreneurial nature.  Chase is threatening Joey’s very nature by his actions, or is it the other side of the coin – Chase’s inaction? 

If we consider the theory (and our untested theory) that Chase was not going to be able to get a visa for Saudi then this would explain Joey’s highly emotive state.

Joey is in all likelihood giving Chase an earful during that three minute call.  So we can now interpret the last conversation they had on the phone – another three minutes at 5:47pm an hour and a half later.  IF Chase was on his way to Fallbrook (as the previous chart possibly suggests), then he would not be too far away from arriving at the Avocado Lane premises.  We’ll see what the chart has to add.

547-CM-JM-duoI’ve made a point of highlighting the changes rather than all the tension in these charts.  We have the perspective of 5:47pm as our basis when Joey rang Chase with the conversation lasting three minutes.

The wheel turns anti-clockwise to bring the changes over time. The Sun/Moon midpoint is still in the 5th/11th axis; friendship.

Chase:  We immediately note the tension has changed to reveal an emotive reaction in Chase. With natal Venus at the mid-heaven we can be sure that the conversation is about money; his money; his assets.

  • Midpoint tr Mars/Neptune = natal Venus and mid-heaven – Mars  (12th house – mind) and Neptune (7th house – relationships) working together is fantasyland/imagination run-riot and so putting this with Venus at the cusp of the career house, we can interpret this as his expectation of finances and career prospects are unrealistic.
  • Midpoint tr Moon/Mercury = natal Saturn Rx – depression and self-control take over if the tide has turned; unable to solve their differences.  PLUS
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Neptune – befuddled and bewildered communication  PLUS
  • tr Moon quindecile natal Lunar South node – this is a karmic indicator.  Did Chase consider Joey and he a ‘brotherhood’?    PLUS
  • tr Moon square natal Uranus – sudden change of mind; impulse to fulfill personal needs as a priority; emotional individuation.
  • tr Sun square natal Venus and midheaven – date on the calendar is highlighting personal assets/money.

When natal Pluto crosses the ascendant (6:16pm) the break will come.

Joey:  We can see that Joey has calmed down somewhat with natal planets easing off the angles, however the obsession continues with quindeciles still in the mix. Transiting Venus is at the descendant and therefore opposite the ascendant identifying the tone of the conversation between the two men as being money/assets more than Joey’s driving needs (Moon).  With transiting Venus being in the 7th house this is not a business financial discussion – it’s inter-personal.

Joey instigated this phone call at 5:47pm and so we can suggest that either he is not separating his business finances from personal assets, or there is a personal debt in the relationship between these two men.  With the slight changes in houses, we can interpret the intensity of the conversation; the obsession is now personal.  Joey has lost the need to separate work and home finances.

12th November 2014 – Merritt’s plea at arraignment – not guilty

  • Arrest: 21201 Bahama Street, Chatsworth, LA – 2pm 5th November 2014 (per LE)
  • Arraignment: Victorville – 1:53pm 12th November 2014
  • Pre-preliminary hearing 8:30am 20th November – counsel discussion
  • Preliminary hearing 25th November – subject to change

We can generate charts for the first two events at this stage.  The first chart being at 2pm, we cannot take as being precise timing however it will suffice for our exercise; leaving out the angle degrees as being exact. The inner wheel is the event and the outer wheel Chase Merritt’s natal chart.

arrest-CMerrittThe arrest: Focus of tension is on three particular areas of Merrit’s natal chart – Sun-Venus-Mercury – idealism; Neptune – subterfuge; Saturn – self-control. 

With a natal Moon opposite natal Saturn his primary driving need is to control-himself in any given situation.  That along with his ambitions (self-employment) – they’re tied up together plus that Saturn retrograde doesn’t help matters with the mentoring missing in his childhood development.

  • Midpoint tr Venus/Mars = natal Saturn – sense of being controlled by losing freedom (arrest)
  • Midpoint tr Sun/Pluto = natal Saturn – loss of self-control through separation (arrest)
  • tr Sun-Venus opposite Sun-Venus-Mercury – Venus often represents LE (a peer group) when in transiting positionsituation ‘less than ideal’ (opposite) for Merritt (arrest)
  • Midpoint tr Sun/Lunar north node = Neptune – in the public eyefeeling let down by others; likely someone has provided information that has let to his arrest.
  • natal mid-range Moon in range of IC – ego consciousness loses out; lowest point of the day.

The arraignment: When we consider the court hearing, we have the added advantage of video revealing the clock on the wall in the courtroom and so we can consider cusps and angles with a bi-wheel.  We have that natal Neptune at the cusp of the 8th house of death/transformation.

arraignment-CMerrittApart from the death penalty for his crimes being on the agenda, the 8th house also concerns the financial concerns and assets of others; namely, Joey and Summer McStay’s assets.

  • Natal mid-range Moon/Mars = IC – getting things off the ground; commencement of court proceedings agreeable to the accused. This appears bizarre so may need to explore this aspect further. Note the excess of Gemini present.
  • tr Sun-Mercury is opposed to natal Sun – common-sense approach by counsel; abiding by court decisions; again highlighting loss of ego.
  • tr Sun conjunct natal Lunar nodal access – appearance in public in relation to 8th house matters.
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Uranus – impulse to fulfill needs PLUS
  • tr Moon square Neptune – emotional conviction is likely fanciful as to the outcome of proceedings.

I can see why Marcy (see comments) is focussed on the 16th November for Merritt – the tension appears to be building to an epiphany of some sort.

14th November update

We had a little flutter of anticipation with an incorrect birthdate for Cathy Jarvis, however we’re back on track.  Born 8 December 1970, Cathy Jarvis was Chase Merritt’s partner in February 2010 when the McStay family were murdered in their home.

This woman has that entrepeneurial Aries Moon; wanting to be top of the tree.  That combination together with a Sagittarius Sun gives us someone whom is a take-over merchant.  She’s also far too sure of herself.  If anyone slips up, it would be this woman, because moderation is not her middle name.  She’s bound to leave a trail of evidence for us to find.

With this mix of Sun-Moon, Cathy Jarvis would work for a common good/partnership as long as it advances her own ambitions and satisfies her desire to be in the forefront of the action. She would be defiant and extremely self-confident in any partnership,  loving to assume responsibility.  She would move-in and take-over wherever she could.

This placement also blends the directness of manner, expressiveness and versatility of Sagittarius with the assertiveness, personal ambition and enthusiastic spirit of Aries. Excitement, adventure, advancement are what she wants. Her aggressive temperament could get in her way and with a restless, impulsive action, she can get caught out. Carelessness and over confidence are her weak points.

CathyJarvis-duo I’ve generated two charts for a start – our tried and true charts – 7:47pm on 4 Feb 2010 and 8:28pm same date.  The outer chart is the natal horoscope for Cathy Jarvis with the birth-date provided.

When the trooper went out the driveway her natal Sun was at the IC; cusp of the 4th house (home).  Is she heading home, or is this more related to a low point in the day for her ego; patience is not a virtue held highly by this woman.

  • tr Sun (orange) square natal Saturn – awareness of responsibility
  • tr Mercury (yellow) square natal mid-range Moon (blue) in 8th house – mental stimulation about personal needs and how to fulfill them; plans.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Moon – emotional likely traumatic experience in relation to 5/11th house axis of friends and enemies.
  • Midpoint tr Mercury/Mars = natal Mars –  this is where the Sun-Moon character takes-over; transforming the situation – ?alibis. PLUS
  • tr Moon is the focal point (midpoint) in the 2nd house (personal assets) for natal Venus/Mars = highly excited; again a character trait of the Sun-Moon mix.  We could suggest rubbing her hands together in glee.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – subterfuge is second nature to this person (6th house) What she did over this time period of the hard aspect by Neptune to her nodal axis creates a life-significant relationship.  This is where she will become careless; her Achilles heel…

The second chart has all the same tension with a change of houses for the action. Cathy Jarvis is supposedly with Chase Merritt ensconced in their home watching a movie. Well we know that Chase’s phone was anyway.

I’ll leave the details of this second chart for others to interpret and just add the cusp news.

  • Natal mid-range Moon (blue) is ominously at the 8th house cusp of 22°Aries – need to transform other people’s assets, a priority
  • natal Jupiter (green) (green) also ominously at 22°Scorpio is ominously at the cusp of the 2nd house – inflating personal assets.

We can suggest that this woman was the recipient of a windfall of personal assets/other people’s money on the night of 4 February 2010.  Was this at the cost of the lives of the McStay family?  Was her part of the motive, financial gain?

Reaction to the arrest of Chase Merritt by Dan Kavanaugh:

DK-duo-Nov14We generate two bi-wheels – firstly from the arrest of Chase at 2pm on 5th November and the second at the arraignment a week later after the ‘EIP webmaster’ had time to digest the information.

The Merritt arrest:

  • With natal mid-range Moon at the cusp of the 11th house, we have a raw energy focusing on personal needs.   The arrest has likely come as a shock.
  • Natal Pluto is at the cusp of the 8th house – other people’s assets.  If he has any reason to be nervous about his role in the aftermath of the disappearance of his employer, that is certainly showing with Pluto at this ominous 22°Libra cusp.
  • tr Saturn quindecile natal Mars in the 3rd house of communication creates indecision; endeavouring to put a damper on things; playing down the risks.  As this is the first quindecile we have seen with this man, we must sit up and take notice.  He is out-of-control; obsessive. That’s a red flag.  The obsession is in the house of communication with the cusp Taurus (money); scheming likely. His chains are certainly being rattled as a result of this arrest of Chase Merritt.
  • tr Moon square Lunar nodal axis in the 5th/11th axis of friendship – an emotional reaction likely; traumatised.
  • Midpoint tr Mars/Pluto = natal Moon – insecure; aware of the risk of taking a chance by seeking publicity.

The Merritt arraignment:

  • Natal Neptune conjunct mid-heaven identifies emotional defensiveness; losing it.  Has he turned to alcohol or drugs at this point? It’s certainly not a positive indication of his psychological condition.
  • tr Moon conjunct Lunar nodal axis in the 5th/11th axis – needing emotional support from peers.
  • Midpoint tr Mars/Pluto = natal Moon has Mars taking the lead of Pluto by this date – excessive effort required to support self-belief.

Cathy Jarvis and the Merritt arrest/arraignment:

CMarrest-CathyJarvis-duoclick on chart for full size

I am led to understand that this couple has already separated prior to Chase Merritt’s arrest, however she is still the mother of his children so we can expect some reaction.  As to how personal a reaction, let the heavens be the judge.

cathy-jarvisNote: This little image has come to us from the social media account of Cathy Jarvis in 2014…

Merritt arrest and Cathy Jarvis:  We note Mars and Venus in the 8th house – assets and money are in the 8th house.  With natal Venus in the 8th house, is this child support payments that she is concerned about, and/or something more?

  • tr Sun (date on the calendar) conjunct natal Venus (pink) – illuminating her financial position as a result of this arrest.
  • tr Sun opposite mid-range natal Moon (blue) in 2nd house – personal financial needs are highlighted; possibly even a quindecile.  Does this emotive reaction possibly highlight an obsessional fear of an audit of her finances during 2010 as a result of this arrest?
  • tr Venus opposite natal Saturn – I would suggest that this likely confirms the above question, plus the hurt of ‘love lost’ resurrected.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Mercury – making career plans and how she will handle the inevitable public exposure; not wasting her time is she…
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Uranus in 7th house – this exposure will create sudden changes in her public relationships
  • tr Moon opposite natal Mars in 8th house – emotional conviction to move on/transform

Merritt arraignment and Cathy Jarvis:

There is still considerable action in the 8th house of death/transformation; endings with midpoints of interest to us as well as the continued tension as an emotive reaction to the event.

  • tr Mercury = natal Venus/Mars –  considering writing (heaven help us)
  • tr Sun/Saturn = natal Jupiter – break-up of a relationship for eventual gain; a cloud with a silver lining
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Uranus in 7th house – this exposure will create sudden changes in her public relationships   PLUS
  • tr Mars is by now square to natal Uranus – accelerating those sudden changes
  • tr Moon square natal Mars at 8th house cusp – disruption; strong need to fulfill needs; likely to ‘let it fly’ regarding her situation as a result of the arraignment publicity.
  • tr Sun opposite natal Saturn in 2nd house – illumination of ambition under the spotlight.  She’s already planning ahead how she can turn this event to her financial advantage.

A genealogy snippet of interest… does it run in the family?

James Wesley Merritt, Chase Merritt’s great grand-pappy was convicted of killing his wife’s cousin, Joel F. Brown. He was received at the prison in Huntsville, TX, on 12 Apr 1899 to serve a four-year sentence. His prisoner number was #17719.

1 December 2014

The rattling of the skeletons in the closet got me looking at another of his great grandson’s – Paul Merritt, younger brother of Chase.
 8th January 2015
  • Judge Runston Maino will hear the San Diego motion to unseal the warrants on January 23.
  • Judge Michael Smith will hear arguments on the San Bernardino motion on January 30.

30th January 2015 – **new page/thread started for Chase Merritt trial… under the stars.

This enquiry will explore the subtlety of the asteroids in this case.

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  1. Re the second bi-wheel – Summer McStay: We can immediately see Pluto of the event (inner wheel) is conjunct Summer’s natal Sun. It is highly likely she is deceased.
    This may amuse some skeptics, however Summer’s bi-wheel forensic indicators are very strong/pointing the way; she appears to ‘know what we need to know’.
    I can tell you that every case is not so co-operative. We’ll get locator angles for sure.

  2. I hope you comment further on what you see for the other missing members of this family. Most think Joey McStay is also deceased. I’ll try & follow along. Thanks MM.

  3. Rick Baker of “No Goodbyes” has declared on his blog that (it’s possible) Joe killed Summer. He evidently has some new information & no he hasn’t shared it. Would love to know his secret info. Funny that Joe has never surfaced long enough for the cops to nab him or anyone to take a picture. Do you think it’s possible he killed her?

  4. Marcy, I can tell you that Summer was killed on 4 Feb 2010 according to the charts.

    As to the suggestion that Joseph may have killed Summer, I would expect his natal Mars to be in the action in the 8:28pm bi-wheel – it’s not, plus Joseph’s natal Mars is in the 5th house in the same bi-wheel. One does not kill from the 5th house.
    Transiting Moon is opposite his natal Saturn, which can create his being overly emotional about his financial responsibilities (2nd-8th houses).
    In classic astrology, the ascendant conjunct natal Pluto can create rising into his power, however that is a daily occurrence. I interpreted this in forensic terms which is the reverse, that he is overpowered.

    To the best of my knowledge, Joseph McStay’s chart just doesn’t indicate that he killed his wife, Summer McStay.

  5. Thanks for putting my mind at rest. I should have paid more attention to the bi-wheels. I pored over his chart for 3 years & his 2010 Solar Return. Ixion (murder) was at 16:15 SAG in the disappear chart. JM’s 2010 SR has Mars conjunct Mercury at 16 – 17 SAG. So I concluded either he murdered or was murdered. Your method is superior, cuts straight to the heart of the matter.

  6. Remain skeptical about this method, Marcy. It’s only as good as the interpreter. We have the luck that Summer’s chart is very clear, whereas Joey and the boys is another story.
    Gianni’s chart is indicating possibly being ‘heavily sedated’ – transit Sun exact conjunct Neptune.
    Not knowing Joey Snr, I am puzzled as his chart is really quite passive considering what’s going on (he’s rolling with the punches rather than reacting).

    I see inactivity in the charts of serious murderers as killing someone is ‘a walk in the park’ for them – unemotional, however this would definitely not be the case on this occasion.

    I’ll work the case through again today as I’ve had a few curve balls in the meantime which have taught me much..

  7. I heard him speak to Joe Jr. on youtube video – Joe Sr. seemed aggressive, pushy – considering he was speaking & instructing a 2 year old. Mars square Venus perhaps. He wasn’t all sweetness & charm as some portray him to be. Even manipulative in speaking to Summer “Don’t make me do this” she said on the ride to look at the new house, I can only surmise she didn’t want to live in the sticks, far from the beach & life as she knew it. Hope you found something that gives a clue. Thanks, Marcy

  8. Hi again Marcy… From a review of the bi-wheels, nothing has changed IMO – I suggest that the whole family was most likely killed and that a certain male relative whom we know of as MM is seriously involved.
    I’ll add his bi-wheel and interpretation of the tension to this page (see above) then you can see why I am pointing the finger in his direction.

  9. Thanks Mountain Misst for the MM explanation, it’s all so clear now. All this time I didn’t see the quindeciles. You’re a genius.

  10. Marcy, am glad to be of assistance. I find quindeciles very useful in relation to understanding the psychological goings-on, however when it comes to pointing the finger, I wouldn’t use the quindecile as confirmation of a POI’s actions in the absence of other forensic indicators.
    I suggest this because obsessive-compulsive actions are very strong emotions in their own right.

  11. Mountain Misst. I believe the idea of a husband killing a wife is easier to handle than a brother killing a brother. Yes, both relationships can be filled with tension, but for a brother to kill a brother over money and jealousy and then kill his two little nephews while he adopts children from another country, it’s too much. Can this brother be so psychopathic that he can face the public, the police and the media without hesitation? Can he look at his mother, talk to his father, face his wife and children and go to church after such an act. This is beyond anything one can imagine. A killing, perhaps out of passion, rage or accident by a husband upon a wife or vice versa makes sense to us even though it’s wrong. We read about it all the time. Husbands and wives under pressure and, unfortunately, lashing out at one another. But a brother, plotting and planning the death of his only sibling? For what gain? To clear his financial difficulty, to end his long hatred of his brother because he was favored by their father especially since this sibling was adopted? There are other reasons, but all, I believe senseless and cold blooded. So cold it feels like the devil’s work and that’s why it’s difficult, impossible to imagine it is the case, the theory of the vanishing McStay family. If true, what else would a man like this be capable of? Who else would he target to get his needs satisfied? I hope that Rick’s theory is close to the truth and that the children, those sweet boys, will be found alive, loved and cared for by at least one of their parents and that this was an accident or a fight between two people, a husband and wife who had a love for one another at one time.. I could live with that news. But, I’d have nightmares with your predictions Mountain Misst. There would be less trust in the world and in people generally if you’re right and MM did this terrible thing. So I like Rick’s theory and don’t want to think about your prediction anymore. Your astrology, your charts make sense, but I hope they are so wrong. I believe this is what is dring the rejection of your analysis. I hope I didn’t offend. Thank you for hearing me out.

  12. The bodies of the Mcstays were found in shallow graves off the Barstow highway, in high desert country, 100 miles south of their home. Mike Mcstay (the brother of Joe) was the 1st person contacted by the sheriff.

  13. But true, if there is nothing there, then, that’s the end of that path. I was disappointed to see none of our usual weekend shows highlighted the murders, and Nancy Grace who usually does this here on CNN simply runs her re-runs on the weekends,and so she ran the re-run of 2010 when they went missing (were murdered) as we know now. No updates other than on the highlights this morning news, a word from the father Patrick saying what a wonderful son he had and how terribly the San Diego police had harmed this case from being solved.

  14. The end result of all the speculations (aside from the spot on provided by this site) shows how difficult it is to rationalize peoples lives and motives without detailed personal data which the public never gets until someone writes a book about the event much later. MM stated within a month after the family went missing that he was
    “afraid” the family would be found in shallow graves.”My fear is that I’m looking for two adult shallow graves and … my two nephews’ crosses,” Michael McStay said. “If there’s no evidence of foul play at the house, like police said, it doesn’t mean there’s not a crime scene elsewhere.” MM in March 2010 MM is clearly a strange bird, he is alleged to have helped himself to his deceased brothers business account along with the webmaster, adopted two Negro African children and otherwise displays behavior designed to broadcast hyper conformity.The family website only offered a paltry $1000 reward, a bit of a formality to “show” how concerned MM was. Who knows what ill will (in MM’s mind) existed between himself and his brother that in a twisted mind extended to the entire family ?

  15. Summer’s ex-husband is Albert Vergara; don’t know birthdate or whereabouts. Her ex-boyfriend is Vick Johansen, birthdate unknown; he has lived in Big Bear, CA and I believe currently lives in San Clemente, CA, where Summer and Joey lived before moving to Fallbrook. Another POI you might look into – he is of great interest in this case – is Michael McFadden of Laguna Beach, CA. He is the husband of Joey’s ex-wife Heather, and is about 48 years old. He had been threatening to Joey and Summer.

  16. Here is a PDF article (from October 2013) with photo featuring Michael McFadden, husband of Joseph McStay’s ex-wife Heather. Heather’s father evidently started the jewelry business they share today. He is the one Patrick McStay suspects the most. Reasons given: That he is an ex-con, that he has money (to hire a hit team) and that he has motive (the CPS case in which Joseph and Summer McStay had alledged McFadden was abusing Jonah the first son of Joseph.) After the disappearance of the McStays the case was resolved and charges were dropped as Susan Blake wrote an email to Joseph because she continued to communicate with him, believing he might still be alive and checking his email. This is written in the book “No Goodbyes,” by Rick Baker. Also in the book McFadden says to Joseph, “Muzzle your wife or I will muzzle her for you.” This also according to the book- Heather became pregnant with Jonah by McFadden but in an attempt to save the marriage Joey offered to raise the child as his own. Heather at first agreed, then later divorced Joey and married McFadden. So they are the blood parents of Jonah, yet legally Jonah was Joey’s son and he paid child support to them.
    Baker, left room for lots of speculation in his book and leaned toward the Summer killed Joey theory. He has since recalled his book and removed it from Amazon, however he has a blog under rickgbaker.

  17. I’m a different Mary but I assume you can tell that by the logo next to my name. Here is the website for Rock Martin Jewelry. This won’t tell you birthdates but there are photos and with names you can look it up on people finders with an account. Or at If Heather and Michael have blood children other than Jonah it will be listed under births, marriage and deaths. If you don’t have and account most libraries will have what’s called an ancestry library account and you can access that info there also. There is a way to look up criminal past but I don’t know how to do it.

  18. Ok, getting closer but the poster didn’t leave a birthdate. This is a list of charges on Michael James McFadden. (From Rickgbaker BlogSpot)
    Other filed charges on Michael James McFadden:
    Charge Charge Date Charge Dispo Date Charge Dispo Type
    459/460(a) PC – Burglary 07/16/1998 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    422 PC – Assault 07/16/1998 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    273.5(a) PC – Domestic Violence 07/16/1998 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    12022.7(d) PC – Infliction of great bodily injury on a child under the age of five … 07/16/1998 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    422 PC – Assault 07/16/1999 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    240 PC – Attempt to inflict violent force on another person. 07/16/1999 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    245(a)(1) PC – Assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm 07/16/1998 01/18/2000 Pled Guilty
    12022.7(d) PC – Infliction of great bodily injury on a child under the age of five… 07/16/1998 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    422 PC – Criminal Terrorist Threat 07/16/1999 01/18/2000 Pled Guilty
    664-187 PC – Attempted Murder 07/16/1998 02/25/2000 Dismissed.

  19. The two people I suspected were MM and I also questioned the first sons father/stepfather. I did notice S’s personality as well as JM’s personality. She seemed to be bossy, annoyed, around the first son. When the first son and his friends were on the surfboard. They’re all having fun and here came S to shut it all down! First feeling Bitch! JM’s feeling manipulative and sneaky. Involved in things obviously the decision maker. The brothers statement was as if he was practicing, but couldn’t conceal his true emotions! He gave me a creepy vibe! And I didn’t feel he was being completely genuine. Something off about him something sketchy something not right during his statement. As for the father/stepfather I questioned about him, “What’s up with the first sons stepdad/dad?” Was there any beef? And apparently my instinct was right on after reading your blog and Ricks blog. This is actually my first time on your site; so I didn’t have prior knowledge of suspects, but I see I’m on the right path! I hope it all ends up with justice prevailing, but if not there’s always the afterlife the killer or killers will have to deal with! I’m sure the killer or killers will have nightmares and visions for years to come. There is Hell on Earth, and payment. Justice comes in different forms. In front of everyone or in secrecy. Nothing shocks or surprises me any more. I’ve heard of kids dying over sneakers and $20 debts. Human beings are a nasty bunch but I still have to believe the Good prevails over Evil!

  20. CM gave an interview to the DM. It’s said that JM’s oldest boy (the one that lives with Mcfadden & Heather) isn’t JM’s biological child – it’s Mcfaddens & JM knew this all along. I’ve seen pictures of him & younger sister (that is Mcfadden’s daughter by Heather) & they look identical, so I tend to believe it’s Mcfaddens son. He was 17 on Sept. 9, 2013 (probably more information than you wanted to know! but there it is…)

  21. Mountain Misst, have you checked Rick Baker’s blog lately? He has a post from a “famous psychic,” which makes for some interesting reading. It is under its own heading. I wonder if you have an idea of whom this person is?

  22. Thanks. I never thought it could be him, and this validates it as far as I’m concerned. I’ve posted the timeline on Websleuths in the Israel Keyes thread. It rather amazes me why so many people are resolutely determined to believe that he was the killer, no matter what’s put in front of them. They’ll probably just ignore it.

  23. The ‘electric cable spool on the kitchen floor’ theory was discussed some time back in web sleuths. Jumping off the report that one of the bodies was tied with cable, sleuths went on the hunt. An interior shot of the McStay house showed something unidentifiable on the floor of the kitchen – discussion followed. The consensus was that it was too small to be an empty electrical cable spool.

    We don’t know if the electric cable on the bodies was 1st fit wiring cable (as in an electrician’s bag of tricks), an extension lead, or a lamp cord.

    Astrology+electricity=Uranus. Seek out a natal chart with cusp 10th house (career) Aquarius.

    Re the psychic – have you checked if it is Empathy?

  24. I have no idea who it might be, and Baker certainly wouldn’t divulge his/her identity. Unless, Mountain Misst, he were asked by you – do you think?

  25. RB and I have been in direct contact in the past, however his comments were that he appreciated ‘the time I devoted to my enquiry’ rather than the content of my enquiry. He also generously gave me an e-copy of his book.
    Further contact has not been fruitful.

  26. I have posted on Baker’s blog with regard to your initial prediction in this case and its astounding accuracy, and asked him if he had any comment on it. We’ll see if he responds. I’m sure others will.

  27. Another tidbit. Someone has found an image of the graves on google earth from March 2013, that shows tire tracks backing up to the graves. MM noticed & measured them the other day (they planted crosses on the graves in remembrance) & the wheel span fit a digger machine. Note the earth in that area is hardpan under an alkalai cover. – impossible to dig in a short time. Some are speculating the graves weren’t dug by hand.

  28. This is spooky.~From an Anonymous at Baker Blog. ” I saw on Facebook that Michael McStay owns Precision Fire Systems and
    there are lots of pics on their Facebook page also.”

  29. Fixed it all Marcy. With the new date we have the child with a Saturn Rx… that’s interesting for a start plus no fewer than three conjunctions between Jonah and Joseph McStay I’d say that was an affirmative wouldn’t you?

  30. I have a strange feeling about the brother. Did anyone read the 11/21/13 11:20 post or Rick Bakers Blog?

  31. I just looked at this page and agree. Somehting is not right. I see a lot of excavation, construction sites, holes, and also a white pick up. Didnt someone mention they spotted one leaving the driveway by the neighbors camera. The 2010 comment about finding them in a shallow grave by MM? Is this just all a coincidence? Was he involved or did he know something? Someone is trying to tell us something.

  32. Joey McStay is Jonah’s bio father. Heather was pregnant with a second child that McFadden was bio father of.

  33. Supposedly, Michael was always borrowing from Joey, and had money problems. Perhaps this isn’t true after all, for it looks to be a very profitable business enterprise started in 2007 accdg to FB. It just got a whole lot more profitable since I suppose. Hmmm.

  34. There is a psychic on Bakers Blog that says Summer keeps telling her to LOOK AT THE HOUSE!!! What could this mean?

  35. I see now that you were referring to Jonah. Considering Joey’s extreme close feelings towards Jonah, it is not surprising that your reading is correct.

  36. @Mick: I did. Amy Bradley born 5/12/74 Norfolk Va. I used a Sunrise birth chart (no tob known) With the transits that day, she more than likely, in my opinion, died after being held. Both her natal Mars & Saturn are square to Pluto, that’s a tough road. I once drew up a chart for the last seen: On the Ship 3/24/1998 at 5:58AM (I think on the cruise deck) in Willemstad NANT 68w56 12n12. I know her parents believed all these years she is still alive “out there somewhere” afraid and sold into bondage, but I believe she died quickly after taken. I also remember how terrible people were to send letters (psychics, and eye witnesses) looking for money from her parents and even roping them in for years with these false sightings…..trying to keep their hope alive. Sad case, but there are many sad cases in this old world. 😦

  37. Was Joran van der Sloot a POI Deb? I wrote about him and Natalee Holloway in the Dutch Antilles… No – I just checked, he would have been only 11 years old – just a tad too young I think.

  38. Ever hear information on this missing person? Maura Murray. DOB. 5-4-82 Missing since 2-9-2004 from Haverhill , New Hampshire . Very mysterious

  39. Yes I did an enquiry on Maura Murray disappearance not long back. I decided not to make a post on this blog as there was nothing untoward in the charts re a POI involved in her disappearance.
    My notes –
    Solar arc (where she was at in her life) had her taking control of her voice and relocation planned.
    Initial bi-wheel of the car found in the snow-drift/call-in to LE and her natal chart – transiting Mars conjunct Moon at the descendant (in the heavens at the time).
    Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Mars+square natal Mercury – that’s in control of her actions, however she may have been overly confident of her survival skills and succumbed to the elements. Either that or she’s moved on with her life and chooses to be missing.

    Unfortunately I don’t have an obvious locator angle in the bi-wheel in order to search for her.

  40. So interesting how you do this.. Seems to be pretty much spot on or very close to it.. Any more you can say at this point about the Mcstay case?

  41. Hi: No, Joran was not a POI then. I think as I vaguely recall, it was thought to be some nefarious looking guys who actually worked onboard that cruise ship she was on with her younger brother and parents. Some were flirting with her. But like with the McStay case, people went down many different corridors to try & figure it out and came up with some wild scenarios as possibilities. She was dead right off, just like the McStays were!

  42. Have you done Madeleine McCann’s? Her DOB May 12 2003 Leicester, England-Mother Kate McCann March 5, 1968 Liverpool, England-Father Gerry McCann June 5, 1968 Glasgow, Scotland- once POI Robert Murat November 20,1973 London, England. Madeleine disappeared evening of May 3, 2007, Praia de Luz, Portugal.

  43. I really stuck the boot in with the Madeline McCann case, didn’t I… lol Murat’s chart is quite interesting – I’m thinking that he has a possible karmic connection to the case. His natal Neptune on the ascendant at the time (the invisible man) plus other aspects that could jump off the page, but the violent indicators aren’t present to implicate him IMO.

  44. You’re right ‘on the money’ Deb – Amy Bradley died. I just did the bi-wheel of event as per times provided by you plus natal chart:
    Transiting Sun (date on the calendar) opposite natal Pluto – death indicator
    Transiting Sun square natal Saturn – grim reaper, death indicator
    Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Neptune in 9th house – hmmm this one is interesting – ?crew
    Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Moon 11th house (within range – I used midday chart) – friends are not friends.
    Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Moon 11th house (within range if born in the evening) – emotional upheaval.
    Transiting Lunar nodal axis at the MC/IC axis – drama on the high seas

  45. I don’t think so. If someone would only follow that red line! Another factor in her case are the dogs. These dogs are almost never wrong. I’ve experienced one in a search for my cat. It was spot on and luckily my kitty was alive. I really want to believe the McCanns but what are the chances the dogs would get a hit in the apartment AND the rental car, as well. I think Eddie did his job and only fortifies what astrology tells us. Thank you for these fascinating interpretations. Your methodology and explanations make it easy for the lay person to understand.

  46. Jeremy Crocker was researching the crash of TWA Flight 800(Feb 20.2005) and had uncovered damning evidence that someone did not want out – the government story was a cock and bull scenario that made no sense, scores of eyewitness testimony was ignored, including an engineer that identified the object streaking upward was a ground to air missile. Crocker disappeared five days after a radio interview in LA on Dec 9, 2006. Probably dead shortly thereafter, interesting to see what a chart would show ?

  47. I’ll see what I can find Mick. Those dates you’ve given me are inaccurate so I’ve not followed them

    There’s not a lot around to give me the specifics we need, however I have his birth data and with the TWA Flt800 time of crash (8:31pm 17th July 1996) I’ll be able to at least interpret why his particular fascination with the event. Here’s the page where I’ll work the charts –

    As to his disappearance on 9th December 1996 – that is one bizarre chart.

  48. While I somewhat agree with this post I do see how LE is not always correct in their analogies. What I do believe in is forensic science and DNA. I only pray that LE follows all of these clues and POI’s now that they have prrof of a homicide rather than what they have done so far. This case has been public for almost 4 Years. All the info is out there. How does anyone expect those who have followed this story every day to sit back and wait for LE to tell us the truth? We want answers now, the people demand it. So, while we wait for the truth to come out we speculate and arrive at our own conclusions, right or wrong, the truth is there somewhere.

  49. Hello ~Think I found the birth dates of Summer’s ex-husband (snip by MM – info since determined to be the wrong bloke)
    Plus ex-boyfriend Vick Johansen – March 7, 1977 (Summer was eleven years older than him, could explain why she had the fake birth certificate stating she was 11 yrs younger than she actually was…)

  50. I went to the california birthdata .org site that I saw here last night (which I can’t find the link to this morning) & found Mcfadden’s birth data. It’s Nov. 26, 1964, Los Angeles County. The city the child is born in will not be displayed – I have 2 kids born In Berkeley & Temple City, & it only shows the county where they were born. Mcfadden lists his year of birth as 1964 & there is only one Michael J. Mcfadden born in LA in 1964. Mars Moon conjunct in Virgo – South node smack on Mercury. Saturn 28:53 Aquarius. Oh my…

  51. Well spotted Marcy. If children aren’t going to be this man’s karma; his downfall, then I don’t know what is… I’ve reproduced his chart above in the group of three under Nov. 28th.

  52. Does anyome know the brother (Michael) birth data. In 2010 he commented to People magazine about hoping they dont find them in “2 shallow graves”.

    Now that the bodies have been found in “2 shallow graves” I cant help but wonder. Often in statement analysis its been seen later that some of the main suspects or the person later charged “leaked” little details about the crime.

    considering how rarely bodies are found in shallow graves this comment is concerning.

  53. I’m quite sure Mountain Misst knows it. It’s at the end of January. She said it was dead spot on, as I recall.

  54. Ok astro sleuths – you want MMcStay’s birth date then here’s a test for you. There is a bi-wheel with MMcS natal planetary positions on the outer wheel above.

    Put your astrology hats on and follow the transits. Sun is 03degrees Aquarius, so it’s January, but what year? Look for Jupiter 23 Capricorn or Saturn 14 degrees Gemini. Then follow up with Venus and Mercury before finally the Moon, to get the time…

    And for those who don’t want to google astrology questions then go hunt birth records in various states. Follow where Patrick might have been when MM was born and query that state’s birth records online. Won’t cost you any more than your time.

    So what shall we have as a prize? LOL

  55. Thanks Mary. If differs a little from what I was given by an astrologer. Did you work this out from astrology, or was the birth data available online? I’d like to check. Thanks.

  56. Please note that this AV has since been discounted as being Summer’s husband – amended charts are in the post above….. MM

    Hello ~Think I found some more info on Summer’s ex-husband Albert R. V. Now, the link says his legal name is Albert Felix Vergara, which makes sense since he was born to a Ms. Felix (Rosalind A. Felix to be exact) on 10/21/1966. Pay special attention to the Commitment Information in the this link:
    Of course, it also says he’s currently an inmate with an admission date of 1/22/1993 and I read somewhere that he and Summer divorced in 1994. At any rate, check out the various names/aliases for this guy in this link:

    Thinking he has connections behind bars and could possibly be responsible in part, for the demise of the McStays…

  57. Thanks Nymeria. And here was I innocently wondering why his chart was suspicious – he is one scary felon. I need to have a serious analysis of his chart – and I will.

  58. I worked out Michael’s birthday from your charts and the Swiss Ephemeris. Then I remembered I had seen Joseph was born in Ohio so I googled vital statistics Ohio and found a site called public records 360. Michael’s name came up and all the places he’s lived including Akron and persons related. Plus this verified his age. I remember him thanking a deli owner somewhere on the McStay website and saying he was the one responsible for he and Joseph coming out to California (I think he was referencing that it was Susan’s marriage after Patrick.) I deduced that he was born in Ohio from that info. I’m not familiar with houses in astrology or degrees, so I’m lost as to how to tell time on the wheel.

  59. Mary, here is a link for the Moon’s ephemeris for 1973: It appears that at 8 AM the Moon was in Libra, but prior to that, if in the early hours of the morning, like after midnight the night before, it still could have been in Virgo. IF in Libra, the Moon stayed in LIbra the entire day. You’d need to check the moon’s speed for movement and more detail, but it appears to me, it more than likely was in Libra, (early, mid or even later degree depending on tob. Staying in this sign until it changed to Virgo on the 25th well after the noon hour. Safely, the Moon was in Libra. How does the Moon behave in Libra, an air sign, not one of compassion necessarily, but more about intellect and even justice (their justice) ? It is the sign of the scales. Depends a lot on the entire chart.

  60. I meant to say, I think it was in Libra all day. Percentages only on the sign. The Moon doesn’t find it’s fall in Libra or even Virgo, but they are both rather chilly moon reactions, when not in water or fire. More intellectually bound for the emotions.

  61. “There is a further POI I have yet to track down. We don’t have a name yet for this person, however they would be born mid October 1968. That makes them about 45 years old as I write now in Nov, 2013.”
    Gosh I really wish I could let this go but I can’t help thinking about the “house” on Avocado Ln..
    Can you please create a chart for Diane Cirignani, DOB 10/2/1968? She’s the president of Vernazza Realty. Same company SM used to work for. Interestingly enough, DC says “Joseph, 40, and Summer, 37, both have real estate licenses. They found their house in Fallbrook on their own.”

    But according to this:, Vernazza Realty is listed as the selling brokerage.

    Also, someone posted in a thread on the websleuths forum that SM could be heard saying “Pala Mesa is left on (old?) 35. That’s a reference point for John and Diane” at about 57 seconds into the youtube video JM uploaded entitled “Avocado Lane Prop”.

  62. Aha, thanks Mary. We’re getting closer. If it’s any consolation my astrologer mentor made me work for it as well… lol
    She says that Mikey’s Moon is on Joey’s Pluto, which is at 26’57” Virgo (Moon can range either side up to an orb of 5 degrees). When we consider this Moon placement it suggests either Jan 23rd or the opening minutes of Jan 24th. This Moon-Pluto tension explains part of the dynamic between these two males.

    The ‘unknown’ or ‘uncertain’ can lean to subjective interpretation of natal charts and that is why we use a timed event chart on this blog in preference to a natal chart as the basis for an FA enquiry.

    On that fateful evening when the family disappeared, Saturn (the grim reaper) was transiting at 4’12” Libra – that is exact conjunct Mikey’s Pluto (standing at the entry to the underworld) and within range of his Moon (driving need) as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just whisper in mom’s ear – what time was he born?

  63. When I was a real estate agent, people would sign up to become one in order to get a reduction on their homes they purchased. In otherwords,the commission is split, sometimes 40-60 sometimes more profitable for the broker of record sometimes for the agent depending on how many sales they made. So I’m not surprised that it’s confusing when looking up the records of the sale.

  64. Mike’s moon couldn’t possibly be 26:57 Virgo – at 12:00.01 am on the 23rd it’s 28:47 Virgo – the earliest possible moment. I have him born in Houston not Akron. Even if born in Akron it’s 28:14 Virgo. That gives him a 12th house Moon & Pluto. He doesn’t strike me as having a 12th house Moon. Or Uranus on the ascendant of Libra. What would be a good house placement for a man whose only brother was cruelly murdered?

  65. Thanks to Hawkins Deb for the info. Does anyone know the birthdate of C.M.’s girlfriend? One thing I find striking about the phone record is that Joey’ phone made no calls to anyone after the lunch but C.M. (And voicemail) The calls are very short. One minute, two minutes and three minutes. They are spaced at least one half hour apart. Joey was known as someone who was always on the phone. If you look at the morning log, there is almost no time when he is not on the phone. He doesn’t answer Summer’s text at the end either. What would the chart look like between C.M. and J. M. during that lunch time from approximately 1p.m to 3p.m.? Any thoughts?

  66. I have no info on CM’s ex, Mary.

    At 2pm on 4 Feb 2010, Uranus is in the career house creating a buzz.
    The cool head of Saturn is in the 4th – turning thoughts towards home.
    With Moon in the 5th, that’s the children’s needs uppermost.
    Saturn Rx square Pluto continued to transit overhead continuing the pressure of authority/power.

    Pluto crossed the horizon/cusp 7th house stepping to the public realm – power is now in the public arena.
    At the same time Saturn is square ascendant – time to chew your nails.
    Mercury in the 7th house quindecile 2nd house Mars Rx is the compulsive “pay up” that is of greatest concern.

    This is not a conversation between CM and JMcS. It’s the tension builder for what is to come.

  67. Please note that this particular AV has since been discounted as being the husband of Summer….. MM

    Thanks, I totally discounted him as someone from the distant past, until I saw his chart. I’m putting my $$$ on him. He’s the most likely to have MM connections. I can’t find any info about his offense, the victim, etc. He committed murder on Jan, 21, 1992 & was sentenced in ’93. Evidently there were twins, Albert J. & Albert R. born the same day in LA. Parents moved to Arizona & bought a house. They still live in it.

    His natal chart has asteroid “Virginia” 5:26,Virgo, Fanale 5:59 Virgo, & Mars 5:20 Virgo – all trine her Sun – Virginia was retro at 5:54 Virgo in the Disappear chart. Funny that he has “California” 7:59 Scorpio & the NN of the Discovery of 4 bodies chart is 7:43 Scorpio.

    Wonder how she was found – the facebook videos? They led right to the front door.

  68. Here’s an interesting one: 3 girls disappeared on Dec 23 1974, in Fort Worth Texas, last seen at the Seminary South Shopping Center. Purchased presents were found the the trunk of the car they went in. Witnesses recollected various incidents, some saying they saw the girls in a private security vehicle, one that he witnessed 3 girls being forced into a van, another that 3 girls were forced into a pick up. Psychics predicted skeletons in various locales around Fort Worth, and in one instance three female skeletons were in fact uncovered, but they were not the missing girls There names and birthdays are:
    Julie Ann Moseley 04/05/65 (age 9)
    Lisa Renee Wilson 08/29/60 (age 14)
    Mary Rachael Trlica 11/15/57 (age 17)
    Considering what I have learned from the McStay case and other mp cases I would guess they are long since deceased.
    The day after the disappearance a mysterious letter in handwriting that could not be identified was retrieved from
    the mailbox by Mary Trilca’s husband, claiming all the girls were going to Houston for a week.The zip code printed on the letter was “76083”, but the 3 was printed backward, so it was thought perhaps the zip was 76088. They were Texas zip codes in any event.
    Any thoughts ?

  69. Okey doke Mick. From the data you have given me, we can determine whether the three girls are alive or dead, that’s about all.What we need is the birth data of persons of interest. There’s Mary Rachael’s sister for a start as DM Hoover suggests and I read that the detectives have 5 persons of interest.
    If you can get the birth data on some or all of these persons then we have something to really get our teeth into. We can say yea or nay for each one quite easily.

    In the meantime I’ll generate basic charts. Sometimes children go like ‘doves’ as they are used to doing what they are told, so the emotive response is missing in the bi-wheels. It’s the rebellious children who are most helpful with this method, or so I’ve found so far. We’ll see what comes up. If we get more info I’ll make a separate page so we can work with it.

  70. Deb – transiting Venus 13° 02″ Capricorn is in common with all 3 girls. Who has got their head in the sand over this case?

    Transiting Venus is trine natal South Node for the eldest; MRT – so we really need her other family members’ data.
    Forensic indicators in the other 2 girls/victims natal charts are connected to transiting Venus as well.

    IMO, it is the connection to MRT we have to chase down, then the others will fall into place.

  71. Some degrees called critical degrees are like glaring lights. 13 and 26 of the cardinal signs. I’ll need to look at her chart tomorrow, hopefully.
    goodnight all 🙂

  72. It’s the transiting Venus on 23 December 1974 that is 13Capricorn. It’s a horrendous day – Mars-NN-Neptune all conjunct.

    Need a double check on the birth date for Julie Ann Moseley too please – Charley project says 5 April 1965 and another site gives 23 December 1965 (2nd version says it was actually her birthday and that’s why she got to go shopping with the older girls). The second date is more in line with what I’m getting, but need clarification.

  73. Juno the asteroid connected to Venus according to the ancient Romans (with the Greeks she was called Hera) is also about jealousy, intense jealousy. I use the 4 “big” asteroids often, Juno, Pallas Ceres & Vesta. These 4 are all intimately connected with Venus. Now Burke’s natal has a stellium bridging the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn. When Jon Benet was killed I noticed that he had these following transits: The Sun that day over his Neptune; Venus tr. over his Ceres in Sag. Tr. Jupiter over his Capricorn Vesta. Transiting Juno over his natal Mars/NN conj. 13 & 14 Aries.

  74. Actually no I haven’t touched upon it yet. I’m going to do one on the larger stories, Cons & Crimes, but not this one because it’s such a touchy story I think. There is the dead girl, M’s Kercher and then the girl who lives still who Italy wants to retry. She will not be extradited however. I think they were all partying and it really got out of hand. Looking at Meredith’s chart I see she had 28°Scorpio (opposed to Algol) really bad news, according to my Algol & Fixed Star Astrology ebook (shameless plug) 🙂 but really it is, plus it’s with Saturn So she essentially has a Juno opposite Algol and with Saturn plus a Black Moon Lilith conjunct Algol

  75. That suggests to me anyway that she didn’t know how to pick her friends or esp. b.f. /men in her life OR it could signify simply that she’d be stalked by someone and it would be “bad news” because of that Algol situated opp her Juno and conj. her BML. To augment, her natal Venus is 1Capricorn (very critical) and it’s conjunct Neptune… totally rose colored glasses girl. Her natal Mars & Pluto are only 1.5degrees apart in Scorpio. When she died, Tr. Juno and Tr Sun with tr BML were ALL over (conjunct) her natal mars & Pluto. Heavy stuff here…

  76. I just noticed so I’ll pass it on, but when we look at her natal chart, we see a bucket formation, meaning only one planet and in this case it’s a Light, (the Moon) is opposite all her other planets and their stelliums in clearly 1/2 of her natal chart. That suggests she was of a troubled emotional state often, or at least I’d think so because her Moon is quincunx both Mercury & Uranus (the unexpected & extremes) and more than likely, she had a Moon opposing her Sun when she was born.

  77. Thanks ladies for your input. Mountain Miist , wow, the Kercher case must be a real mind-blower for you. But, I understand. I don’t read about all crime either. Is there a place online where I could generate charts myself (for free)? Where I could practice? I don’t know that I would figure out much but I get the general idea with the planets in the signs and the overlap of birth time/event time. Know a little about retrogrades. Still studying what each house is about. I read the Motherpeace Tarot and there is definitely an astrology connection.

  78. check out Astrodienst online. It’s based in Switzerland. Either use that name or their shorter one “ “for free charts. You can store up to 100 at a time for free there and come back and do all sorts of things with them as you learn. Otherwise, there are also some free programs to download your own blank charts. But this seems to be a favorite with many.

  79. Yes Deb – Kercher didn’t really have a ‘Hope in Hades’ of making a go at life and the lass in the US; well for the record:
    Using the CCTV footage 8:43pm 1 Nov 2007 as an event time and Amanda Knox as the outer wheel –
    midpoint Ascendant=natal Sun/Mercury. She is ‘in the picture’ at the time of the death of Meredith Kercher (as is Rudy Guede).
    transit Moon square natal Pluto
    transiting Pluto conjunct natal Moon (exact with noon birth time)
    transit Uranus square natal Saturn
    transiting Sun conjunct Pluto

    Mary – is the way to go; once you get a handle on how to drive it. It’s worth persisting.

  80. Thank you. I’ve used astrodienst travel charts as a tool for possible relocation astrology. I’ll look at what else I can do there.

  81. Concerning Maddie McCann, I have both read and saw the police sketches of a younger man seen by one of the McCann friends as she was walking back to her condo room, carrying a young girl in pj’s who was sleeping. So the whole idea of passive or not passive doesn’t count if this woman accurately reported what she saw. The child was asleep. Whether by a drug or who knows what, perhaps just dead asleep that night, as some children will sleep that soundly. The sketch should be available online. Police Sketch of man carrying sleeping child in pjs.

  82. Mountain Misst, what do you make of these court papers in relationship to the “Pay up” you say about the house? Michael and the other person Jesus Duran had court action brought against them for fraud in obtaining loans totaling close to $190,000. According the suit, they both lied about their income, PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT and primary use for the house they were purchasing. According to this website, the case was brought in May 2011. After the McStays disappeared. And in the end Jesus Duran went to prison for 20 years and MM settled because Joey was not alive to say Mike was not the owner of Earth Inspired Products. (Note: I’ve removed the link as Rick Baker has closed the site)

  83. Mary – the documents shared on that link have been around for a couple of years and relate to a loan that MM took out fraudulently claiming to be the owner of EIP; Joey’s company. It’s nothing to do with the purchase of the Avocado Vista Lane house.
    By re-releasing the court documents at this time, Rick Baker is highlighting the sham – MM’s supposed ‘nice-guy’ reputation. Mike McStay is not the angel, nor the upright Christian he purports to be. These documents reveal that Mike McStay covets his brother’s ability to get a home loan…

    What the comments on that link bring up for us, is the name of a POI whom we haven’t considered. I’m wondering if this Jesus Duran is the person who “lit the fire” between the brothers – my elusive POI. Can you hunt down his birth data from court documents/charge sheet for the suggested fraud charge (I need facts not rumour) and I’ll whip up a chart. Cheers.

  84. Ok, I’ll try. But I’m kind of limited on stuff like this. I’m inviting anyone else who can investigate Jesus Duran to do so also. P.S. I realize the documents above are related to a loan fraud case brought against JD and MM. But, since it wasn’t brought until after the McStays disappeared, did Joey even know that his brother had pretended to be the owner of EIP on the 2007 loan application. With the court date coming up, was the heat coming down? Was MM looking at prison time if the real owner was alive? And did he need money to settle with? A kind of “pay up”. Maybe it’s a stretch but just an idea. The only thing I’ve found so far. It leads to California Felon search.

  85. Is there any way we can find out the time of day they were actually reported missing to the Police? That would have started the so-called investigation.

  86. I’ve got the date Deb, but not the time. Feb. 15 (Monday) Michael McStay reports family missing. I checked with Bessie -MPR has not been released by LE.

    When I generate a Noon chart we get Neptune exact conjunct MC; Moon square Asc.

  87. I’ve whipped up a couple of charts on Dan Kavanagh, Lamadama. I had previously let him off the hook in relation to the disappearance of the family, however here are the charts. See above in red: 21 December 2013. Charts would agree that he was likely off on a surfing safari.

  88. The first male child is considered a prince isn’t he. When he is the first grandchild, well everyone’s world just revolves around him. When that grandchild isn’t treated the way everyone expects him to be treated there’s going to be trouble. When Joey left his ex-wife, he left Jonah also. The grandmother continued to favor the ex-wife over Summer. Now Mike and the grandmother are siding with the ex-wife and her husband over the father, Mike’s and Joey’s, saying Jonah comes first. Patrick, Joey’s father is not allowed to go to Joey’s services because they say it will upset Jonah since Patrick named the stepfather as a person of interest in his son Joey’s murder. When you say Mikey was “standing at the entry to the underworld,” I wonder what that means to the case? Could it be because he favored his mom, the grandmother, and Jonah, the first born male child, over his own father and maybe his brother and perhaps did something he felt would calm his mother’s nerves? Has anyone done a chart on Mike and Joey’s mother?

  89. ‘Guarding the door to the underworld’ or similar wording, is a reference to Greco/Roman mythology. Saturn guards the entry into Pluto’s realm for it is the collapse of external values, which eventually leads to the burning ground. Think in terms of the River Styx, Tartarus etc. It figures in most religions.

    Provide me with the birth data for Susan and I am happy to generate a chart, IP – however I doubt very much that she is involved in the disappearance or murder of the McStay family.

  90. I think we need to eliminate Mike McStay as a POI. If he is guilty of anything, it is having knowledge of what was really going on with Joe–and his business–and his resources–and his wife–before the family went missing. Yes, I think he knows about some shady activities, as well as other things but I don’t think he wanted to lose his brother and I don’t think he had anything at all to do with the deaths. The family pettiness has to be caused by the fact that some of them (Mike, Susan) knew that Joey was dabbling in making some money in an illegal manner–and then some of them did not know (Patrick) and so they are laying blame on each other. in addition, Summer and her family (Mom and sister) are easy targets for blame too, as they also had knowledge of Summer’s shady past and possibly what she was up to at the time of the dissapearance. I really don’t think that those who had knowledge of “things” have been honest because they are afraid of the Police and afraid to admit that they sat by and the worst of the worst happened. The investigation needs to move in the direction of non-family members–people who were “close” to Joe and Summer, who had been in the house, even if only one time. If I had to put money on it today–there is one individual that I think did this and we have not really focused on him at all. I think he knew enough about Joe and Summer and the business to be able to set it up like they were leaving voluntarily and set up other business associates to look “implicated”. No, its not CM or DK of M. McF. The person has sun in pisces with a pisces father and scorpio mother; he wallows in emotion that he is not able to manage; he is violent, ruthless and very dangerous.

  91. LOL!! You’ve already done his chart dear Mountain Misst–sorry for being confusing but my bells are going off loud and clear today–you know how some days one finds oneself to be a tad more intuitive than usual and voila……I looked at the charts from a synastry perspective – lining up his chart (march 7 1977, Sonoma California – 12pm(noon) and the day they disapeared – Feb 4 2010, Fallbrook California – 12pm (noon). There I see sun, venus very close to his mars 22 aquarius; neptune with chiron close by; jupiter close to his natal mercury and sun; the sun approaching uranus in pisces; moon in scorpio approaching his natal uranus in scorpio–overall I think that he tortured them for several days–as the moon and sun made their contacts. He had the motives and the motivation. His psyche, when looked at from the chart is disturbed and disturbing. He is a hot-head, caught up in his very own, very unique, very far from the beaten path way of thinking, in a twisted world of what will likely be diagnosed some day as schizophrenia–he is no stranger to psychosis. He has no boundaries; he felt “burnt” by Summer and as time went by, he never went away or got over it–he stuck in there and when she likely trusted him the most, he lashed out. Killing the children and Joe in front of her, while she was tied up, was his way of making the playing field even? We have heard a little about how she still lived with when she met Joe, became pregnant, was added to the deed to the Big Bear house, then it was quitclaimed to her–we know he has a history in san clemente–he is stuck in his own hell, repeating the act over and over in his mind–yet only he knows. He is currently in custody in Mono County as of October 2013–oddly the bodies were discovered November 11, 2013. I think that the police have their man and they are not yet ready to disclose.

  92. Quinatzin Joaquin Quintero
    Sex male
    Birthdate 09/17/1983
    Birthplace Riverside County, California
    Mother’s Maiden Name Magana

  93. Thanks Lamadama, however the legal documents that I am referring to have Matthew Schneider’s partner as Joaquin Quintero born in 1987.
    When I generate a bi-wheel with this male whom you have proposed (born in 1983) there are no forensic indicators to suggest that he is involved in the McStay murders.

    What I do note however, is that his chart indicates that he will likely meet with a violent end.

  94. If you would like to contribute your astrology analysis that suggests that this POI (born in 1983) was involved in the McStay murders, please do. I would be interested to read the connection.

  95. Note: There is a further POI I have yet to track down. We don’t have a name yet for this person, however they would be born mid October 1968. That makes them about 45 years old as I write now in Nov, 2013.

    Could that person be Guy Joseph who was a friend of Joey and Mike McStay? He was employed by Mike’s company when the family disappeared. If you google “Guy Joseph fire” you will find some articles about a fire in his apartment complex and his linked in page. There was a post on Rick Baker’s blog which has now been taken down that contained some interesting posts GJ made following the McStay family’s disappearance beginning with a request for prayer, then a subsequent post excoriating web sleuths for investigating and asking questions about the people close to the family.

  96. I’ll put the charts up on Guy Joseph, JW. They explain why he was so very affected once the bodies were found and reacted strongly.

    While I’m here… It’s NY Eve where I am, so I wish everyone a Happy New Year and keep safe.

  97. I’ve always wondered about MCCarger. Thanks and looking forward to the interpretation. Happy New Year to you, too.! 🙂

  98. If you look at his face book page and dex knows which is the white pages he resides and has a business in Brea, Ca which is on that direction line.

  99. We have one more hour to go to midnight where I am, and I doubt I can stay up that long, lol. But I’m thrilled to see 2013 go away in the past, the dust bin. Happy New Year to all of you, and thanks for the work and effort you’ve put into the McStay case to all, especially MM. Let’s hope 2014 brings about a resolution finally. Deb.

  100. The Jesus Duran Aguayo involved in the fraud is 59 years old, can’t turn a birthdate on him, it is redacted in the documents on line.

  101. It doesn’t fit does it, JW. I’m of the opinion that RB went off on a mis-direction with that one. He’s removed the material from his blog, so I’ve deleted the link from Mary’s post. I’m thinking we have two different people.

    The name in the court docs is Jesus Duran (not Jesus Duran Aguayo). I asked for our legal friend to read the docs and they are of the opinion that to start with, no-one would go to jail for 20 years for the fraudulent loan application JD made with MM.

    I am of the belief that Mike and Joey would have likely fallen out over Mikey’s false declaration of his income (claiming to own EIP), as it was potentially very damaging to JM and his EIP business – well their credit rating, if nothing else. Someone lit the fire between these two brothers and given the opportunity, I will check to see if this matter is the fire starter. That is why I am chasing the person known as Jesus Duran in the court docs.
    It may even be an alias. I say that because the person ‘Jesus Duran’ provided the name of their employer and their residential address, falsely in the declaration. If that wan’t checked then we have to ask – was their identity checked?

    There is even a Jesus Duran born in Texas with the birthdate I would like to see – Oct 1968, however we can’t just take up arms… That’s why we need to check and double check our sources.

  102. Apparently there has been a confluence of court cases involving people with similar names both living in Southern CA. Jesus Duran Aguayo (previously spelled incorrectly, my apologies) actually committed some of his fraudulent acts using just the name Jesus Duran. His co-conspirator was his wife Sofia. They were criminally charged for fraudulently conveying ownership of multiple properties and there was speculation in the press that he could receive as much as 20 years in jail for his crimes. MM and a Jesus Duran were sued in civil court by a lender who alleged that they had submitted applications with fraudulent information in order to qualify for a loan. MM claimed ownership of JM’s company and an inflated salary on his loan application.

  103. Happy New Year to all, and I too hope that it brings a final resolution as to what happened to the McStay family, so that they can truly rest in peace.
    As with the question regarding which Joaquin Quintero is the person in question, I have one regarding Summer’s ex-husband Albert Vergara. Websleuths apparently has identified him as one Albert Vergara, a hairdresser who owns a salon in Sierra Madre, California. At the time of the McStays’ disappearance, reporters supposedly tracked him down and asked him questions regarding Summer and her many aliases. He responded that he only knew her as Lisa. This site has named the Albert Vergara with a record as long as one’s arm who is currently in prison in Arizona and who, I believe, was in prison at the time the McStays disappeared. Somehow I don’t think the reporters interviewed him in the slammer, but who knows? Will the real Albert Vergara please stand up —

  104. Thanks so very much Mary – was given a ‘bum steer’, so have removed the offending chart.
    Am in fact, relieved to find that Summer wasn’t married to a felon. I’ve been able to identify the correct Albert Vergara with an address in-common with Summer. Yes he is a hairdresser. I’ll generate new charts. cheers.

  105. Thanks very much Mary. That’s just 2 minutes out from what we calculated. I’ve rechecked the charts. The difference is minimal and no planets change houses; very slight locator angle change. Ill put it up on a map.
    If anything, Uranus (modern technology) forms a quindecile aspect to the MC – identifying the cellphone call.

  106. On another board posters are saying this is the wrong Albert Vergara. Has this been verified as the guy married to Summer?

  107. Has anyone ever asked you to chart this event: the three craigslist ads that were placed exactly one year before the McStays were found (on 11/11/2012). I believe two of these are possibly just one ad that was edited later. There are slight differences in all the ads. These were placed in both the Victorville/Apple Valley (Inland Empire) area and Long Beach (LA) areas craigslists. They were placed in the corresponding community sections of craigslist.

    Here is the longest version.

    “On Feb 4, 2010, the entire McStay family disappeared from their home in Bonsall. Joseph, Summer, and their two children vanished. The dogs they loved were left without food and water. Food was left on the kitchen counter and popcorn in bowls near the television. The scene looked like they just suddenly left, taking no clothes, money, medicine, or glasses. They have not been found. Their white Isuzu Trooper was impounded from a shopping center near the Mexican border.

    A person was seen in the High Desert area driving a white Isuzu Trooper SUV with two child car seats that resembled the missing family’s vehicle. This person was not a family member and had no children with them. It is highly possible this person was committing a deliberate hoax. They may or may not be involved in the actual disappearance of the family. If you know where the vehicle was rented or borrowed from or saw this person and know who it is, please contact by email. The SUV pictured is not the actual vehicle spotted or the family’s, but similar. We are looking for confirmation of the sighting. Reward will be paid to the first person reporting, after confirmation that information is accurate. We might pay an additional reward to a second reporter, at our discretion, depending on the information. Again, confirmation would be required. You may be required to give a sworn statement. $500 reward. We are looking for either a person involved in the disappearance of the family or a person or vehicle involved in a hoax (a specific sighting) related to the case. Again, we are looking for a specific white Isuzu Trooper rented with two child car seats, during the period of Feb-June of 2010, or information on the person driving.

    As a reference for people who have contacted us with questions or inaccurate information regarding the vehicle, please look on wikipedia for Isuzu Trooper. People making a report may remain anonymous to the hoaxer, but must identify themselves for confirmation of the information.

    While the disappearance of the family and recovery of their vehicle had been in the news, not everyone heard or remembered the events. Not everybody watches the news. The real question is why would someone commit such a hoax? If you know who committed this despicable act, please come forward. If you know where the hoax vehicle was obtained, please come forward. We need information and/or confirmation.
    You may know more than you think. If you shot videos that inadvertently captured a vehicle that may offer confirmation, please contact us.

    Non-informational emails will not be answered. Additional information may be released when confirmed. Again, the vehicle pictured is NOT the vehicle spotted or the family’s SUV, only similar. Please contact us through craigslist.”

  108. Here is the info I had for the Craig’s List Ads: (I assumed it was MM)who placed them, but I may be wrong of course.
    11/11/2012 @ 7:57A.M. Using San Diego I arrived at 9 Sagittarius or Antares Rising (a violent fixed star) ….This was the ad pointing to Victorville with some phantom vehicle and questionable amounts offered as questionable rewards. Do you have the wording? If not I can post it. Next is the one posted in Craig’s List in South America. Just a one – liner. Sounds to me much like the old adage, “Methinks thou dost protest too much” (Shakespeare?) diverting.

    lo mejor de craigslist
    Joseph, Summer, Gianni and Joseph Jr (Costa Rica)
    Fecha: 2012-11-11, 9:14PM CST
    Reply to this post[¿Errores al responder a anuncios?]

    Please come home guys. It’s time to put this thing to bed now.
    We miss you so bad.
    Call us.

    Localización: Costa Rica
    NO se puede contactar al anunciante con servicios o intereses comerciales
    ID del anuncio:3403359485

  109. I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. Yes, Michael McFadden, stepdad to Joey’s eldest. I can’t find his birth date, but he’s between 46 – 49 years old and he lives in Laguna Beach (might live in Oceanside). I know you can’t do the chart but is that the age and right location on the locator wheel of your unknown POI?
    Thank You!

  110. Where does the line on the locator wheel end? The one for the unknown POI? It wouldn’t be Long Beach would it?

  111. Reckon you’re on the money, honey. Looks like he wants to be an international star, or is it he was casting his net wider in an effort to catch more of those pretty bank notes.

  112. Thanks for the charts Mountain Misst (that’s kind of long to type out every time, would you mind if I shortened it to MM or Misst, or ?). 🙂

    BUT OMG! The CL ads asking if anyone had seen the Trooper was put in two different cities, Victorville and Long Beach. Guess where the line on Summer’s locator wheel goes to? That’s freaking me out.

  113. Staci, the word is is that the notices were likely placed by MM is how I understand it. I’m not familiar with Craigslist (am in Aus). [oops… see below] If MM placed the notices – a bi-wheel will reveal it.

    You can call me anything, as long as it’s not late for breakfast… 😉

  114. I posted information about the date and time with place earlier today. Not sure however, what time that is in South America? Is it right AFTER the 7:47AM Pacific time zone ad was placed? Just look for my post above.

  115. I have started from scratch with the Craigslist matter. Thanks Deb for the info – my Spanish is nil, but I got the gist.
    I’ve generated a chart at 7:14pm PST out of San Francisco. (Craigslist HQ is SF, which is where the clock is recording the time) That gives us 27°35″ Gemini rising for an Horary chart.

    I’ve checked all players. Michael McFadden plus Heather lodged the notice with Craig’s list. Is she now Heather McFadden?
    I’ll put up a chart.

    Forgive my irreverence, but I just noticed that’s Betelgeuze at the ascendant. Remember the Volkswagon movie…

  116. Thank you so much for the new work!

    There is another character involved, James R. Spring (San Diego, Baja). Michael McStay and Susan Blake had Spring act as a detective on the McStay case. It has been claimed that Spring already knew Michael McStay. Spring evidently claimed he had found the McStays in Mexico about two months after they disappeared and wanted to meet with the FBI. At some point he started a website called There was hardly anything on the website, but there was one article claiming the last pings on Summer’s cell phone was Bonsall. That was never verified by LE and know one seems to know how or if Spring could have this data. That article appeared long after Spring claimed to have found them if my memory serves me and it has been removed, possibly after the bodies were found (here is a reference –

    I do not know the birth date of James Spring, he is about 45 years old and I’m hoping someone else can figure out his birthday. Is there a chart for Susan Blake?

  117. I hope these are not duplicates, I’m having trouble posting.

    Mountain….are the 11th November 2012, noticed on Craig’s List in LA/Long Beach and Victorville/Inland Empire also most likely placed by the McFaddens or only the one in Costa RIca?

    More about James R Spring
    Lloyd Pest Control’s James Spring Helps Rescue Missing Girls (2008 – this is to verify that the journalist, investigator, and Lloyd’s Pest control marketing person are all the same guy)

  118. MMisst, an aside and a question: I believe there has been an agreement amongst some observers that the ad was placed by Mr. McFadden because of the use of the adjective “despicable.” He recently let fly a robust rant against Patrick McStay wherein he used that particular adjective, which is not a commonly used one. The question: If he is not involved (and I never thought he was), why did he place the ad(s)? For what purpose? Do any of your indicators suggest an answer?

  119. Thanks for the confirmation that others were onto it as well, Mary. ‘Tis always nice to get an interpretation confirmed. I was working blind to the knowledge.

    This man McFadden is hyper-analytical (mentally). I would expect the placing of the notice likely to be an attempt to activate that mental activity; to do something to release the mental pressure.

    As his wife is also in the decision, this would likely confirm that to be a likely scenario IMO..

  120. Nonswr: I only had the Craigslist notice that Deb put up for me. I would need you to give me the times and content of the other notices if I am to check.
    Were they all posted at the same time? If so then yes, they’d all belong to the McFaddens.
    If different dates and times I would need to check each one separately as they would be separate event times. Let me know please.

    re your second comment: Am not aware of this PI fellow – sounds like a ‘red herring expert’ to me. Likely birth date is 29 April 1968 if mother’s maiden name is Paschall. When I check his chart (if this is him) it is not connected to the disappearance of the McStays – at least not on a personal level anyway. I’ll look further at a later date if needed.

    I have Susan and Patrick’s birth data – am awaiting a window of opportunity, in order to generate their charts.

  121. I noticed t his post, but have no idea how this POI came about. Just noting it

    “Just Wondering December 31, 2013 at 12:22 am

    Note: There is a further POI I have yet to track down. We don’t have a name yet for this person, however they would be born mid October 1968. That makes them about 45 years old as I write now in Nov, 2013.”

    Is this McFadden? I thought he was now 45, but his chart above says he is older. Although this age would fit James Robert Spring who is 45 or just turned 46.

  122. Here you go for one of them:

    $500 Reward for information on McStay family vehicle (Apple Valley, Victorville)
    Date: 2012-11-11, 7:57AM PST
    Reply to this postReply to: zgw9t-3383145474 – at –

  123. JW is quoting me, nonswr. No it is neither person. I need a mid October birthday.
    When I find this person,it will explain how and hopefully why the fire was lit between Joey and his brother.

  124. One more comment on the Craigslist ads, THE DATE 11.11.2012 is exactly one year before the date the bodies were found. And, the location on 11.11.2012 is the area they WERE found on 11.11.2013. Is this coincidence or did the people who placed that ad know where the bodies were…. who would be looking in Victorville/the High Desert? No one was looking at that location.

  125. I also find this most odd. Who would know to place an add for the location in the high desert near where the remains were found, before they were found?

  126. Agree Mary. I hope LE can trace back as it just seems like too many coincidences, both the date and the place.

  127. Hi Misst~just in case you were thinking of doing Teleka’s chart, I wrote to the authors of these articles and questioned the time change. This is what they said. “You are correct that Portage, Ind., is in the central time zone. However, we put all of the times in the timeline as Eastern Standard Time to avoid confusion. She went off the road about 9 pm CST and 10 pm EST, or about 2 hours after leaving k’zoo.”

  128. I have a feeling these are light sentences for informants. Let’s hope Mathew Schneider had some information about the McStay’s.

  129. I hope that what Jane Allen says above is in fact the case. MMisst, are the charts of Schneider and Quintero in the works? Thanks.

  130. “Note: There is a further POI I have yet to track down. We don’t have a name yet for this person, however they would be born mid October 1968. That makes them about 45 years old as I write now in Nov, 2013.”

    Mountain ~Would it be possible for you to create a chart for this fellow named “Samuel T. Aranda”? It’s a long shot, but I came across his name when researching who Summer’s mother was married to. At any rate, his is listed as a possible relative to “Blanca Aranda” and his DOB is October 15, 1968. It could be nothing but just wanted to throw this connection out there.


  131. Hi Nymeria Thanks for trying, however I think you may be slightly out with your data (Oct 10 according to the CA birth index).
    Somehow I doubt the person born mid October has anything to do with Summer or her family. It’s personal between MM and Joey and the reason for the animosity between the brothers; a severance of trust.
    IMO, it’s a jigsaw piece, rather than a killer’s birthday.

  132. Pooh…oh well thanks Mountain 😉 Such a mystery and no updates from LE as of yet. I truly hope this case does get solved…

  133. Thanks Mary. What would CNN be doing interviewing MM? Apart from autopsy results, I can’t see what little brother would have to add to the story apart from dig a bigger hole for himself.

  134. Any updates on this case?. This is all very inetersting MM but can you do a chart on whether or not this case will ever be solved?

  135. Some people don’t put much credibility on his page, but Rick Baker has someone listed as a player whom I’ve never heard of. On the sidebar of Baker’s blog is a Kristian Peter, said to have listed the McStay’s Avocado Lane house just four days before they disappeared. Is this the realtor you have charted above, Misst? If so, then this comment can be disregarded.

  136. Wow, how did I miss that, Misst? Department of Redundancy Department. Lol. At any rate, there is supposed to be a McStay special on CNN, June 3rd. What time, what show, etc., I have no idea, nor do I have cable television so I will probably be finding out how it went on this site..

  137. From the Search 4 Mcstays facebook page.
    Patrick McStay
    27 May at 20:15 · Edited
    Buried Secrets: Who Murdered The McStay Family?
    CNN Documentary Program Airing June 3, 2014 at 9PM Eastern / 8 PM Central
    OK, I just spoke with the producer and I can now tell you it is true. The program airs next Tuesday June 3rd at 9pm Eastern/ 8pm Central. As the promo shows you, I am in the program along with a number of people that you haven’t seen or haven’t been seen since around early 2010. You will see and hear from me quite a lot.
    Like · · Share · 59 175

  138. Now Rick Baker has posted a portion of your blog where Mike McStay is referred to as a POI and Summer is trying to say “take a closer look at the house”.

  139. Yes Jane, it appears that Rick is currently addressing the money trail and the Avocado Lane house.
    Our last two sets of charts (7th and 14th May above) are of interest to him – Kristian Peter and Alan Geller.

    Makes you wonder if perhaps these matters may be the focus of the upcoming CNN documentary that Mary has drawn our attention to.

  140. Sounds like the “pay up” you were talking about on something to do with the house. Right back to the focus, as you pointed out months ago, Misst. Remarkable.

  141. Looking forward to your updated charts, Mountain Misst! Thank you for all you do!

  142. Thanks Coastal. I’ve started a fresh look at the old case today. Broken fresh ground I hope. I won’t read back until after I finish the second set of charts.

  143. It seems to me they would have to be drugged before taken to Victorville to be killed at the gravesite. This would also have them in a laying down position so no one passing on the road would see them. Even a semi-truck wouldn’t notice if they were covered up.But you say Summer’s chart shows an exit at around 8:28pm, a move from power to the unconscious. We still don’t know about another vehicle. To this day the trooper is still in police custody. By this map, it takes approximately 1 hour 41 minutes to drive from Fallbrook to Victorville.

  144. Thank you for the charts on Patrick McStay, Mountain Misst! Your interpretation of them fits quite nicely with what we’ve heard from him via his comments on his FB page, and in interviews.. Bless him, it can’t be easy to deal with such a loss from such a long distance – especially in light of his reported estrangement from his other son, but he perseveres. I hope justice is coming.

  145. I second the thank you for the P. McStay charts, MMisst. It should be pointed out, however, that legal problems are perhaps the reason that he cannot cross state lines. Those matters notwithstanding, the man obviously is in a lot of pain with respect to the loss of his family.

    Would it be possible for you to do a chart for Susan Blake, thereby completing the parental aspect?

    Your hard work is extremely appreciated.

  146. MMisst, thank you so very much for Susan Blake’s chart, as difficult as it was for you to post it. I thought you hit every proverbial nail on its head, especially with the term “devastated,” which certainly describes Susan’s emotional state during the press conference. The woman was inconsolable. To me, it was obvious, as you say, that, as long as they were “missing,” she hung on to a small glimmer of hope that they were alive, somewhere. And, I do believe she honestly thought they had run away, for whatever reason. The discovery of their graves hit her like a sidecar.

  147. Thanks for feedback Mary. Always good to know that I’m on the right track. I’ve not had the opportunity to learn anything of Patrick or Susan – am spread ‘too thin on the ground’ these days, so rely on people such as your kind self to flesh things out.

  148. Hi Misst, thank you for explaining the quindecile. That was a really neat association to remember it by. Is there a reason chart “D” cannot be enlarged? I can click on all the rest but not that particular one. Thanks.

  149. I watched the Disappeared documentary on this case. MM mentioned that Summer used Craigslist as a resource for her home renovations. We all know and have heard of murders associated with having used Craigslist in the USA. I wonder if this has been explored as a avenue of interest.

  150. Rediculous. I dont think Joseph ever made it home that day and she was lured from house. Nothing to do with Craigs List!

  151. Well, I don’t know that Craigslist is necessarily ridiculous, but, in the case of the McStays, it’s unlikely. I don’t believe that Summer would take off at 7:45, on a cold, rainy night, with two tiny children in tow, for a Craigslist ad. It would have waited until the next day. Additionally, there were so many sketchy people in their lives, and all sorts of things were going on at the time they disappeared, it is more likely that their disappearance is connected to one of those factors. Yes, I wonder if Joseph made it home; however, the Trooper did. So, who was driving it, if not him? He apparently deposited a check on the way back, took gas near his home, and even picked up a mysterious prescription. Surely LE has the ability to verify all these things.

  152. How was it ever determined that Joseph drove the trooper that day? That was Summers vehicle that had 2 car seats. I doubt he would be gone all day and leave her with a pickup with no car seats. Seems a little strange. I think someone drove back the pick up just like they drove the isuzu to the border. She was probably lured by saying something had happened or need to pick him up. If we knew who lured her than this crime would be solved.

  153. Both vehicles had 2 child seats. JM had the trooper that day, according to his business partner CM, who he met for lunch that day in Rancho Cucamonga. JM’s phones pinged all the way back to Fallbrook. The Trooper was caught on surveillance at 7:47 pm means that JM probably made it home at some point. Maybe he made it home and went out again – he could have been picked up at his house by someone he knew for some kind of meeting and then SM could have been lured out of her home on some pretense of picking JM up from wherever he was, and he could have been in trouble at that point, then SM was overpowered at the location she was lured to (Bonsal bridge maybe?). What we do know for a fact is that the Trooper was in the driveway when it pulled out at 7:47. I wonder if the Dodge was still in the driveway at that time…it was found in the driveway after they went missing. I do think it is suspicious that the business partner was 1) last known person to speak to him; 2) last known person to have seen him; 3) last person JM called on his cell; and 4) has strong ties to the Victorville area and lived around there much of his life.

  154. I propose that Joseph did not drive to meet Chase that day–instead, some shady deal went wrong, Chase lost out in some and kapow. You know he watches these blogs–right after the bodies were found–he was on a DailyMail UK posting defensive comments–he just cares about what folks are saying a little too much. He was evicted from a rental just a few weeks (12/10) before the dissapearance.

  155. This is the first time I’ve heard that Chase was evicted. If true, this is significant. Can I ask where you ascertained this, or have a link maybe?

    We only have his word that Joseph drove the Trooper that day, or even met him for lunch, for that matter. Unless LE is privy to other information, there are no witnesses to the meeting. The fact is, Joseph took off to ostensibly meet Chase that day, and a few hours later, the entire family disappeared. There has to be a connection.

  156. Mary: working on memory right now–can’t find my notes–but after the bodies were found I went online, looking thru county databases such as san bernardino and riverside county–he came up as being evicted, along with a female partner, from a condo in a gated community – I think it was 1905 Allegheny #4 Apple Valley California…and I think the date was either December or January–very close to Feb 4. I will continue to look for the actual link again…….rgds

  157. Mary, I found it……….was not the address I said before but this one below – a gate community called Homecoming at Terra Vista – they were evicted 12/42009 – 2 months before McStays went missing.

    Here is the link:


    Case UDRS903600 – Complaints/Parties

    Complaint Number: 0001 — UDL UD Complaint <$10,000 of HOMECOMING I AT TERRA VISTA LLC
    Original Filing Date: 10/14/2009
    Complaint Status: REQ FOR DSMSL NO ADR BEFORE TRIAL (CIV) 11/10/2009
    Party Number Party Type Party Name Attorney Party Status

    Case UDRS903600 – Actions/Minutes

    Action Text
    11/10/2009 DISMISSAL RECEIVED. Not Applicable
    Receipt: 091019-2214 $235.00
    091019-2214-CK Reference Number 408123

  158. Adamski, you should be a detective. Maybe you are! I think this is more than interesting. Are you a member of Websleuths?

  159. The author is IR3, and James Spring, who was hired by the JM’s brother and mother. The article was removed from IR3’s page after the bodies were recovered. There was a report of the pings, but I never saw that.

  160. There was never any verification of his report from LE (which doesn’t say a lot), and the big question was, how did he acquire his information? MY question is, why would he write this report? It was very detailed, and I can’t believe he just made it up. For what reason? That is why I have always believed it. After he returned from Mexico, very angry, apparently, about being misled, and met with the FBI, along with Tim Miller, he and Miller both disappeared from the case and have said nothing since. However, I believe Miller is supposed to be on the CNN special. I hope to see him and it.

  161. No, just a housewife in California–I love to research–you can find out so much!!! Not a member of websleuths either–just love to dig in details. Cheers.

  162. well, when you look at the cases against Cathy Jarvis you see that the owner of the condo continued to pursue suit against her and Chase Jarvis (?!) thru 2011 for $10,000. In re-reading the report, I think that they were off the hook for a while (unlawful detainer was vacated, which means the owner had to file again to get them out, which he did and it’s hard to say just when they left. The owner won suit for cash in 2011. Cathy Jarvis was arrested in 2012 for trespassing on the railroad and a train–not sure what that is about!!!

  163. According to Patrick’s page the CNN special is on for tomorrow. I don’t have cable so I’ll have to find out here or on the net elsewhere how it went if they don’t leave it on the CNN site for viewing afterward.

  164. Congratulations Misst! I hear you will be the very first guest on Rick Baker’s Blogtalk Radio to discuss forensic astrology and the Mcstay case. I will be listening this Sunday night.

  165. One thing that has always stuck out in my mind is why did the family miss Chubba’s bithday? Were they so estranged from Summer that they didn’t try to contact them on this day to wish him a Happy Birthday? I know you need an o’clock time but can you say anything about Mike McStays chart the day this article was published (March 26, 2010) Thank you, Misst, as always. 🙂

  166. I prob won’t be able to explain a lot of things that people want to know, Mary so I’ll answer your other question.

    26 March 2010 and MM (Joey’s younger brother):
    Moon is in Leo – needing recognition and appreciation, however it is not in any tension with natal planets.
    Of the fast moving planets, Venus is exact opposite natal Uranus – peaking the emotional excitement – feeding his adrenalin. This aspect can also be indicative of a change in financial situation (need a clock time to call that one)
    Venus is also square natal Jupiter indicating a birthing of something new.
    Mercury is following closely behind Venus and will overtake her eventually in coming days/weeks in order to plan and scheme how to fulfil these changes.

    Mars is opposite natal Sun – driving the action/illuminating the ego’s wants
    Mars is also quindecile lunar north node – obsessive with public profile re the case

    Anything beyond that is probably already on the record.

  167. Good morning Misst. I was wondering if you have done a reading on Jesus Duran, co-defendant with MM in a civil fraud case filed May 2010.

  168. No, I do not have that information…perhaps Rick or one of his readers has it. I will check and, if I can obtain it, will pass it on.

  169. MMisst, if you can manage it, I’d like to hear your take on McGyver. You posted his chart with reservations. Perhaps you could tell us what they are? I have a feeling you are going to be deluged ……..

  170. RB now has the opportunity to have VJ for his first night of blog-radio – I’ve been cancelled. I understand completely, as he needs to open his new venture with fireworks.

    It’s given me the idea to make audio files for our individual cases to put with the blog, so nothing is wasted. We can even venture into blog-radio ourselves at some stage in the future, if there is a call for it. I can host by using Skype, so it wouldn’t matter where in the world anyone was calling from, it would be local to them. (another steep learning curve for that one tho 😉 )

    In the meantime, I’ll refresh behind the scenes for McGyver and my cast of 30 characters in the McStay case (not all are on the website). I’ve remained detached from the case stories on RB’s blog in order to retain objectivity when interpreting the charts and think it best that I continue this practice.

  171. Well how about them beans 😦 After writing this on his blog:

    Mountain Misst will be my first guest on the inaugural Justice For The McStays Talk Radio Show this Sunday night from 7-9pm, EST.

    What are your questions for her? Post them as comments on this thread so she can see them as well.

    She is my first guest because long ago, almost two years ago, she told me that the family was dead. I didn’t believe her, but she was sure. She was also sure when they died. She also told me specific things about the McStay deaths that she could not have known, one that was revealed by LE after the bodies were found in November, 2013. So, this is why she is my first guest.

  172. I don’t understand your post, Deb. MMisst says she has been cancelled, and Rick Baker says she has been rescheduled. You are saying that that she is your first guest, rather than Rick’s? Have I missed something?

  173. sorry folks for the confusion. I was confused that’s all. I read he said what I posted and then saw something different here. Glad to hear it’s been rescheduled afterall. 🙂 Some good may indeed come out of all of this. I said they were dead TOO years ago, right after it happened, the first week as a matter of fact using astrology alone and knew that there was no other answer, not in Mexico or elsewhere. Glad you are getting to tell the world just how accurate astrology can be M.M. That’s great.

  174. Yay for Astrology! Far too long it’s been negated and should be a valuable tool in missing persons cases as it used to be on Webslueths a few years ago. Lots of help to folks came from it.

  175. Mountain Mist: I see MM’s birth chart, but is it on January 22nd or January 24th, 1973? I was using the 22nd and saw 24th elsewhere. Please clarify this.

    thanks, Deb.

  176. of course, I can’t imagine anyone really found his time of birth, but that is what I had for MM. I thought it best now to clarify as I see a chart above with no dob given. For me he’s in the top 3.

  177. Deb, I’ve worked off 23 January 1973 (4:30am), however I’ve not relied on the Moon’s position for my analysis, due to the possibility of inaccuracy.

    He’s not on the CA birth index, so probably as suggested, born elsewhere – Akron, Ohio is a more likely birthplace (again I don’t use it due to possibility of it being incorrect). Middle name is Matthew. If you do find an accurate source, I’d appreciate a heads-up. Cheers.

  178. MMisst, are you ever going to be on Rick Baker’s radio show? Unless I’m mistaken, this was supposed to have happened already. Posters have questioned him regarding this, because they want to hear you. But, he doesn’t answer (which is par for the course with him). Will you be?

  179. Hi Mary. I’ve suggested to RB that I contribute with a short analysis on individual persons, rather than a full session on his programme, however that didn’t get a reply and so I figure it’s not what he wants. They’re busy and not lacking for guests.

    Here on this blog, we always have a load of cases waiting for attention and so we continue with our workload. Awaiting the alignment in the heavens and inspiration, all will be as it should be in good time. From experience, I’m sure that something cosmic needs to slot into place. I know that sounds awfully vague, but the timing is not right.

    Sorry if that disappoints. 🙂

  180. Rather rude of him, I might add 😦 Anyway, there is the missing woman now age 38 from Dundee Oregon, outside of Portland, where the entire state is woods & water’s edge. Husband says, she just left to run errands. Where is she, dead or alive is the question. I cannot find the date of birth for Jennifer Huston, so if anyone has, please let me know. Thanks.

  181. Mountain Misst – the Rick Baker blog is closed. Don’t know if he will continue his radio show or not. If you are ever given an opportunity to speak, either on his show, or another, will you make an announcement on this website so all of those interested can listen in?

  182. Rick Baker continually closes his blog saying he is gone for good. He always comes back though. Patrick McStay and the entire family would just as soon he never emerged.

  183. The woman from Dundee Oregon, Jennifer Huston, supposedly committed suicide by asphyxiation in her car. They found her body in the woods.

  184. Well Rick, it does look that way to folks who have kept up with you the last year or so…….one crisis after another….have you considered a career change?

  185. I had not heard this Stu, thank you so much for telling me about Jennifer Huston 😦 I still never found her date of birth, perhaps NOW an obituary will be created for the dear woman and perhaps if so, we can see soemthing or other.

  186. Jennifer Huston nee Turner died of asphyxiation by hanging, according to Dr. Karen Gunson, the Oregon state medical examiner.
    She was born in the Panama Canal zone, Deb.

  187. Misst, your work is intriguing and seems to be fitting. A time frame in this case that sticks out is Wed 2/3 evening. Summer was on evites but ( presumably ) did’nt send out party invites which was to be on Sat. That same evening Summer cancelled McGyver to paint on thurs, Makes me think she (they?) got some kind of communication that disrupted thier plans. Would you be able to do a chart for this time frame ?

  188. Good point Mo…and there it is again….McGyver and Chase Merritt both the “last to see them alive”…….I’ve always had strong feelings about the McGyver painting thing……. what was brewing the days before……maybe they actually met their demise sooner than we think? Do we have confirmation that Joseph spoke w/his mother, Susan, on 2/4 on the cell phone while driving?

  189. Mo – we can be subjective and pick a time – however the resulting chart interpretation can change in a matter of seconds. An accurate interpretation becomes impossible, due to the number of permutations of what could take place.

    We’d need to know exactly what the time was when Summer was on the computer working on the invites; plus have her cellphone records and landline records to check whether there were interruptions – by whom and what they might have been about in order to evoke an emotive reaction; plus whether she was also supervising the boys and something went wrong there; was Joey home and their interaction created a change to her emotional response… etc etc

    If you put yourself into her shoes for a moment – she’s on the computer working on invites and the phone rings and the call will change her entire outlook on her career (for example) – the emotive response in her chart would be about the phone call. If I (as an astrologer) don’t have her phone records, I’d be at a loss as to what on earth created such an emotive reaction in her chart when she was creating invites to a child’s birthday party on the computer.

    What we do know is that as the date 4 Feb draws closer the pattern in her chart is building to a highly emotive event. We know that when McGyver was in the house the day before, that this tension was present in her chart and yet there was no obvious unfolding danger, or else evasive tactics would be taken.

    Rest assured I, plus many other astrologers, have made many, many charts, Mo. It gets to be a case of – you can’t see the wood for the trees operating like that. It’s not productive and remains far, far too subjective… 🙂

  190. I agree Stu. We don’t even know whom was in the Trooper video that went out the driveway. That is why I no longer use the 7:47pm time for event charts. I’m sticking with 8:28pm and we don’t even know if Joey used his cellphone to make that call.

    The best I have for Summer that I’m absolutely happy with, is 10:45am on 4th Feb when she spoke on the phone with Diane Cirignani (I have firsthand confirmation that it took place).

    I know there is a whole timeline of so-called events during the day with phone calls, credit cards used, etc etc – sometimes I throw my arms in the air in horror. With a background as a researcher, I know that I need more than one accurate source in order to support a theory, or undertake an enquiry. Initially, with this case, I took things on face value.

    I need a timed event that both Summer and Joey coincide with, in order to have a reliable event that I can call and work with. Without the landline and Summer’s cellphone I only have one document – Joey’s cellphone record

    There is no call from Joey’s cellphone to Susan Blake in the afternoon of 4th Feb.

  191. More mystery on whether the meeting with Chase happened as he claims on 2/4….once again…..too many shady folks, including family members…….how do we ever get to the truth!!!

    “Mrs Blake described Joseph’s symptoms as something similar to vertigo and said he complained of feeling ‘woozy’.
    ‘When I last talked to my son, on February 4, he said he still didn’t feel good,’ said Blake, adding that she had provided the Sheriff’s Dept with information on Joseph’s health problems.
    His mother was not available to speak to MailOnline about Merritt’s latest revelations. Neither was Joseph’s brother, Michael.
    But speaking on CNN in 2010 he said: ‘My understanding was in the last year he’d been having these vertigo type symptoms. He was in the hospital for a couple of weeks, and on the (February) 4, he was talking to my mother and he had to pull over when he was driving home because he felt vertigo type symptoms.'”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  192. Well that’s not so, according to Joey’s phone records Stu, so I’ve taken that with a grain of salt as well. No wonder the whole case just goes around and around – it’s a school of red-herrings.

    I don’t see the point in re-hashing the whole thing all over again, mate. We await fresh information, not poke around stale bait, however thank you for your input.

  193. Deb… Jennifer Janelle Huston nee Turner born 8 September 1976 in Panama Zone. After interpreting the charts I can tell you that I won’t be publishing the results of my enquiry into her suicide. I think it is enough to say that she has Jupiter and Uranus peregrine, plus a stellium of Mercury-Venus-Mars-Pluto all between 7 and 10 degrees of Libra. As if life wasn’t difficult enough for her – she has that peregrine Uranus conjunct her North Node in her natal chart. All of that is before we even consider the transiting planets…

    For those familiar with my work here, I need say no more.

  194. A note here for those whose comments have been removed:

    All comments that relate to ‘the cult of the personality’ will continue to removed. Venting your spleen about others whom follow the case is also not welcomed. Thank you.

    Astrology comment – any dis-ease to do with the liver (or spleen) is Jupiter under extreme tension. I think I’ve written about Sagittarius and opinions often enough for those whom are familiar with this blog to recognise and process; rather than react…

  195. Very interesting indeed. I have what I believe to be pretty accurate charts on Joseph, Summer, Mike, Chase, and Dan [edit]

    Joey, Summer, and Mike all have Cancer ascendant, Chase has Virgo ascendant, and Dan has Leo ascendant. From my charts, MM does seem to be the main culprit (JM’s Dejanira was conjunct MM’s Mercury), with CM and DK both being involved (CM likely lured Summer to the bridge, as one of the neighbors reported a white truck in the area when the Trooper left, and CM owned a white truck at the time, DK was in it for the money). From what was said about KP and how the McStay home was listed for sale before they disappeared, I believe he’s involved too, as well as the Jesus Duran guy mentioned (a psychic reading with Summer online said that “the heavies were hired”). Also, the crawl space under the house should REALLY be looked into as well as that came up in some readings.

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  199. Waay cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this article and the rest
    of the site is extremely good.

  200. MMisst, when you originally did McGyver’s chart, it was not as a possible POI, but as a concerned bystander to what was going on with his friends, particularly Summer. Could or would you do his chart as a possible POI, or is that against your policy. I, as well as many others, I’m sure, would be very interested to see it, bearing in mind all the interpretative shadings involved. Thanks.

  201. Of course we can view his chart as a POI Mary. No-one is off-limits. The bi-wheel at 7:47pm on the night the family disappeared, reveals his natal planets active in the 12th house (mental) which I interpreted as mental anguish. I’ll take another look through our POI lens asap…

  202. Mary… I’ve revisited the above charts. When we view each bi-wheel the inner wheel is of the transiting planets. They provide the tension on the natal planets (on the outside). The outer wheel ’emotively reacts’ to the tension and that is where the personal emotional story can be interpreted.

    No matter whether I stand on my head or tie my hanky in knots, I cannot interpret these natal charts for McGuyver as revealing anything more than a traumatic reaction, even outrage and anger. None of which is expressed physically.

    The man has been reactive, so it’s not as if he is indifferent to the disappearance or the finding of the bodies of the McStay family. In all honesty, I am not able to interpret sinister reactions in either chart. Cheers.

  203. Good heavens, MMisst, I wouldn’t want you to stand on your head! Tie your hanky in knots, maybe :). Yes, I agree with what you say and have said with regard to McGyver. I believe that both Summer and Joey confided in him, and he knew what was going down. There’s the possibility that he may have been able to do something about it, but didn’t, perhaps for fear of his own safety. Of course, he would be anguished, although, in his public appearances afterwards, he seemed to hide it quite well. Part of his make-up, I guess. Thank you so much for taking the time to review his chart from another angle. It all helps –

  204. MMisst, now that Chase is arrested… it possible to review his chart again on the day of to see whether there are clues after all?

  205. Anya the date I have used for Chase’s birth is 2nd May 1957 (Charles Ray Merritt). The arrest record might be worth checking. Let me know if there is a change please. I’ll certainly be revisiting his astrology.

  206. Hi MM: I wondered too, and wanted to ask you about the dob. I too used 5/2/57 (I think, can’t find the chart right now on my computer, but its there somewhere), yet someone on either WS or elsewhere said, that one is connected with the West Va. murder case of 1990, and is not the “same” Charles “Chase” Merritt. His name was Charles “Ray” Merritt.

    geesh, hope we get the correct info soon.

  207. Its correct, I just checked VINE and he’s being held by San Bernardino: Name Date of Birth Age Custody Status Agency/Reason Reporting Agency
    MERRITT, CHARLES RAY 05/02/1957 57 In Custody West Valley Detention Center San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office

    Disclaimer: This Web Site is being provided as a service to victims of crime by Appriss Incorporated. The information contained on the site is for personal use

  208. Hi Deb. It’s quite a shock really when I look at the bi-wheel for him from the perspective of the event I have used/evening of the alleged disappearance.

    There is no hard aspects/content – therefore indicates a cold-blooded act (there was no emotive reaction). For a person without a history of violence this is bizarre. Even if there were drugs or high alcohol content in the mix we would still get a story. It’s all so difficult to take on board. Arraignment is on Wed 12Nov.

  209. Does the chart for Chase reveal anything of interest at the time that the trooper leaves the house? I noticed the current interpretation used the time of the phone call. If he is the perpetrator it seems that he was plenty busy that evening.

  210. Arrest: 11/6/14 Black Moon Lilith was transiting conjunct Regulus to take Chase down a notch or more and triggered his natal Pluto born to this princely star in Regulus. They were within seconds of exact partile conjunction which is saying something I’m sure. I wrote about Regulus after watching this star for years in an ebook called, “Regulus and the Generals”, and show charts which proves that when one is born to Regulus, one will go further than the station in life you were born into, but will also suffer a setback, a fall, and when it occurs it happens without warning, rapidly, and the fall is permanent at least in that particular area of life. For Chase Merritt that fall was for Pluto and its square to Venus.

  211. Checking the day of the killings, February 4th, 2010 I see that Mars was progressed in Chase’s natal to 3 Leo conjunct exact to his natal Uranus, the planet of extremes at 3 Leo. This was apparently enough to set him off to the max. They say no event takes place unless there are at least 3 indications through the planets. His natal Moon conjunct Uranus is one of them, a natal promise of extreme highs and lows for this man. A bi-polar type of issue with him I would suppose. He doesn’t run lukewarm, only hot and cold. He also was experiencing a secondary trio of personal planet progressions such as the Sun, the Moon and Mars all huddled in a conjunction to his natal critical Mars at 0 Cancer a cardinal sign. This brought much pressure to bear on this pressure cooker mentality he was burdened with. Something had to give.

    He also had the night of the killings, a strange set up of transiting Uranus, the planet of extremes conjunct Vesta. This may be symbolic of the children, Gianni and Joseph Junior. The innocence of children, can be seen by Vesta at times. At the same time this is going on, his natal Vesta had progressed to 12 Aries, and conjunct his natal Pallas – Juno asteroid merging conjunction. What can this mean?

    There are tons of subtleties with the asteroids in this chart showing the murder transits and his personal progressed planets. Whatever subtleties the asteroids were pointing us to, can be quite difficult to read and express, but there is no doubt it was important in this horrific event. When one has a weak or afflicted Vesta for example, the person has a hard time with boundaries or defining them and often cannot seem to forge a path for himself in life. Chase Merritt’s Vesta at 22 Pisces seems to fit exactly this description.

    The 22nd degree is critical for self-undoing, and the lack of boundaries, is notable in Pisces the mutable fish sign. Having a transit of Uranus over this afflicted natal Vesta speaks for itself as to what occurred, for we know the outcome was horrendous because of the children let alone the adults involved.

    Another area I noticed which would have been a natal promise for trouble in Chase Merritt’s problematic wayward life, was his natal Black Moon Lilith for at 27 Aquarius, it was exactly opposed to his natal Pluto and Regulus. Remember that fall I spoke of wherever Regulus is ensconced in the natal chart. Notice too, it was triggered for him during these vicious senseless murders when transiting Neptune stationed over his Black Moon Lilith and transiting Black Moon Lilith over his natal Ceres. He simply could not take being a loser once again in life and no doubt Joey McStay made him feel this way which triggered all the bad feelings shown in the natal planets and asteroids he was born to.

  212. For the 4th of February Merritt had natal Tantalus (a notorious sinner) 22 Aquarius, being transited by Venus – exact.

    Fini (the end) transiting his BML 27 Aquarius, AND trine his natal Fini, 27 Gemini. Since Fini is exact, I’m leaning toward Merritt having planned to rob them, but they woke up (maybe) or this is a revenge murder – Summer insulted him terribly on Jan. 29th (I hear).

    The worst thing I saw in the disappear chart was “Child” conjunct “Alekto” 21 Leo, one of the 3 Furies, unceasing anger – opposite his natal Tantalus. His natal Alekto is conjunct Chiron 16 to 17 Aquarius – so he’s always wounded & angry on Feb. 4th when any planet transits. They square his beautiful Venus/Mercury (that endears him to others).

    Joe had Chiron at 16 Aquarius in his 2008 Solar Return. So it was only a matter of time until that promise would be fulfilled by CM – when all the planets & identifying asteroids were in place for Merritt to act on his base impulses.

    Joe & Summer have Tisiphone 19 & 20 Pisces – The Avenger for Murder. Trine Merritt’s NN 19 Scorpio & the Sun 19 Scorpio of the Bodies Found Chart. Too bad for him. He should’ve done his astrology before setting out on a murderous journey that’s ended in this tragedy.

    Funny that – Deb thought he’d done it from minute one – I was just re-reading one of her PM’s from over 4 years ago.

  213. True Marcy, I never wavered on that one, But today on Facebook, I had to correct someone’s misconception, who credited me with “World Class Astrology” as having said that the family was killed in their home. I never said this! I’d love to know which astrologer called it correctly, as I still have a hard time believing he himself, drove out at 7:47PM that night (captured on Video) with 4 bodies in that vehicle. How did he get to the house in the 1st place? Who drove him there? Was the entire last day of Joey’s life depicted by Chase, who last saw him alive, a lie too?

  214. Thanks also to MM for the 5-2 birth day correction. A few changes to the reading, but nothing of great concern really. His Moon moves more than likely to twin dual sign of Gemini, opposing Jupiter, (bi-polar reactions in life) and I just noticed too that Atropos in his natal chart, at 28°Taurus means it’s conjunct the dreaded fixed star Algol, the Chinese called, “Al Ghoul” for Piled up Corpses. How eerie is this one? Ugh….. 21° Vesta is just as critical as the 22nd degree. 21st degrees are called the degrees of loss whereas the 22nd is self-undoing. He lost, or rather, they lost their lives due to his lack of boundaries and emotions which were controlling him rather then he controlling them.

  215. Wish there was a way to edit these posts, but mistakes require a new post to correct. As for Chase’s birthday being May 2nd, Jupiter the planet of expansion and in this case, in the worse possible way connecting with his emotions, was square in the natal chart to Chase Merritt’s natal Moon in dual Gemini, the sign of the twins.

    We can see why, as Marcy mentioned people were taken in by him and his cons. Venus softens the effects for him, and ingratiates him to others. But someone or something happened between him and Joey that last day perhaps having to do with the Saudi contract, or stealing from McStay that caused a rift that went into overboard like we’d never seen before, of pure raw emotion. The mask came off of the man that day.

  216. Chase is going to court on the 12th. Fini is transiting his Black Moon Lilith on the 16th. This will give a trine to his natal BML – I wouldn’t be surprised if he kills himself on the 16th, & Mercury opposes his Sun too. Is no one watching him? Funny that – the exact place 27 Aquarius when he slaughtered our little family. Utterly disgraceful man.

  217. Thanks so much Mountain Misst for all your work on this case. I’ve learned so much from you. The biggest thing that hampers an astrological investigation is having no birth time. We all love you & wish you the best. Marcy

  218. Thanks Marcy. Your input is valued highly, along with Deb’s. My method is totally reliant on emotional reaction and this time we appear to have a perp whom has slipped under the radar.

    So I’d suggest that there was no thrill for him in the kill; no emotional release for pent up anger either. It would have been a cold calculated act. I’ve not seen this before in a first time kill.

    LE won’t let him ‘escape’… 🙂

  219. Do you typically find emotional clues for a sociopath? Can sociopathy be interpreted from his natal chart? He somewhat passed the lie detector test so he must not have shown emotion then either.

  220. I meant to say “This will give a trine to his natal Fini at 27 Gemini.

    His Chiron has moved to 27 Aquarius & Mercury to 27 Gemini in his Tertiary progressed chart, for Nov. 16th. I wouldn’t be so sure that he won’t escape this mortal coil.

    His father died 20 years ago today – he may be thinking about him…and who knows – maybe it’ll bring up remorseful, shameful feelings. In fact Jupiter 20 Leo is the father’s natal, and what we have today is Jupiter 21 Leo. (a pig heart valve inserted at hospital was projected to last 14 years – just short of 14 years he died.) Just had to add that bit – I believe in generational charts – children having configuration of planets like parents – in fact, his father has Mercury conjunct Venus too, but in Cancer.

  221. Anya, I am glad you asked that question because we have seen the lack of emotive response from Chase, Jesse LeRoy Matthew and EA in regard to Christina Morris case. It has been said that inside the psychopath “there is no there, there.”

  222. I have read and re-read this discussion page, many times over. I want to say THANK YOU for all of your work on this case. You are very much appreciated. Thanks and G’day!

  223. If he was born at or around 6 pm – Venus & Mercury are cazimi 17:02 & 07 – they work as one! By the way MM, I read what you said about him at WS’s. Funny that – his father’s name is Walter – 25 Aquarius in his natal. Chiron & Neptune 25 Aquarius on the day of the murders. He’s the 2nd of 9 or 10 kids – that’s a lot of attention to share round.

  224. Marcy,

    Very interesting comment about his Merritts dad passing on the 10th of November. Are you sure about the date? I was wondering since the 11th of November seems to be a prominent date in this case. His date passing 20 years ago (on the 10th?) , the Craigslist add being posted on the 11th of November and the bodies found on the 11th of November. AIs this sheer coincidence? Is there more to the date of November 11th?

  225. Reply to Anya: I’m positive. Walter Scott Merritt died Nov. 9, 1994. I found a genealogy site that listed the family relationships. And then there’s find-a-grave – he’s listed.

  226. November 11th the Sun is 19 degrees Scorpio – it has a very bad reputation & it’s Merritt’s North Node (the direction one takes in this life). If he does shuffle off on the 16th, from his own hand, it’ll be because he’s bored & sees the future! The NN is 18 Libra conjunct Skuld (the future). IMO

  227. Thank you for your work on Dan K,’s chart, Mountain Misst. I am relieved by his reaction to Merritt’s arrest – it’s normal as can be. And wow! Ms. Jarvis seems to have been well focused at that same time, doesn’t she? I admit, I missed her completely in this, but now, I’m curious about her.. Did you do a chart for her at the time of Merritt’s arrest?


  228. You are all geniuses. It isn’t easy to have the incredibly intuitive ability and perceptive intellect to do this kind of work. What you do is truly fascinating and amazing well behond belief. And I am very very far from being ” superstitious” in the usual use of the term. Hawkins Deb , I still think you are world class. You didn’t say Summer was pointing to the house as I thought originally, but you knew it was Chase all along. I swear I feel like bowing my head to all of you with the utmost respect and admiration. Thanks for sharing and making us respect it. And for inspiring many of us in ways you have no idea.

  229. MMisst, you have referred to a “shadow person” in the McStay murders who was born on October 17, 1968. A girlfriend of Charles Merritt has surfaced. It is unclear whether she is the woman who was with him on February 4, 2010. She was born September 17, 1968. Is she a possibility? Her name is Mechele Linker. Facebook page:
    Chase Merritt is among her “friends.”

  230. MMisst, on one of Rick Baker’s latest blogs, someone is saying that you have “cleared” Chase Merritt. From what I have seen on your site, the exact opposite is the case. Am I missing something?

  231. That just made my day Mary. Very funny.
    They use the initials ‘MM’ for Mike McStay, not I on the RB blog.
    Someone has me mixed up with someone else probably. 🙂

  232. I do believe you’re right, MMisst. It’s an astrologer named “Misty,” and it turns out there are more than one out there with the same name. I’ve asked for clarification from the poster. Here is what she wrote, for what it’s worth: “I also want to remind people that Misty the astrologer cleared Chase. She’s. Very good too! Her readings are fascinating and telling! She mentioned several times that this involved someone who was either alcoholic or into drugs! She called him/her the grim reaper! And that Joey felt so so betrayed! Person wore faded blue jeans and tan shirt! Also said he was fat around middle!”


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