Water connections

The following forensic astrology charts and interpretation are by request. We are not privy to any information nor are we aware of these person’s connection to any members of the McStay family whom were last seen in Fallbrook, California on 4th February 2010. That information is held by others.

I must make it quite clear at this point, that unless these individuals are directly involved in the case we are working on, the following information on this page is not worth two bits.

The Water Connector:

Our first person whom we have been asked to generate an astrology chart for has the date of birth 13 January 1944; Augustin P P is now 70 years of age.  He would likely have lived his life by old-school/old-country rules… i.e. cultural morals, ethics and values etc.

There is a suggestion of the ‘rooting concept’ with the etymology of the family name (middle European/Slovene origin).  The rooting concept is kill the enemy and his offspring, then you pull the weed out by the root = no more weeds to regrow.  This suggestion is also backed up by the natal Pluto-South Node conjunction – karmic/maternal (old country business). This man’s life-story needs to be explored further plus any suspicious connections.

22983511-1Residential address – 1143 Knoll Park Lane, Fallbrook (sold Nov 2011)

Note: If the vehicle is also in the picture, then it was likely for sale as well and suggestive that this person was planning a change of scenery.  Some sleuths get excited about the vehicle in this image being a connection to the McStay case, but that’s not within my scope of knowledge in this case.

  • Business warehouse #1 541 Industrial Way, Fallbrook
  • APP owned the water business – RO UltraTec before transferring ownership to his son in November 2010.
  • The business run by the son has another name – AXEON.  As for this son, well his astrology chart has no interest for us in our case-study; I’ve checked. He was born 19 March 1981.

I have no idea what the water connection is about with Joey, am likely more interested in the possibly of other businesses/assets/financial backing or was he just a disgruntled customer? I doubt it.  I leave that for other sleuths to follow-up and we return to the astrology interpretation.

Please note: All interpretation of the charts is undertaken as if this is a person of interest in the disappearance and murder of the McStays.  Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in a court of law.  We take snapshots of planetary positions against the zodiac and interpret according to forensic astrology guidelines.  All interpretations are standard as per textbooks.

  • Natal chart reveals a Capricorn Sun quindecile Pluto – obsession with power.
  • Saturn retrograde is also peregrinean unpredictable controller.
  • Mid-range Moon is Leo or Virgo – he will be Leo, I promise you.

Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Leo is an individual designed to be in charge. Having a vigorous and vital personality capable of great popularity and of much success in the world, he would be very self-sufficient person and somewhat aristocratic in his demeanor; a sort of aloofness and detachment that makes him seem more important than he actually is.  Even as a young lad – people would likely have commented that he was destined for bigger things.

He would possess a charisma that allows him to work things out for his benefit without making a big display or adamant demands – that aura of power is present. He would know how to be assertive and diplomatic at the right times and in the right manner. Wanting and being obsessed by power and position, he would likely go about getting his way in a quiet, cool and collected way. He would  believe in himself and know how to translate his belief to others.

This man would insist on being the leader in any undertaking, because he would feel that he was the one most qualified to run the show. A cold man, his emotions are not likely to ever interfere with duty and responsibility.   Just as I suspected, we have a Slavic-American version of ‘a patriarch’.

822-APPavelInterpretation Notes:

  • Inner wheel is at the 8:28pm call from Joey’s cell-phone.  The outer wheel is Augustin P Snr’s birth chart.  Where to start … Bells are ringing rather loudly, however the house placement is not right.  This is not going to be 5th-11th business.  The timing is wrong.  This will be more likely 4-10 axis, or lesser so – 1-7 axis.  I’ll come back to this and wind the clock if need be.  As it stands, I would suggest that his focus is elsewhere.
  • The hemisphere and angles aren’t telling us too much although natal Saturn is close to the MC.  We also note absence of direct tension with natal Saturn and Mercury – midpoint analysis is needed for the subtlety – flag to check further if need be.
  • The Moon is mid-range and so we can’t rely on it for precise interpretation, although the ‘driving need’ is in the mix with all aspects.  I would suggest that, if anything, the Moon will be in an earlier degree of Leo.

The bi-wheel story – we need a clock time to interpret the houses more accurately:

  • Tr Sun (orange) in inner wheel quindecile natal mid-range Moon (blue) – obsessive egotism drives decisions on this particular date
  • Tr Venus (pink) opposite natal mid-range Moon – money and position (peer group) are uppermost concerns
  • Tr Venus quindecile natal Pluto-Lunar Node  (intersected by tr Mars) – ditto plus the added impetus of power
  • Tr Mars conjunct natal Pluto-Lunar Node – drive to take action in relation to power position (is there a challenge?)
  • Tr Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal mid-range Moon – subterfuge (possibly a drug connection here) driving his personal needs
  • Tr Neptune opposite natal Jupiter (green) – ditto plus the added impetus of inflation by Jupiter.
  • Tr Jupiter square natal Mars – OTT action taken; making things happen in a big way
  • Tr Jupiter square natal Uranus – Out of control; sudden application of energy
  • Tr South Node opposite natal Sun – personal karmic situation has entered his life
  • Tr Mars opposite South Node – meeting with others to get work done – a karmic issue
  • Tr Saturn conjunct natal Neptune – control of subterfuge (drugs); possible losing focus of ambition
  • Tr Moon square natal Lunar nodal axis – emotional/traumatic/public event in the company of others
  • Tr Pluto square natal Neptune – subterfuge of power; loss of frame of reality
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) quindecile natal Pluto-Lunar node – obsessive, OTT communication of power (*in a FA case this aspect can identify the act of murder having been excessive)
  • Tr Mercury conjunct Sun – ditto plus communication of ego potential exerted.

Note:  Basically this chart just doesn’t work with the time frame we have for 8:28pm as our event, however I would suggest that Augustin P P is possibly a dangerous individual – perhaps in other ways than related to our case.

There is no point in continuing this line of enquiry with APP, unless he can be found to be directly connected to the case.

waterdragonThe Water Dragons:

We are continually being asked to generate charts by those investigators whom are working behind the scenes. In the interests of astrology, we have made the decision that if the charts reveal a strong emotive reaction that coincides with the same times as our events (8:28pm, 4th Feb 2010 together with 9:58am, 11th Nov 2013) then we will include them here for further study.

These persons of interest shall remain anonymous until such time as we have a connection that we can share openly. We can, however, generate their charts in the meantime.

JDP:  Inner chart is the 8:28pm event and the outer chart is the natal chart for the individual; a male.

Leo Sun with Sagittarius Moon reveals a potential ‘opinionated tyrant’; when we view through a forensic astrology lens (looking for weaknesses).  Both Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs, indicating a need to continuously look for another mountain to climb or stone to turn.

Life for such a combo of Sun and Moon seems an endless chain of games to win; a fire to keep burning white-hot. As a result, this mix can also reveal someone whom is more subject to burn-out than most.

It’s a challenge to these individuals to settle down to a regular job, or one career; to one relationship; to a solid base of operation; or to a truly focused purpose of any kind. They could be seduced onto the easy money road as a result.

Subtlety is not their style, i.e. getting into trouble by saying exactly what they feel, never mincing words or sparing feelings. Opinions are bound to be shared – at every opportunity.

waterdragon-JDPAt 8:28pm on 4th February 2010 this is the interpretation we view through our forensic astrology lens. We’re looking for illegal activity/violence etc, not party hats and candles.

This man has both Venus and Uranus peregrine in his natal chart. If we knew his birth time we could elaborate further, however basically he has his own rules about money, plus living a rebellious lifestyle would appeal.

  • Midpoint tr Sun/Neptune = natal Saturn – illegal activity likely, plus related to Saturn symbolism (eg grim reaper) PLUS
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) quindecile natal Pluto – subversive/obsessive mind control PLUS
  • tr Neptune opposite natal Mercury (yellow) – communicating as much
  • tr Jupiter (green) opposite natal Uranus – inflating instability of ethics
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct reversed natal Lunar nodal axis – public/traumatic/karmic element
  • tr Mercury (yellow) quindecile natal Sun – ego potential schemes
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Sun – ego driven to take action
  • tr Mars quindecile Lunar South node – revenge as a motivator
  • tr Saturn quindecile natal Jupiter (green) – obsessed with authority
  • tr Moon (blue) square natal Sun – not seeing eye to eye, tension between money and friendship

At the time of the 911 reporting the finding of the bodies of the McStay family, this is the tension in the same water dragon’s chart. Transiting Moon (blue) in the inner wheel is again in the 2nd house of personal assets.

  • tr Sun (orange) square natal Saturn – ambition highlighted on this date
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal Uranus – that rebelliousness mirrors subterfuge (another Neptune symbolism is drugs)
  • tr Moon opposite natal Pluto – illumination of power needs
  • tr Lunar Nodal axis square natal Sun – bringing attention to self in the public arena (?suspicion)
  • tr Jupiter (green) conjunct lunar nodal axis – more attention that he probably would like
  • tr Mars square mid-range natal Moon – this is the disruptive ‘ let it fly’ aspect. He is not a happy chappy…

HP: Inner chart is the 8:28pm event and the outer chart is the natal chart for this individual; a female connected to JDP. Power is the motivator; that together with control – you’ll not see this woman throw caution to the wind with her emotions.  Where her partner is white-hot; she is ice cold.

Sun in Aquarius and a Moon in Capricorn is a doubly whammy of Saturn energy – ambitious, conservative and coldly calculating. This assures sound judgment and a realistic evaluation of conditions or situations at any given time.  The Aquarian Sun will allow for restless at times, however that Moon in Capricorn never lets go of the driving nee “I know how to proceed”.

If we knew something of her upbringing this would likely reveal strong, deeply rooted convictions and ideals to the point of being considered narrow-minded. She would strive more for power and authority than for wealth and material success although it would have been instilled in her at an early age that the two go together hand-in-glove.

waterdragon-HP8:28pm 4th Feb 2010 reveals all her action in the shadows apart from the 7th house; her husband. Not having a birth time means that we only have a mid-range Moon although it is suggestive of being peregrine in her chart. Security in the home is likely excessive if this is the case.

  • Midpoint natal Jupiter/Uranus = tr Saturn – tempering her boundless optimism
  • tr Pluto square Jupiter/Uranus = drive to success (from behind the throne); kingmaker.
  • tr Moon quindecile natal Saturn in 7th house – despite feeling isolated in her relationship, there is obsessive ambition for her husband to hold a position (in society).
  • tr Venus-Neptune (pink-turquoise) conjunct natal Sun – secretive position in the 5th house is suggestive of subterfuge; a friend whom is not a friend.
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Pluto nudging the ascendant – dysfunctional likely as a result of addictive substances

At the time of the 911 phone-call, in Victorville there is considerable tension for just before 10am on a Monday morning in this woman’s chart. We have OTT behaviour in both directions.

  • tr Mars quindecile Lunar node – obsessive drive to get ahead of the rat race
  • tr Pluto square natal Venus (pink) PLUS
  • tr Uranus conjunct natal Venus PLUS
  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Pluto – this all gives a potential for notoriety
  • tr Jupiter (green) opposite natal mid-range Moon (blue) – inflating personal needs.

JEP:   Inner chart is the 8:28pm event and the outer chart is the natal chart for the individual; a male.  This first person, JEP, has a stellium of planets in the 5th house – their activity at 8:28pm is likely seen as ‘entertainment’ which is highly likely much different from your or my idea of entertainment. He has his natal Moon in the first house indicating high emotions and personal needs uppermost.

waterdragon-JEPSun in Aquarius and Moon in Virgo or Libra – as it is mid-range (birth time unknown and so noon is used) is right on the cusp; a raw energy of driving needs. This likely is revealing of social ineptitude. Sun is also exact conjunct Venus plus Jupiter and Saturn are also illuminated strongly by this solar energy.

I’d be interested to know what sporting teams JEP obsessively followed.  He is definitely not ‘on the same page’ as the previous two.

There is no point in continuing this line of enquiry with the water dragons, unless they can be found to be directly connected to the case.

One thought on “Water connections”

  1. Does this man have any connection with the McStays? I noticed EIP written after his name on a link to get to this page. I’m curious as to how Joey or Summer knew him. TIA


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