Jocks and socks

Those whom are best not named:

top-secretBy request, we are prepared to include these charts and interpretations more as a case to allay fears, than anything else.  We have no reason to suggest that these persons are involved in the disappearance, or murder of anyone whom is mentioned on this blog – McStay family or anyone else.

Getting a tad obsessed….

This is not a case of ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’ in my opinion, more a case of someone whom is obsessively involved in the McStay case – quindecile aspects abound.  I’m sure that there’s more than the odd sleuth around whom is just a tad obsessed by this case if they’ve followed the case since 2010.  This is just one of them and a case study to observe.

We tag along behind the first steps a person takes in their journey to obsession.  That  is usually the most revealing for us, as we need to eliminate them from suspicion;  check for any sinister involvement .  That’s what this method of forensic astrology is based on.

AnonD-duoSo first, a little background on the nature of this particular person first; their natal chart. Apart from a Saturn retrograde and a Moon hanging around with Uranus, we note the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in the horoscope – Let go and let God is the catch cry/life lesson for this person.

When this aspect is used to its best effect, the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune gives the abilty to apply structure and form to ideals and personal dreams. Along the way, such a person will be called upon to look critically at their own illusions and separate false impressions from reality. That’s their own false impressions and reality – NOT someone else’s.

Avoidance tactics (from addressing this challenging issue) can include obsessing on other people’s false impressions and their version of reality being out of synch with ‘the true reality’ (theirs) in an effort to authenticate themself. That’s where one needs to stop and go – “hang on, that’s my warning signal, look inside.  What’s really going on here?”

But there’s no stopping a dog with a bone, is there (quindecile).   The Neptune-Saturn conjunction in a natal chart often reveals that insecurity and dissatisfaction must be overcome in the battle between one’s ideals and their materialistic self.

With this many obsessions/quindecile aspects in these charts, I’d certainly be pointing this lesson out to ‘D’ at this time.  I’m not suggesting that they are not aware of this challenge, just a reminder to look inwards on a regular basis.

This person likely saw this case as a potential money-making venture; maybe with altruistic motives as they claim, rather than for personal gain, but the aspect is present in the chart.  This motive may not have been top of their list initially, or even that they will admit it to themselves, however it’s there in the chart – natal Venus in the 7th house in quindecile aspect from transiting Saturn in the 1st house.  But let me interpret by classic means, before I go off on a tangent.

Emotive reaction to the disappearance of the McStay family.

  • Tr Saturn quindecile natal 7th house Venus (pink) – an obsessive public relationship involving money and/or a peer group in relation to the grim reaper’s actions.
  • Tr Moon quindecile natal Mars 8th house – an emotional reaction to death and an effort to transform it into having meaning.
  • Tr Moon (blue) square natal Lunar nodal axis – need to get publicly involved is based on emotive reaction
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Saturn-Neptune conjunction – (See note above) on the 2nd house cusp – ‘value of self’ is tied up here with this obsession.
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Saturn-Neptune conjunction  – (See note above) – a very public exposure of this personal challenge ‘let go and let God’
  • Tr Sun opposite natal 11th house Pluto – date on the calendar empowered this person to take altruistic action
  • Tr Venus (pink) opposite natal Pluto – peer group feedback
  • Tr Venus quindecile Lunar South Node – public exposure
  • Tr Venus square natal Mars – personal transformation possible
  • Tr Neptune square natal Jupiter (green) – inflated desire for a higher meaning
  • Tr Mars conjunct natal 11th house Lunar South Node – karmic connection; a debt repaid perhaps.

Emotive reaction to the discovery of the bodies of the McStay family is as challenging, if not more so, than the first chart. Note the flow towards the 4th and 5th houses plus the Saturn-Neptune conjunction is now at the mid-heaven – making a career of it.  This case is affecting D’s home life; becoming too much of a priority (quindecile present).

Lunar nodal axis is now square natal Lunar nodal axis – apart from the public outcry of the trauma of the situation, we note the houses are 1-7 and 4 -10; private and public, home and career.  Caution ‘D’ you’re blurring boundaries and with a Saturn retrograde in your history – hmmm what more can I say.

  • Tr Sun (orange) is the date on the calendar on the inner wheel and opposite natal Mars – feeling under attack; drive to take action.
  • Tr Saturn in 10th house quindecile natal 4th house Sun – not a good idea to hang out with the grim reaper on home turf, mate
  • Tr Lunar North Node quindecile natal Mars – thinking that they’re ‘on a mission’
  • Tr Lunar South Node quindecile natal Saturn-Neptune conjunction (see notes above) – in fear of going a bit OTT as ‘having a higher purpose’.

Most important point to make here – martyrdom is a dangerous place to visit; we recommend that they religiously keep behind the line. When an obsession takes on the cloak of martyrdom, an individual then runs the risk of taking a holier-than-thou attitude.

I would suggest that a faith crisis is looming…


I had another anonymous chart to add here, however I decided that it needs to be aired in public, although the individual will remain anonymous – see Rosies Diner.

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