Thor’s hammer

Thors hammer…. asteroid #85585

The hammer of Thor; Mjolnir in mythology is one very powerful weapon associated with lightning and the Norse gods.  Not a weapon for humans to wield with murder in their hearts.

If you were in a California metal workshop in 2010, you would likely handle a 3lb hammer. They are designed for use in confined work areas.  In my part of the world, a 3lb hammer is known as a Gympie Hammer; named for the gold miners whom used them.

Note: A sledge hammer has a longer handle and swung over one’s shoulder delivering a heavier blow, although with the disadvantage of being less able to connect with a moving target.

A 3lb Stanley hammer was found with the bodies of the buried McStay family.  It is claimed to be the killing tool that accused murderer, Charles Ray Merritt used on the night of 4th February 2010.

As this is an astrology-based blog, we will focus this page on a potential incident time of 6pm as being when things went off the rails in Avocado Lane in Fallbrook, California.  We have also generated a subjective natal chart for Chase Merritt rectifying his birth time to 2:15am on 2nd May 1957.

Charles Ray Merritt (rectified natal chart generated by MM)

Arabic parts:

  • Art: 17:48°Aquarius conjunct Ascendant – we know that his designing abilities were strong in fountain design
  • Controversy: 12:35°Taurus conjunct Sun – that goes without saying; there sure is controversy in relation to this crime
  • Death: 10:11°Gemini conjunct Moon – this remains to be seen
  • Imprisonment: 29:36°Leo conjunct Pluto – this will connect to incident charts most likely, although Pluto (Hades) in Greco/Roman mythology stands at the gate to Tartarus.  It was he whom imprisoned his Olympian brothers until he was overthrown by Zeus/Jupiter (justice) (wiki).


  • Primary midpoint in any chart; Sun/Moon= 25.58°Taurus – exact the fixed star Algol; a pile of corpses.  A most unfortunate focus for any natal horoscope.

Merritt-duoThe tension on the ascendant is considerable; pressure on his physical self as well as ego. The cusp is 18°Aquarius. Starting with the Lunar Nodal Axis square the ascendant, we know that inter-personal relationships are be significant for this man; with a destiny on the public stage. Infamy on this occasion.

  • 6th house Uranus 3°Leo quindecile ascendant – rebellious attitudes towards morals and ethics make up the personality
  • 3rd house Mercury 17°Taurus square ascendant – evaluation is on the line; slippery PLUS
  • Venus-Mercury in Taurus quindecile Neptune in Scorpio – subversive (Neptune) communication (Mercury) is under compulsive tension from a slippery communicator (Mercury square ascendant) in the realm of money (Taurus).  A fanciful approach to money.  This is also where the gambler is identified.  Don’t be confused with the addict personality.  This is about money and subversive activity; Taurus Venus-Mercury quindecile Scorpio Neptune. The obsession comes from the aspect/quindecile.
  • Gemini Moon opposite Saturn in 10th house – personal needs mirror the need for self-control in the realm of career.
  • Gemini Mars (air element) quindecile Saturn in Sagittarius (fire element) – a dangerous mix; Mars is the bellows for the grim reaper.


We have further tension for interpretation, together with that very dangerous mind of his – note the 12th and 3rd houses are loaded.  The 12th house reveals childhood victimisation (upper left quadrant), while the 3rd house; communication.

  • Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee 27°Aquarius opposite Pluto 27°Leo – greatest weakness mirrors that Arabic Part for “imprisonment”
  • Vesta 21°Pisces opposite Jupiter 22°Virgo – this aspect supports his Arabic part for “Arts “.
  • Child 0°Taurus opposite Neptune 0°Scorpio – childhood raw emotions unprocessed in the adult. Don’t poke a Scorpion with a stick.

12th house and what a stellium…

  • Pholus#5145 – shooting oneself in the foot; regrets
  • Malus#11309 – malice
  • Mjolnir#85585 – Thor’s hammer; murder weapon
  • Alekto#465 – uncontrollable rage
  • Chiron#2060 – emotional wounds we carry.  In Merritt’s case – Chiron in Aquarius: They feel as if they don’t fit in to society. Social rejection makes them want to withdraw from the public and stay with only those with the same interests. (perceived kinship with Joey McStay)

3rd house Sun to Ceres contain asteroids of interest, apart from natal Sun-Venus-Mercury and the karmic flag; Lunar South Node.

  • Fountain#11670 13°Taurus – betwixt Sun and Venus
  • Phaeton#3200 20°Taurus – vehicle + communication (carphone perhaps)
  • Nessus#7066 21°Taurus – betrayed trust + communication PLUS
  • Ceres 21°Taurus – equate nurturing with how much food they are given. Socialising/business dealings over a meal are important to this man in order to feel cared for.
  • Atropos 25°Taurus – the end of the rope for Merritt (his death)
  • Algol conjunct Atropos – Algol is the fixed star for the Perseus myth and the removal of the head of Medusa.

4th February 2010:  Tracking – subjectively….

Chase Merritt’s phone was likely turned off at 5:48pm following a conversation with Joey. The location of Merritt’s phone was Rancho Cucamonga.  If we consider that Merritt is in control of his phone and Joey his, then we can track the movements with astrology. Please be aware that the following is a subjective exercise.

Thors-Hammer-duoA snapshot during the 1 hour+ drive from Rancho Cucamonga to Fallbrook.  The time 6pm.  The outer chart is the rectified birth time horoscope for Chase Merritt.

The activity is in the 12th – a mental exercise of what is ahead.  The entire crime can be seen in this chart.  It is the anticipation factor; the planning that gives this man the adrenaline rush with an emotive reaction present in his chart.  When it comes to the deed, it’s all ‘business’.

interpretation on hold in here…

  • At 7:47pm a vehicle exits the Fallbrook driveway. Caught on a neighbour’s security camera, it is not a vehicle belonging to the McStay family.

Another possible person of interest to us joins our enquiry. For now they must remain anonymous, until the penny drops…

  • At 7:59pm the McStay desktop computer at Fallbrook is used to enter Chase Merritt’s vendor account.  A cheque is written for $4000.  This cheque is cancelled 6 minutes later, however the shadow is left for the FBI to find.

759-ChaseI’ve needed to bring in the aspects that are working in his favour to interpret this chart at the time that the cheque was drawn. I suggest that it is Chase Merritt whom is using Joey’s computer. Here’s why:

  • Transiting Sun in the inner chart (orange) identifies the date on the calendar plus is in the 5th house – square natal Venus (money) and Mercury (communication) – writing a cheque. This also identifies tension at the cusp of the 9th (end of the death/transformation).  Is it a pay-off?
  • tr Mercury (yellow) also in 5th house trine natal Jupiter (green) – generosity with someone else’s money?.
  • tr Mars (red) in the 11th house sextile natal Moon (blue) – personal needs take priority and the cheque is cancelled.

work in progress


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