Summer’s family

Kenny-tattooBlanche Almanza (mother’s maiden name Gonzalez) was born 21st March 1952.  As a young teen, Blanche gave birth to a baby girl Virginia Lisa (Summer McStay).  She was just fourteen years of age.

We generate her bi-wheels here for astrology study in relation to the disappearance of her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.  As we would expect, there is a highly emotive reaction to both events.

BlancheAlmanzaclick on charts for full size

In the first bi-wheel at the time of the disappearance (method), we have that stifling boxed-in aspect present with transiting Lunar nodal axis in direct tension with Blanche’s natal Neptune (turquoise) – Jupiter (green) opposition.

This gives us a classic interpretation of dealing with others naively or simplistically.  I would expect that she is protected from public attention by family since the disappearance of her daughter and family.

  • tr Sun square natal Mars –  intensity of energy reacts to being under attack  PLUS
  • tr Sun opposite natal Pluto –  illumination of lack of power in a situation; powerful force creates major changes in life  PLUS
  • tr Jupiter (green) quindecile natal Pluto – inflating the reaction even more to the point of obsession; seeking answers from Summer’s friends.
  • tr Lunar node square Neptune (turquoise) – paranormal dimensions explored
  • tr Lunar node square Jupiter (green) – opening up to others; making connections
  • tr Mars opposite natal mid-range Moon (blue) – driving need to take action  PLUS
  • tr Moon (blue) square natal mid-range Moon – highly emotional
  • tr Saturn opposite natal Sun (orange) – fear of loss; grief

The second bi-wheel at the discovery of the bodies reveals another Jupiter-Neptune resulting tension – likely identifying that depression has set in.

  • tr Sun conjunct natal Mars – the intensity of energy of Sun-Mars aspect at the time of the disappearance is now conjunct rather than in opposition – nothing that she can do now, to save her daughter.  The energies merge.  PLUS
  • tr Sun square natal Pluto – ditto as above
  • tr Pluto opposite natal Uranus – intensification of ego awareness; hopelessness of situation
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) conjunct Lunar node – paranormal acceptance (see above)
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Venus (pink) – need for family paramount
  • tr Uranus square natal Uranus – sudden changes in communicative abilities; erratic
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal mid-range Moon (blue) – traumatic situation; thrust into the public arena
  • tr Jupiter square natal Neptune (turquoise) –  inflated emphasis on things spiritual  PLUS
  • tr Jupiter square natal Jupiter – highly inflated reaction
  • tr Mars quindecile natal Sun – high sense of grief expressed

Summer’s half-sister Tracy Russell was born Traci Barrios some three years after Virgina Lisa was born.  The date for Traci’s birth is 3rd December 1969.  Again we reproduce these charts for astrology research purposes.

TraciBarriosWe immediately note the lack of emotional reaction in these charts.  If we do indeed have the correct birth date, then we have an individual whom apparently lacks an emotional response to the disappearance of her sister and family; not something we would expect to see.

We can interpret this chart at some future time as these two charts have minimal input to the story.

Kenneth Andrew Steven Aranda is the youngest of the three siblings; born on 4th July 1978.  From observation of the Sun-Moon combinations of Summer’s family members, I would suggest that Kenny was the one closest to Summer.  He was born on the night of a New Moon.

Kenny has a double dose of Cancer – both Sun and Moon, intensifying the natural traits of the sign that produces an added depth of feelings. He may appear to have an aloofness about his nature, as though he was waiting in the background for someone to make the first move to establish a friendship, but that’s the reticence. It’s hard for him to come out of himself and meet people halfway; reminiscent of the symbolic Cancer symbol – the crab and his shell.

Those around him need to recognize that he needs to have a shell that he can crawl into periodically, or even permanently in extreme cases, as a defense against the intrusions of the world. He could be overly suspicious of people and their motives that can make him unapproachable to many. It takes a long time for someone to win his trust and confidence.

Once he puts aside that self-protective shell, he would be exceptionally warm and genial, a true old-fashioned romantic with a deep sense and sympathy and a need for the same; ever the diplomat. We are not surprised by the permanence of the tattoo, in memory of his sister and her family.

KennyAranda“Always on my mind; forever in my heart JSGJ”

  • With transiting Saturn square natal Sun-Moon on the night the family disappeared, we can suggest that Kenny likely ‘knew the worst in his waters’   PLUS
  • Pluto’s transit is also in direct opposition to Sun-Moon his up as the tension is in direct opposition. PLUS
  • Lunar north node as well is in quindecile aspect to his Sun-Moon – obsessing…
  • tr Venus opposite natal Venus – family and close friends; connection revealed

The second bi-wheel at the discovery of the bodies, with the natal Sun-Moon at the descendant I would suggest he was distraught.

  • tr Sun square natal Venus in the 8th – death of his family members, illuminated
  • tr Venus opposite mid-range Moon in 7th – grief for the loss of the relationship
  • tr Pluto opposite natal Sun in 7th – powerlessness that he can do nothing
  • tr Mars square natal Neptune (turquoise) – the death destroys any illusions that they might have survived; any fantasy he may have created about their disappearance
  • tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Mercury – mental anquish

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