Summers past history

Vick Johansen – ex boyfriend of Summer.  She was living with him when she met Joey.  His birth date is 7th March 1977.

exesBorn with Mars in Aquarius together with the conjunction of Venus and South Node in Aries, from a forensic astrology perspective, I would suggest that Vick Johansen’s undoing will come as a result of his inability to find the middle ground in his relationships with women.  His Sun-Moon mix of Pisces Sun and Libra Moon tells us some of his wants and needs.

The blend of Pisces and Libra is a congenial and dreamy personality that is very pleasant if that is what you like. This combination blends the emotional sensitivity and intuitive understanding of Pisces, with the mental equilibrium, courtesy and friendliness of a Libra balancing act. This yields a nature that possesses an equable temperament, seeking balance and a sense of fitness and proportion in all they do. A bit of a ‘dish-cloth’, some would say.

There is nothing base, crude, earthy, ugly or terribly heavy about this personality. People respond naturally to them because they more or less exude a pleasing aura, and because they freely offer a ready ear and a bright, optimistic outlook.  A good change if you’ve had a tough row last time round. Usually perceptive, tolerance is their ideal; understanding much that others can’t readily accept. They are planners rather than doers and don’t like tight schedules or working under pressure.

They’ll run a mile from things that get them up-tight and indeed, as expected they likely  lack the staying power to go the hard yards in a relationship. Nonetheless, they have a very optimistic attitude;  can see the ‘silver lining’ in the clouds while others are still watching the storm.   A lot of people would seek this sort of a partner, but not Summer.

VWJohansen-trioThe first of the trio of charts is from the perspective of 7:47pm (as above)

  • Natal Neptune (turquoise) is at the IC  – the invisible man.  Where is he on this date?
  • Natal Sun (orange) is at the descendant –  his position in a relationship is on his agenda.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) is nudging transiting lunar nodal axis and square natal Venus-South Node – Is he having an argument with a female in a public place/on the phone?  This aspect is confusing  Perhaps he is just in denial.
  • Transit Neptune (6th house) square natal Jupiter (green) – suggestive of substance abuse.
  • Transit Neptune is also quindecile natal Saturn – addiction to  what is it – drugs or alcohol?

The second chart is pretty much the same only an hour later, at 8:28pm.  The drama of earlier has eased somewhat, with no angles in the mix.  The third chart is November 2013 when the discovery of the bodies was announced.  This man appears to have genuinely cared for Summer.

  • Natal Lunar nodal axis is at the MC/IC axis – he is traumatised by the news.
  • Transit Sun square Mars – angered by the news, with a physical release of this anger evident.
  • Transit Mars opposite Sun – blow to the ego.  I’d even call it, a stab to the heart.
  • Transit Mars square Neptune (12th house – the mind)  – dismayed by the news
  • Transit Moon conjunct natal Mercury – emotional release through communication

Others may read a lot more into this, however I feel that this man is his own worst enemy.  He doesn’t need us to beat him up.

Alberto Alfred Vergara was the first husband of Summer McStay.  They were long divorced before Summer met Joey.  I know nothing about the man or their relationship, apart from that he called her Lisa, rather than Summer.

AlbertVergara The first bi-wheel (7:47pm 4 Nov) immediately tells us that Albert Vergara was not involved in the disappearance of the family.  Some tension is present, however the only forensic indicator we have is his 5th house Saturn in Aquarius conjunct the Sun, the date in question.  We can suggest a cold reaction to news of the event.

The second bi-wheel reveals a very emotional reaction.  It’s all happening in the 10th house – if nothing else, his association with Summer brings attention to both the man and his hairdressing business.

  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Sun (orange) – the news certainly knocks the wind out of his sails
  • Transiting Saturn (body locator) conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise)  –  likely confusion, dismay.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) conjunct natal Venus (pink) – financial rewards and with Lunar South Node in the opposite house – the karmic mirror is present.  Perhaps Summer is clearing financial karma between them – pay-back?
  • Transiting Moon (blue) opposite natal Uranus – emotional event affects his moods creating sudden changes.


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