Summer McStay

summerSummer was born into full-moon energy in San Gabriel, California on 27th December 1966. We don’t have a time of birth and so noon is used for our purposes in order to obtain a mid-range Moon placement for our interpretation.

Virginia Lisa Aranda used several combinations of her name on her life journey. Blanche Aranda was just fourteen years of age when Summer was born. Summer’s stepfather had the surname of Martelli, so Summer adopted that early; sometimes she combined the two names – Aranda-Martelli or Martelli-Aranda.  She played around with her first name as well Lisa, Lisa V. etc until she settled on Summer; an appropriate name for her personality, I would expect.

These name changes are indicative of a search for an identity and are revealed when we look to the Sun-Moon mix in her natal chart. She has a Capricorn Sun and either a very late Gemini, or early Cancer Moon. A Gemini Moon indicates someone whom has the driving need is to show others how much they know, whereas a Cancer Moon needs emotional security.  She’s probably a bit of both, being around the cusp.  On consideration, in my opinion Summer is more likely to have been an early Cancer, Moon sign and so we will go with that.  We use a mid-range Moon in any case for our interpretations, so it’s a case of apples and oranges; either way it’s fruit.

Janis Joplin had the Capricorn-Cancer, Sun-Moon mix – now that’s a wild-child for you. Here’s the text-book interpretation for the Capricorn-Cancer combination of driving forces; wants and needs:

The combination of this Sun and Moon sign produces a sensitive mind and personality endowed with a highly refined intuitive insight. These natives can “feel” the truth about people and conditions. While highly sensitive and somewhat introspective, they can gain by using their sensitivities along practical lines. Without wasting time trying to peddle things that people aren’t buying, they have a knack for making money plus usually have the conservative instincts to hang on to it. They can be rather secretive at times, keeping things to themselves until ready to take others into their confidence.  This is part of the security aspect of the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Generally, they need to cultivate demonstrative/extroverted tendencies of their personality and can appear clumsy in doing so by appearing to be OTT. There is a very strong domestic side to their nature – a deep interest in home and family. Strong support of close personal and sympathetic relationships are relied upon.  Their main strength is will power and a tenacity of purpose.

In Summer’s natal chart, other hard aspects with tight orbs of interest to us are:

  • Mercury 23° Sagittarius square Saturn 23° Pisces – tendency to analyse opinions; hard worker
  • Mercury 23° Sagittarius square Uranus 24° Virgo – impulsive; reactive with opinions
  • Saturn opposite Uranus (due to the immediately above two aspects, this makes a midpoint with Mercury) – demands on nervous energy between old ways and possible new ways for whatever planets orbit to create tension to Mercury at 23° Sagittarius
  • Pluto 20° Virgo opposite Chiron 21° Pisces – life is never trivial for such a native. With this aspect in a chart, this suggests that Summer would be open to alternative therapies. This opposition is more comfortable than most oppositions because Chiron and Pluto work well together.
  • Midpoint of Saturn/Uranus = Mercury – a modern approach to upbringing of her children, together with an openness to modern themes in communication.
  • Midpoint Uranus/Pluto = opposition to natal Saturn – an autocratic thinker suggestive of ‘my way is the best way’.  This is someone whom likes to wear the pants in a family dynamic.

In her natal chart, Summer also has a Neptune (fantasy) connection to this trinity of Mercury-Saturn-Uranus. Natal Neptune is sextile Mercury and also trine Saturn.  This is likely where the fantasy element came into her character development; her self image fantasies.  The Saturn-Uranus opposition is a continual pull between the conservative and the radical; Mercury is the planet of communication and Neptune, the creative side.  Put it all together and we have… uniquely, Summer McStay.

Note: As this is a forensic astrology enquiry, we don’t go into any great depth in relation to the horoscope of any individual.  We look for weakness in a chart rather than a person’s attributes.

Astrology charts: 4th February 2010 (we can go back to an earlier time-frame at a later point in our enquiry, if needed)

As the Sun/Moon midpoint is the main focus of any chart, we seek out transiting planetary tension that might give us some clarity in a natal chart. On the date that the McStay family disappeared on 4th February 2010, we wind the clock; seeking synchronicity/tension with this Sun/Moon midpoint.  Looking for where it may possibly have a hard aspect with a planet in Summer’s natal chart, we find our synchronicity at 11am when the Sun/Moon focus (orange/blue in the inner chart) is at 23°Sagittarius 31’.

  • This midpoint is exact conjunct Summer’s natal Mercury (yellow in the outer chart) at 23°Sagittarius 33’ in the 8th house (death and transformation) plus it is also square to her natal Saturn; 23°Pisces 46’ in the 11th house (friends and enemies).
  • In the heavens above, transiting asteroid Karma is at 21°Sagittarius 33’ (karmic element) conjunct natal Mercury and Uranus is at 24°Pisces 23’ (sudden changes) conjunct natal Saturn.

midpoints4Feb11am-SummerWhen we generate a bi-wheel (method) at this time of 11am, we also note that the natal Lunar nodal axis is on the horizon line (destiny awaits).

Note: There is no doubt that the nodal axis is of immense significance in our lives. It is an axis of tension and compulsion, around which ideas of ‘fate’ and ‘destiny’ always seem to hover.

The Ascendant/Descendant axis and the MC/IC axis are doors into the world, describing our struggle to extract ourselves from the nurturing aspect, to put down our own roots and find our own place in the world and to define ourselves through partnerships.

  • The asteroid at this point in the heavens 15° Taurus 21′ is Boliviana #712. It would appear that our attention is being drawn to the fact that Summer has a destiny/fate connection with Bolivia.
  • Other midpoint in the bi-wheel is tr Moon/Mars= natal Pluto – strong opinions in relation to 5th house matters

Summer’s timeline around that time would no doubt bear fruit, I am sure.  Her phone records would be mighty handy if they were to come to hand. When we run a series of charts to follow the clock times that we do have, we can follow Summer’s emotive reactions.

4Feb211pm-SummerAround 2:11pm Summer is purported to have made an computer search for a homeopathic remedy and a phone call was made at 2:11pm.  I expect that someone has put 1+1=2 resulting in this call being to the retailer.

Note: We would certainly like to check the phone records of both Summer’s cellphone and landline.

Aspects in this bi-wheel relevant to this 2:11pm time:

  • Hemisphere is weighted on the RHS – considering others.
  • Natal Moon is at the ascendant, however we must note that this is a mid-range Moon – personal needs on the agenda
  • Tr Moon (blue in the inner wheel) square natal Jupiter (green) –
  • Tr Sun (orange) square natal Lunar nodal axis (red) –

4Feb236-SummerThe next bi-wheel is at 2:36pm – we are told that this is when when Summer’s credit card was used to purchase baby clothes etc at Ross Dress for Less, Vista.  Some persons have challenged the time-frame being enough to travel between the residential address at Avocado Lane, Fallbrook and Vista, however we put that aside for our interpretation and only address what is before us.

Aspects in this bi-wheel relevant to this 2:36pm time:

What has changed in the intervening 25 minutes are the cusps of the angles and houses.  We only address one aspect at this stage; a midpoint. Descendant=Sun (orange)/Venus (pink).  This requires an interpretation of the cusp of the 7th house rather than the descendant, I would suggest.  There are bound to be practical purchases on this credit card in relation to how Summer ‘appeared’ in public and to her husband; her personal attractiveness.

Notes: Summer made her last outgoing voice call before 5pm followed by text messages to Joey until just before 6pm.  The last text received by Summer’s cellphone was at 10:59am on 6th February – before the battery died or SIM removed.

7:47pm 4th February, 2010 – a vehicle (likely the family SUV) is caught on video by a neighbour – leaving the residential address (occupants unknown).

747-SummerTransiting asteroids come into our interpretation first:

  • Lachesis #120 (one of the fates) at 15°Scorpio 3′ is conjunct Summer’s natal Lunar south node (karmic element).  This is where Pluto’s Myth of Er comes to tell us that the lot that the little soul whom would become Summer  drew has come full circle.  It’s time to depart this earthly life.

“Hear the word of Lachesis, the daughter of Necessity. Mortal souls, behold a new cycle of life and mortality. Your genius will not be allotted to you, but you will choose your genius; and let him who draws the first lot have the first choice, and the life which he chooses shall be his destiny. Virtue is free, and as a man honours or dishonours her, he will have more or less of her; the responsibility is with the chooser”

  • Boliviana #712 (Bolivia) at 15° Taurus 21′ conjunct the north node and opposite Lachesis – do not overlook this connection with destiny.

We now look at all the hard aspects in the bi-wheel as we are now aware of the seriousness of the situation.  Natal Sun (Summer) is driving this bi-wheel from the 4th house (the home). It appears that she is still in control of her movements at this stage. It is Summer whom is at the Avocado Lane house. Why did she leave?

  • Natal Sun (orange) quindecile Lunar South Node in the 11th house – I would suggest the karmic connection of their murders is connected to the actions of both Joey and Summer together as a couple plus as individuals; a joint enterprise and either enemies they have made, or a deceitful friend is behind the current threat. There is an obsession element to the connection.  A friend kept as a friend, whom should have been let go perhaps.
  • Natal mid-range Moon opposite natal Sun in 10th house – career-wise needs  PLUS
  • Natal mid-range Moon opposite transiting Pluto while the Sun is conjunct Pluto – powerless to stop what she is about to befall. There is also a tug between working from home and in the public arena in the background.
  • Tr Saturn square natal Sun – Grim Reaper awaits.
  • Tr Uranus in 7th house square natal Mercury in 4th – communication came from a person in a public relationship with Summer; highly likely from Joey. Could this have been an indirect come get me; lure.
  • Tr Uranus is conjunct natal Saturn and opposite natal Uranus – this is also the locator angle as to where Summer went when she drove out the driveway to meet with the Grim Reaper.  I suggest that it is highly possible that Summer left believing to meet with/collect her husband, Joey.
  • Tr Sun (date on the calendar) square natal Lunar nodal axis – another forensic indicator of trauma on this date; Summer would die before the calendar turned the page.

8:28pm 4th February, 2010 is likely close to when Summer faced her demise along with her children. Cusp of the 8th house (death and transformation) is 22°Aries – the ominous degree.  We turn to where the ruler of Aries (transiting Mars) is located – 11th house of enemies; no love is lost here.

Event#2-SummerThe dwarf-planet Makemake transiting at 26° Virgo at the time, is just beginning to enter the fray; at the ascendant.  Makemake is one of the creator gods of the people of Easter Island and we all know what happened to the people of Easter Island; they were totally wiped out with no trace remaining of their culture beyond carved stone heads; the island deserted.

  • Immediately overhead, the asteroid Phaedra #174 at 25° Gemini – stands by her man
  • Asteroid Sphinx #896 is conjunct this midheaven at 26° Gemini – maintaining the mystery of this case

At the Sun/Moon focus point of 25° Sagittarius (at the IC), when we turn our eyes heavenwards we see the fixed star Aculeus in the constellation of Scorpius.  This star has a notorious reputation in astrology as a ‘blind star’ associated with eyesight problems and the symbolism of the constellation of the Scorpion presides over arms (as in firearms/military/mercenaries); likely an assassin.

  • Natal Uranus is now conjunct the Ascendant opposite transiting Uranus – sudden changes
  • Natal Saturn is at the Descendant – likely exit
  • Natal Mercury is at the IC – input overruled; discounted
  • Tr Pluto is in the 12th house – power withdraws into the unconscious
  • Lunar Nodal axis is now in 2nd/ 8th house axis – paying with her life

Body-SummerMcStay9:58am 11th November 2013 – a 911 call led to the finding of all four bodies in shallow graves in Victorville.  The following is what Summer’s horoscope has to tell us about the discovery of the bodies. The asteroid#12, Victoria is at 15° Scorpio, conjunct the Grim Reaper; transiting Saturn.

Note: This asteroid is right on the locator angle pointing back to the Fallbrook house. ‘Go back to the house; re-look at the significance’, says Summer.

  • Transiting Venus is exact the ascendant – that’s peer pressure at its best; being appreciated.
  • Ascendant conjunct natal Sun – can you feel her presence?  I know I can.
  • Mid-range Moon is at the descendant opposite transiting Venus (pink) – cooperation from the public
  • Transiting Venus (pink) intersects Summer’s Sun-Moon opposition – ditto.
  • Natal Saturn at the 3rd house cusp – a voice from the dead if we are to listen to the Serbian astrologers – the 22nd degree.
  • Transiting Saturn intersects natal Lunar nodal axis – bodies in a public place.  This aspect also gives us a locator angle to follow.

Further aspects that have not been highlighted, tell us more – Summer’s messages to us.

  • Tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Jupiter (green) – there will be legal issues to resolve in this case.
  • Tr Jupiter quindecile natal Sun (orange) – rewarded with success.
  • Tr Uranus quindecile natal Uranus – if this aspect isn’t modern technology clues, I don’t know what is… follow the phone records.
  • Tr Uranus square natal mid-range Moon – impulse to fulfill needs.


  • tr Mars/Lunar North node = natal Mars in 9th house – whenever we see Mars and Uranus together this is indicative of combined efforts bringing change.  I would suggest that natal Mars being in the mix as well is encouraging to all whom continue with this case to put a higher cause (9th house) above personal agendas.
  • tr Moon/Uranus = natal Saturn at cusp of 3rd house – striving for independence in order to solve things; the old and the new; the new always wins and progress is made by communicating (3rd house).  Change is difficult for some, however it needs to be made in order to progress; speak out.
  • tr Moon/Jupiter = natal Lunar North node in 4th house – sociability in the home; successful contacts to be made.


One thought on “Summer McStay”

  1. This is interesting; so the charts indicate Summer possibly met her demise around the same time her husband’s cell phone dialed the last call to Chase at 8:28pm. Perhaps there was a struggle that caused the phone to redial the last call. Thanks for doing all this work on the case Mountain Misst.


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