Realtor friends

Diane was a bridesmaid at Joey and Summer’s wedding in 2007.  She had worked with Summer at a real estate agency prior to the Mcstay marriage.  Diane and Summer had spoken on the phone on the morning of 4th Feb 2010; the day that the family disappeared.

With a Libran Sun and her moon in late Aquarius or very early Pisces, we would need to ask her if the Aretha Franklin song, ‘Respect’ was high on her favourite list?  If not, then her Moon is still in Aquarius.  Looking at this image, I’d take a punt on an Aquarian Moon. That said, Diane would likely be a caring and very social character; she’d work social media to a good advantage.

Note: We use models of reality  according to classic astrology and therefore the reader is advised to remain skeptical of any interpretation.  The charts are of time and place indicating potential weaknesses in characters of those born on these days –  interacting with specific times on a calendar.

D.C’s natal chart has a particular point of interest in that Sun is exact South Node – the relationship with her primary nurturer reveals a strong karmic element that she will have to work out in this lifetime; her public presence could bring about her undoing.

McStay-CirignaniThe first bi-wheel is from the perspective of the Trooper going out the driveway.

  • Tr Venus (pink) quindecile natal Mars PLUS –
  • Tr Venus conjunct natal mid-range Moon (blue) – highly emotional about her missing friend
  • Tr Neptune (turquoise) conjunct mid-range Moon – ditto with Neptune being the subterfuge element
  • Tr Uranus opposite natal Pluto – creates an upheaval in her attitude towards power/powerlessness
  • Tr Mars square natal Venus – there appears to be a financial element creeping into this aspect that is hidden.
  • Tr Moon conjunct natal Venus – ditto however it appears to be being treated sensitively
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Saturn – likely communicates early that she believes that the McStays are dead (Saturn)

The second bi-wheel is Diane’s emotive reaction to the finding of the bodies in Victorville according to astrology interpretation.

  • Tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Venus (pink) – emotional expression in public likely
  • Tr Pluto square natal Sun- Lunar nodal axis PLUS
  • Tr Uranus opposite Sun-South Node – natal karmic element in relation to her mother is very much to the forefront here.  Stand up Diane and face your childhood fears.
  • Tr Moon (blue) opposite natal Mars – an emotional reaction as we would expect with this news.

John; i.e. Diane’s spouse and friend of Summer and Joey

This is one chart where we have to stretch a little further than just a Virgo Sun and Moon in Cancer. John’s natal Sun is also conjunct Uranus and Mercury, bringing something of the rebel into the mix. He could even be a bit macho with the boys when we consider this whole picture. And just for a bit more salt and pepper, his Moon is likely hugging Venus in the heavens; giving us a charmer. This man could probably sell ice to an polar bear.

A Virgo Sun reveals intelligence, analytical insight that blends well with the emotional sensitivity of Cancer. Receptive temperament often deeply influenced by outside conditions and/or other people with whom you they come in contact. Inwardly being practical and discriminating, but outwardly seemingly changeable. Having a good sense of values knowing what things are worth, together with what people are interested in or will buy, supports progress and opportunity in business.

Forming close attachments to those who are near to him would provide the security that Cancer seeks, although Mercury hugging the Sun likely overrules any sense of shyness that this Sun-Moon mix usually implies. He’d sure be a progressive thinker I should imagine with Uranus right on top of the Sun, as well.

Which is dominant in this man’s chart – Sun or Uranus? Is he conservative, a creature of habit and a traditionalist, as this standard Sun-Moon mix would suggest or does he rebel against the establishment and have quite a bit to say about it? This will reveal which is the leader for this man. Maybe he swings either way, depending on the company.

Sun conjunct Uranus people possess much self-integrity. They prefer to answer to no one except themselves; avoiding labeling people and are most offended when others attempt to label or stereotype them. Although progressive, this Sun-Uranus mix can produce someone whom can be maddeningly stubborn at times. They do enjoy a certain level of excitement in their lives, and they do accept change as exciting, and they do appear to be quite open-minded–yet on a personal level, they can stubbornly stick to their ideas and they will resent anyone who tries to push them into doing something they really don’t want to do.

The main challenge for this man in this life, according to his natal chart is a lifelong self-motivation to appease that Saturn retrograde. Natal Saturn is the handle of the fan that is made up of all his other natal planets.

duo-JohnCirignaniclick on chart for full size

At 7:47pm on 4th February 2010, transiting Neptune is opposite that Sun-Mercury-Uranus conjunction in his natal chart – likely shaking this man to the core.  I would suggest that he is deeply shocked.  I say no more on the first chart.

As for the second chart; when the graves were discovered – again we have this huge reaction, none of which is driven by even a suggestion of any involvement.  I leave it to others to interpret further if they so require.  I’ve highlighted the tension in the charts.


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