Paul Merritt

paulmerritt-fb-photoAs is our want to do, now that Chase Merritt is incarcerated for the alleged murder of the McStay family, we investigate his extended connections in search of others whom may be of interest in this case.  So far we have checked Chase’s partner in Feb 2010 (now his ex) Cathy Jarvis (link to charts) whom appears to have a financial interest in the outcome of Chase’s misdeeds.  We now turn to family; blood before water.

Paul Scott Merritt is the third son of the marriage of his parents. He grew up in Hesperia with his elder brothers Bennett and Chase, along with five sisters. Paul was born in 1960, so he is three years younger than Chase. Mom pretty much raised the brood on her own, as Walter Scott Merritt went on to sire a further two girls; Norma Jean and  Velva, with Sandra Moss.

7911 CositaLaneWith the help of the sleuthing community, we have learned that Paul has resided at a property very close to Victorville.  In fact the shallow graves where the McStay family’s remains were found is only a little more than half-way between this address and that of his brother Chase.

It’s out in the desert; a nice little retreat to come home to, from a working life that has taken Paul Merritt away from California; to New Mexico, Washington and Missouri.

We are obliged to ask, “Where was Paul Merritt on 4 February 2010 and where did his cellphone ping from, over that weekend?”

That aside, we begin our forensic astrology enquiry. Astrology is a pseudo science and must be viewed as an opinion only. We use computer software to generate the charts and interpretations are from classic texts.

An Aries Sun sign reveals the element of fire; an initiator personality. That, together with a Leo Moon we have the fire element again. This man needs to be recognised as the initiator. Self-image is all important and he would have a natural faith in himself and probably total confidence in his abilities. Respecting himself to a high degree and seeing himself as a natural born leader together with expecting recognition as such, he would need to be his own boss.

Aries are the leaders of the pack, first in line to get things going. Whether or not everything gets done is another question altogether, for an Aries prefers to initiate rather than to complete. Do you have a project needing a kick-start? Call an Aries, by all means.

Success may come because he can come up with good ideas, but more often it is because those he would do business with would be impressed by his enthusiam and confidence in himself, more so than his ability to deliver.  But more on that later…

Natal chart abnormalities have that Leo Moon close to Pluto indicating that need for power in his life, or as another astrologer just whispered – a dictator.  Paul Merritt would lean towards Pluto for his driving needs due to his natal Mars being in the opposing sign of Pisces. Mars in the water element of Pisces is rather ‘wimpish’ and needs to heat up to take action. He might look nerdy, but don’t be fooled by that male persona.

The other point of interest to us seeking weaknesses in a natal chart, is Mercury (yellow)/Venus (pink) = Lunar South Node all together in Pisces. This reveals his undoing in connection to women and communication most probably; his ideals have a karmic flavour and opposite to the accepted social norm.  Further investigation into this area of his chart (around 24°Pisces) will be required to get a clearer picture.

I’ve saved the best for last.  Paul Merritt has Sun square Saturn and both at the ominous Serbian 18 degrees in the elements of fire and earth – this man has control issues; serious self-control issues.  Just as Sun square Pluto can be a blanket over a hand-grenade, same-same in relation to self-control – a forest fire flares, when lightning strikes.

events-PaulM4th February 2010:

click on all charts for full size

Bi-wheels (method) for 4 February 2010 and Paul Scott Merritt’s natal chart tell us an astrological story of planetary tension. Natal Saturn is at the cusp of the 5th house – self-control is about to get creative.  Is this a potential lightning strike in relation to children?

  • tr Sun (orange) opposite natal Uranus – rebellious spirit is highlighted on this date.
  • tr Venus-Neptune-Jupiter opposite natal mid-range Moon – this pattern transiting at this time leaves an opportunity to be taken advantage of; deception and a change in direction for no clear reason. It would appear that this man’s natal Moon, his driving personal needs are taking advantage of this weakness in the heavens PLUS
  • tr Jupiter conjunct natal Mars – inflating the cowardly Mars  in the 6th house of ethics and morals PLUS
  • tr Jupiter opposite natal Pluto – empowering his natal Mars to take action
  • tr Uranus conjunct Lunar South node (7th house of public relationships) –  meeting with new people PLUS
  • tr Uranus = natal Mercury/Venus – intensification of innovation; spontaneous idea of feelings becoming dominant
  • tr Saturn square natal Jupiter in 4th house – dangerous forensic indicator inflating the person falsely.
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – if he’s doing business then he is likely deluding in relation to finances.
  • tr Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter – again a dangerous forensic indicator inflating the person falsely as to their sense of power.

At this point I need to bring in the asteroids and a particularly interesting point in the cosmos that comes up over and over again, raising the hairs on the back of our necks.  Mention “Black Moon Lilith” and many in the know will shrink back in dread (explanation).

When we have a serious POI in a case, BML is invariably in the picture when we get down to the finer points of analysis.  I have been reminded by another astrologer that Paul Merritt’s natal placement of his Mean Apogee/BML is 26°Gemini on the date of his birth.

  • transiting asteroid Sphinx #896 on the 4th February 2010 was at 26°Gemini.  The Sphinx represents all that is mysterious; a paradox.
  • transiting asteroid Lie #26955 on the 4th February 2010 was at 26°Gemini – lie; lies and more lies.  This man lied about where he was that night.  Check his alibi.

The second bi-wheel of the pair above is 4th February at 8:28pm.  It has the same tension as the first chart, however we now have his natal Lunar nodal axis at the ascendant indicating inter-personal relationships are uppermost in his mind and natal mid-range Moon is around the 12th house cusp indicating mental activity.

Synastry of Summer McStay and Paul Merritt:

We are not aware if Summer and Paul Merritt even knew each other, however it is not improbable due to the nature of his suggested business – website design. As to whether he failed in this line of work after 2010 and took up a new vocation, we do not know.

Apparently Joey had decided to part company from Dan Kavanaugh in relation to managing the EIP fountain business website. Did Chase promote his blood-kin that Paul might be able to do business with Joey and Summer?  Could Paul Merritt possibly have gone to Fallbrook, perhaps in the company of Chase, for that reason?

SummerMcStay-PaulMWe cannot interpret the house placements and angles as we do NOT know the time of birth of either Summer or Paul Merritt, however there is plenty of planetary tension to give us a story of any interaction/relationship they might have had.

Summer’s Sun opposite Moon (wants and needs) is inflated by Paul Merritt’s Jupiter and so by return, Summer would also inflate the man.  First impressions would appear to be amicable.

The subtleties of the midpoints would be working in the background.  If we view from Summer’s perspective:

  • Mercury/Uranus = Merritt’s Neptune – likely aware of a psychic connection and deluded by his persuasiveness
  • Mercury/Lunar north node (intuition) = Merritt’s Mars – likely views him as ‘nerdy’,  however Summer would not be aware of the complexity of his natal Mars.
  • Summer’s Mercury is also square that other complexity of his Mercury-South Node-Venus – her method of communication would set off his weakness; press his buttons PLUS
  • Summer’s natal Saturn opposite Uranus is exact this same configuration in his natal chart – freezing him out.  That is a very worrying aspect from both perspectives.  PLUS
  • Summer’s Pluto is also in the mix exact opposite his Mercury, indicating power of persuasion is heavily being utilised.
  • Summer’s Venus (pink) conjunct his natal Saturn (we note NOT in retrograde) – he wouldn’t fall for her ‘feminine charms’ if they were in the mix.  PLUS
  • Summer’s Venus is square his natal Sun – did Summer ignite a forest fire and loss of self-control in the man?

The 911 call and Paul Merritt:

911-PaulMWe wind our clocks forward to the morning of 11th November 2013; 9:58am, when that 911 call logged into LE. What was Paul Merritt up to?  What emotive response do we have in this man for this time-slot of interest in our enquiry?

We have natal Jupiter at the ascendant pumping adrenaline around his body.  He is agitated.

  • tr Sun (orange) square natal Uranus – the date is significant and creates sudden emotional changes
  • tr Moon-Neptune (turquoise) conjunct natal Mars in 2nd house (personal assets-money) – hypersensitivity; shock most likely. We don’t lose sight of this Mars weakness and opposition to natal Pluto… SO PLUS
  • tr Moon-Neptune opposite natal Pluto – fear of the unknown; feeling weakened.
  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Lunar North Node.  You can’t tell me he didn’t know there was a connection to Chase by this find. The nodes also indicate familial and karmic connections in astrology.
  • tr Jupiter (green in the inner wheel) square natal Sun (orange) in 3rd house – he’s quickly on the phone.  Boy I’d like to see his phone records with Chase’s number.  PLUS
  • tr Mercury quindecile natal Sun – ditto, obsessively.  Please SBPD, check his phone records.
  • tr Lunar Nodal axis conjunct natal Neptune – subterfuge, deceit and all things hidden.  In the 10th house – check his alibi and check again.

Arrest and court appearance of Chase Merritt:

The next step we are obliged to follow is Paul Merritt’s reaction to the arrest and arraignment of his elder brother for the murders of the McStay family.

CMevents-PaulMPaul Merritt’s natal asteroid Buddy #16155 is at 24°Virgo exact his natal Lunar north node, suggesting that he is close to at least one of the members of his family.

Bi-wheels for the arrest of Chase on 5th November 2014 and the arraignment/court appearance on 12th November 2014 are generated in relation to his natal horoscope. These charts are not as dramatic as Paul Merritt’s reaction to the finding of the bodies of the McStay family, however they certainly are sinister.

The Arrest of Chase: Transiting Neptune intersects his natal Mars-Pluto indicating  that Paul Merritt had no prior inkling as to the arrest, however he will be preparing cunning strategies with this aspect; mind working at full capacity, plotting rebellion and subterfuge..  Is this brotherly-love, or self-preservation?

  • tr Mercury/Uranus = natal Saturn – instinct of the fighter hitting home; courage needed. Blood is thicker than water.
  • tr Lunar South Node conjunct natal Sun (orange) –  This is karma.  Has the wheel turned and you have repeated your great grand-papy’s act of murder, or is the awareness related to the deeds of your brother?  Natal Sun is in the 1st house, so it’s personal. Your chickens are going to come home to roost, mate.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Sun – ego traumatised by this publicity
  • tr Venus (pink) square Uranus – sudden changes in family dynamic (Venus=peer group)

Court appearance of Chase:

Natal Mercury is at the ascendant; Paul Merritt is on the phone, in communication (possibly with Bennett whom was at the arrignment).  The Mars-Pluto aspect with Neptune continues and in fact is exact now a week later; schemes and plots being hatched.

The changes in a week between the two charts just intensify the aspects to ‘slotting into place’  This is all about himself – 1st house/ego issues. All about Paul; ME. 

The plot of our forensic astrology enquiry, thickens.. Paul Merritt’s DNA would be similar to Chase’s.  How long does it take to become as thick as blood?

Note:  Interpret the following cautiously; in astrology terms, it is highly subjective

Synastry – Paul Merritt and A Shadow (unknown to us yet)

17Oct1968-PaulMerrittNote: We cannot consider the houses or angles as we are not privy to the birth time of either person.  Nevertheless we have considerable tension IF these two people have a connection.

With so much tension with the Lunar Nodal axis I would have to say there appears to be a familial/peer connection of some kind.

We know that Paul Merritt’s natal asteroid Buddy #16155 at 24°Virgo is exact his natal Lunar north node. This point in the synastry chart, 24°Virgo is all-important to this relationship we are interpreting; 17th October 1968 and Paul Merritt.

  • The Lunar nodal axis in both natal charts is in quindecile aspect to the other person – absolutely obsessive about each other.
  • Shadow’s Mars/Uranus = Paul Merritt’s (PM) Lunar North node = hyper-excitablity between to two when together; ignite each other
  • Shadow’s Jupiter-Pluto both exact intersect PM’s Lunar north nodal axis – working together for success is intensified by this aspect x10
  • Shadow’s Venus is square the mid-range Moon of PM – cooperative
  • Shadow’s Mercury (yellow) opposite PM’s Sun – think along the same lines
  • Shadow’s Moon opposite PM’s Mars – working in unison

These two people together could create havoc…

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  1. look at the photo…nothing like living right on top of the grave site. no wonder they ended up there:(
    living there youd certainly know how long it would take to dig, where to dig, etc.


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