Ma Belle, Mechelle

Ondatra, ma belle me-chelle has lived all around the area of Homeland… Temeculah, Adelanto, Corona and who knows where else.  She is sure to be in Joey’s phone records when he needed to track down Chase Merritt on occasions when he was not at home.  We have been requested to check her astrology charts in relation to the McStay case and so here they are.

Note: Astrology is a pseudo science; not accepted in any courts of law and must be viewed with a skeptical eye. We will interpret these charts as if Ondatra is a possible person of interest in the disappearance of the McStay family – Joey, Summer, Gianni and Joseph Jnr.

perseusWe won’t reproduce her personal horoscope at this stage; pending further information, however there are troubling indications in her natal chart that must be mentioned.  Firstly her Lunar nodal axis is conjunct the fixed star Algol.

We all remember the Greco/Roman myth of Perseus and the gorgon; the metaphor for the battle of good and evil. Well Algol is the star in the centre of the forehead of the gorgon Medusa in the constellation of Perseus in the heavens.

Ondatra also has Neptune in Scorpio holding up a mirror in opposition; i.e. secrecy and possibly a drug connection. So immediately we are cautious about this woman.

  • Sun conjunct Mars and Ceres at 9°Taurus – she’d like her tucker and not start any action without her din-dins PLUS
  • Venus conjunct Saturn; both at 25°Pisces (sextile Sun-Mars ie working together) plus natal Chiron is right there (her open wounds) – this is an opportunist who takes advantage of charm, common sense and innate abilities to produce a comfortable lifestyle; we know at a cost with Chiron in the mix… but don’t cross her because:
  • Uranus, Pluto and mid-range Moon all exact at 15°Virgo – emotional conviction, of indomitable character and will take control by force.

In fact the only planet that doesn’t have the hairs on the back of our neck standing up is Jupiter, but then she wouldn’t need the inflation of the big planet; she’s a big girl now.

MaBelle-duoclick on charts for full size

So let’s see how Ma Belle stacks up on our dates of the 8:28pm 4 February 2010 phone call from Joey’s cellphone to Chase Merritt’s and secondly to the 9-1-1 call of the discovery of the bodies. What emotional reaction/planetary aspects under tension does she reveal to these timed events?

The most alarming aspect in this first bi-wheel (method of calculation) is natal Venus and Saturn exact at the descendant.  I.e. holding up the mirror to the physical self; taking control of the situation.

  • tr Uranus conjunct natal Venus-Saturn – arguments, jealousy, split in relationships
  • tr Moon (blue) of the event highlights the aggressive Sun-Mars in the 8th house and lust for money; using her feminine influence to get what she wants – awareness of relationship dynamics
  • tr Venus (pink in the inner wheel) square natal Neptune (turquoise); drawing Venus (money) into the second house of assets – self-delusion/subterfuge  PLUS
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) square that dangerous natal Lunar nodal axis bringing Algol into the picture – subterfuge/drugs and a possible breakdown in relationships

Addressing the second bi-wheel, the finding of the bodies in the desert at Victorville, we have her well in the action at this time slot, with transiting Mars conjunct that other troubling aspect in her natal chart and an 8th house agenda; death and transformation.

  • tr Mars conjunct mid-range Moon-Uranus-Pluto – she’s taking control in an effort to transform a matter of either someone else’s assets, or our matter at hand.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis is illuminated by natal Sun (orange) – PLUS
  • tr Saturn is as well with natal Sun in the 4th house – controlling the action from home  PLUS
  • tr Sun opposite natal Sun – highlighting the ego
  • tr Sun conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – certainly doing something underhanded; subterfuge.

ArrestCM-MaBelleOur next chart is a bi-wheel generated at the time when Chase Merritt was arrested 2pm 5th November 2014.  The outer wheel is again the natal horoscope for Ma Belle.

  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Lunar south node – a karmic connection to Chase Merritt most likely. 

Well they have exchanged bodily fluids, however there will be more to this connection than that as the quindecile is in the mix telling us that we have obsessive behaviour by this woman as a result of Chase Merritt’s arrest.

  • tr Saturn quindecile both natal Sun and Mars – this is certainly generating an obsession with worrying about her connection to this man; both personally and for her work ambitions.  PLUS
  • tr Moon is also conjunct natal Sun-Mars – generating an unsettling of nerves; she’s rattled.
  • tr Jupiter (green) square natal Neptune (turquoise) – inflating her need for subterfuge  PLUS
  • tr Sun conjunct natal Neptune – date on the calendar – deception utilised and even possibly illegal actions undertaken

Well for someone whom is supposedly not connected to this case, you will have to agree there are a mighty lot of coincidences and that’s without my even taking midpoints or asteroids into the interpretation.  I would certainly take a peek into this woman’s alibis for the dates in question.

trial-MuskratLet’s join Ma Belle Mechelle in Victorville at 8:30am on 10th August 2015 and the trial of Chase Merritt.  Time has moved on and Chase isn’t sharing her pillow anymore.

Transiting Moon in the inner wheel together with Saturn are at each end of the rope as she gives up on the giving and reveals an emotional coldness in relation to her ex lover.  I.e. Transiting Moon/Saturn=natal Uranus-mid-range Moon-Pluto.

She’s likely fulfilling her personal needs to disconnect from any whiff of complicity.

2 thoughts on “Ma Belle, Mechelle”

  1. And what do we have today? Uranus Rx 12 Aries, transiting her natal “Skuld” (the future). I’ve looked and looked at every chart for 9 Taurus – Skuld was transiting on Feb.4th. Pluto 9 Capricorn square Uranus 9 Aries. Hmmm.

    Yesterday we had “Veritas” (truth) conjunct Pluto. Good job, MM


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