Mortgages – bubble and squeak

mortgage-bubbleWe’ve had a request to generate charts for a person of interest whom is in the real estate/mortgage business and connected to Joseph and Summer McStay. Born 2nd June 1970 in San Diego, his initials are K. F. P.

We are not suggesting that this man is of interest in relation to the disappearance or murder of the McStay family necessarily.  We share the astrology aspects and interpretation in his natal chart on the dates of interest to us as a study in astrology.

I leave to other sleuths to comment on this man and his relationship with the McStay family – we just share the charts and interpretation. Noon-time birth was used for a mid-range natal Moon.

Note: We use models of reality according to classic astrology and therefore the reader is advised to remain skeptical of our interpretations. Planets highlighted in red are forensic indicators and need serious consideration.

KFPeter-duoclick on charts for full size

With a Sun in Gemini and Moon probably in late Taurus, this suggests a slippery cat with his paws in the money sector.  To test whether his Moon is actually in Taurus as opposed to Gemini, we ask two questions: Does he resist change in his life, or is he more driven to show others how much he knows?  The former is Taurus and the latter, Gemini.  Either way I’d give him the miss in the ethics stakes with the Sun in Gemini, but then I’m a cautious individual.

The first bi-wheel is at the time that the Trooper drove out the driveway so long ago now – 7:47pm, 4th February, 2010.    The second bi-wheel is when news came out of the discovery of the bodies of the McStay family – Summer and Joseph and their two little cherubs – Gianni and Joey Jnr.

These charts do not indicate a few quiet ales being imbibed in a local bar with a mate while they chat about loose change…

  • Natal Sun is at the midheaven – putting his own interests top of the agenda, above anything that might have happened to the McStays.
  • Tr Saturn (grim reaper) was in the 1st house and conjunct this man’s natal Uranus plus:
  • Tr Uranus on the other side of the chart (in the 7th house) is opposite natal Pluto – all four of these planets are serious forensic indicators in FA.  I’d sure want to know what this bloke was up to, if I were an investigator on this case – in a financial way.
  • Tr Pluto in the 4th house square natal Uranus – a dangerous aspect – ditto
  • Tr Sun (orange) square natal Saturn –  indicates financial discussions were held on this date in particular.
  • Tr Venus (pink) plus transiting Neptune (turquoise) in the 6th house square natal mid-range Moon – likely a driving need to tie up a financial deal.
  • Tr Venus (pink) our money indicator is in quindecile aspect to natal Lunar nodal axis (note South Node) – what this man did or didn’t do in relation to money and the McStay’s is likely going to ‘come back to bite him’ (karma).

The second bi-wheel is equally as interesting.

  • Natal Jupiter is at the midheaven – this man is highly reactive it would seem. Not surprising really with that Mercury-Saturn conjunction in his natal chart – particularly in Taurus.
  • Tr Mercury quindecile natal Mercury-Saturn – is this man still tied up in the McStay financial matters?  Seems odd that he should be  involved at this stage.  The house had been foreclosed.  Was there more to settle?
  • Tr Sun (orange) is the date on the calendar is opposite the natal Mercury-Saturn – knowing what’s got to be done now.
  • Tr Moon-Neptune conjunct the natal lunar nodal axis – this is quite a passive reaction in relation to the disappearance of the McStay family; confusion, which appears to exonerate any personal connection to the disappearance of the family, however the other aspects indicate a strong business connection at the time of the disappearance.

Astrology indications are that this man is highly emotive.  Not a good idea when one works in the financial sector.


We have more shadows in the real estate/mortgage sector…   First off the rank is a male person of interest whom is not a native of California; A.B.G.  There will be those whom know why this person needs to be put under our lens, I do not.  Please don’t lose sight of the fact that we view all these charts as if they were connected in some way to the McStay family disappearance.  In reality, these characters may be up to some other mischief at those times. unless they are indeed linked to the family.

Capricorn Sun and a late Libran Moon- we have a man with a head for business in front of us, however with this pull between Capricorn and Libra, he likely believes in his own infallibility.  Now that’s dangerous if he’s juggling money.  He’d be more interested in material matters, rather than humanitarian and he would be looking for ways that he can shine in relationships in the public sector.  He’d pick partners whom showed him in a good light.  Taking his work home would not be a good idea in a marriage.

AlanGellerDuoThe first bi-wheel is as the Trooper went out the driveway and the second is the finding of the McStay family’s remains.

  • Natal Pluto is at the Ascendant, however that is for all those of a similar birth year.  It is, however synchronistic.
  • Tr 5th house Sun square natal Jupiter (green) – this date on the calendar is a lucky day for this man.
  • Tr 1st house Saturn square natal 4th house Sun PLUS
  • Tr Pluto conjunct natal Sun – his ego is very much involved in real estate (4th house matters).  In fact with –
  • Tr Lunar South Node in quindecile aspect with natal Sun – his public persona/wheeling and dealing in public will bring forward his karma.

Note: The second bi-wheel is more in-line with money – note the pink highlights in the mix.  It may have nothing to do with the discovery of the McStay family and be that he was undertaking something a little underhanded at the time – requires further sleuthing by others.

  • Tr Sun (orange) in the inner wheel is conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) PLUS
  • Tr Sun opposite natal Jupiter (green) –  this is a flag that something underhanded is going on
  • Tr Venus (pink) conjunct natal Sun (orange) at the Ascendant – money is on the agenda
  • Tr Neptune (turquoise) quindecile natal Pluto-Uranus –  PLUS
  • Tr Mars conjunct natal Pluto-Uranus – foreboding of things coming out.  What’s he hiding?
  • Tr Moon square natal Venus – at odds with sensitivity

Our wheeling and dealing male; Alan Geller’s current wife is M.S.G. I don’t know how far back their personal relationship goes – i.e. as to whether they were together at the time of the disappearance of the McStay family, but the shadow is cast far and wide in this case; they probably knew each other at the very least.  We generate her chart, by request.

MelissaGellerDuoSun in Aquarius with Moon probably in late Capricorn or early Aquarius leads us to ask the question –  does she have that confident need to be in the driving seat, or is she more about showing how caring she is?  When we look at the chart interpretation, I’m sitting on the fence with that choice.

We use the same perspective as above for the charts. Both charts for this woman reveal quindeciles – that usually indicates a ‘grasping’ character; an opportunist, to put it mildly.

  • Tr Saturn conjunct natal Uranus-Jupiter (green) – tendency to over-indulge is present.   PLUS
  • Tr Pluto square Jupiter – thrust of power; possibly no more sinister than an optimistic attitude to the disappearance of the family.
  • Tr Moon (blue) quindecile natal Saturn in the 8th house – reveals ambition; could be interpreted as a callous attitude.
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Saturn – business meeting likely taking place
  • Tr Neptune conjunct natal Sun (there’s that underhanded flag again) – subversive character
  • Tr Uranus opposite natal Pluto – speculating

The second bi-wheel in relation to the finding of the bodies tells us another story; even more obsessive.

  • Tr Uranus quindecile Pluto – OTT intensification of ego awareness with upsets and tensions en route.
  • Tr Mars quindecile Lunar North Node – compelled to enter the public arena
  • Tr Jupiter (green) square natal Saturn – inflated communication of authority
  • Tr Venus (pink) square natal Jupiter – peer pressure
  • Tr Mercury square natal Mercury (note the Moon snuggled up close to that voice – she needs to be heard!) – making a big noise

V. L. G. is the ex-wife of A. G.  We are not sure if they were still together at the time of the McStay disappearance; yet to be confirmed.  We have been asked to generate her charts and use the same perspectives as previously.

VVickiGeller-duoicki has a natal Sun in Cancer and Moon in late Scorpio or early Sagittarius.  Again we have the quandary as which way to go with her driving needs – natal Moon.  Is it a matter of that she needs to be, above-all; right, for Scorpio, or was it a matter of having her opinions listened to and respected?  The former is a much more forceful and temperamental character; the latter more tenacious and cautious.  Her actions would identify which is closer to her nature.

  • Tr Sun (orange) opposite natal Mercury – suggests that her voice is heard in relation to the disappearance.
  • Tr Sun square natal Neptune (turquoise) –  suggestive of belief of disappearance as opposed to murder
  • Tr Jupiter (green) quindecile natal Mercury – loudly communicating (this could be either of the natal Moon’s speaking here)
  • Tr Jupiter square mid-range natal Moon – OTT emotional reaction.
  • Tr Venus (pink) square Jupiter – making waves; effectively

As for the reaction to the finding of the bodies, Vicki’s chart is interpreted.  She appears to have become resigned to the fact of their demise according to this bi-wheel.  Again we have that life-long aspect of Uranus conjunct Pluto of wanting to overturn the status-quo; driven by that Saturn retrograde in her natal chart.

  • Tr Sun opposite natal Jupiter – projection of involvement
  • Tr Saturn conjunct natal Neptune – suffering and martyrdom likely; not a good look.
  • Tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal mid-range Moon – there’s that natal Moon again; this time needing to know the answer to the mystery.
  • Tr Moon opposite Uranus-Pluto – indomitable emotional conviction

Shaking my head here in bemusement.  I think she has both Moons in her natal chart…


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