Michael McStay

Mikey-JoeyMichael Matthew McStay is the step-brother of Joseph McStay.  They share the same mother, Susan Renee Blake.  The date of birth we have used for this enquiry is 23rd January, 1973 (mid-range Moon used)

By not having his birth-time, we have a choice of a very late Capricorn Moon or early Libra for Mike. Knowing more about his character as time has passed since the disappearance of the McStay family, I have no hesitation in suggestion the latter; Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Libra.

With this Sun-Moon combination, Mike McStay is not going to be one of life’s best providers.

The mix of Aquarius and Libra produces a personality that is somewhat akin to a gust of wind. It can be powerful and forceful, however it’s a blustery wind, lacking constancy – often subject to that Uranian influence; direction changes. Picture a weather vane on a rooftop; that’s likely our character.

Mike’s impact can be amazing while his interest in maintained, however he would be apt to leave a project half-finished and be off to another issue that interested him. As long as he could maintain his dedication and enthusiasm, things would move swiftly, but as soon as he tired of concentrating, then he’d move on to something more interesting more exciting, uncommitted and unchained by emotional ties.  This attitude may apply to people just as it does to projects or tasks, with his abandoning friendships without so much as a, ‘Goodbye and God bless.

He’d be likely to enjoy networking, having lots of acquaintances, however few would be close or enduring relationships.  With this frivolous attitude about living life, plus a tendency to ignore conventions and rules of conduct, can be very risky especially when it comes to money and ethics at a personal level.

Mike also has that Saturn retrograde phenomenon; whatever the basis for this, I am not privy to the circumstances of his early nurturing. However this planet does hold the handle of the fan; an ability to make boundaries is likely lacking.

Having a life-partner with a Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon (Erin McStay) reveals someone whom doesn’t hold a tight enough rein on her man to support a drive for success.  Maybe that’s how she likes it. Erin’s combo identifies romanticism together with idealism out-distancing ambition and commitment. They’re likely a good mix; as far as synastry of a relationship goes.

Event#2-MMAs for the astrology input in relation to the disappearance of his brother, sister-in-law and nephews, we share the tension in the charts of Mike McStay.

There were so many forensic indicators involved in the original bi-wheel we generated, that I had no hesitation in suggesting that he was involved in the demise of the McStay family – Joseph, Summer, Gianni and Joey Jnr. However I cannot accept that he ordered their murders – natal Mars is not in the mix of this bi-wheel (method)

We now review his chart since our first interpretation:

The action in this bi-wheel is in the shadows/the lower half of the wheel. This in itself is an indication of subversive activity; unfinished business in their childhood relationship.

Due to not knowing Mike McStay’s time of birth, the natal Moon is mid-range, although in the 1st house indicating that Mike McStay’s driving needs are uppermost in relation to the disappearance of his brother and family (rather than his brother’s welfare).

In hindsight, following the discovery of the bodies and knowing so much more about the looting of assets etc, we can interpret his chart accordingly.  I reiterate, natal Mars is not in the mix and so we cannot indicate that MM is behind the disappearance, nor as it turns out, the murder.

What sets off hinky meters in us; both astrologers and sleuths, is his emotive behaviour.  It is as if Mike McStay knew immediately that his brother and family would not be returning, so swift was his action to help himself to his brother’s assets. I’m not talking a psychic connection between them. If the brothers were not close, as we have learned they weren’t, we have to comment further:

Mike McStay did not hesitate before raiding the cookie-jar, cleaning out everything of any value owned by his elder brother and his wife; everything that he could get his mitts on, or was that the norm for this man?  What’s yours, is mine… This suggests a compromised sense of justice/ethics in his natal chart.  It will bring him down, we do not need to do anything.

  • Tr Saturn conjunct natal Moon indicates loneliness; however it also reveals ambition’s needs.
  • Tr Saturn conjunct natal Pluto – grim reaper paves the way for this man to empower himself.
  • Tr Pluto square natal Pluto – 4th-1st house tension suggesting these tensions here are all connected
  • Tr Mercury square natal Uranus (2nd house – assets) – impulsive action with provocative ideas. (he certainly put everyone off-side)
  • Tr Mercury conjunct natal Jupiter – inflated communication (and that’s an understatement).

Bodies-MMThis second bi-wheel has been generated at a couple of minutes after the 911 call on 11th November 2013, reporting the finding of the graves of Joey, Summer and their little boys. We have included the trine aspects for this bi-wheel in order to reveal planets working together, as well as those in tension.  Transiting Venus on the ascendant brings money onto the agenda.

Note the weight of planets on the LHS – thats a defensive position/assertion and certainly not caring for others. Me, me, me…  Saturn (father time) sits in the 5th house watching it all unfold; without judgement.

  • Tr Neptune-Moon (turquoise+blue) square natal Neptune – this suggests that on a subconscious level this person would prefer not to have known the result of this finding.
  • Tr Sun-Saturn trine natal Lunar South Node – this event brings MM back onto the public stage (7th house).

Note: Transiting Mars aspects identifies the drive to take action as a result of this news:

  • Tr Mars (the discovery of the remains) trine natal Venus (money) – this person will benefit financially by the discovery of the bodies.  As Venus is in the first house, he is aware of this.
  • Tr Mars trine natal North Node – we can suggest that perhaps this person’s ego (1st house) enjoys being on the stage; the publicity.
  • Tr Mars square natal Mars (12th house) – thoughts, opinions swirling but not yet spoken; biting his tongue, suggesting that he is angry. This would support the ‘under threat’ theory as to what he knows.

I would not trust this man to guard an empty treasure chest.  Does he like to dress up as a pirate, I wonder?

4 thoughts on “Michael McStay”

  1. You’ve written so much since I last read here. Your insights sure seem to hit the mark. The police are at sea & unable to sniff out the killer (or was it a conspiracy?) The house’s birthdate is Sept. 6, 2001 – Venus transiting house Uranus, exact. Veritas for house opposing Uranus exact. Thanks for all your work on this case – I know you’ve put in many hours. Very enlightening.

  2. Thanks Marcy for all your input as well. There’s still lots going on in the threads elsewhere. Will we ever know?

    When we wish upon a star…

    Re your previous question to one of the posters – that was just a promo for her own blog (I removed the link after checking it out).

    She’s an enthusiastic young woman whose interests lie in all things metaphysical. We wish her well on her journey.

  3. Would still like to know if anything has changed in your thoughts regarding Mike Mcstay? I’m still leaning towards he played a role in their murders. Love reading your thoughts.


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