The Chase Merritt trial… under the stars

chase“I was the last person Joseph saw. He came to Rancho Cucamonga on February 4 to talk to me about a huge business deal we had going on in Saudi Arabia. We met for an hour-and-a-half for lunch. He was so excited. We had the Saudi Arabian project and a few other things going on. The business had never been so good and we were looking forward to the future. He did nothing to suggest there was anything wrong or untoward.

We both left and went home and I spoke to him on the phone about two or three times on his drive back to Fallbrook, all standard business stuff. The last time I spoke to him was around 6 o’clock.”

The last call from Joseph McStay’s cell phone reportedly was placed to Chase Merritt’s cell phone at 8:28pm that evening on 4th February 2010; a call Merritt claimed he did not answer.

For the past three decades, Merritt has lived in and around Victorville and according to public records, he once lived in Apple Valley, about 12 miles away from the site where the McStay family was found buried in shallow graves on 11th November 2013.

That was then…  Just under a year later, this man Chase Merritt was arrested for the murder of the McStay family – Joey, Summer and their two little boys; Gianni and Joey Jnr.  A trial date is yet to be set, however we can conduct ours at any time, under the stars.

  • Charles Ray Merritt: DOB 2nd May 1957 (time unknown)
  • Arrest: 21201 Bahama Street, Chatsworth, LA – 2pm 5th November 2014
  • Arraignment: Victorville – 1:53pm 12th November 2014
  • Motion to unseal the warrants (San Diego):  23rd January 2015 to be heard by Judge Runston Maino
  • Preliminary Hearing: originally planned for 30th January 2015 – Arguments on the San Bernardino motion to be heard by Judge Michael Smith.  Preliminary held 15th June 2015
  • Arraignment: Victorville, 24th June 2015
  • Trial: 10th August 2015
  • The fraud exposed with astrology
  • mcstay_warrants

Astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted in any court, or recognised by legal authorities.  Please view this forensic astrology study with a reasoned mind and a skeptic’s hat firmly planted on your head.  This page will tell the story of the asteroids; the subtle influences at play, as we prepare our case for trial under the stars.

All of the following asteroids exist, they are not figments of my imagination. I’ve included their astronomy number so any, or all, can be checked by typing “asteroid” followed by “the name and number” of the asteroid into any search engine and the astronomy information is available.

The asteroids orbit around the Sun, as do the planets and so their position changes over time.  Astronomers and astrologers use an ephemeris to determine their position at any given point in time. In our enquiry we have used computer software to determine this for us.

The interpretation of these asteroids mostly come from the Greco/Roman myths told over thousands of years.  We use the classic texts over more modern interpretations where possible.  The abbreviations are mine.

Asteroids of interest:  (somewhere to start – will be subpoenaed, or released as per relevance to our trial)

  • Alekto#465 – rage
  • Atropos#273 – cutting of the ties with this earthly life
  • Borasisi#66652 – lies we tell ourselves in order to be happy;self-delusion
  • Child#4580 – children
  • Chiron#2060 – open wounds: personal weakness
  • Dejaniera#157 – abduction
  • Fini#795 – a finality
  • Fountain#11670 – EIP product
  • Honeycutt#5536 – wanting a bigger piece of the pie
  • House#4950 – in this case, the crime scene as per LE
  • Ixion#28978 – treachery, murder
  • Lachesis#120 – the length of rope to our earthly existence
  • Lie#26955 – lies
  • Malus#11309 – malice
  • Mjolnir#85585 – murder weapon; Thor’s hammer
  • Mony#7782 – money
  • Nemesis#128 – one’s downfall
  • Nessus#7066 – a false friend; treachery
  • Pallas-Athena #2 – inner warrior
  • Paul#3525 – a man’s name (Chase’s brother)
  • Phaeton#3200 – a vehicle
  • Pholus#5145 – shooting oneself in the foot/regrets
  • Skuld#1130 – one’s future
  • Sphinx#896 – mystery, paradox
  • Summa#1928 – a woman’s name (Summer McStay)

The video at 7:47pm purported to reveal the exit of Joey Mcstay’s vehicle from home on the evening of 4th February 2010 tells us nothing really, apart from a vehicle triggering a motion sensitive camera. Then at 8:28pm that same evening Joey’s cellphone call to Merritt’s cellphone exists, yes.  However we are not aware of whom was where or when; who was driving the Trooper, or whom used the cellphones.

911- Astrodienstchart9-1-1 call event chart

The only chart that we know is a time relating to a ‘real’ event is the 9-1-1 call on 11th November, 2013 when the remains of the McStay family was found in the area of Victorville, California.  We therefore start there; under the stars on the edge of the Mojave Desert.

We note a very busy 8th house; death and transformation.

  • Asteroid Virginia#50: 12:50°Leo – Summer’s birth name
  • Vertex: 14:40°Leo – a significant meeting
  • Asteroid Pallas#2 : 00:43°Virgo – inner warrior/’hero’
  • Asteroid Sphinx#896: 02:29°Virgo – paradox; mystery solved
  • Asteroid Atropos#273: 05:36°Virgo – cutting of earthly ties
  • Planet Mars: 15:53°Virgo – action of the 911 call report
  • Asteroid Fountain#11670: 20:36°Virgo – our asteroid for the EIP business

As is usual with our astrology enquiry, Summer leads the way; guides us by being at the opening of the 8th house. From there, it will likely be where the asteroids interact with natal charts that will reveal a subtle story that will convince the tin-hat brigade. But first we address the dock and Charles Merritt.

ChaseMerritt astrodiestchartChase Merritt and his personal asteroids

Note we cannot interpret angles or houses as we are not privy to the birth time of Chase Merritt.  I’ve used noon for our exercise.

I’ll start at the top of the chart and work anti-clockwise; astrology is Alice in Wonderland territory. We may as well jump in at the deep end.  Taurus is the zodiac sign related to money when we are talking FA and character weaknesses.  The planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus with her money hat on for us; money and personal assets.  We have a wealth of asteroids in this zodiac sign, that’s for sure.

  • Asteroid Sphinx #896 at 03:09° identifies the mystery; the paradox – he has a job and a home, why does he need to steal?
  • Natal planet the Sun (his wants) at 12:03° – he wants to feed the ego’s needs.
  • Asteroid Fountain #11670 at 14:04° – this is how he makes his money/increases his assets; creating fountains.  Note with the asteroid Fountain so close to his sun his ego is bound up in his chosen profession.
  • Natal planet Venus at 16:48° conjunct natal Mercury at 17:52° identifies someone with an idealised (Venus conjunct Mercury)version of what wealth (Taurus) means – obviously more is better, for this man
  • Lunar South Node 19:39° – karma; what he’s put out comes back
  • Asteroid Nessus #7066 at 21:40° – identifies a liar, treachery and certainly not the friend he claims to be.
  • Asteroid Atropos #273 at 28:35° – the cutting of the ties to his human life; death.
  • Asteroid Lie #26955 at 00:015°Gemini – his lies are raw – in the opening degrees of Gemini; unsophisticated, plus being so close to Atropos, this indicates that it will be his lies that will bring this man to the end of his life.  This is suggestive that Chase’s end might perhaps, not be a natural one.  It depends on what he is lying about I guess and to whom.

Michael McStay and the Missing Person Report

As brothers, Michael McStay and Joey McStay share the same mother, Susan Blake with Mikey the younger.  It was he whom made the Missing Person phone call to SDPD at 9:39am, 15th February 2010 reporting his brother and family missing – according to the released search warrants.

Any wonder people would be up in arms thinking that Mikey was the guilty party. We have forensic indicators all over the place in a bi-wheel.  Considering that he is not the man in the dock, we have to ask ourselves why…

MPR-MikeyMcStayMichael McStay has no natal planets in the water element; he’s not naturally emotive.  If we were to look at his palm, we’d likely see a Simian line.  That’s indicative of someone whom is unable to process emotions in the body. They vent rather than express.

That’s why he appears false – because, in a way he is when we weigh him on the ‘normal’ scale, however we can certainly suggest from the astrology, that the reason he appears false is because he is emotively challenged; unable to empathise. This does not mean that he doesn’t know right from wrong.  He can intellectualise okay, with plenty of planets in the air element.

We note the absence of emotive reaction in the 1-7 house axis – that’s the realm of personal and public relationships – they’re empty of planetary tension; lacking empathy.

MikeMcSta-MPRThis chart shares the placement of asteroids (same chart just different software).  The inner wheel is a snapshot of the asteroids and planets at the time of the MPR (blue text) and the outer wheel is Michael McStay’s birth horoscope with a mid-range Moon (red text)

We’ve interpreted the inter-planetary tension elsewhere and so we’ll stick to the asteroids, however we’ll view through the MPR chart. The following is an interpretation of Mike McStay’s reaction at the time of the MPR and so it relates to his reaction, albeit lacking in natural empathy, to the disappearance of Joey, Summer and the boys.  Note: Blue for transiting; red for natal.

  • House#1 (physical body, personality) has no transiting, nor natal planets, however the asteroids he was born with – Moirae#638 (fate) and Vesta (home affairs) are present. Both are in the zodiac sign of money, Taurus. Need I say more.
  • House#2 (personal assets) contains the natal planet of Saturn (self-control). The only asteroid present is transiting overhead Sphinx identifying the mystery; a paradox. No yet sure as to how this event will affect his assets, however when we look to the tnsion we see transiting Borasisi (lies we tell ourselves) is offside natal Saturn.
  • House#3 (communication,siblings) houses natal and transiting Lunar South Node; karmic events that are traumatic, within the family.  Transiting Moirea  is also in this house. We have both a fated and karmic connection to Mike. How he handles this disappearance will be judged on a different plane than ours.
  • House#4 (home, mother) – Mars is transiting in the heavens,  This might have been better received if it were in the 3rd house of communication, however this is Mikey’s focus.  So the MPR is more of a matter of an announcement from home base, rather than a communication. With Mars here I’d suggest that his mother is behind the time of the call. Transiting asteroid Hygiea (hygiene) is also in this house. Was it that Mikey waited for his mother “to clean up” before reporting to LE?
  • House#5 (children, creativity, giving of love) – the asteroids are transiting overhead: Child#4580, Vesta and Virginia#50 (Summer’s birth name). Having children of his own, Mikey is able to relate to the situation in his own family’s terms EXCEPT that his natal Mony#7782 is behind his actions (see in red). Note: Creativity and money in the same house – hmmm.
  • House#6 (everyday matters, keeping things ticking-over, ethics, morals).  There’s quite a lot in this house including a hidden sign.  I.e. The cusp is Virgo, indicating details of the circumstances surrounding the missing family, however Libra is what isn’t being revealed.  Libra is ruled by Venus, however unlike Taurus, the focus is more on social morès.
    • Mikey has his natal Moon-Pluto conjunct by transiting Saturn. That’s the grim reaper in his vicinity and too close for comfort.  The classic interpretation is for the family to re-group  forces and make new plans.
    • Natal Uranus is also in this house exact conjunct natal asteroid Chasles (Charles-Chase).  Mikey’s holding his strong suit in this house with a couple of major asteroids under his chair.  He knows on some level what has gone down, if not consciously – it’s in his birth horoscope.
  • House#7 (public relationships, wife) We see no planets above, however we have three natal asteroids quietly out of sight – Pallas (female warrior) and Ceres (nourishment-giver).  Together with transiting Pallasthese would represent his wife.
  • House#8 (death, transformation and other people’s assets) This is where we are all tested and immediately we see Mikey’s Black Moon Lilith/mean apogee; in this house, keeping company with Neptune; the fantasist. Reality is not Michael McStay’s strong suit either.  Natal Juno followed by Virginia and natal Mars doesn’t reveal any favours towards Summer by this man.
    • Mars in Sagittarius is likely to have strong opinions about Summer as wife of his brother, which is a shame as transiting Pholus provides the opportunity for a life changing event along with Ceres You reap what you sow, Mikey.
  • House#9 (higher learning, religion) Mikey has transiting Pluto and the Lunar North Node; powerlessness, family, trauma, seeking a meaning through family. There’s plenty of natal action in this house.  Transiting Pluto is conjunct the Avocado Lane House taking control.
    • Venus with her money hat is in Capricorn – financial business needs attending to then we have Borasisi (lies we tell ourselves) is exact conjunct natal Lunar North NodeTrauma being experienced, particularly in public; let go and let God, Mikey.
  • House#10 (career, public image) natal Jupiter opens the house – Mikey has an inflated sense of self in public as we all know; such is Jupiter’s influence.  This house reveals the weak point of the missing family – public appearance (likely the video of a family crossing the border into Mexico; not the McStays). 
    • So what can we find here to help us – in the public eye yet possibly missed. Transiting Fountain (EIP business), House (Avocado Lane), Mercury (children, or communication). This suggests that there would be inaccurate information about the Avocado Lane house given to the public. PLUS
    • Natal Sun and Mercury – Mikey is the source of this mis-information.  Why oh why did he need to contaminate the crime scene. Was he a blundering fool, or something more sinister?  I tend to believe the former, from what I’ve observed of his public performances since February 2010.
  • House#11 (friends and enemies, needing love) All Mikey has to offer here, is natal Pholus, that opportunity to rise above the herd.
    • There’s a lot going on here in the heavens – Mony (money). Chiron in Aquarius (opportunity to be willing to lend a hand) conjunct Neptune.  I wouldn’t trust Chiron in this conjunction as it suggests an underlying motive of anyone whom offered to lend a hand.  This could be where Chase Merritt got through the front door, if that’s what he did.
    • Transiting Sun,Venus, Jupiter, Borasisi and the Moon; all crowd into this 11th house. All of these planets are in tension with either Mikey’s natal Saturn (self-control) together with his Mars (action) and Neptune (subversive intent).  Boy oh boy, this man would have had to have been on the LE radar.  I still find his behaviour reprehensible and shake my head in dis-belief…
  • House#12 (hidden matters, the mind, mental activity) Transiting Uranus rattles his mental cage and is quite revealing as natal Fountain is in conjunction – there were certainly changes made to the EIP business that took the company into oblivion very quickly.  There’s no business head on this man.
    • tr Chase is conjunct natal Eris and Chiron in Aries. Chase sure brings trouble and strife Mikey, we all know that now.  You knew it then, however it appears that your open wound – i.e. Chiron in Aries (personal sense of worthlessness) didn’t allow you to rise to the occasion.
    • tr Eris followed by Juno suggests that you deferred to the females around you in this regard.
  • Chase-detention-details.Inmate information West Valley Detention Center.

All this cock-a-hoop that Chase is going on about in relation to representing himself in court, is because he thinks he’s going to ‘cark it’…. So, I thought we’d have a look at the next court appearance – 20Feb 2015 and his natal chart.

Transiting Saturn (self-control) is in quindecile aspect (obsessive) with his natal Lunar South Node (karma). This is where Chase is getting all this “I’m going to die soon” from.

It’s the same aspect that he is intuiting, however instead of the self-control symbolism of Saturn; which he’s probably in denial of anyways – he is connecting to Saturn in his role as Father Time/the grim reaper. When someone dies of natural causes it’s Pluto whom has the last say – he’s the bloke whom opens the gates to the underworld; not Saturn.

Live long and prosper Chase… the heavens hasn’t finished with you yet.

Pre-preliminary 12th June and Preliminary hearing 15th June 2015 previous charts deleted when hearing dates were postponed.

15June-Merritt-duoBi-wheel generated at 9:00am 15th June 2015 in Victorville, CA with Chase Merritt natal horoscope as the outer wheel (noon-time used).  It wouldn’t be Chase if we didn’t have some quindecile aspects in the chart.

Any wonder he has heart problems;  born with Mars quindecile Saturn, we have the ultimate control freak.  So what’s his drama this time?

His ability to exchange ideas; freedom of access to his legal team, or is it freedom of speech?  This is the suggestion with transiting Mercury (communication) quindecile natal Lunar node.

And while he’s at it, Chase has natal Jupiter (green) in the outer wheel. inflated by public access again. The date on the calendar is offside as is Mars in the heavens adding more fuel to the fire.

The obsession is in relation to 2nd house issues; personal assets.  Is this his financial dealings perhaps. When we look to the second wheel we can see that Judge Smith is EXACT Chase’s Jupiter (sense of justice).  Smith’s got his number… Transiting Black Moon Lilith is in this mix.  That leaves a gap for Chase’s obsession to influence the judge.

Opposition to Chase’s Jupiter, we note transiting Chiron 21:30°Pisces is EXACT his natal Vesta, his deteriorating health while incarcerated is brought to the argument; one crisis after another.  However this is transiting Chiron so it is something we are all dealing with; not exclusive to Chase Merritt.  Asteroid Smith is in opposition; it won’t slip past the court’s notice.

There is much in these charts to interpret, however there is one asteroid I’ve not included earlier – Alekto#465; i.e. increasing anger. Note that asteroid Alekto is transiting Chase Merrett’s natal Uranus in the 12th house.  Chase appears to be increasing in resentment, more rebellious etc etc. Need I say more…

  • Team Chase: Jimmy Philip Mettias, Sharon Juanita Brunner, James Stephen Terrell, David Saad Askander.
  • DA team: Sean Ward Daugherty, Britt Patrick Imes
  • Judge: Michael A. Smith

The following is again dependent on the 15th June preliminary hearing going ahead 9am 15th June and is interpreted accordingly.  By reproducing bi-wheels for the legal teams, we would not expect to see obsessional behaviour by legal professionals, however it appears to get personal for some people…

DAteam-duo-15JuneDA team: It’s particularly makes me nervous when it’s the DA’s team with the quindecile aspects in their charts when they’re on the job…  Is Sean Daugherty needed elsewhere, or just taking a backseat?

I sure hope Britt Imes is not standing on his lonesome in the courtroom. With natal Sun in the 6th house, he’s standing on the ground of ethics and morals.

TeamChase-duo-15JuneTeam Chase: Defense appear to be in a state of readiness for this date to go ahead.

There is so much going on at the descendant in all the charts – even the prosecution and defense. We cannot go past the focus as being on  public relationships/business and money.

  • Asteroid Mony#7782 is transiting alongside Ceres (need to feel nurtured) in opposition to Leonine Venus (money and pride) and the ascendant.
  • Chase Merritt has asteroid Pholus (shooting himself in the foot) together with Malus (malice)

3:43pm PDT, 15 June 2015 – judge announces that the case goes to trial.


At the time of the announcement Meritt’s natal Neptune is at the ascendant – he goes back to jail.  The 2nd house cusp is dominant giving us the idea that money will be high on the agenda as motive.

Note: Now that we have the murder weapon identified, we can start a page for a potential murder time – Thor’s hammer

That aside we have further charts to generate…

Arraignment – Victorville, 8:30am 24th June 2014.

Arraignment-MerrittAm now using what is known as a rectified natal chart.  That means I have endeavoured to generate a relevant time when he was likely born.  This gives us a couple more aces up our sleeve for interpretation.  I’ve circled them in this chart.  The inner wheel is the arraignment  perspective and the outer wheel Merritt’s birth chart.

The AS (time he was born) standing alone in the 7th house. Outside of family, his support is diminishing and Chase stands alone. His MC is in the 4th house (opposed the public).  That’s where he thinks he is; at the top of the tree… seemingly deluded.

  • Taurus is hidden in the 10th house – there is money to be made following this arraignment.
  • Venus square Venus – insider information.
  • Upper left quadrant (believing he is being victimised) tr Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Moon (blue) PLUS
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) in 8th house square natal Moon – a not guilty plea is to be expected.
  • tr Jupiter (green) square the Lunar nodal axis – justice is on the stage front and centre

Notice of intent to seek the death penalty was filed 29th June 2015 by the DPP.

We have generated bi-wheels according, by request.  Inner wheel is the announcement and the outer wheel is Merritt’s natal chart.

Midpoint of the Sun-Moon is always, always the focus of anything that follows when interpreting with our method.  On this occasion it is exact the ascendant (Sun/Moon=Asc) 22°Virgo; the feared Serbian 22° (kill or be killed).

DP-CM-duoMC/IC axis is also just 2 ‘mathematical minutes’ short of 22°; all four elements are in the mix.  All astrology indications are that this will certainly be a death penalty trial.

If found guilty, Merritt could possibly join the other 600+ on death row in California.

  • Transiting Saturn/Pluto=IC indicates that it will be hard work to rise again from this position – taking a plea may be the last resort to avoid the DP.  Especially when we look to the second chart and note that asteroids Ixion and Pholus are at the IC as well.  i.e. a second chance at forgiveness plus the likelihood of shooting oneself in the foot (further evidence).
  • Transiting Venus (pink) conjunct Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel square the cusp of the 3rd/9th houses likely interprets that an intent to apply for a jury trial is on the cards.

When we bring Merritt into the interpretation, natal Jupiter (green) is exact the ascendant along with transiting Black Moon Lilith.  Merritt likely shocked himself at his inflated reaction to the announcement.

  • tr Moon holds the mirror up to his personal needs; 9th house Moon.
  • tr Venus/Jupiter=Lunar Nodal axis at the house cusps – likely opening to advice from counsel in relation to a trial by jury.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Moon – passive appearance.

As for the asteroid chart, there is a query in the 7th house worth raising.  This likely relates to Cathy Jarvis (his partner at the time of the crime).  Transiting Vesta is conjunct natal Juno (spouse) in Merritt’s chart.  Does this indicate an effort to cast doubt onto his partner; i.e. spread the blame?

Using my rectified birth time for Chase Merritt, the IC of the announcement above conjuncts his natal Arabic Parts of Bad Luck, Permanence and Eros; bad luck in the romance department for Chase.  Did someone kiss and tell?

Warrants released – mcstay_warrants

Update: 25th January 2016

Whenever I see a Saturn return in a male chart, my first thoughts are that this is an opportunity for a male to ‘man-up’. Perhaps Merritt’s idea of to ‘man-up’ is to take back control of his defense. Merritt has a very narrow view of what a man’s responsibility is IMO.

26Jan-ChaseMerrittAt 8:30am tomorrow morning when a hearing is scheduled, Neptune will be EXACT the ascendant and the Moon at the descendant. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct the Lunar nodal axis (the law and the public).

  • Merritt has Mars quindecile Saturn Rx in his natal chart – he is obsessed with being in control of both himself and his surroundings, however he has a Saturn Rx so he does not understand boundaries. I even think if this were a female judge he would claim sexual discrimination. However it is not fortunately. With Neptune at the ascendant we have to ask if the hearing will even go ahead.

He’s not consciously playing avoidance of the trial, I would not think according to this astrology – this is a control struggle; himself versus authority, however he doesn’t know the rules of the court, any more than I do. I will have to leave this to a legal mind to call an outcome

Unfortunately for those following the McStay case, transiting Saturn moves slowly in it’s orbit around the Sun (supposedly giving us time to process the ‘lesson’).  It will take the best part of another year to totally ease the tension off Merritt’s natal Saturn.

Note: As a Saturn transit takes about 29 years, the first Saturn return for a male is when he in his late 20’s – the time to grow-up/man-up and usually be an adult role model for his offspring.  The second Saturn return is what used to be called middle-age crisis for a male.  These two times are when a male faces where he is at and supposedly re-evaluates his life as a male.  This is when males will usually stray if they associate their maleness with their sexual-prowess.


12 thoughts on “The Chase Merritt trial… under the stars”

  1. G’day Mountain Misst! I am impressed and fascinated with the natal charts regarding the McStay case. I’ve followed your site for over a year now. With the upcoming Merritt trial, is it possible to do a chart on the District Attorney Mike Ramos, of San Bernardino County, California. Thank you/mahalo!

  2. Mark Ramos won’t be the prosecutor at the trial, Miss Lolani. The prosecutor will be Deputy DA Sean Ward Daugherty. Once we have a trial date I will certainly use his chart. In the meantime…

  3. G’day! Any possibility of a natal chart reading of Michael McStay regarding Chase Merritt receiving copies of Michael’s phone records? Thank you.
    – Miss Lolani

  4. Thank you, Mountain Misst, for keeping up with Mr. Merritt and the McStays.
    Tomorrow should be very interesting!

  5. Greetings and g’day from the US! Mountain Misst, I am wondering who could Alecto#465 be? Hmm? As usual, appreciate your interpretations!
    Miss Lolani

  6. Funny how you remove comments asking the families involvement whats up with that if your so good at what you do why remove them and not answer them? Is it because you are part of Web Sluthes?

  7. Comments that are irrelevant to an astrology forum are removed. Yours will be as well Karen. We have no need of troublemakers here. We’re just plain old astrologers. If you took the time to explore the site you would see my background.

  8. Any more updates coming since there is now a trial underway and the players are in play? You weren’t kidding about Saturn slowing things down as evidenced by the trial coming 9 years after the crime.


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