McStay wives

Joey’s first wife is Heather McFadden. She has custody of their son, Jonah.  Date  of birth as provided is 28th November 1971 (noon-time used).

wifeHeather’s Sun is in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and her Moon is in Aries.  An Aries Moon person is always, always Number One in everything they do.  I.e. superwoman –  top mother, wife and achiever; the ultimate in energy and pioneering spirit.  She would be happy to work hard for the common good, as long as it advances her own own personal ambitions and satisfies her desire to be in the forefront of the action. Being sure to assume responsibility, Heather would move-in and take-over wherever she could. Defiant and extremely self-confident, it would be inevitable that she should eventually clash with Joey’s personality.

This Sun-Moon mix blends the sincerity, directness of manner, expressiveness and strong opinions of Sagittarius with the assertiveness, personal ambition and enthusiastic spirit of Aries. Excitement, adventure and advancement are what she wants. Restless, impulsiveness and an aggressive temperament can lead to decisions made too rashly, so Heather would need to be more considered and deliberate in order to overcome carelessness at times.  She would have strong ideals and high principles with intense convictions. As a leader, things would move rapidly when she was in charge – a natural executive, never afraid to make a decision. Moderation is the key to her success.

Mike McStay’s wife is Erin McStay (nee Gibney). Her date of birth is 29th July 1969 as per the public record (noon-time used).   Sun in Leo with Moon in the opposite side of the wheel (full moon energy) Aquarius; the lunacy effect.

Erin would likely had an easy run in life with this mix.  We can see that regal Leonine nature with the humanitarian Aquarius Moon reflecting in the Sun’s glow. The mix usually produces a very attractive personality to most people – blending the vitality, warmth, generosity, magnanimity and pride of Leo, with the originality, ingenuity and friendliness of Aquarius.  Highly sociable, likable, and extroverted, there is a natural desire to project her personality into public affairs, or activities of a creative origin. Somewhat idealistic and romantic, Erin would likely be sincere, however not deeply involved and committed.

Unfortunately this combination can be judged as shallow, as there is a tendency to skim the surface and drift from one idea to the next, never getting more than the most superficial understanding of anything. She would share this lack of commitment with her husband in relation to the inability to maintain a focus on one idea or one type of person for long. This romanticism and idealism she has, seems to out-distance her ambition and commitment.

We have generated two bi-wheels (method) from the perspective of the 7:47pm timeslot, 4th February 2010 – the CCTV video footage time of the Trooper going out the driveway in Fallbrook.  The Moon’s placement doesn’t come into play with aspects and so time is not hugely imperative.  The outer wheels are the natal charts for the two women.

McStay-wivesHeather McStay:

  • Natal Jupiter (green) is at the IC – family is accentuated.
  • Transiting Jupiter in the inner wheel is square natal Sun – inflating the shock, I would suggest.
  • Tr Moon (blue) square natal Lunar nodal axis in the 5-11th house axis – trauma of the event in the house of friendship.  It doesn’t matter what the current relationship was between Heather and Joey, their past links them plus the contact as they share their son’s life.
  • Tr Mars interests this lunar nodal axis by conjunction – severing the connection.
  • Tr Venus (pink) quindecile natal Lunar South Node – the karmic connection is present in this aspect.

I don’t believe Venus represents money in this position, more likely a grief indicator.  I stand corrected by others who may wish to comment in this regard.

Erin McStay:

Astrology note: natal Moon and Mercury (yellow) are in opposition aspect – there is a natural drive to communicate from ‘the throne’.

  • Tr Moon (blue) square natal Sun (orange) – a highly emotive event for Erin McStay in relation to 2nd house issues – assets, self-worth and the 11th house of friends and enemies.
  • Tr Moon is also opposite natal Saturn (forensic indicator) – putting aside the grim reaper for a moment, let’s look at Saturn in his authoritarian role.  Erin is stepping into the breach as the authoritative head – this is a need she appears to have, within her family unit as well as the extended family.  Does she see herself as a matriarch?  Where does this put Susan?
  • Tr Sun conjunct natal Moon – driving needs are met by this date on the calendar.
  • Tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Neptune – fantasy sure is uppermost here and she’s communicating as much (3rd-6th house aspect).
  • Tr Jupiter (green) square natal Mars in the 3rd house of communication –  an inflated arousal of energy plus likely calling the shots at this point.
  • Tr Uranus square natal Venus (pink) – sudden changes in finances bringing an increase in status (10th house).
  • Tr Mars conjunct natal Sun (orange) – a boost of energy for the ego.


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