McStay tracks


MAP-ABCDE-McStayclick on maps for full size

The territory overview

The McStay family disappearance created a chase north and south of San Diego, California.

From the residential address in Avocado Lane, Fallbrook to Rancho Cucamonga where Joey met with Chase Merritt at lunchtime.  These two points are “A” and “B” on this map on the left.

MAP-house>car locationFurther requests were that we track to Orange County closer to the address of his brother, Mikey – point “C” and Oceanside “D” on the same map; followed by the location of where their Trooper vehicle was recovered within walking distance of the Mexican border, at San Ysidro.

The Mexican border

This map on the RHS provides a locator angle from the Fallbrook house to the location of where the Trooper vehicle was recovered in San Ysidro.  This is the locator angle we have been able to use in connection with our astrology enquiry.

We were able to discount the ‘border crossing video’ immediately once we checked the charts, as there was no indication on any of the family’s charts that this was a destination at the time of 7:47pm or any time around then on the night of 4 February 2010.  According to astrology – leaving the Trooper at the border is a red herring.

The cellphone pings

The third map was generated from an image on James Spring’s website, iR3.  We take this information on face value due to the fact that this person had access to the phone records/technical information for Joey’s phone.  The 8:28pm un-answered call from Joey’s phone apparently pinged from the Bonsall tower just 7 miles from their Fallbrook home.

We are told that both Joey and Summer’s cellphones continued to ping from the two towers (on either side of the Bonsall bridge) over the next 24 hours until they fell silent.  This is suggestive that the SIM cards weren’t removed from the phones immediately, nor the phones destroyed immediately.  Discarded, likely – at least temporarily.

The yellow circle on this map is the suggested radius of the Bonsall tower’s reception.  We have drawn lines from the Avocado Lane residence (A) to the location of the towers/Old Bonsall Bridge (B).  We can now check all relative charts in relation to these locator angles and see what ‘significant’ angles generate interest.

The first chart we checked was the natal chart for the person whom claimed this information; James Spring – in order to check that this wasn’t another red herring.  The result – apart from Uranus (modern technology) at the ascendant, there was nothing sinister revealed.

Summer’s chart generated with a bi-wheel at 8:28pm is suggestive that this information about the phones pinging within range of the Old Bonsall Bridge towers is indeed, correct.


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