McStay shadow

To date I have checked more than two hundred natal charts in this case and yet I still have one that I’ve been waiting to cross my line of sight; born 17th October 1968.  They would now be 46 years of age as I write this in November 2014. This mystery person still casts a shadow over this case.

shadowOriginally, after we had prepared synastry charts, we nominated this mystery person as being responsible for igniting the conflagration between Mikey and Joey McStay; straining their relationship.

I didn’t know whether it would be a female or male, however now that I’ve had time for the dust to settle following the arrest of Chase Merritt, we can look deeper into the connection.

Putting aside any synastry charts for a moment, allow me to share the Shadow’s forensic astrology connection to the three events:

  • The Trooper going out the driveway – 7:47pm on 4th February, 2010
  • The finding of the bodies in Victorville – 10am 11th November, 2013
  • The arrest of Chase Merritt – 2pm 5th November, 2014

The natal chart for someone born on 17th October 1968 reveals something of the character.  In our case, likely male I would suggest, although we keep an open mind.

With a Sun-Moon mix of Libra and Virgo, that tells us that this person has a personality that is very self-sufficient, analytical and critical. They would reason things out and is not likely to be swept off their feet by anything emotional that doesn’t fit their needs.

At times this mix can be more than a little vocal in expressing their views – appearing reasonable in arguments, but usually do exactly what they want no matter which way the consensus of opinion goes.

Normally this mix is very cut and dried and it’s hard for them to understand how anyone could rationally see things differently than they do. Emotions have little impact on any of their decisions.  Appearing warm and sympathetic outwardly, however the opposite is more true to form when it comes the crunch. They’re not very emotional about anything.

Life is mostly ‘matter of fact’ to these characters and with Mars in Virgo, this person is likely meticulous about details.

4th February 2010:

747-mysteryclick on charts for full size

At 7:47pm on 4th February 2010 natal Mars is at the ascendant and their Moon is in the 12th house of the mind.  There is no need for self-control with natal Saturn unaspected in the 8th house.

This 7:47pm time-slot is all pretty much about their personal self, together with their assets/money, although that natal Venus exact conjunct Neptune, in the 3rd house of communication/siblings, reveals a character weakness of someone whom would have eroticism high on their agenda together with the potential to feel unrequited in their personal relationships.

I mention this as the natal conjunction is squared by transiting Neptune heightening the delusion aspect (rather than anything active). Bizarre.  I would suggest – don’t run off on a tangent with that knowledge.  We have just begun our interpretation.

  • natal Mars conjunct ascendant – robustness featured, with action ready to roll.
  • The date on the calendar (transiting Sun) is not of significance, however natal Sun certainly is; the ego is involved squared by transiting Lunar nodal axis – this person is in public  PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Mercury in 2nd house –   PLUS
  • tr Mercury (yellow in the inner wheel) square natal Sun (orange) –  meeting to exchange ideas
  • tr Jupiter (green) opposite mid-range natal Moon – driving personal needs are inflated
  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Lunar south node – sudden changes in a public relationship generate a karmic act
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Jupiter (green) – boundless optimism in ego
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Pluto – creating a whole new perspective for ego recognition.

All seems pretty innocent so far in relation to the disappearance of the McStay family, unless of course they are out constructing an alibi.  Coincidences I am very wary of as we don’t want to go chasing red-herrings.  We need synchronicities.

We know that the focus of the time of 8:28pm, 4 February 2010 is the midpoint of the Sun/Moon = 26°Sagittarius at the IC. When we check the asteroids for our ‘shadow’ we take note that they have the asteroids Paul #3525 at this exact point together with Child #4580.  

11th November 2013:

It is the next chart that raised my interest in this character.  There is a lot of obsession revealed at 10am on 11th November 2013.  The ego (natal Sun) crossed the mid-heaven at the time of the 911 call and self-control (natal Saturn) is nudging the lowest ebb; the IC.

We also know that this person has the fan layout in their natal chart with Saturn retrograde holding the handle of the fan.  This man has a gender boundary weakness in his character after having lacked male mentoring in his early life.

bodies-mysteryThis can be for an innocent reason – eg his father worked away from home, or the mother was more dominant in the child’s life.  The Saturn Rx is also related to self-control issues.

As to how this manifests, we learn by the transits.  In this case it more than likely relates to the ‘what is fair’ struggle of the ego projection in a social environment.

  • tr Uranus in the 3rd house is driving the action conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – sudden changes as a result of a public communication, possibly creating trauma. PLUS
  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Sun (orange at the midheaven) – obsessed with how the change will affect his ego position in the public eye/career.  PLUS the remaining Uranus action (personal planets) being in the 9th house can indicate the possibility of a legal situation; covering one’s butt.
  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Jupiter (green) – obsessed with changing things around; overturning the tables PLUS
  • tr Uranus quindecile natal Pluto – upsets and tensions in relation to power-base of the personality
  • tr Jupiter (green in the inner wheel) square natal Mercury – having a lot to say about the situation this person is in (ego and voice are a bit too close to ignore – ie they have a tendency to be outspoken about social situations)
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Mars – a push to take action
  • tr Pluto square natal Lunar south node – decisions made now will live after them; karmic in origin.

5th November 2014:

CMarrest-mysteryOur third bi-wheel is at the time of the arrest of Chase Merritt.; 2pm on 5th November 2014. Now we have things getting up close and personal with public relationships, although there is not a lot of obvious emotive reaction.

  • tr Neptune in the 12th house is opposite natal mid-range Moon – driving need to keep things hidden; secrets.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Saturn in the 1st house – self-control (or lack of) is at the cusp of the second house (money) – meeting of a serious nature is likely in relation to their position in a close relationship  PLUS
  • tr Lunar nodal axis is conjunct natal Mercury – negotiations likely in relation to exchange of ideas with a family member. (Mercury can be a sibling and Nodes also a familial connection)
  • tr Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Sun (orange in the outer wheel) – thinking about transforming their ego potential as a result of this relationship
  • tr Saturn conjunct that natal weakness of Neptune-Venus conjunction – fear of losing the dream; a new look at realism is needed.

Due to the asteroid Paul indicated as being of significance, we are obliged to check the synastry of this date with Paul Merritt‘s natal chart.

Synastry – Paul Merritt:

17Oct1968-PaulMerrittNote: We cannot consider the houses or angles as we are not privy to the birth time of either person.  Nevertheless we have considerable tension IF these two people have a connection.

With so much tension with the Lunar Nodal axis I would have to say there appears to be a familial connection of some kind. These two are much, much more interactive than our shadow and Chase Merritt’s natal chart or even the arrest of Chase.

We know that Paul Merritt’s natal asteroid Buddy #16155 at 24°Virgo is exact his natal Lunar north node, suggesting that he is close to a member of his family. This point in the synastry chart, 24°Virgo is all-important to this relationship we are interpreting; 17th October 1968

  • The Lunar nodal axis in both natal charts is in quindecile aspect to the other – absolutely obsessive about each other.
  • Shadow’s Mars/Uranus = Paul Merritt’s (PM) Lunar North node = hyper-excitablity between to two when together; ignite each other
  • Shadow’s Jupiter-Pluto both exact intersect PM’s Lunar north nodal axis – working together for success is intensified by this aspect x10
  • Shadow’s Venus is square the mid-range Moon of PM – cooperative
  • Shadow’s Mercury (yellow) opposite PM’s Sun – think along the same lines
  • Shadow’s Moon opposite PM’s Mars – working in unison

These two people together could create havoc…

3 thoughts on “McStay shadow”

  1. Sure Anya – way, way back in the days of the FA thread in a particular forum that shall remain nameless, a renown astrologer laid a trail of clues for those whom were and still are, in awe of her skills.

    Two of us took on the challenge to uncover the date. We did (confirmed by the planetary line-up), however we believed it to be an issue between the brothers, Joey and Mike McStay.


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