McStay parents

Patrick McStay – step-father and male mentor for Joey and Mike McStay.  Born 30 January 1946, his astrology is included for research purposes.  We do not consider him to be involved in the disappearance or murder of Joseph, Summer and their little boys.

Patrick-duoThe first bi-wheel is from the perspective of 8:28pm on 4th February, 2010 and the second bi-wheel is from the perspective  of hearing the news of the discovery of the gravesite; the 911 call.  There is nothing particularly startling, nor more than we would expect in these charts, however I’ll include the interpretations of the hard aspects.

But first let’s look at the natal chart; what Patrick ‘lives with’.

Born with a Saturn retrograde, we know that there are male mentoring problems of his own and with natal Mars conjunct Saturn opposite a mid-range Capricorn Moon, we have a man whom is task orientated; needs to make things happen, leading the pack if need be.

The Venus conjunct Sun softens the edges of the Aquarian nature, but don’t be deceived by looks, he likely upsets lots of people with his black and white approach to matters and likely struggles with idealism. It’s the nature of the man. That’s a hard row to hoe, for an Aquarian.  This Sun-Venus is also under tension by natal Pluto on the opposite side of the chart – the power drive is about ‘me’.

The Saturn-Mars conjunction creates  a dilemma, indecisive, running hot and cold on things; bingeing is the dark side of the conjunction, however when you look at this in his parental role, he’s a supportive parent.  As for the hard aspects in the bi-wheels; news of the disappearance it’s all about his Mars-Saturn conjunction – i.e. his parental role frustration at not being able to fulfil this role.

  • Tr Lunar South node conjunct natal Saturn – indication of a strong karmic attachment. For those whom follow karma belief – perhaps he’s let Joey down before?  There are suggestions in these charts that his own father had possibly done so as well.
  • Tr Pluto quindecile natal Saturn – obsessive about his powerlessness as a parent to control anything in the public realm (10th house)
  • Natal mid-range Moon (blue) is in the 4th (home) – has to direct any search from home. (note: think he wasn’t able to enter the State of California for some legal reason.)
  • Tr Sun (orange) and Neptune (turquoise) in 5th house opposite and quindecile natal Pluto in 11th house – more, more of the same frustration and powerlessness to uncover the mystery.

I don’t see any forensic indication to indicate involvement of any kind by Patrick McStay in the disappearance or murder of his son and family.  The second bi-wheel indicates a highly inflated reaction (green) to the finding of the bodies.

  • Tr Pluto conjunct natal mid-range Moon (blue) in 1st house – personalised, highly emotive reaction
  • Tr Uranus square natal Moon – impulsive need to be with family; struggling with the need to take control.
  • Tr Uranus opposite natal Neptune in 9th house – sudden changes to the illusion (bringing their murder into reality – destroying all hope)
  • Tr Jupiter (green) conjunct natal Saturn in 7th house – likely caught up in rumour and scandal.  This Jupiter-Saturn reaction would be driven by that Moon needing to take control.  Reckon he’d be a bit of an MCP, but that just my opinion.


Susan Renee Blake (McStay)mother of Joey and Mike McStay.

SusanBlake-duoI’ve been loath to publish this chart previously for a couple of reasons, mainly for privacy of the parent/grandparent of victims, but secondly due to the tension in the chart being so dramatic. Forensic indicators abound, however we cannot consider her to be a suspect in the disappearance and murder of her eldest son and his family. However in the sake of fairness and for those whom need to know, we include Susan Blake’s charts, by request.

While the family remained missing Susan Blake would have known in her heart that they were lost, however there would always remain that glimmer of hope; extinguished once the bodies were found. Chart #1 is from the perspective of the disappearance in February 2010 and the second bi-wheel, the report of finding of the bodies more than three years later.

  • Tr Sun (orange) 5th house the date on the calendar opposite natal Pluto – illumination of power needs; likely the other side of the coin illuminated – dis-empowerment.
  • Tr Sun square natal Mars in 2nd house  – their disappearance affects her financial situation – is this the cost of searching or her income?
  • Tr Jupiter quindecile natal Pluto – optimistic about a positive outcome
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Neptune (turquoise) – traumatic event leads to depression; bewilderment, confusion.
  • Tr Saturn square natal mid-range Moon (blue) in 10th house – I would suggest, public appeal to authorities to assist.
  • Tr Pluto in 4th house opposite natal mid-range Moon –  driving need to continue to search would have given her a sense of empowerment.
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Jupiter (green) – this disappearance would involve her engagement with common sense; writing to persons for assistance and likely travel.

The second chart reveals a highly emotive reaction and likely deep depression as a result.  Am not aware of her relationship status in November 2013, however the finding of the bodies would have thrown her into turmoil in any of her public relationships.

Tr Sun (orange), the date on the calendar is conjunct natal Mars in 10th house – feeling attacked.
Tr Sun square natal Pluto – this aspect will always give us a blanket over a hand-grenade with explosive outbursts expected.
Tr Venus (pink) opposite natal Uranus; Venus is likely representative of the family on this occasion – sudden changes likely within family relationships
Tr Venus  opposite natal mid-range Moon – devastated.
Tr Pluto opposite Uranus – intensification of ego awareness; considering life without Joey and his family
Tr Pluto opposite mid-range Moon – extreme emotional intensity
Tr Uranus square natal Uranus – mental pressure; erratic behaviour.
Tr Jupiter square natal Neptune – emphasis on things spiritual; appealing to a higher entity. Likely trying to make sense of the insanity of it all.


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