McStay house

… a crime scene according to the SBPD investigators…

McStayhouseOf the history of the McStay family’s home in Fallbrook, we know that it was listed for sale as a foreclosure in July 2009. According to the public record, the house was sold to the McStays on 17th November 2009 for $330,000.

In horary astrology, a house has a birth date when the title deed is recorded, not when someone buys it. We have been provided with the date of the deed – 6th September 2001, however the time is unknown. As is our standard practice on this blog, we use noon in order to get a mid-range Moon for that date.

Note: For those not familiar with the method, we have used it successfully before with forensic astrology inquiries of aircraft that have crashed. We had maiden flight dates from Boeing in WA, plus registration dates with the relevant airline – all available from the public record.

The house:

avolanehouseThis chart shows us the position of the transiting planets overhead in Fallbrook at noon on 6th September, 2001. We cannot take the houses into consideration as we don’t know the time-stamp for the house deeds.

What we do know is that the grim reaper (Saturn) and power/powerless (Pluto) are in a pact; opposite each other. This will not be a happy home with these two mirroring for each other – particularly so when we see that the Sun is in square aspect to both.

Wounds will fester with Chiron on the dreaded Serbian 22° and an Aries Moon tells us that we will see entrepeneurial; risk takers living in this house.  An Aries Moon always aims for Numero Uno in whatever they do; wanting to be the best house in the street.  Sometimes such attention is gained for nefarious reasons.

The combination of A Virgo Sun and Aries Moon gives us some degree of conflict because of the vast differences between these signs – earth and fire. The common qualities are hardness and a true strength of purpose.

The variance of these two zodiac signs suggests that the house will contain personalities whom are high-spirited, combative and critical; even nit-picky with their ‘wants’. Any wonder Summer didn’t want to live there initially!

Being not at all disinclined to voice their dissatisfaction with others, many whom live in this house would be demanding leaders as well as having difficulty in seeing themselves objectively. Any house maintenance and/or renovations would be demanding and exacting.  We invariably see the perfectionist with this combination.

  • Mars quindecile Saturn – obsession; running hot and cold. It is as if the home-owners get the ‘hurry up’; urge to do something NOW and the next minute walking away in indifference; frustrating for those around them.
  • Saturn/Pluto = Sun – threat of loss, separation leading to enforced changes plus ill health for those whom live here will be the weakest points in this house.

We can’t get too serious about interpretation of the angles with this chart without an accurate clock time, however there are invariably interesting synchronicities to be had.

Asteroids are numbered according to the order in which they are discovered, so on 6 September 2001 we have several of significance to our enquiry.

  • Moira #638 is Greek for the Fates and indicates an area of life that is governed by fate or karma. Conjunct the 14°Virgo Sun on this date is interpreted as any major event happening in relation to this house, is fated.
  • Fountain #11670 at 11°Cancer conjunct Jupiter – indicates that a highly inflated focus will be on the fountain business, rather than home-life.  This also explains the motive for Joey wanting to buy the property.  The primary aim would have been to find a residence that would be big enough for him to work from home.
  • Vertex (cornered) is 12°Cancer conjunct Fountain – forced into a corner due to the fountain business.
  • Mean Apogee/Black Moon Lilith at 1°Pisces – exact the IC; cusp of the 4th house – the home;  matters can become ‘out of control’.

The evening of 4th February 2010 and the house

events-duo-houseclick on charts for full size

Our first bi-wheel (method) is from the perspective of the time of 7:47pm 4th February, 2010 – when a vehicle went out the driveway and the second bi-wheel that last phone call from Joey’s cellphone at 8:28pm.

The inner wheel is the horary chart for the Avocado Vista Lane home, extending to include the residents.  The tension in the first bi-wheel continues onto the 2nd bi-wheel with just the changes in that time-frame highlighted; change of astrology houses/arena of tension.

  • At 7:47pm we have the weakest point of this house at the three angles – enforced change at the ascendant minutes earlier, along with a power shift at the cusp of the 4th house/the home. Self-control is at the top of the agenda.
  • tr Sun (orange in the inner wheel) reveals the date on the calendar as significant for the occupants of this house – opposite Venus (pink); the entire family dynamic.
  • tr Venus at 22° is conjunct Uranus also at the dreaded 22° creates sudden changes PLUS
  • tr Mars is quindecile Uranus intersecting tr Venus on the way – obsessive, compulsive action from the 11th house (friends/enemies) actioning these sudden changes with force. PLUS
  • tr Mars opposite Neptune (turquoise) – tricked by subterfuge. In the 5-11th house axis this is a friend whom is not a friend.  PLUS
  • tr Moon (blue) square Neptune – creating bewilderment in the occupants
  • tr Saturn square Lunar nodal axis – grim reaper is in the house creating trauma
  • tr Pluto conjunct Lunar nodal axis; South node is in the 4th house/home – personal relationships. This killer is familiar with the occupants of the house.

The second bi-wheel reveals the changes in that forty minute interval.

  • The mid-range Moon reaches the cusp of the 8th house (death/transformation) at 22°Aries. I don’t think I need to interpret this for anyone.
  • tr Venus and tr Neptune have entered the 5th house as has Uranus – the changes are made to the house.

The house and Summer McStay

avocadovistalanehouse-summerAs we do not have birth times for the characters in our enquiry we revert to the house perspective of noon and include the natal charts on the outside.   The first natal chart we use is that of Summer McStay; wife of Joey and mother of Chubba and Gianni.

Note that the house placements in the bi-wheel cannot be taken into consideration for the interpretation although we have synchronicities to share of Summer’s natal Neptune (turquoise) conjunct the ascendant – being duped. Plus natal Mercury on the cusp of the 2nd house – deferring to commitment (Joey’s choice of house)

  • Summer’s Sun-Moon opposition conjunct the house Lunar nodal axis – karma steps up to settle the ying and the yang.  PLUS
  • House Mercury (yellow) in square aspect creating tension with the above – mental stimulation by others about Summer’s needs and how to fulfill them will be prevalent; i.e. lots of house renovation input/advice from others creates tension.
  • Summers Mars quindecile house mid-range Moon – creates disruption ‘let it fly’ by Summer.

The house asteroid that would create tension for Summer would be Mony #7782 at 25°Virgo conjunct her natal Uranus – money tensions create sudden changes.

The house and Chase Merritt

avocadovistalanehouse-MerrittWe may not have seen an emotive reaction in the man to the event, however the house tells us a story about this man.

Note that the house placements in the bi-wheel cannot be taken into consideration for the interpretation however Merritt’s natal Lunar nodal axis is nudging the horizon line – creating trauma at the house.  Plus natal Pluto at the mid-heaven – the ultimate power position in the house. 

  • House asteroid Hermes #69230 is conjunct Merritt’s Mars at 28°Gemini – non observance of boundaries with his words and actions.  This is a recurring theme in this bi-wheel as the tension will reveal.
  • House Mars opposite Merritt’s Mars – action man when in the house; definately not passive.  He comes to work, not sit and drink cups of tea.
  • House Venus (pink – the family) square natal Sun. Offsided with the family; they are not close to this man.
  • House Sun square Merritt’s Moon-Saturn Rx opposition –  feelings of enforced controls; separation in a relationship PLUS
  • House Pluto conjunct his Saturn Rx – potential self-destruction by lack of self-control
  • House Saturn opposite his Saturn Rx – a Saturn return identifies a male being tested about self-control with women and mirroring the boundaries between the sexes.

This bi-wheel has revealed to me that Merritt’s male mentoring as a young child was sadly lacking (Saturn retrograde in the natal chart) i.e. learning about male-female relationships by observation of his parents’ interactions. He does not appear to have learned that the power of the woman in her own home is uppermost.

There is something very warped in the dominance of this tension in the bi-wheel – Saturn-Moon-Saturn-Pluto. When Merritt’s father was absent did he interpret that another male in the household would take the place of dominance?

3 thoughts on “McStay house”

  1. So spot on with this interpretation – I could cry! The Mcstay’s found dead chart has Sun 19:31, conjunct Tisiphone (avenging murder) 19:24, both transiting his North Node – in Scorpio. A sign that reeks of revenge – guess the tables turned – no escape this time.

  2. With a full moon in Gemini this Saturday, I think something might happen that might potentially solve the case. The Gemini Full Moon is about communication and adventure. I think that since the full moon speaks to endings and revealing big things that will end an ongoing issue. When combined I personally think the Full Moon in Gemini is saying that Gemini’s energy and love of communication will burst through and someone will say something that might end and solve the case in a big way.


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