McStay children

The two young male offspring of Summer and Joseph McStay were also killed.  Their bodies were found in shallow desert graves near Victorville together with their parents.  When we interpret the bi-wheels of these children it does not suggest that their murders were related to the children as individuals.  There lives were likely considered expendable.

gianniGianniGianni Giuseppi Martelli McStay – elder son of Joseph and Summer was born in California on 9th July 2005.  We do not have a time of birth and so noon-time is used for a mid-range Moon.  We do not generate a natal chart due to this lack of information and view his chart through the perspective of the event of their disappearance on 4th February, 2010; 7:47pm when the family vehicle was recorded on video by a neighbour; exiting the driveway.

Gianni was still under the age of five and so his natal chart will not reveal a lot of character development so we’ll keep the interpretation basic. He has a Sun-Moon mix (his wants and needs) Cancer Sun and Leo Moon; a ‘princeling’.

A warm, sunny personality whom is a good deal less shy and demure than is normally expected of a Cancer Sun sign. Likely appears to be gentle, however he could be somewhat distrustful until he got to know someone.  This combination of Sun-Moon would generally be positive and confident, seeking more than the usual attention with this Leonine Moon.  Is the length of hair his choice?

His natal chart reveals Sun square Lunar nodal axis destined to be a public figure; Sun square Mars promoting his personality and with a mid-range Moon opposite Neptune, likely creative.  That’s a broad brush of his character, before looking at his emotive reaction to 7:47pm where we have the following tension in a bi-wheel (method).

  • tr Sun (orange) conjunct Neptune (turquoise) – hypersensitive to situation; deception likely
  • tr Sun opposite Mercury (yellow) – illumination of mental acumen/thoughts
  • tr Sun opposite Venus (pink) – highlight of ‘what is ideal’
  • tr Venus in the inner wheel opposite mid-range Moon (blue) – needing his mom
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) opposite mid-range Moon – subconscious awareness of deception
  • tr Lunar North Node opposite Sun – aware of the trauma of the situation

ChubbaChubbaJoseph Mateo Martelli McStay (Chubba) – younger son of Joseph and Summer was born in California 31st January 2007.  Again we do not have a birth time.

As he is just three years old his personality will not be highly developed and until he were to grow to be an autonomous person, we would view his chart through his primary nurturer’s chart.  However I do comment that this chart is one that would benefit by knowing exact Moon placement, due to the tension present in the bi-wheel.

Sun is in Aquarius and Moon is in the range Cancer to very early Leo.  Do we have a quick, responsive and intuitive little boy or a proud lion cub with this Sun-Moon mix? I would lean towards the former; a Cancerian Moon.  Chubba’s natal chart does reveal the gaseous giant, Jupiter square Uranus inflating his internal see-saw; changeability of moods.

It is when we turn to the bi-wheel of this little fellow, that I was able to call the immediate demise of the children along with their parents.  The grim reaper is in the picture.

  • tr Lunar South Node conjunct Ascendant – karmic element
  • tr Lunar North node opposite mid-range Moon (blue) – comfort needed from others
  • tr Mercury (yellow) opposite mid-range Moon – mental stimulation of personal needs; frightened – likely vocal
  • tr Venus (pink) opposite natal Saturn(red) – forensic indicator of death of family
  • tr Jupiter (green) conjunct Venus – inflated sense of family

The lead up to the murder of the family must have been so very traumatic for these little souls.  The Lunar nodal axis in the mix of both charts reveals that much.  I’ll say no more.

RIP Gianni and Chubba.

One thought on “McStay children”

  1. Aww…I don’t even know what to say.

    Rest in peace, Gianni Giuseppi Martelli McStay. Rest in peace, Joseph Mateo Martelli McStay.
    Shine on.


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