179978_417882294901834_1324823379_nJeffrey Michael (McGyver) McCargar  was born on 12th June 1963 in the county of Los Angeles, according to the public record. A known family friend of both Summer and Joey, having introduced the couple, he uses both names McGyver J. McCargar and Jeffrey McCargar quite openly.

We have before us another Gemini Sun sign, only this time the Moon is in Aquarius – both the Sun and Moon are air signs in this man’s makeup.  This combination is a totally different kettle of fish from Dan Kavanaugh whom has a Gemini Sun and Capricorn Moon.

The combination of McGyver’s Sun and Moon mix produces the quick mind and broad scope of intelligence that may enable him to achieve public notoriety. Note: this is textbook stuff, folks not my subjective opinion. Their mind can grasp details without missing the big picture and they seem to have the gift of foresight and insight, seeing both the fact and the potentialities. their intuition allows them to be one of those people with the ability always to be looking ahead and anticipating the need for change and improvement. This threatens those whom live in fear of ‘the intangible realm’.

They would like to organize and express what they know in a clear and concise fashion, hence the confirmation of dates with text messages. Genuinely humanitarian, generous and possessing a desire to help others, they can be guilty of putting on the rose-tinted glasses on occasions; having a romantic outlook on life rather than create beauty in reality.  Likely philosophical to an extreme about challenging situations, they would be understanding, tolerating, and accepting of others in a broad sense. So McGyver’s circle of friends is probably extremely large and loyal.

There would be a tendency to struggle with anything restricting, plus routine activities or affairs that confine him too much would be impossible to tolerate. Enigmatic and interesting, McGyver would sing for his supper; be an excellent dinner guest.

Summer had been preoccupied that week before the family disappeared on the Thursday evening. Apparently the couple had put $30,000 down to buy the $300,000 home and Summer had just spent $4,000 on new flooring that was sitting in the garage ready to be laid the following week..  Summer had enlisted McGyver to help her paint inside the house. As he left the house on Wednesday, 3rd Feb 2010, he offered to come back the following day however Summer later changed this to the Saturday. When he texted Summer that night to confirm the new arrangements, she replied, “Yes, we’ll see you Saturday.” He still has the text on his phone.

On Friday night, 5th Feb, McGyver McCargar sent several texts to Summer asking whether she still needed him on Saturday. When she didn’t reply, he assumed she had gotten someone else to finish the job.

3Feb140-Summerclick on charts for full size

We have generated a chart at the time of the text from Summer to McGyver, thanking him for his help that day.  It was 1:40pm Wednesday.  The outer chart is Summer’s horoscope.  The tension is already present that would continue into the next day.  Had she shared her troubles with McGyver, or held them close to her chest?

From what we are told as per the above comment, this would suggest the former. Nevertheless we interpret Summer’s bi-wheel.

  • Tr Sun (orange) in the inner wheel is already square the Lunar nodal axis – portend of  trauma is already on the calendar
  • Tr Uranus conjunct natal Saturn – the old and the new in tension PLUS
  • Tr Uranus opposite natal Uranus – change for change’s sake?  This is very much tied up in the move to the new home.
  • Tr Uranus square natal Mercury (yellow) – communicating a change of plans.

Note:  this is where Summer changed the idea of McGyver coming tomorrow (Thursday), to Saturday – something possibly has happened between when he left at 1pm and this new time of 1:40pm.  Summer has changed her plans.  It could be just a change of her mind, however we need to remain on alert for possibilities.

  • Tr Lunar South Node on cusp of 2nd house quindecile natal Sun – karmic flag in relation to Summer’s relationships.  Did she discuss with McGyver someone she was not sure she could trust with their personal finances/assets/money?
  • Tr Saturn square natal Sun – fear of loss
  • Tr Moon (blue) in the inner wheel square natal Venus – socially co-operative relationship (text toMcGyver)
  • Tr Pluto opposite natal mid-range Moon – possibly exaggerated new plans

Turning now to the exclusive charts of McGyver McCargar, his charts are generated with a mid-range Moon (noon used for time of birth). The inner wheel shares each of the perspectives and the outer wheel is the natal chart for this man; ex-roomie of Joey’s and a good friend to both Joey and Summer.

McCargarMcGyver has every forensic planet indicator alight in his natal chart on 4 Feb.  As for the second bi-wheel, see for yourself why I have wanted to share these charts.  If I were interpreting the chart of a person of interest, my eyes would be wide-open right about now, however let’s interpret these bi-wheels as an observer of a friend in a dilemma.  If things were different, I might interpret much more directly.

Bi-wheel #1:   Easing into the job of interpretation – the angles are clear of any input and fortunately for him, the action is in the 6-12th house axis.  That’s on the job and in the mind.

  • Lunar nodal axis is in a reverse position of conjunction in the 5-11th house axis.  I could suggest that McCargar had an opportunity to intercede in whatever went down, however he didn’t and karma is to be answered to.  But that’s not for us to say.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) quindecile natal Uranus – he likely made sudden changes in arrangements on this date.  (note that obsession/compulsion is in the mix)
  • Transiting Neptune quindecile natal Pluto – he knew he had the power to make changes – so is Neptune indicating wishes and dreams?  (note that obsession is in the mix again)
  • Transiting Uranus quindecile natal Pluto – this is an affirmation of the previous two aspects.
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) opposite natal Mars – is this an ethical dilemma?

If we are to consider transiting Venus as representative of Summer on this occasion and transiting Neptune as the disappearance, then the following two aspects can be interpreted as benign aspects:

  • Transiting Venus (pink) and Neptune (turquoise) conjunct natal Moon – the driving need of McGyver is to solve the disappearance of his friends.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) and Neptune (turquoise) conjunct natal Saturn – I doubt that McGyver has any authority (a Saturn interpretation) in relation to the disappearance and so Saturn would therefore would be more likely to represent ‘father time’; as in time will tell.

Bi-wheel #2:

  • We have the natal Lunar nodal axis in play again, this time conjunct by transiting Jupiter (green), inflating the trauma of the event (finding of the bodies). The arena identifies the relationships, both public and private.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) opposite natal Pluto – dis-empowers the man from the investment in the relationship.
  • Transiting Saturn (body indicator) conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) in 10th house PLUS quindecile natal Venus (pink).  Money is in the mix here.  I dread to think what that might be, however it affects the fantasy of his career prospects.

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