Joseph McStay

JoeyJoseph Bryan McStay was born on 20th November 1969. We are told that Joey had a different name at birth, however there is no need for us to elaborate beyond the fact that Patrick McStay was not yet a part of his mother’s life at the time Joey was conceived.

Joey’s Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon is in Aries. Joey may appear to be a laid-back boy whom loved surfing and the Californian lifestyle, however with that Aries Moon we know we have a very strong character before us, albeit damaged by the Neptune conjunction with his Sun.  An Aries Moon is always, always someone whom puts their driving needs above all else – Numero Uno in everything they do.

The presence of Neptune conjunct his Sun may conceal this trait to those whom don’t know this man.  Nevertheless, the following is a text-book interpretation of the Sun-Moon mix of Scorpio and Aries.

We have a realist whom has little interest in sweeping generalisations.  They have their focus clearly defined; they’re ambitious and highly personal. They have little feeling for right, wrong, justice, philosophy or other intangibles unless these subjects touch them, or those close to them, personally. Such a character would be extremely independent and highly impulsive; lacking in compassion for those who are not equally independent. An understanding nature is not their special gift.

A shrewd and hard-headed demeanor is more likely to describe their individuality.  Meanwhile their personality is likely effervescent, plus having the good sense to keep from clashing too often with associates and friends, they retain friendships.  However they are never one to run away from a fight and when aroused, are capable of voluble and forceful resentments.  They would let you know where they stand, if you were to cross them.

Mentally quick, clever and highly protective such a mix would be passionate in relationships, however they are not an easy person with whom to share a relationship.  They can be demanding and exacting of others, but not necessarily willing to be imposed upon in return. Despite a temperament that is rash and forceful, they are admired by others for strong definite opinions revealed in practice, not just words.

The direct approach of attacking problems head-on, with little concern for tact and diplomacy can be challenging for others. Nonetheless, a person with this Sun-Moon mix would be called on when others want to get a difficult job done, as they will let little or nothing stand in the way of reaching their goals.

When we put this text-book interpretation together with the Neptune weakness in the chart, we have temptation in the way of success.  I’ll say no more than that at this stage, apart from turning to other natal aspects of interest to us. Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is forensic astrology we are interpreting.  We are seeking out weaknesses in an individual, not the ‘cutesy pie’ bits.

  • Saturn retrograde – lack of male mentoring in character development.
  • Sun exact conjunct Neptune – this is a dangerous mix in the sub culture of drugs; subversive.
  • Natal Mars square Venus – ‘passion’ gets this man out of bed in the morning; loves what he does.
  • Moon opposite Jupiter – inflated sense of personal needs

Not having the time of birth, we continue to view his character together with how he might react, through the perspective of the events in relation to this case.  However, before we cut to the chase, I wish to share that I ran my eye over the phone logs of his cellphone in the lead-up to the crisis point of their disappearance, picking out a couple of ‘times of calls’ to check where he ‘was at’, just as we did with reports of events in Summer’s day on 4th February, 2010.

We are told that Joey left home in Fallbrook around noon for a 1pm appointment with Chase Merritt; in Rancho Cucamonga.  I’ll get to share Chase’s input on another page, however I have no reason to suspect (according to his astrology) that he isn’t telling the truth in relation to their meeting.  Joey’s cellphone was quiet between 1pm and 3pm.  During the afternoon Joey’s phone is running hot, appearing to be attempting to raise money according to the astrology.

747-JoeyTo the best of my knowledge, we do not know when Joey returned home in the SUV, Trooper vehicle; if he did at all. We only know when the vehicle is reputed to have left home at 7:47pm. It could have just pulled into the driveway a couple of minutes earlier. We are not privy to that information. It would be appropriate, therefore, to generate a bi-wheel at this time and see what the heavens might enlighten us with.

We turn to the transiting Moon at this time.  The Moon always indicates where the trouble lies according to the 6th house previous to where it is orbiting – in other words what drew the matter out into the public arena. For us on this occasion the transiting Moon in the 2nd house reveals that it would be 8th house matters; other people’s money, death and transformation.

I am curious as to whether he wasn’t already somewhere else, due to the spread of planets in this bi-wheel, but time will tell as we proceed with our enquiry. The driving force in this chart is transiting Saturn (Grim Reaper) in the 1st house. This is not a calm, collected man by any step of the imagination. This chart is OTT emotive; endeavouring to exert some control over a situation.

  • Tr Saturn quindecile natal mid-range Moon (blue) in outer wheel’s 8th house (death and transformation/other peoples assets) – I’d suggest this aspect relates to the obsessive, driving need/ attempt to stay alive.
  • Tr Saturn quindecile  Descendant/Lunar nodal axis – already experiencing a traumatic event/struggle with the Grim Reaper and this is not at home (4th house is empty)

Note: Nodal axis also represents a public place.  There is an obsessive/compulsive element to this reaction.

  • Tr Jupiter (green) is also quindecile the Ascendant/ Lunar South node (karmic element).  Initially this would indicate to me that the murders are related to a connection with Joey rather than Summer, however we will have to wait and see.
  • Tr Moon (blue) 2nd house in the inner wheel is indicative of shining things in this position (all that glitters is not necessarily gold, folks) opposite natal 8th house Saturn – Joey’s ‘going down’ over this (suggested) need for money.
  • Tr Neptune (turquoise) square natal Sun (orange) – deception of ego; Joey was deceived.
  • Natal lunar nodal axis is at the horizon line – Joey is likely already experiencing trauma at 7:47pm.

I suggest that Joey is not with Summer, or she would be reacting to his ‘H-factor’ more strongly than her chart reveals (see Summer’s page).

828-JoeyLess than three quarters of an hour later, Joey’s cellphone is used to call Chase Merritt.  We note that this is also the last number that Joey had called previously and so it could have been an accidental re-dial, by anyone.  Chase unfortunately did not pick up the phone and the call went to message-bank. We generate a further bi-wheel at this time of 8:28pm.

Natal Mercury is not in the action any more than it was at 7:47pm, which doesn’t mean to say that Joey wasn’t in communication at all, as the natal planet is in the 3rd house of communication. If Joey were making an attempt to make a surreptitious call CM, I’d expect to see a Neptune-Mercury connection in the chart.

Even when I generate the soft aspects in this bi-wheel, there is no interaction by any planets with Joey’s natal Mercury, nor his natal Uranus (modern technology). At the moment, I am at a loss to explain the call, however the transiting Moon continues to be in the 2nd house directing our attention to the 8th house again as the origin of the trouble.

  • Joey’s natal Moon has now entered the 7th house – focus changes to his partner, Summer.  I’m of the opinion that Joey is no longer in a position to input anything constructive.
  • Natal South Node is now in the 12th house of the unconscious mind – karma has likely come full circle
  • Tr Pluto is at the Ascendant – In textbooks we know that this aspect represents the use of personal power of persuasion.  I suggest that the situation has gone beyond this point.

911-JoeyI’ve not previously published a chart of the finding of the graves together with Joey’s natal chart and when I generate it now, I can see why.  It is not highly emotive; in fact it fits very well with that Sun-Moon mix we included above for Joey’s character. All very matter-of-fact, un-embellished.

“What’s the point, we’re all dead now. I fought while we were alive; when it mattered.”

  • Natal Jupiter (green) is at the top of the chart – Jupiter likely represents justice on this occasion; Joey’s sense of justice.
  • tr Jupiter square natal mid-range Moon (blue) at the IC – driving needs are inflated by others.
  • Venus (pink) is at the Ascendant – family and his peers will take over the drive for justice now.



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