Jonah McStay

McStay-childrenJonah is the eldest son and only surviving offspring of Joseph McStay.  His mother is Heather McFadden.

Not having a birth time, we can only generate an overall picture of his character with astrology…

Jonah is born with a Sun in Virgo and Moon in Leo. This tells us that he has a very earnest, if contradictory personality. The analytical insight of a Virgo’s need for order and discrimination, together with the vitality, confidence and authoritativeness of a Leo; needing the lion’s share of life. There would be a natural leaning towards indecision in his nature, but the Virgo personality is sure to rule the outcome.

Having a confident and positive personality, often proving to be assertive – even seen as aggressive (teenager testing boundaries), the strong sense of duty and family will rein him in; he’ll come through okay.

This impulsive nature of his will live with him for his entire life and may cause him to spend some time worrying, so he will need to take the time to reflect and analyse what he’s said or done. Two steps forward and one back…

As for challenges in his chart, he has the expected Saturn retrograde phenomenon – with his mother having changed male partners when he was still young.

He has natal Jupiter square the Lunar nodal axis – that’s the thrust into the public arena and the trauma that goes along with it. He also has a karmic signature connection with Joey.

We can reproduce bi-wheels for him in relation to the disappearance of the family plus the finding of the bodies in the desert.  This will likely reveal as much about what is going on in his immediate family, as much as his individual reaction.

His chart reveals trauma – yes of course it does, plus from an emotionally immature perspective – of course; as we would expect. He was, after all is said and done, living with the McFadden’s and just thirteen years old.

JonahMcStayclick on image for full size

The first bi-wheel (method) is from the perspective of 8:28pm on 4th February 2010.  Immediately we can comment that his immediate family would appear to have contained their reaction to the disappearance and not alarmed the child.

  • tr Sun (orange) opposite natal Moon (blue) in 5-11 house axis (giving and receiving of love) – date on the calendar mirrors his emotional driving needs for self; he feels the loss. This indicates his immaturity of understanding the dramatic possibilities of what might have happened.
  • tr Pluto square natal Saturn – (apart from the forensic indicators) self-control highlighted; likely thrust towards maturity earlier than his personality would have naturally evolved.
  • tr Saturn is midpoint for natal Mercury/South Node – this reveals a bottling up within himself as to the loss of his biological father in his life.  His immediate family may not have been aware of this grief he experienced.

The second bi-wheel is considerably more emotive.  He is now seventeen years old and has a greater understanding of the morality of the situation.

  • natal first house Jupiter (green) = Venus/Pluto (midpoint) – immediate response is to have revenge for the murder of his father, step-mother and half-siblings.  I.e. he is still revealing an immaturity of emotional response; much as we would expect.

Note with natal Jupiter square the Lunar South Node this is the karmic element mentioned above – this will be a recurring theme: his tendency towards impulsiveness of actions.  He would be best served by removal from the public arena, hence my reticence to publish this information.

  • tr Neptune (turquoise) quindecile natal Sun (orange) – an obsession is building PLUS
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Sun (orange) – indicating the frustration of not being able to take action for the murder of his family members.
  • tr Uranus conjunct natal Lunar South Node – talking it out will help (psychologist hopefully)
  • tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Venus (pink) –  peer group idealism sought.
  • tr Saturn square natal Sun (orange) – grief for loss of father image; finally hits home.


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