Hesperia to Apple Valley

AppleValleyChase Merritt and a potential buddy in crime…

This man is not a blood relative of the McStay family, or the Merritt family.  At this stage there appear to be ‘cosmic astrology’ connections between Chase and this male.  Let’s call him PAM.

He and Chase grew up in Hesperia and lived within minutes of each other in Apple Valley at the time of the McStay murders. I still can’t make these charts public as, IMO I need his occupation.  If I can make the last penny fall then we can go public.  He does not appear to have a criminal record.

I must comment that this man’s natal chart is very similar to the younger brother of Chase Merritt; Paul Merritt.  It’s a tangled web that we are caught up in…

747-PMThis is the first chart I’ve generated as I was interested if he was perhaps the person whom drove out the Fallbrook driveway at 7:47pm on 4th February, 2010.

If we can confirm a connection between PAM and Chase Merritt, we could possibly have something happening her.  If not, it’s a rather large red-herring IMO.

Now that we have the preliminary transcript, we can check if PAM has potentially been involved even earlier.  Let’s take one step backwards in time before we take further steps forward. The Quickbooks account was set up 12:24pm on 1st February 2010.  There sure is an excess of tension in this chart…

QB-YDo we have a coincidence?  Is this male embroiled in something else over the same period?

Chase’s phone was ‘turned off’ for these following two charts. The inner chart is the perspective we use to view his natal chart.  Natal chart for PAM will always be the outside wheel, as we do not know his time of birth.  From the first chart, the asteroid Fountain is at the descendant in PAM’s natal chart.


IMO this resulting tension is enough for us to check further. I will run his charts parallel to some of Chase’s phone pings.

The first chart is generated at 3:48pm on 6th February 2010 – 2 days after the McStay family

It may appear that there is very little tension in these charts, however we have just not highlighted all the tension (no point in repeating ourselves).

PAM could very well be at the workshop with Chase. Transiting Moon is in the 5th house at 29°Scorpio in the first chart.

The second chart 7:26am, 8th February 2010 has more to share. Again this is a time when Merritt’s phone was ‘turned off’. Transiting Moon is  now at 20°Sag. and in the 10th house.

Now we take a big jump forward in time to the finding of the graves in the High Desert of Victorville…..  Again this man is revealing obsessive emotive tension.

The 911 call 9:58am, 11th November 2013

911-MitchellHere we go again; extreme tense reaction. PAM is reacting very strongly at 10am on a Monday morning.  This is long before Chase was arrested so why the obsessive reaction?


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