Dan Kavanaugh

Webmaster of Earth Inspired Products online presence, Daniel Vincent Kavanaugh was born 18th June 1981 in Santa Clara County, California.  Dan claims to have been in Hawaii at the time that the McStay family disappeared. Some say he wasn’t – the heavens are not fussed either way.  Our result is not going to come down to something as simplistic as an alibi.

When I initially generated his chart, I could see that there were no forensic planets present to connect him with their disappearance, but first this lad whom has a reputation as a cheater with the ladies (note – it’s an old picture) – what of him?  Is he as bad as he is portrayed, across the threads?

Sun in Gemini and Moon in Capricorn.  Aha, immediately when we see that Gemini Sun we are reminded of someone whom is slow to commit in relationships; avoidance techniques and ‘teller of porky pies’ are their line of trade; well the slippery Gemini’s that is. The planet Mercury is the ruler of the zodiac, Gemini.

DanthemanThe natural tendency of a Gemini Sun is to have a bright outlook and a versatile nature, however this is shaded by the Capricorn Moon. The combination produces a personality that is worldly-wise and shrewd. Under the genial front of smiles and good humor lies a core of steel, strength of purpose and ambition. He likely operates with a healthy respect for tradition, law and authority, however ‘who’s law’ we must ask?  Murphy’s?  No this man is able to become a law unto himself and to others.

The Mercurial mental activity means that he can meet any challenge, especially one requiring a cool head and the Capricorn Moon gives him the objective reasoning ability. Initially he would appear affable, social and generous, but no-one can impose on him; his business judgment is amazingly sharp and an easy buck is quickly realised. A keen wit allows him to talk people into agreement with his position before they know what has happened. This man’s manner is probably poised, charming and disarming, enabling him to succeed in the business world where he can sell himself, or close a deal with casual ease. People relax and let down their guard around this man.

Outgoing and extroverted, this man would seem to inspire confidence and usually comes out a winner in any scheme he’s up to.  Having analysis and critical ability a natural combination, he would aim to be fair and utterly honorable, but he’d never fail to bargain shrewdly. Nervousness and restlessness are well controlled; intensity of ambition again backs up that mental astuteness.

What it all boils down to is that this mix reveals his sense of diplomacy – the ends justify the means.  I think that answers our questions.  The girls are right – don’t trust him any further than you can throw him.

Kavanagh-duoHere are two bi-wheels in relation to Dan and the events of interest to us.

The first bi-wheel is from the perspective of when the Trooper left the driveway at 7:47pm on 4 Feb 2010 (inner wheel) with his natal chart on the outside and the second is the time of the 911 phonecall on 11th Nov 2013.

There’s very little emotional input, but then knowing about the Sun-Moon mix, we would hardly be surprised – neither event is about HIM.

There is only one hard aspect that creates tension in the chart on 4th February.  Transiting lunar nodal axis square natal Pluto.  As we have Pluto in the mix we know that have both sides of the coin – power and powerlessness.  In addition, we note that Pluto is situated in the 2nd house (money, assets etc) and the transiting Lunar nodal axis is in the 5-11 house of friends. Speaks for itself I think.  He’s only in it for the money. 

There is NO emotional connection to the disappearance of the McStay family at all in this chart.  It would have been ‘straight to business’…

In hindsight, we know that all of these issues have played out in the aftermath of the crime.  However there are no forensic indicators to suggest that Dan Kavanaugh had anything to do with the disappearance of the McStay family. The second bi-wheel has it’s own story to tell of when he received the news of the recovery of the remains of the McStay bodies.

Seems a little faux when we know the first reaction to the disappearance.  We could suggest that he was probably looking for the publicity.

  • Tr Pluto conjunct natal mid-range Moon – an upheaval of emotions
  • Tr Moon (blue) square natal Mars – disruptive reaction likely
  • Tr Uranus square natal mid-range Moon – intensification of personal needs
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) in 10th house square natal lunar nodal axis – likely made a public statement

The heavens have spoken…

Postscript, 2014:

Daniel Kavanaugh pleaded guilty in the San Diego Superior Court in two, separate domestic violence cases involving altercations with girlfriends, records show.

  • In August 2011, Kavanaugh was charged with five misdemeanor counts (in case # M134711DV).
  • In July 2013, Kavanaugh was charged with felony domestic violence (in case # SCD249328).
    • Kavanaugh pleaded guilty in October 2013, in a plea bargain, to felony false imprisonment and was placed on formal probation.

14th November 2014 – Reaction to the arrest of Chase Merritt

DK-duo-Nov14We generate two bi-wheels – firstly from the arrest of Chase at 2pm on 5th November and the second at the arraignment a week later after the ‘EIP webmaster’ had time to digest the information.

The Merritt arrest:

  • With natal mid-range Moon at the cusp of the 11th house, we have a raw energy focusing on personal needs.   The arrest has likely come as a shock.
  • Natal Pluto is at the cusp of the 8th house – other people’s assets.  If he has any reason to be nervous about his role in the aftermath of the disappearance of his employer, that is certainly showing with Pluto at this ominous 22°Libra cusp.
  • tr Saturn quindecile natal Mars in the 3rd house of communication creates indecision; endeavouring to put a damper on things; playing down the risks.  As this is the first quindecile we have seen with this man, we must sit up and take notice.  He is out-of-control; obsessive. That’s a red flag.  The obsession is in the house of communication with the cusp Taurus (money); scheming likely. His chains are certainly being rattled as a result of this arrest of Chase Merritt.
  • tr Moon square Lunar nodal axis in the 5th/11th axis of friendship – an emotional reaction likely; traumatised.
  • Midpoint tr Mars/Pluto = natal Moon – insecure; aware of the risk of taking a chance by seeking publicity.

The Merritt arraignment:

  • Natal Neptune conjunct mid-heaven identifies emotional defensiveness; losing it.  Has he turned to alcohol or drugs at this point? It’s certainly not a positive indication of his psychological condition.
  • tr Moon conjunct Lunar nodal axis in the 5th/11th axis – needing emotional support from peers.
  • Midpoint tr Mars/Pluto = natal Moon has Mars taking the lead of Pluto by this date – excessive effort required to support self-belief.

In the witness box – trial of Chase Merritt 10th August 2015

trial-DKwork in progress


One thought on “Dan Kavanaugh”

  1. this is my son. He is a good person.he loved Joey. please remove this. I can hardly believe you spent time to do his chart. He wasn’t seeking publicity, he answered questions posed to him to be helpful. The domestic problems are false.he claimed responsibility to save his girl from going to jail as she was drunk.he payed his dues. He has a loving relationship has for a long time. He is an important and loving family member.


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