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Two advertisements were placed on 11th November 2012, precisely 12 months before the bodies of the missing McStay family were found in Victorville, California.  We have been asked to check to see whom might have placed either, or both of these adverts according to astrology.  Craigslist Inc is based in San Francisco, California and so we generated our charts from SF.

$500 Reward for information on McStay family vehicle (Apple Valley, Victorville)
Date: 2012-11-11, 7:57AM PST

In Feb 4, 2010, the entire McStay family disappeared from their home in Bonsall. Joseph, Summer, and their two children vanished. The dogs they loved were left without food and water. Food was left on the kitchen counter and popcorn in bowls near the television. The scene looked like they just suddenly left, taking no clothes, money, medicine, or glasses. They have not been found. Their white Isuzu Trooper was impounded from a shopping center near the Mexican border.

A person was seen in the High Desert area driving a white Isuzu Trooper SUV with two child car seats that resembled the missing family’s vehicle. This person was not a family member and had no children with them. It is highly possible this person was committing a deliberate hoax. They may or may not be involved in the actual disappearance of the family. If you know where the vehicle was rented or borrowed from or saw this person and know who it is, please contact by email. The SUV pictured is not the actual vehicle spotted or the family’s, but similar. We are looking for confirmation of the sighting. Reward will be paid to the first person reporting, after confirmation that information is accurate. We might pay an additional reward to a second reporter, at our discretion, depending on the information. Again, confirmation would be required. You may be required to give a sworn statement. $500 reward. We are looking for either a person involved in the disappearance of the family or a person or vehicle involved in a hoax related to the case. Again, we are looking for a specific white Isuzu Trooper rented with two child car seats, during the period of Feb-June of 2010, or information on the person driving.

Please contact us through craigslist.

The second advert was in the evening of the same date – 9:14pm CST, 11th November 2012

 For Joseph, Summer, Gianni and Joseph Jr (Costa Rica)
Date: 2012-11-11, 9:14PM CST

Please come home guys. It’s time to put this thing to bed now.We miss you so bad.Call us

On checking the horary charts for these times together with the characters we already have on record, we can suggest that both advertisements were likely placed by the same couple, Michael and Heather McFadden.  As to where they got the information in the first advert, we have no idea.  Perhaps it came from a tip off to someone in the family, or filtered down from LE.

Craigslist-McFaddenBorn seven years apart, this couple have a remarkable amount in common when we look at their charts side by side.  Heather is Joey’s ex-wife and mother of Joey’s son Jonah. Michael McFadden is her husband.

We reproduce the results of the time of the second advert here for interpretation.  There’s a lot going on in the 6th house of ethics and morals.  Perhaps they felt morally obliged to do something at this time – after all those missing were Jonah’s father, step-mother and half-siblings that were missing; not some strangers.

Biwheel #1 – Joey’s ex-wife, Heather.

Note: Craigslist is a community noticeboard and therefore represented by transiting Venus, I would suggest.

  • Tr Venus (pink) in 4th house conjunct Uranus and opposite natal Moon (blue) – emotional need to use modern technology to place advert
  • Tr Mercury (yellow in the inner wheel) conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – communicate about that which is hidden (the disappearance)
  • Tr Mercury opposite natal Saturn – communicate authoritatively
  • Tr Mars conjunct natal Mercury – drive to communicate; take action
  • Tr Jupiter (green) opposite natal Jupiter – sense of justice, inflated

Biwheel #2 – Heather’s husband Michael J. McFadden reveals a similar story to being even more obsessive about placing the adverts in an effort to bring the family home.

It would take exactly twelve months, to the day from when these bulletins were posted; for the shallow graves to be discovered.



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