McStay personal friends

Joan (Jesi) Silveria

JesiSilveriaA bridesmaid at Joey and Summer’s wedding, Jesi Silveria remained close to the McStay family right up until they disappeared. As a highly emotive and sensitive person, we can expect plenty of tension in Jesi’s astrology charts.

Jesi Silveria has a Sun in Aries and Moon – likely Scorpio, although the mid-range is just 4°. The Aries Sun is assertive, likes to be the driver, rather than the passive passenger and the Scorpio Moon reveals one whose drive is towards self-sufficiency and self-respect. This is a much stronger mix than Aries-Libra.

The Aries Sun-Scorpio Moon combination reveals a very competent person and they recognise this as a fact of life. They are no more hard on others than they are on themselves. Even when things are not going well, they are never one to become discouraged or inclined to give up; always seeking a new mountain to climb, or a new challenge to meet.

Change and revolution fascinate them as they eagerly yearn to engage in any sort of competition or turmoil in which they can be a part. Appearing genial enough with a pleasant, smiling face, somehow others know that they are not one to be imposed upon or taken for granted with these characters.

duo-JesiSilveriaThere are challenges in this person’s natal chart with Neptune conjunct Moon and Mercury conjunct South Node. Jesi would be well served to gain her sense of security through exercising her mental skills and learning that knowledge can be the protective barrier she seeks; overcoming the fear that ramparts can be breeched.

Jesi Silveria’s bi-wheel tells its own story at the time of the disappearance of the McStays. There are no forensic indicators to suggest anything sinister as to her involvement in the case.

  • Tr Sun opposite natal Uranus in 11th house– the date creates upheaval; sudden changes to a friendship.
  • Tr Jupiter opposite natal Pluto – tremendous optimism.
  • Tr Uranus conjunct Lunar South Node – throwing up the defense barrier as self-protection for her emotional distress
  • Tr Uranus conjunct natal Mercury – ditto
  • Tr South Node square natal Sun – acceptance of karma
  • Tr Mars square natal Moon-Neptune – hypersensitive
  • Tr Saturn opposite natal Venus – likely believes that the family are dead
  • Tr Saturn square Jupiter (green) – ditto
  • Tr Moon conjunct natal Moon-Neptune – likely connected on an intuitive/spiritual level
  • Tr Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter – self-control amplified
  • Tr Pluto square Venus – power and grace to accept the situation

The second bi-wheel is at learning of the finding of the graves in Victorville. Strong emotional reaction is still present likely accompanied by the driving need to communicate when we consider the presence of a quindecile aspect.

  • Tr Mercury conjunct natal mid-range Moon and quindecile natal Sun – drive to take a public stance by communication (3rd house).
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct natal Neptune – heightened sensitivity is traumatized by the news
  • Lunar nodal axis quindecile natal Sun – likely rocked to the core
  • Tr Neptune opposite natal Pluto – concerns about death matters
  • Tr Moon conjunct natal Mars – emotional outpouring of grief
  • Tr Uranus quindecile Lunar north node – seeking a higher meaning in the company of others; seeking spiritual enlightenment

Guy Karl Joseph

GuyJosephThere are no forensic indicators to suggest that this person born in November 1970 is involved in the disappearance or murder of the McStay family.  Born with a Saturn retrograde holding the handle of the fan for his planets on the opposite side of the wheel and a cluster of idealism to live with, life is not easy for Guy Joseph.  Moon around  the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius is more Saturn to deal with; authoritarianism hangs over his head.

Guy-JosephThe first bi-wheel is from the perspective of when the Trooper left the driveway with the inner wheel as the event of the disappearance and the outer wheel is the natal chart for Guy Joseph.

Sun square Jupiter – likely relates to public recognition
Moon square mid-range natal Moon – an emotional reaction to the disappearance of the family.
Mars opposite mid-range Moon in 5th house – triggering the emotional response.
The second bi-wheel is from the perspective of the finding of graves of the McStay family together with Guy Joseph’s reaction.  This would have knocked the bottom out of his bucket.

Tr Sun (that day) is opposite his natal Saturn, highlighting things even more.
Tr Sun midpoint as well as conjunct natal Mercury/Venus – the McStay’s are likely his ideal of a little family unit; now taken away.
Tr Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter – inflating the situation of the grim reaper’s presence.
Tr Pluto (the deaths) square natal Mars – again he can’t do anything.  He wants to do something and the wanting others to pray or lashing out at comments by others, is a release of his frustration and part of the grieving process.
Give him a bit of room; cut him some slack, Guy Joseph is struggling.  Plus he has a transiting Saturn opposition rolling down the highway; a midlife crisis ahead.

Guy Joseph and that fire

For those whom want to know about the fire that damaged his apartment block in January, 2011 destroying a considerable amount of his family’s property, as well as other tenants – we generate a fresh bi-wheel and interpret the planetary tension as per classic texts; without prejudice.

fire-GJosephclick on chart for full size

Note: For those whom allege that Guy Joseph is responsible for setting the fire, the charts do not support this theory.

Immediately we note that all the action is on the RHS of the chart. That reveals consideration for others, rather than his own.  The inner wheel reveals the transiting planets and the outer wheel is again Guy Joseph’s natal chart, as provided from the public record.

The midpoint of transiting Sun and Moon gives us the focus of the event for this particular individual.  On this occasion Sun/Moon = natal Jupiter (green) in the 6th house.  Jupiter as we know indicates inflation.  I would suggest that we not run away with our interpretation; not fan the fire of accusation.  Jupiter indicates the urgency of the event.

A planet in the 6th house indicates that the matter is related to health and/or one’s attitude towards everyday work eg. ethics and morals.  Jupiter in the 6th certainly inflates the urgency as we have said, however the sense of urgency is related to 6th house matters.  The inflation by Jupiter is of what has to be done; priorities.  Get out of harms way whatever he can, plus raise the alarm.  With transiting Mercury (yellow) in the mix raising the alarm is his priority of action.

We then turn to where natal Mars is situated – it’s in the 5th house of creativity; giving of love, children etc.  Again we reiterate his consideration is for others.  This is not the chart of an arsonist.

  • tr Sun (orange) conjunct natal mid-range Moon (blue) – sensitivity to needs-fulfillment: doing what needs to be done.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Moon – need to take action
  • tr Moon (blue) intersects the Lunar nodal axis 4/10th house (home and career) – was GJ working from home at this stage?
  • tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Mars – tremendous urge to take action; raise the alarm
  • tr Mercury square natal Uranus – ditto to the point of frantic




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