Cathy Jarvis

We had a little flutter of anticipation with an incorrect birthdate for Cathy Jarvis, however we’re back on track.  Born 8th December 1970, Cathy Jarvis was Chase Merritt’s partner in February 2010 when the McStay family were murdered in their home.

trailerThis woman has an Aries Moon; aka an alpha female.  That combination together with a Sagittarius Sun gives us someone whom is a take-over merchant.  She’s also far too sure of herself.

If anyone slips up, it would be this woman, because moderation is not her middle name.  She’s bound to leave a trail of evidence for us to find.

With this mix of Sun-Moon, Cathy Jarvis would work for a common good/partnership as long as it advances her own ambitions and satisfies her desire to be in the forefront of the action. She would be defiant and extremely self-confident in any partnership,  loving to assume responsibility.  She would move-in and take-over wherever she could.

This placement also blends the directness of manner, expressiveness and versatility of Sagittarius with the assertiveness, personal ambition and enthusiastic spirit of Aries. Excitement, adventure, advancement are what she wants. Her aggressive temperament could get in her way and with a restless, impulsive action, she can get caught out. Carelessness and over confidence are her weak points.

CathyJarvis-duoI’ve generated two charts for a start – our tried and true charts – 7:47pm on 4 Feb 2010 and 8:28pm same date.  The outer chart is the natal horoscope for Cathy Jarvis with the birth-date provided.

When the trooper went out the driveway her natal Sun was at the IC; cusp of the 4th house (home).  Is she heading home, or is this more related to a low point in the day for her ego; patience is not a virtue held highly by this woman.

  • tr Sun (orange) square natal Saturn – awareness of responsibility
  • tr Mercury (yellow) square natal mid-range Moon (blue) in 8th house – mental stimulation about personal needs and how to fulfill them; plans.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Moon – emotional likely traumatic experience in relation to 5/11th house axis of friends and enemies.
  • Midpoint tr Mercury/Mars = natal Mars –  this is where the Sun-Moon character takes-over; transforming the situation – ?alibis. PLUS
  • tr Moon is the focal point (midpoint) in the 2nd house (personal assets) for natal Venus/Mars = highly excited; again a character trait of the Sun-Moon mix.  We could suggest rubbing her hands together in glee.
  • tr Neptune (turquoise) conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – subterfuge is second nature to this person (6th house) What she did over this time period of the hard aspect by Neptune to her nodal axis creates a life-significant relationship.  This is where she will become careless; her Achilles heel…

The second chart has all the same tension with a change of houses for the action. Cathy Jarvis is supposedly with Chase Merritt ensconced in their home watching a movie. Well we know that Chase’s phone was anyway.

I’ll leave the details of this second chart for others to interpret and just add the cusp news.

  • Natal mid-range Moon (blue) is ominously at the 8th house cusp of 22°Aries – need to transform other people’s assets, a priority
  • natal Jupiter (green) (green) also ominously at 22°Scorpio is ominously at the cusp of the 2nd house – inflating personal assets.

We can suggest that this woman was the recipient of a windfall of personal assets/other people’s money on the night of 4 February 2010.  Was this at the cost of the lives of the McStay family?  Was her part of the motive, financial gain?

Cathy Jarvis and the Merritt arrest/arraignment:

CMarrest-CathyJarvis-duoI am led to understand that this couple has already separated prior to Chase Merritt’s arrest, however she is still the mother of his children so we can expect some reaction.  As to how personal a reaction, let the heavens be the judge.

Note: This little image has come to us from the social media account of Cathy Jarvis in 2014…

We note Mars and Venus in the 8th house of the first chart – assets and money are in the 8th house.  With natal Venus in the 8th house, is this child support payments that she is concerned about, and/or something more?

  • tr Sun (date on the calendar) conjunct natal Venus (pink) – illuminating her financial position as a result of this arrest.
  • tr Sun opposite mid-range natal Moon (blue) in 2nd house – personal financial needs are highlighted; possibly even a quindecile.  Does this emotive reaction possibly highlight an obsessional fear of an audit of her finances during 2010 as a result of this arrest?
  • tr Venus opposite natal Saturn – I would suggest that this likely confirms the above question, plus the hurt of ‘love lost’ resurrected.
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Mercury – making career plans and how she will handle the inevitable public exposure; not wasting her time is she…
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Uranus in 7th house – this exposure will create sudden changes in her public relationships
  • tr Moon opposite natal Mars in 8th house – emotional conviction to move on/transform.

There is still considerable action in the second chart and the 8th house of death/transformation; endings with midpoints of interest to us as well as the continued tension as an emotive reaction to the event.

  • tr Mercury = natal Venus/Mars –  considering writing (heaven help us)
  • tr Sun/Saturn = natal Jupiter – break-up of a relationship for eventual gain; a cloud with a silver lining
  • tr Uranus opposite natal Uranus in 7th house – this exposure will create sudden changes in her public relationships   PLUS
  • tr Mars is by now square to natal Uranus – accelerating those sudden changes
  • tr Moon square natal Mars at 8th house cusp – disruption; strong need to fulfill needs; likely to ‘let it fly’ regarding her situation as a result of the arraignment publicity.
  • tr Sun opposite natal Saturn in 2nd house – illumination of ambition under the spotlight.  She’s already planning ahead how she can turn this event to her financial advantage.

Victorville Court House –  8:30am 10th August 2015 – protecting one’s assets.

trial-Jarviswork in progress


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