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420In July 2011, Joey McStay’s water fountain website was sold. This website was an asset of ‘Earth Inspired Products’, not the person whom managed the website.  Did the self-appointed manager consider it was his to sell – yes.  Was it his to sell – no.

We know from our astrology charts that Dan Kavanaugh is an opportunist – he took the opportunity to make some cash and took it with both hands.  The two characters that Dan Kavanaugh sold the website to, are of interest to us.

  • (Quinatzin) Joaquin M. Quintero
  • Matthew Schneider

In July 2011, Kavanaugh sold Joey’s McStay’s business website, …earthinspiredproducts.com…  to Joaquin Quintero and Matthew Schneider, according to court records.  Note – that’s the website that was sold; NOT the business EIP.

The sale of Earth Inspired Products and the subsequent creation of a corporation called Water Feature Supply, Inc. resulted in a lawsuit being filed in February 2012 in San Diego Superior Court  (case # 37.2012-00092477).   The lawsuit detailed ownership disputes between the plaintiffs, Schneider and Quintero  versus another party named Patrick Harrington Maloy in relation to the company name Water Feature Supply.  The case was dismissed following arbitration 4th May 2012 with Maloy retaining ownership of the Water Feature Supply website domain name and business.

So what’s that got to do with the McStay case?  Apart from Dan Kavanaugh, it’s the address that is of interest to us – 1571 La Playa Avenue, San Diego.  Joey’s ‘Earth Inspired Products’ and Quintero’s medical marijuana collective – ‘Tonatuah and the Sacred 4 Inc’ shared the same physical address.   Do we have a possible drug/business connection between EIP and these pair of shady characters?  And where does Quintero’s co-conspirator Schneider, come into the picture?

As astrologers we generate charts to see what’s going on, so with one of the few times we have to use as a perspective – 8:28pm 4th February 2010 when Joey’s phone registered a connection to Chase Merritt,we enquire further.

Our first bi-wheel is not in relation to the sale of the EIP website, our focus is the disappearance and murder of the family and so our perspective is the night of that disappearance; 8:28pm 4th February 2010.  What were these two characters up to on that night and were they possibly involved in the disappearance of our little family?  We can also follow that up with a bi-wheel in relation to the discovery of the bodies of the McStay family with our second bi-wheel.

Quintero-duo(Quinatzin) Joaquin M. Quintero: We note that the hemisphere analysis is on LHS; defensive with natal Sun at the ascendant – personal issues are on the agenda. Natal Neptune is also at the IC; hidden away.

We also note that his spread of natal planets are on one side of the chart with no transiting planets to direct him at this time – Nov 2010.  Apart from the Moon’s transit through his chart each month, Quintero would need to be in the company of others in order to be motivated.  From this, we could suggest that there is little independent action in his life at this time. Nonetheless we interpret what’s in his bi-wheels.

  • Tr Uranus opposite natal Sun – getting away with revolutionary spirit
  • Tr Mars opposite natal Moon – driving needs are being activated
  • Tr Moon (blue) square natal Moon – highly emotive state
  • Tr Venus (pink) opposite Venus – hmmm among peers or women?
  • Tr Jupiter (green) square Jupiter-Uranus conjunction – boundless optimism

The second bi-wheel has more to reveal as time has moved on by more than three and a half years.

  • Tr Moon quindecile natal Sun – OTT about getting needs fulfilled
  • Tr Uranus quindecile natal Sun – as above – compulsively getting away with revolutionary spirit
  • Tr Jupiter (green) quindecile natal mid-range Moon – compulsively fulfilling needs.
  • Tr Mercury (yellow) square natal Moon – emotional outbursts likely
  • Tr Mercury conjunct natal Saturn – exerting authority

I would suggest that this individual is likely self-medicated with his herbal supplies.  From these charts, we can also suggest that due to lack of forensic indicators, Joaquin Quintero is not involved in the disappearance or murder of the McStay family

Our next step is to identify which Matthew Schneider was in business with (Quinatzin) Joaquin M. Quintero…

Now this is where things get a bit slippery.  There are a few Matthew Schneider’s of interest to us. One sold marijuana on Craig’s List and has an arrest record from 2010; one is in the construction business and another made it into the press on another drug bust.  We can start with the third Matthew Schneider.  We are led to believe that his middle name is Greer (we all know of Greer Ranch).

MattSchneider-duoMatthew Greer Schneider (born 9 April 1985) also has his natal planets weighted on one side of his horoscope; lost for direction at times during his life.

He is a particular individual whom would have needed a strong mentor to guide him, however what do we see but a Saturn retrograde; it was missing.  Perhaps his male mentor was busy acquiring assets. This young man also has natal Mars conjunct Lunar node, indicative of a struggle with his female nurturer as a youngster; likely his mother.

  • The date on the calendar, transiting Sun is square the Lunar nodal axis.  He is out in public.  Was it traumatic as well (the other indicator)?
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Sun – that’s the reverse so yes, he is in a traumatic situation.
  • Tr Saturn square natal Neptune (turquoise)  PLUS
  • Tr Pluto conjunct natal Neptune – likely feeling downtrodden at home; fearful/paranoid.

The second bi-wheel is on the morning of the discovery of the finding of the McStay graves. By the time the McStay family’s remains were found, Schneider was awaiting a court date on another matter.  This young man has not turned out well; keeping ‘questionable’ company.

  • Tr Sun (orange) intersects the Lunar nodal axis-Mars – likely highlighting his immaturity issue related to his maternal nurturing.  Someone closer to his life could flesh this out.
  • Tr Jupiter square natal Sun – inflated sense of self being communicated
  • Tr Pluto square natal Mercury (yellow) – does this young man still throw temper tantrums?

From these charts, we can suggest that due to lack of forensic indicators, Matthew Greer Schneider is not involved in the disappearance or murder of the McStay family

Prior to the McStay family’s remains being located, Matthew Schneider was arrested in San Diego in 2013 on charges of money laundering and US postal fraud; sentenced on 11th December 2013.  Schneider was part of a racket using the postal service to mail marijuana to the East Coast thereby achieving a higher return for their labours. He pleaded guilty to receiving money from a drug transaction, possession of cocaine and other drugs without a prescription.

We cannot walk away without checking the ring leader in the racket as to his movements in relation to the McStay murders.

KyleGillen-duoKyle Thomas Gillen (born 19 July 1987) won’t be having a bright future in the skies with this conviction tacked onto his CV. Kyle Gillen pleaded guilty to eight counts of transportation of marijuana, money laundering and marijuana cultivation. .

We generate the same two perspectives for our bi-wheels.  Kyle Gillen was certainly out and about, active on the night of 4 February 2010.

  • Tr Sun square mid-range Moon – the date on the calendar reveals someone whose needs are uppermost
  • Tr Saturn conjunct/intersects Lunar nodal axis – exerting authority in a public place
  • Tr Saturn square natal Neptune (turquoise) –  ditto with subterfuge (plant drug flag here)
  • Tr Moon conjunct Pluto – likely plotting new schemes
  • Tr Moon square Mars – ditto
  • Tr Pluto conjunct Neptune – ditto with drugs on the table
  • Tr Pluto square Lunar nodal axis – tension with new associations of significant importance
  • Tr Mercury quindecile Mars –  OTT communication; likely driving a point home
  • Tr Mercury quindecile Mercury – OTT communication

The second bi-wheel is when the graves were discovered.  Kyle Gillen is out on bond, however he has a date with a magistrate a month later.

  • Tr Sun opposite Moon – personal needs are on the agenda again.
  • Natal Neptune is at the ascendant – ‘the invisible man’ is the classic interpretation of this position.  Whatever he’s up to he will likely get away with it.
  • Tr Venus conjunct Neptune – money and drugs/drugs and money
  • Tr Venus square Lunar nodal axis – peer group get together
  • Tr Pluto opposite Mercury (yellow) – con-merchant in action; power of persuasion present
  • Tr Uranus square Mercury – ditto
  • Tr Lunar south node square Mars – karmic element present
  • Tr Mars square natal Saturn – this is a dangerous mix; potential violence
  • Tr Lunar nodal axis conjunct Pluto – in public with ‘heavyweights’

If Kyle Thomas Gillen is connected to the McStay case, then he certainly must remain a person of interest in this case, however in my opinion this is more likely a drug dealer whose career has been nipped in the bud.  He is currently incarcerated in California.

And what of the other Matthew Schneiders?  We await further information to connect them to the case.


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