McStay case study

On 4th February 2010, Joseph McStay, his wife Summer together with their two young children disappeared from their home in Fallbrook, California.  To read our initial forensic astrology enquiry in April 2013:

Following on from here, we kept a page running behind the scenes primarily for requests for charts.  All case discussion welcome.

When the bodies of this family were discovered on 11th November 2013 we continued our enquiry on this discussion page – generating charts as requested, however now in July 2014 we take a deeper look at the case.  There now is a sub directory of each of the characters with links below.  We can add to this list where deemed necessary to explore further charts.

The victims:

The house:

 McStay extended family:

Aranda connection:

Ex partners/relationships:

EIP fountain business connections:

Semi-business and social connections:

420 culture

Outside the box/thinking laterally

Movie extras at the trial


… we will add further pages as deemed necessary

6 thoughts on “McStay case study”

  1. I have been patiently awaiting your appearance on Rick Bakers Blog Talk Radio show and do hope that you will make an appearance on there soon ! I know many others who are eagerly waiting to hear from you. I find your work very interesting even the parts I dont understand!
    Thanks !

  2. Cheers Tina. 🙂

    Am still working at getting my head around aspects of the case, so I can be of some help. Think you can see that from what I’m sharing here. We all wait for the right time and place…

  3. Yes this man was a good friend of Joey McStay, J4S.

    If you were thinking along the DOB of the shadow – that date is three years earlier than Mike Wilmeth’s DOB.

    The shadow’s year of birth is 1968.


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