LS#4 discussion


22 June 2013

This is a private page, but not behind a firewall.  We use initials rather than names on this page in order to avoid search engines picking up a link and promoting the page, were someone to search.  This does not mean that any information on this page cannot be researched by a resourceful individual.

The following is a subjective enquiry based on possible events. Please remain skeptical about the outcome that we have reached.

This is a forensic astrology enquiry within the realm of a pseudo science so it cannot be accepted in a court of law.  Classical astrology interpretation is adhered to with all planetary tensions unless otherwise indicated.

Using the suggested time of 1pm on 19th August, 2012 at Tuggerah Homemaker Centre/SupaCentre, we overlay a second chart POI#2 generated from birth data, as provided.

CCTV-POI#2From this chart we can interpret personal issues between POI#2 and LS, however that is not our focus.

This is not an ideal situation, however there are no indications that this person would intentionally do harm to LS.



click on images for full size.

When we use the cartography method and transpose the bi-wheel onto a map, indications are that POI#2 has a connection to Kangy Angy, which involves the symbolism of the planet Neptune.

I am not prepared to comment further in this regard at this time.

In order to go further with this enquiry, we would require the birth data/DOB of further persons of interest who might be connected with the Kangy Angy area.

If there are other lines of enquiry the same would apply, we need birth data of persons of interest.


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