LS#3 discussion


20 June 2013

This is a private page, but not behind a firewall.  We use initials rather than names on this page in order to avoid search engines picking up a link and promoting the page, were someone to search.

The following is a subjective enquiry based on possible events. The information of a text message sent from LS phone to SS at 12:42pm on Tuesday 21st August 2012.

We have been advised of the birth data of a person of interest who is believed to be intended recipient of the text message referred to above.

Please remain skeptical about the outcome that we have reached.

This is a forensic astrology enquiry within the realm of a pseudo science so it cannot be accepted in a court of law.  Classical astrology interpretation is adhered to with all planetary tensions unless otherwise indicated.

Putting aside anything previously written, I’ve generated a bi-wheel (method) from information as supplied; a snapshot of the planetary positions in the heavens at that specific time from local coordinates.

Due to planets orbiting against a non-static background in the heavens, the astrological zodiac is used as a point of reference.

If we approach this enquiry from the perspective of clock time – when the text was sent, we can see what tension there is between the two charts.

Text#1-POIclick on image for full size

The inner wheel is the time of the text message and the outer wheel is the natal chart for POI#1.


  • Green – Jupiter inflates whatever planet it is in contact with
  • Red  – Saturn – authority
  • Yellow – Mercury – communication
  • Pink – Venus – female person and also money symbol
  • Orange – the Sun – inner wheel – the calendar date and outer wheel – the ego.

Putting the interpretation together we have Jupiter (outer wheel) at the ascendant inflating the energy at the time quindecile (obsessional) with a female (Venus) in the inner wheel and also quindecile Jupiter.  Well this is not telling us we don’t already know, however I have to interpret what is there.

I would interpret this call as probably relating to money and the lack of it.  It is also the equivalent of a very loud shouting match in text form.  There is no life in danger at the time of this call.

CCTVLeisl-POIWhen we include the POI with the 1pm CCTV footage two days earlier, again we see a similar situation.

We can suggest that:

From 1pm on the 19th until 12:42pm on 21st August, 2012, the situation between these two people has not changed.

There has been ongoing conflict, which has accelerated, but not to the point of being life-threatening according to these charts.


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