LS#2 discussion

11 June 2013

This is a private page, but not behind a firewall.  We use initials rather than names on this page in order to avoid search engines picking up a link and promoting the page, were someone to search.

The following is a subjective enquiry based on possible events. The information of a text message sent from LS phone to SS at 1:35pm on Wednesday 22nd August 2012

Please remain skeptical about the outcome that we have reached.

This is a forensic astrology enquiry within the realm of a pseudo science so it cannot be accepted in a court of law.  Classical astrology interpretation is adhered to with all planetary tensions unless otherwise indicated.

Putting aside anything previously written, I’ve generated a bi-wheel (method) from information as supplied; a snapshot of the planetary positions in the heavens at that specific time from local coordinates.

Due to planets orbiting against a non-static background in the heavens, the astrological zodiac is used as a point of reference.

If we approach this enquiry from the perspective of clock time – when the text was sent, we can see what tension there is between the two charts.

text#2-Leislclick on image for full size

The inner wheel is the planetary positions at 1:35pm Wednesday 22nd August, 2012 AEST and the outer wheel reveals the natal birth chart for LS – a second snapshot of the planetary positions at the time and date of birth as provided from LS maternal source.

Note: Forensic astrology planets are highlighted in red.

The angles in a chart are of primary interest in astrology.  On the LHS is the ascendant (highlighted in red) – this reveals the constellation coming over the horizon at the time (astrology is reverse to cartography – east is on the left).

  • Transiting Pluto is in the shadows of the 12th house midpoint natal MC (midheaven) and natal Saturn – this position does not support life 

Greco-Roman mythology comes into play here – Pluto guards the underworld, Tartarus.  Saturn is symbolic of the grim reaper.

  • Transiting Moon in the heavens has slipped in-between the forensic indicators of Mars and Saturn in the sky.  Highlighted in blue at the top of the bi-wheel.  The Moon is symbolic of our needs – again this position does not support life.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) 13 Cancer is exact opposition natal Saturn 13 Capricorn.  The red line between these two planets is a locator angle. Natal Saturn is most often an indication of where a missing person can be found.  Venus represents the young woman LS.

There are other astrology tensions present, however the interpretation will suffice for our purposes here.

The next step is to provide a map of the land and superimpose this bi-wheel (see the cartography methodology) over the point of where LS was last seen – T. railway station.

MAP-text2LSclick on image for full size

When we superimpose this locator angle onto the map we have a locator angle, which can then be transferred onto a map of the land.

Please take into consideration that this red line is drawn freehand and not with GPS coordinates and so the accuracy is only approximate.  The map I produce here may not extend far enough, however it gives an angle of reference and a direction to follow in relation to this 1:35pm timed event.


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