LS discussion

31 May 2013

The following is a subjective enquiry based on possible events. We cannot confirm at this time whether this information is correct.

Please remain skeptical about the outcome that we have reached.

This is a forensic astrology enquiry within the realm of a pseudo science so it cannot be accepted in a court of law.  Classical astrology interpretation is adhered to with all planetary tensions unless otherwise indicated.

We have been advised that contact between a missing person and a member of their family was at an estimated time and on a specific day. In the interest of privacy, the initials LS will be used for the birth chart we have to hand – even though this page is private, nothing is really private on the internet unless it is behind a firewall.  We do not have that privilege.

Putting aside anything previously written, I’ve generated bi-wheels (method) from information as supplied; two snapshots of the planetary positions in the heavens at two specific clock-times on two different dates.

LS-textclick on image for full size

If we approach this enquiry from the perspective of LS, we can see what tension there is between the two charts.

The inner wheel is the natal birth chart for LS and the outer wheel reveals the planetary positions at 10am Tuesday 21st August 2012 AEST.

Note: Forensic astrology planets are highlighted in red

In the two days since LS was last in contact with family, it is the Moon that makes a major difference in the heavens.

  • Transiting Moon (blue) in the outer wheel is at 11 degrees Libra in direct opposition to LS’s self image in the 1st house (written about elsewhere) sandwiching that self-image with the planet Uranus (sudden changes).

Note:  We could suggest that the communication with family member considered as ‘out of character’ is to be expected – Uranus creates upheaval/erratic behaviour in the personality of an individual when transiting the 1st house (personality). 

The emotional pressure of the transiting Moon in the 7th house is not generated from the self or it would be in the 1st house; this emotional pressure is in all likelihood from home base.

  • Saturn-Mars straddles the cusp of the 8th house – when Saturn and Mars are together this indicates running hot and cold; being in Libra doesn’t help.

Note: Natal Saturn is a 10th house responsibility in this case (LS’s career).

At the top of the bi-wheel we have Pluto (power-powerlessness) forensic indicator at the unfortunate position of conjunct LS natal group of Saturn-Neptune-Uranus – her ‘ideal’ career choice.  I consider it unwise of me to comment here on what that might be.

  • Jupiter (green) inflates LS’s Mars (written about earlier)
  • Transiting Venus (pink) is on the opposite side of the bi-wheel to the career house and so is therefore in the 4th house (home); where you go at the end of your career.  There appears to be a pull here between being at home and the idea of having a career.
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) is in the house of creativity and childhood mirroring LS’s emotional need (Moon).  What Mercurial news does LS have to share in relation to the Moon?

Uranus has crossed the ascendant into LS’s 1st house. Uranus always portends sudden changes.  This is the indication in this chart, which is most distressing.  The planet orbits very slowly and so the tension is still continuing to build.  This would be a personal crisis for LS.

text-LSWe now reverse the situation and look at what is happening for LS from the perspective of her environment.

The tension remains the same, however the arena changes when we look from the outside in.

Immediately we can see the planetary line-up from the top of the chart is now at the ascendant – on the plate in front of us.

We have the same tension aspects however this time as if from a detached view; as an outsider.

Angles take priority in all forensic analysis.  We have to address the obvious planet Pluto conjunct the ascendant, which portends a loss of power in a situation, however there is no tension with any planets in the bi-wheel.

The career activities move to the third house, which is the realm of communication; the Mercury-Moon opposition changes to the career versus home see-saw and the transiting Moon is in the 12th house opposing natal Venus in the work house (6th) – discussions regarding a career move.

Venus (pink) opposite Neptune (turquoise) would indicate the communication in relation to a death of funds available in an underhanded deal.

Again I find that I cannot call this case as at Tuesday 21st August, 2012.  The forensic indicators are not conclusive.  We await further information and/or birth data on any POI.


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