Kristen Modaferri discussion

We have made the decision not to continue with this case, as forensic indicators are lacking.  If you are interested in the astrology research, then by all means, read on.

  • Kristen Modaferri born June 1, 1979 Danbury, Connecticut, USA; raised in North Carolina.
  • Departing Charlotte for San Francisco on her 18th Birthday, on June 1, 1997, Kristen found employment Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Spinelli’s Coffee Shop, downtown San Francisco.
  • Last sighting was June 23, 1997, when she left work after her shift at Spinelli’s.

test-Event-ModaferriNote: click on chart for full size

Chart: This is a bi-wheel generated from the perspective of the event, 3:00pm in downtown San Francisco. (method)

The outer wheel is the natal chart with Noon time of birth for Kristen Modaferri.

  • Ascendant is 24 degrees Libra 08″; descendant 24 degrees Aries 08″.
  • MC is 27 degrees Cancer 37″ and the IC is 27 degrees Capricorn 37″.

Note that the interaction of planets is very thin on the ground.  Without any person of interest in this case, we are going to need to rectify a birth time in an effort to find a locator angle, which we can work with.

7 thoughts on “Kristen Modaferri discussion”

  1. Kristen flew to San Francisco from North Carolina on her 18th birthday, June 1st. She’d just finished her 1st year as a design student in college. She’d decided to take summer classes in Berkeley.

    She’d found room mates in Oakland from her North Carolina home. Oakland is but a short subway ride from San Francisco. She got a job at Spinellis in the Crocker Galleria, 50 Post St.

    On June 23, 1997, she left her job at 3 pm and walked a block to the Geary St, bus stop with the intention of visiting the Sutro Baths, a 45 minute bus ride from downtown San Francisco to the ocean. Never to be seen again.

    Days passed and the room mates eventually called her family in North Carolina to report her missing. The police were called who conducted a search. Her scent was found at the Geary St. bus stop & the parking lot overlooking the Sutro Baths.

    All investigations by the police led nowhere. She’s been lost these 16 years.

  2. Traffic is terrible on Geary Blvd. at anytime of the day. I’ve taken that bus (even the Geary Express bus makes stops every 2 to 3 blocks) and it’s a good 40 -45 minute ride. She couldn’t have arrived at the baths before 4 pm.

  3. What is jumping off the page for me is, that forensic indicators are not present in this bi-wheel. My first instincts are that she was not abducted and murdered at that time. Kristen certainly remains a missing person for her family, however indications are that her disappearance was not as a result of a crime. Further research is needed here.

    The 10th house has Cancer overshadowing Leo; was her career put on hold in order for her to ‘join’ a (closed) community?

    What asteroid indicators are there Marcy?

  4. Ok. Had to have a little think about this last night. She seemed so invested in her life. But then, some don’t come to SF to join a nunnery. Thanks so much for having a look – I’m beginning to get a clue.

    Asteroid Fini #795 is transiting the missing chart at 22:37 Taurus exactly at the cusp of the 8th house trine the North Node 23 Virgo. She’s finished with the direction of her life?

    The Part of Realization of Needs and Desires in the Missing Chart is 18:18 Scorpio – which is Kristen’s natal Uranus. Sexual orientation? Yep.

    She didn’t clock out of work that day. No need to if you’re never going to pick up your pay check.

    Makes sense to me. Hope she’s well wherever she is.

  5. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I thought there was POI in this case? A man with initials JO?

  6. Never apologise for bumping an old thread, Liv. Am always happy to go back over a case. Throw me a date of birth and I’ll check. Don’t need the name.


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