Kenneth Young family


When there is a missing child and the charts I have are not working for me as in working FOR the case – I start looking around the local RSO’s.  When I check those whom are in the area I invariably get a reaction; they fantasize about cases in the media. BUT there was one that stayed with me.

Speculation…….   If nothing else, this is an exercise in profiling an RSO…

dylan-rsoThis is a synastry chart revealing the obsession and tension between two people; Dylan Redwine  and an RSO, KY.  It does NOT mean that the child was necessarily abused – just that the potential is there for abuse should the two cross paths. The child would also be attracted to the adult – it’s not a one way matter of tension; such is grooming by an RSO.

It will not be until we get to the event charts, that we can interpret what might have happened between the two of them if they had met.

Lateral thinking has led me in an interesting direction. Please consider this a possible scenario of many.  It did not have to happen this way in order to reach the same conclusion as I have made as the exercise. 

Whether Dylan caught up with his friends or not, he was at a loose end at some stage on Monday 19th and didn’t want to go home to his father. Thanksgiving was coming up on Thursday and folks were beginning to head homewards.

A person stopped their vehicle, offering Dylan a ride and perhaps it was not what the child said, but what he didn’t say that the person came to the conclusion that he was probably homeless; offering to take him home for Thanksgiving.  That’s what good God-fearing folk do isn’t it – always have a place at the table for someone less fortunate than themselves. We have such a family of interest that I propose to generate charts for.

That is what may happen, unless you are a predator – then the scenario is not so innocent. The astrology did suggest earlier that Dylan was in need of a ‘faith mentor’.  Did he take up the offer of hospitality?

The male head of the family is a registered sex offender, but that was just for possessing child porn and anyways it was back in 2007; years ago.

If one of his adult children were to bring a random child into this RSO’s home, the child wouldn’t be in danger would they?   Answer – YES of course they would.

At this stage I choose not to name the members of this family, as I have no wish to demonise the innocent.  The patriarch is an RSO with a criminal conviction for possession of child porn. He served 33 months.

In relation to his conviction, Kenneth Y. had the images stored on his work computer as a government employee of the Bureau of Indian Affairs based in Ignacio, Colorado. His wife worked/works in Bayside at a public library.  She may have known Dylan and his family, maybe not.

Crimes can begin very innocently and unfold to a horror. The most we can do is interpret the astrology from classic texts with a clear conscience.  As an astrology profiler of sorts, I come to this case with no preconceived opinions, prejudice, or any knowledge of the aftermath; just the bare facts ma’am.

  • KY – 20 March 1956 (RSO)
  • CSY – 16 February 1956 (spouse)

The following bi-wheels continue the format of being viewed from the perspective of the 5:30pm Missing Person Report for Dylan Redwine.  As a stand-alone chart this is just a moment in time, however when we have anyone connected to Dylan Redwine then it becomes their emotive reaction to the event of his disappearance.  We must remain skeptical of the following charts as we have NO confirmation of a connection to the lad at this point in time.

We have birth data for the entire family, however we can start with the RSO and his wife.  This is an astrology study of an emotive reaction to planetary tension at a point in time; namely the MPR for Dylan Redwine. Monday soon after 5:30pm,  the Amber Alert was called nation wide; RSO’s charts spike/fantasize.

POI: Kenneth Y – Registered Sex Offender

Natal chart observations:

Natal mid-range Moon 14:16°Cancer (personal needs) is in direct tension with his natal Mars 13:43°Capricorn; conjunct BML 11:43°Capricorn – his weakest point. No-one else to blame; the buck stops here, mate.

Natal Juno#3 is nudging close to Mars at 15:07° Capricorn – possibly an abrasive mix with his spouse in relation to control.  When we check his wife’s chart she has an Aries Moon, so that suggestion is likely correct as an Aries Moon person needs to be “Number One”.

One other point of particular interest in his natal chart as an exercise in profiling, is natal Chiron#2060 conjunct Pholus#5145 in Aquarius particularly when we note that he has a Saturn Rx.  As a child he likely felt different from other kids; experienced social rejection and didn’t fit in.

As an adult there would likely be lots of ‘shoulda coulda’ (Pholus) going on in relation to his childhood wounds (Chiron) by further isolating himself.  We note that there is a family enclave living together of most of his adult children and their families together with him and his wife.   His line of work is in IT; another solitary flag.

KennyY-duoAs for his emotive reaction to the event of the disappearance of Dylan Redwine; the MPR and/or possible involvement. We view the bi-wheel.

  • The man’s Aries Sun at 0:39°; raw as it is, is in the outer wheel (orange) under tension to take action by transiting Mars at 02°Capricorn – he’s not taking a nap.
  • Transiting Sun is quindecile natal Venus at 14:29° Taurus in the 12th house  which also conjunct to natal Phaeton 13:04°Taurus – he’s in a vehicle; a member of his peer group driving perhaps, or is it a female family member?  The emotive reaction is compulsive and obsessive.  He is managing to hide his excitement (12th house).
  • Transiting Node conjunct Sun 28:05°Scorpio is also in quindecile aspect to his natal Lunar South node in the 1st house  PLUS conjunct natal Vertex 29:17°Scorpio  – a significant new person enters his life.
  • Transiting Venus in the 6th house; a peer group again is square natal Uranus in the 3rd – emotional excitement in the form of lust builds; albeit without the input of his natal Moon. His personal needs appear to be disconnected from this aspect of his psyche.  PLUS
  • Transiting Venus (pink) is also conjunct natal Neptune – the seduction begins by grooming; deception.
  • Transiting asteroid Cindy#221149 at 13:35°Sagittarius nudges the natal Lunar nodal axis in the 7th house – identifying his spouse.
  • Transiting asteroid Juno#3 (one’s spouse) 19:36°is conjunct natal Berry19:23° Sagittarius in the 7th house of marriage.  Is there a family picnic arranged for the evening?  Transiting Pholus 18:22° is also telling us this is a ‘should-coulda’ opportunity in the heavens to pull-out of what’s already being planned.

POI: CSY (wife of Kenneth Y)

First impression of this woman’s natal chart is the Aries Moon – she needs to be the matriarch of the family; no challengers need apply. Depending on whether she was a morning baby, or an evening birth would determine how much tension that Neptune at 00:21° Rx on the opposite side of her horoscope is involved in her make-up. At zero degrees that’s a very raw/clumsy grasp at power.

CSY-duoNatal Aquarian Sun conjunct Ceres is directly opposite a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction – that’s the need for everyone to walk on egg-shells around her. She’s a quite a tyrant; a strong personality. I expect one would have to be tough to remain with an RSO after he’s served a jail sentence.

When we turn to the bi-wheel, we have a midpoint immediately evident.  Natal Saturn/Lunar North node = cusp of the 7th house/Descendant – she knows that he’s going away and that she will be alone.

We then note the red lines in the first chart giving us the “boxed-in effect” as a result of this time MPR for Dylan. Natal Sun + transiting Lunar nodal axis + natal Jupiter-Pluto – better break some eggs; we’re going to need the shells. Duck for cover folks.  Cindy’s temper rules her, rather than the other way around. 

  • transiting asteroid Cindy 13:35° conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis 14:05°Sagittarius – a traumatic event in a public place related to family PLUS we’re in the 7th house of her marriage = her husband Kenneth Y.
  • House #8 (endings and transformation) transiting Pluto 7:55°Capricorn conjuncts with Cindy’s natal Juno (her spouse) at 6:09° PLUS her BML at 8:04°Capricorn – her weakest point is her marriage vows, which are currently being transited by Pluto; suggesting her religious vows are stronger that her ability to end a marriage perhaps.  The family are from Utah; born into the Mormon faith.  It’s not looking too good for Kenneth right now and Cindy is trapped in that box.
  • Cindy shares an Aquarian Sun with Dylan Redwine, however her Sun is at 27:06°Aquarius and transited by the asteroid Berry#3684 (remains found at Berri Creek) 26:18°Aquarius – that’s a conjunction and a 2nd confirmation for Berry and Cindy Y.
  • transiting Phaeton (vehicle) 4:03°Taurus is conjunct natal Phaeton 4:06°Taurus – a further connection to a vehicle, however not at the same degree as her husbands above.  Is she in her own vehicle?
  • Natal asteroid Kenny 2:39°Gemini is conjunct by transiting Atropos (end of life) at 3:42°Gemini.

Does Cindy see this as the end of the line for her husband?  All indications are that she does.  Is it in relation to the murder of Dylan Redwine; quite possibly.

We can continue our enquiry with other family members, firstly the ones whom still live at home. Are they reacting emotively as well to this freeze-frame in time?

TBY: of interest to us.  Born 13 December 1978, he is the son of KY and apparently lives at the same address as parents – with his wife and little family.  This is the eldest child of an RSO.  How does he react to Dylan’s MPR?

TBY-duoThe motivation for this Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Moon male is “How can I shoe everyone how much I know”  Answer – give him a platform to stand on and don’t heckle…

So his platform needs to be anchored in order to ground his nervous energy.  Is he a lay preacher or something equally conservative?

  • Transiting Lunar south node quindecile natal Venus (pink) – there’s that peer group obsession again. Is it a religion?  This is all tied up with ethics and morals (6th house).  Is he looking for a way to accept his father’s behaviour within the tenets of his creed?
  • Transiting Moon at 20:53°Aquarius is square natal Uranus in the same house.  This is rebellious behaviour with regard to the previous aspect’s interpretation.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) quindecile Jupiter (green) is also exact the mid-range natal Moon – this particular date and event is compulsively fulfilling his needs.

We have to turn to the asteroids in an endeavour to understand these aspects in more detail.

  • Transiting Pisces Chiron (blue) 5:00° conjunct natal asteroid (red) House#4950 at 4:24°Pisces – there’s one crisis after another at home.
  • Transiting Moirea#638 and Dylan#13733 at 19°Pisces are conjunct natal Pholus 19:05°Pisces – Dylan and the fates together create this man shooting himself in the foot; all muddled up with ‘shoulda-coulda’.
  • Transiting Pholus at 18:22°Sagittarius together with Juno are conjunct the natal asteroid Kenny 17:56°Sag as well as TBY’s natal Neptune 18:10°Sag. PLUS natal Sun is leading the way at 21:25Sagittarius.  We have another packed 7th house of public relationships and regrets.   This family is very involved with RESPECT and I don’t think that it’s because they’re fans of Aretha Franklin.

TBY has a wife whom we could include in our enquiry, however I don’t see the point at this stage. She is not the child of an RSO; his daughter-in-law.  Although there are children of her union with TBY, so we must take caution.

AYP is the other adult child of this RSO, whom lives at home.  She has a married name and so has possibly returned to the fold. We are not privy to the detail. Her date of birth is 21 February 1985.

AYP-duoAha… so this is the sneaky one whom both wants and needs respect. Pisces Sun conjunct Mercury is also not too terrific to see together, especially when we see transiting Neptune in conjunction; a time of impracticality in relation to her ‘want’s. Likely doesn’t know what she wants and that’s why she’s back home.

  • Transiting Sun (orange) in the inner wheel is conjunct natal Saturn
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) is quindecile natal Saturn
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) a child is conjunct Lunar South node; a family connection to a child that she will have a karmic debt as a result.
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Pluto
  • Transiting Mars conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise)

And the asteroids will have their say.


  • CBY – 24 March 1979 (spouse of TBY)
  • AYG – 14 November 1980 (lives interstate)
  • RLY –  23 October 1983 (lives interstate)


 AG-duoPOI: AYG – very chatty






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