JonBenet Ramsey – revisited

On Christmas night, 1996, six year-old JonBenet Ramsey apparently went to bed cheerfully. Sometime during the night (according to the Coroner’s report), JonBenét was killed; her skull fractured; she had been sexually ‘molested’ and apparently strangled with a cord. Duct tape was put over her mouth and her body was discovered in a small room in the basement. Wrapped in a blanket with her feet taped together, her head was uncovered and her arms above her head.

Wrapped like a ‘mummy’, her arms above her head would indicate that she had likely been moved after death and dragged to this position.  Moved once post-mortem to be duct-taped and blanketed then again dragged into the smaller room.  An opportunist would not waste time to go to this length as a cover-up.  This is someone who needed to time to get a alibi/ story together.  Go back to the intimate situation; the family….

Let’s look heavenwards again to the threesome – mother, father, brother.